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Another week on The Young and the Restless, and another way for Victor Newman to twist and turn the law, morality, and family relationships into a pretzel of his own making!

Another week on The Young and the Restless, and another way for Victor Newman to twist and turn the law, morality, and family relationships into a pretzel of his own making! Who cares if it's right or wrong, legal or illegal, good or bad, if Victor wants something badly enough, he can justify anything he does to fit his sense of morality. That's why it was perfectly fine for him to allow Sharon to take the rap for Skye's death when it was Victor who failed to come out of hiding to help save Skye. That's why he can condemn Victoria for marrying Billy, a no-account playboy in Victor's mind, but it's a-okay for Victor to move ex-wife/gold digger Diane into his bed and then tell his daughter that his relationship with Diane was none of Abby's business. That's why Victor could lie, cheat, and forge to beat Victoria, Abby, and Nick at the arbitration! How's that for Mr. Ruthless?

Victor's really skewed decision-making is truly in focus when it comes to his business dealings. To win the lawsuit, Victor has resorted to breaking the law. He's willing to risk going to prison just to win. He's justified obstruction of justice -- having Adam claim that he forged trust fund documents -- by convincing himself that he has to save Newman Enterprises at all costs. Rather than settle with his children -- and Nick gave him the chance -- Victor opted to scheme and manipulate and cheat to beat Abby, Victoria, and Nick in court. And he lured Adam back into his lair to accomplish his evil, illegal goal. It's time to fit Victor for an orange jumper because he deserves to be going up the river for these crimes. He's a felon, plain and simple.

You do have to wonder how Victor can sleep at night. He's so selfish and self-confident that nobody can get through to him once he makes up his mind that his way is the only way. Just the idea that he would use his heinous actions in Hawaii to blackmail Adam into helping him is despicable. Is Adam a scoundrel and a snake? Yes. But when he asked Victor to step up for Sharon and do the right thing, he shouldn't have had to sell his soul to the devil to get Victor to comply.

By the way, when did Adam become a master forger? Why should anyone believe that he forged the trust fund documents anyway or that he was capable of faking documents like a skilled criminal? He's created plenty of trouble for his father and siblings since 2008 without the trust funds ever being mentioned. But the fact that he supposedly was an expert forger, on top of all his other "talents," is ridiculous. It's insulting to the viewers. And while I get that Adam is desperate to save Sharon, would he really throw in with Victor again?

I will say this about all these machinations: Y&R is brilliant at coming up with these diabolical schemes. I never figured that Victor would go so far as criminal actions to win the lawsuit, did you? It makes sense, though, because he is incapable of accepting defeat to his children. What doesn't make sense, though, is that Michael has gone along with Victor's plan. Michael is an officer of the court, a member of the bar, and is legally bound to report a crime it he's aware of it. Michael knows that Victor and Adam are deceiving the court with the fraudulent documents. That's obstruction of justice, and Michael warned Victor, but he didn't stop his client or recuse himself from the case. Michael could be disbarred for that! What on earth is he thinking?

I was also disappointed in Michael for his conversation with Abby on the anniversary of Brad's death. Michael pretended to be a caring friend, but then warned Abby about crossing Victor -- the only father she has left -- and losing love! That was really low. Abby is very vulnerable and in many ways in over her head with this lawsuit. For Michael to play on Abby's emotions like that was unworthy of him. It was also beyond the scope of his responsibilities to Victor, if you ask me.

But before we drop the subject of scheming, it will be interesting to see who's really fooling whom. On Friday, it looked like Victor had the upper hand, but Adam could turn the tables on his father. What if he double-crosses Victor after Sharon is exonerated? Victor wouldn't see that coming, would he? And then there's Jack. He seems to have a scheme in mind based on what he told Phyllis last week after their fight. Did he go to Adam and Sharon with the information about the video in order to get Adam riled up enough to turn to Victor? This is like a chess match; you have to think three or four moves ahead! And don't forget about Diane's scheming, too. In her case, it's not about business, but she does seem to be playing games with Victor and Jack and Nick. Who knows what her endgame is and whom she might be working with! Think about it, she may be involved with someone who's out to get Victor. Diane would certainly have motive to get revenge on her ex-husband.

This past week wasn't only about the Newmans and the arbitration hearing. Chloe was her bitchy self when she heard about Billy and Victoria hiring Jana as a nanny. Chloe could only see it through her point of view, which was based on her dislike of Jana and her generally anger at anything Billy does in regard to Delia. But my favorite Chloe tantrum was the one she pulled when Heather was visiting Chance. That was actually a three-way tantrum. Heather was upset about Chance faking his death, Chloe wished Chance was still "dead," and Chance complained about how hard Witness Protection had been. Wow, what a bunch of whiners! I wanted to smack them all and remind them that they're all very fortunate. Chance is not dead, Heather has recovered from her broken heart, and Chloe's moved on with Kevin. Why all the recriminations and finger-pointing? Grow up!

Malcolm got off his high horse and forgave Sofia for keeping Cane's secret, but he was just a little too late for it to matter! By then Neil had scored with his brother's fiancée! How ironic is it that Neil is this good man, this guy with integrity and class, a nearly perfect human being, and yet he made love to his bro's lady just two weeks after they broke up. Oh, sure, it takes two to tango, and Sofia was a willing participant, but come on… Considering the history between Malcolm and Neil, he should have considered Sofia radioactive and stayed far away from her. Malcolm will never understand or forgive Neil for having carnal knowledge of Sofia!

One other thing about Sofia and Neil's "encounter;" it had to be the most awkward lovemaking I've ever seen on a soap opera. She was sort of sitting up on the couch, while he was half bending over her body with one leg on the floor. Who choreographed that coital cha-cha? It looked so uncomfortable. I kept thinking, "Go into the bedroom, for goodness sake!" Take it to a bed before you break or pull a hamstring!

I'm not sure what to make of Lily's ghostly visions and the mystery music box. Could it be like the movie Ghost, with Daniel Goddard in the Patrick Swayze role? I think if we see a potter's wheel in Lily's house and Whoopi Goldberg does a guest spot, that's the direction Y&R is taking. The part of Lily's story that appealed to me was Daniel confiding in her about being Lucy's father. It was great that he shared the secret with somebody, and he has a strong connection with Lily based on their past. It was nuts to think that Daniel could keep quiet about what he knows, and it would have been catastrophic to entrust Phyllis with the information. Of course, now that we know that Ryder is coming back, the question of Daisy's return looms, too. Will those two discern that Lucy is Daisy and Daniel's child? And how will Jana be involved, since she's going to be Lucy's nanny and has a history with Ryder, not to mention a weakness for the guy.

A few final thoughts about the character that seems to be having the worst time ever … Nick Newman. Boy, talk about going through a bad patch. He's fighting with his father, unhappy about Newman Enterprises, on the outs with Phyllis, Sharon, and Diane. Is anything going right in Nick's life except Summer and Faith? Here's hoping there's brighter days ahead for him.

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