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Evil triumphs once again
by Nita
For the Week of February 7, 2011
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Marriage vows, attempted murder, a particularly bloody death, and more -- all were part of the first week of February sweeps.

Things moved so quickly during the week, I kept thinking I must have dozed off and missed seeing something important. Marriage vows, attempted murder, a particularly bloody death, and more -- all were part of the first week of February sweeps.

Cane's death was gruesome and difficult to watch, even with the "it's only a soap" refrain repeating itself in my mind. It was quite shocking, what with the opera music, buckets of blood both pooling beneath him and pouring out of his mouth, Lily screaming from the top of the stairs, the baby carriage rolling down the stairs, Jill collapsed on top of Cane in her wedding dress, her hands sliding around in his spilled blood. The Cane cattle rustlers' storyline was all over the place, but in the end, it seems Cane was right all along. The people behind it were every bit as dangerous and deranged as he had claimed.

Even though I knew from several spoilers that Cane's supposed demise was on the way, still I held out hope that it would be done in a way that perhaps could be undone. An elaborate plan, perhaps, one that involved fake blood and a drug that made him appear dead. However, after everything had played out, no such illusions remain. Cane's blood-covered face and body and lifeless eyes staring at nothing were as final as the image of Brad Carlton's frozen hand floating in the icy waters of the lake.

So concludes yet another sad chapter in Lily's unfortunate love life. What's next for her? Besides the inevitable ghostly visits that are rumored to be forthcoming, I've also heard murmurs about a possible Cane twin, evil or otherwise. Of course, if Lily's past is indicative of her future, whatever man enters her love life will only one day let her down and we'll be right back where we are now, about to warble the first verse of Lily's latest lament. Circle your wagons, fellow Winterses, and let the supportive-ness begin.

When it comes to an unfortunate love life, Jill is only half a step behind Lily. Colin has now lost both his children because of the family business. Will he now become a remorseful good guy, content to make Jill happy? At least until Lily finds the letter Cane wrote to her, revealing his final secret? Why was Colin so determined to wed Jill anyway? It's hard to believe he actually loves her, since he was so quick to assure Cane he'd kill Jill if Cane revealed his identity. So is he after the Fenmore fortune or her alleged business contacts? I hope Jill wrings all the joy she can from this marriage, because it isn't likely to remain that way once the truth comes out.

Some people just never learn.

You would think Adam would have learned a lasting lesson from Jack's betrayal in the diary fiasco. But apparently the pain of that paddling has faded since Adam has once again chosen to toss his hat in a ring already containing Jack's derby. I realize Adam has few choices, given that he's a man universally hated by all in Genoa City, but nothing good has ever come out of aligning himself with Jack, and I doubt this time will be the exception.

For one brief second, I was thrilled, though, thinking of all the possibilities of team Adam-Jack. Making money hand over fist from a fund bearing the Newman name would almost certainly irk Victor. Especially after he'd just caused its collapse. And, I also kind of liked the fact that Adam was going to interact with someone in Genoa City other than Sharon. But alas, my joy was short-lived. Lasting only the time it took for Jack to go a-gloating to Victor, running his big mouth as usual, showing Victor all the beans in his pot.

Not that Adam is the only man who doesn't learn from his past mistakes. How many more times will Victor trick or betray Jack before Jack learns to shut up and keep his cards close to his vest? I guess Jack just can't help himself. Clearly, he wouldn't be able to keep a secret even if his life depended upon it. His loathing of Adam apparently equal to the hatred he harbors for Victor, he couldn't wait to tell Victor about the questionable trading practices within the fund, telegraphing his plan to blame Adam for Skye's actions. "Are you as stupid as you often act?" I screeched at my screen when Jack started running off at the mouth. Why does Jack always arm Victor with information which will undoubtedly be used to notch his gun with another of Jack's failures? This inability of Jack to keep his trap closed is the reason I never feel much sympathy when one of his dumb ideas blows up in his overconfident face.

Who is that chuckling man, and where is he keeping the real Victor? Because the giddy-with-glee man who stands before us bears little resemblance to the scowling Victor we're used to seeing. Snowmobile riding, popcorn and movies, home cooked meals! Where did this newfound affection for Diane and Kyle come from anyway? Is Victor really falling for Diane again, or is this part of a plan designed to jab yet another needle beneath Jack's skin? Since Jack spends more time brooding about how to bring down both Adam and Victor than he does with Kyle, it will come as quite a shock when he realizes how close Kyle and Victor are becoming. But like I said earlier, Jack makes it hard to even care.

As for Diane, I know everyone has to have someone, but I'm still not feeling much when it comes to Nick and Diane. I know partner swapping is a normal part of soap life, but I can't help feeling the ick factor every time Nick locks lips with his former stepmother.

Part of the reason I'm not feeling this storyline is because Diane hasn't let much grass grow under her feet since she arrived. She shared her cookies with Tucker after one meeting; offered those same cookies to Jack, then gave Nick a handful. Finally, after a single kiss from Victor, she was on her feet stripping off her clothes. It seems she just wants a man, and just about any wealthy man will do. It will be interesting to see what happens when both Newman men realize they've been sharing the same woman.

Proving yet again that legal matters in Genoa City bear no resemblance whatsoever to real-life legal matters, Sharon entered Genoa City's kangaroo court and immediately lost custody of Faith to Nick. Apparently, the principle that one is innocent until proven guilty means nothing to a Genoa City judge. Given the way things are done in this town, I would not have been surprised to hear the judge also terminate Sharon's parental rights while she was at it. Not that losing Faith was any kind of a learning lesson for Sharon. I hope Adam's love continues to be a love she never dreamed of because for now, that's about all the love she's going to get.

Has the love soured for Sofia and Malcolm? It certainly seems possible and if it happens, I am one fan who won't be crying a river of tears on their behalf. Like so many others, this Malcolm just isn't working for me. The Malcolm character always had some street flavor, but he was smooth. He was never crude, violent, or thug-like. Our new Malcolm comes across as belligerent, mean, and violent, and the cuss words which frequently pepper his conversation seem out of place. I just hope a parting between Sofia and Malcolm doesn't mean Neil picks up where his brother left off.

Well, evil won this round, even though Cane got to go out in a blaze of hero glory. With the killer conveniently falling and breaking his criminal neck, Colin's secrets are safe unless another unsavory Australian crawls out of the woodwork to threaten exposure. Like Rippley, perhaps, the person who texted Blake that Colin was setting him up. Or until Lily stumbles across that note pointing an incriminating finger at Colin. It's also been a good week for Victor, whose evil plot to frame Adam for murder resulted in Nick gaining custody of Faith. He ought to be feeling on top of the world! Until next time, here's a couple of comments from the e-bag. Hope you enjoy!

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  • I have watched your show for over 30 years but am getting less interested every year. The story lines are horrible. The world is filled with stress and you stress us out even more. Nothing good ever good happens on there anymore. Why can't we have one happy storyline? -- Gene

  • This fan loves the Kevin and Chloe storyline and thinks they have chemistry! Although I am torn because Kevin and Jana were indeed soul mates, I feel that Kevin and Chloe are adorable together and well-suited for one another. I like the fact that Chloe, who has been so unlucky in love, finally found someone she could trust in as a friend first. I also like the potential element of conflict with Billy -- knowing Billy and Kevin are sort of sworn enemies. -- Emily

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