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The ends justify the means
For the Week of January 31, 2011
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If honesty is the best policy, how come so many characters found themselves in a boatload of trouble this past week simply by speaking the truth?

Once upon a time, you could count on "the ends justify the means."

If honesty is the best policy, how come so many characters found themselves in a boatload of trouble this past week simply by speaking the truth? If you're Cane, you have nobody to blame but yourself. Cane finally realized that if he was going to survive, he had to tell Lily the truth about his life in Australia and why he was succumbing to Blake's blackmail. I've said for months that Cane is one of those dumb characters that drive me crazy. He's the author of his own disaster. If he had gone to Lily from the start about his past, Lily might have understood. Hell, Lily would have helped him.

Lying and keeping secrets were Cane's undoing. He gave Colin and Blake all the power by letting them threaten to spill the beans. After what Cane went through when Philip returned, you would have thought he'd have learned his lesson. But no, he's just too dumb for his own good.

Sofia's not much brighter, even though we've been told time and time again that she's a business genius. Granted, she has grown on me a bit over the past few months, and her earnest attempt to pay it forward was noble. But seriously, did she think that Tucker wouldn't find out and be pissed off at her lack of loyalty to him? Sofia claims that she helped Cane because Lily is going to be family. However, Sofia owed Tucker her fidelity more than she owed Cane a second chance.

Sofia seemed shocked that Tucker had fired her. So was I, but I don't think he was wrong. What Sofia did was deceitful and damaging to Tucker's company. And how could he ever trust her again? Tucker may not be the greatest guy in the world, but he had only done right by Sofia. While this transgression makes for a good story, I don't know if I believe that Sofia would sacrifice her career for Cane … which is what she did.

Is your head spinning from Phyllis' flip-flopping the way mine is? It's like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, rotating in every direction! Okay, you know what I mean. In one scene, Phyllis is licking her chops and writing mean and hateful things about Sharon on the

I just don't get Phyllis' attitude. It changes as often as she changes her undies. There's a disconnect in the character and that goes back to Maria Arena Bell, not Michelle Stafford. Frankly, I'm surprised that Stafford is capable of keeping Phyllis so together from Monday to Friday, considering all the jumps in her emotions. You can only imagine how bent Phyllis will be if and when she figures out that Lucy is Daisy and Daniel's baby!

You can also put Sharon on the list of characters that has emotional issues. For now, she seems committed to Adam and completely in love. Yes, she's sacrificed everything for him and is now suffering the consequences, but how naïve was she to think that she might avoid going to trial. Sharon was genuinely surprised when Leslie told her about potential jurors seeing the video on the web site. Did Sharon think that being let out on bail meant she was out of trouble?

But then that brings us back to this truth business. Sharon told the truth about Skye falling to her death. Sharon was completely honest with the authorities, and look what it got her -- an arrest for murder. And the one who's been lying through everything, Victor, is getting off unscathed. In fact, Victor seems to be enjoying the fact that he's pulling strings and manipulating the situation. Why else did he post the bail for Sharon? If you think it's because he still has a soft spot for her, why didn't he step in when Sharon was trying to save Skye in Hawaii?

Nikki's another one who has trouble with the truth, although she believes that she's honest. If she were really honest, she'd admit that she's using Deacon. Not that Deacon deserves better, but Nikki's need to go to Victor at every turn is a sure sign that she can't get over Victor.

Were you surprised that Diane went directly from Nick's bed to Victor's? I guess we shouldn't be shocked, but you just know she's going to regret her actions. Nick will have second thoughts, and Diane will find herself sneaking around with Nick while sleeping with Victor. That can only lead to disaster. Poor Kyle, you just know that kid is going to suffer for her sins.

I'd love to think that Colin was sincere in his desire to marry Jill, but he's such a liar that it's more likely that he's simply using her. I'm really torn about the Colin character because I love Tristan Rogers. I'm sorry, but I don't want him to be a bad guy. Can't he be a good criminal? Or perhaps he could really fall for Jill. It was kind of heartbreaking to hear her tell Lauren how she wants a companion and lover in her life. Jill hasn't had a lot of luck with love. Yes, she's an annoying character, but her vulnerability got to me.

Finally, the last word on truth belongs to Daniel. Daniel seems to know that Lucy is his daughter, although he hasn't come out and said so, and he has had opportunities. Kevin practically begged Daniel to fess up, but Daniel spoke in riddles and said nothing. But Daniel has feelings about Lucy that suggest that he feels a connection. If Daniel does what I think he will, like confide in Abby, the truth will explode all over the place, and it won't be pretty. So, what have we learned about the truth? Not much if you go by these characters.

Here's some letters from the mailbox -- keep 'em coming, fans!

  • I know Jana is faking. It is really obvious the way she eavesdrops every chance she gets. And the way she is keeping Kevin from Chloe. I am already tired of the storyline, and pray to God, he doesn't sleep with her! I was also tired of Ronan, and hope that this storyline will turn around. Jill marrying Colin? She barely knows him. What does that say about her soundness of mind? She definitely needs Katherine's help. Will Danny recognize the baby? I think it is possible, but he will probably keep his mouth shut, since Billy and Victoria will be great parents. Sharon getting arrested for Skye's murder? When is everyone going to see right through Victor, for the diabolical person that he is. Let Victor get what he deserves for once! -- Lisa N.

  • Am I the only one that gets disgusted watching Kevin when he acts perturbed by Jana's advances? This from someone who was married to Jana and was supposed to be her soulmate? All of sudden he has zero emotional connection to her. Even an ex has more empathy/compassion and feelings for their partners than this joker. I hate seeing Jana being lowered to this level when she is a beautiful person and a fantastic actress. Chloe and Kevin have zero chemistry. It's actually painful watching them acting all in love and into each other. There is nothing there. And Esther's involvement is even sillier. I can only hope that Kevin will get bonked in the head and realize that he still loves Jana. It's unfortunate that she slept with Ryder, but that storyline can't be erased, so how does she redeem herself and get these two back together. -- Kallie S.

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