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How many more crazies are hiding in the closet?
by Nita
For the Week of January 10, 2011
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When the crazies need a relaxing break, they hop a plane, board a bus, or clamber into their cars and head for...yep, that's right, good old Genoa City, Wisconsin.

Some people go to Vegas when they're seeking fun and adventure. Others fly off to Mexico, Hawaii, maybe even California. But when the crazies need a relaxing break, they hop a plane, board a bus, or clamber into their cars and head for . . . yep, that's right, good old Genoa City, Wisconsin. And, as if this town and its beleaguered citizens didn't already have enough nuts to fill a jar in Daisy, Colin, and Blake, the scribes had to go and write in one more.

Jana is the latest to pull the crazy card from her hand and slap it on the table. Never wrapped too tightly to begin with, Jana seems to have lost most of what little remained of her unstable mind after the brain tumor, aneurysm, kidnapping, and assorted other calamities had taken their toll. Or at least that's the bag of goods she's currently peddling to the good citizens of Genoa City. And they all seem to be buying it, too, hook, line and sinker. I, however, am not, for though I reside in Iowa, I have enough skepticism to be considered an honorary inhabitant of the "show me" state of Missouri.

Which is why I found myself indignantly screeching, "oh, give me a break," as I watched Jana unveil yet another twist in her diabolical quest to snatch Kevin from Chloe. Maybe I'm just cold-hearted and callous, but I don't feel so much as a shred of sympathy for Jana. Yes, I know she suffered during her caged kidnapping, so I was willing to cut her some slack when she came back all unfeeling. But I withdrew my support when she claimed she couldn't feel a thing for the man and family who loved her, yet apparently was feeling just fine when it came to Ryder. What did she have, selective unfeelingness? And even if it was all true that her emotions went on strike except when she was with Ryder, that had nothing to do with using Kevin's business to bail Ryder out of jail. Whether you can feel things or not, using your husband's property to help the man you're cheating with is wrong no matter which way you look at that picture. And the fact that Ryder was Kevin's brother only poured salt into an already painfully oozing wound.

In retrospect, I'm beginning to wonder if Jana was faking her unfeelingness then the way she's faking so many things now. Because it seemed awful convenient that she didn't start "feeling" for Kevin again until after Ryder dumped her sorry behind. But, even if she wasn't faking then, she certainly is now and I really, really want to see the mask ripped off her scheming face. I know Kevin is no poster child for good behavior himself, but I really don't want to see him fall for Jana again. I know she claims the tumor made her kill Carmen Mesta and I guess also forced her to attempt a similar act on Colleen and Kevin, but I think it was more Jana than any tumor. The woman has some serious mental issues for which she needs professional help, and I'm tired of her murderous antics always being blamed on and forgiven because of some medical malfunction.

I have to admit, though, her crazy act gets an A+ grade. The way she remains in the past without a slipup is pretty darn good. The head wound, however, gets an F from me. One day later, her wound already looks more than halfway healed. Plus, she was remembering just fine when she told her tall tale to the cops about Daisy. Yet, after a couple of hours of sleep, she wakes up in 2009!

Of course, while I'm one of the minority of fans who want Kevin and Chloe to give it a romantic go, I also can't help but see the irony in this situation for Chloe. Sometimes that lady, Fate, is a quirky, vindictive vixen. For once upon a time Chloe was the lying manipulator keeping true lovers apart. Cane and Lily were well on their way to happiness (or so we thought at that time -- we know much better now) until Chloe chose Cane to be Daddy to her Delia. She schemed, she manipulated, she even mock-raped (as compared to Daisy's real rape) to get what she wanted. Now she's the woman in love, and Jana is the lying schemer who wants to wrest her man away. Still, my fingers are crossed that Jana eventually fails in her quest to keep Kevin and Chloe apart. It's just my worthless opinion, but I think Jana is certifiably insane and should not be inflicted on anyone's family.

We knew it the first time around, and a second sojourn in Genoa City only solidified the belief that Daisy is clearly cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs crazy as well. Frankly, the entire Daniel/Daisy/Jana garbage is filled with almost as many holes as the Daisy/Ryder/Sarah storyline that spawned it. Beginning with a judge that would allow mother and son to play musical homes with dangerous Daisy like the woman was a petty thief instead of someone who kidnapped and tried to murder people. Did Phyllis even have to post a bond? And how laughable to think the authorities would turn off Daisy's ankle monitor simply on Daniel's say-so. My intelligence continues to be highly insulted by anything Daisy-related!

I suppose I may as well get used to being insulted, though, because even without bread crumbs dropped by Gretel, I can see that Daisy's baby is probably destined for the Father Knows Best house. And even though a new baby will banish the dark cloud newly barren Victoria's currently standing under, what a big mess this is going to turn into. Because despite the supportive words Phyllis recently murmured to Daniel's comatose form, you know there's little likelihood Superwoman will not try to find out exactly where that baby went. Especially if Daniel wants to know as well. He got a pretty good look at little Rose before Daisy conked him unconscious. Hard to believe he wouldn't recognize her in Victoria's arms. So I hope Victoria and Billy don't get too attached to the newest Abbott, because there's probably nothing but heartbreak ahead when they're forced to give little Rose up. Not to mention that Rose's presence means we probably have more Daisy in our future.

Unlike those conducting their hospital bedside vigil, I wasn't much invested in Daniel's dilemma. For one thing, I never believed for a second he was in any danger of expiring. And while I always enjoy anything Abby-related, five straight days of Phyllis and her ta-ta's booing and hooing in the arms of her mindless minions, Jack, Nick, and Michael, was about four and a half days too many and was the source of many an eye roll and unbecoming lip curl on my part. So, many thanks to whoever was in charge of waking Prince Charming so this saga could limp on to its next act.

Crazy and ever more complicated continues when it comes to the Down Under stuff. We know Colin is crazy because he came all the way to Genoa City to bring home the son who hates him so much he helped send him to prison. Why? So Cane can turn him in again? There isn't much crazy about beguiled-by-Lily Blake because he's getting paid a fortune to loll around drinking coffee or flirt with Lily while Cane does all his work. Which makes Cane about as crazy as they come because, despite all the problems his lies have caused him, he'd still rather lie than tell the truth. And lastly, I'm just going to go ahead and consider Sofia temporarily crazy for being foolish enough not to cry foul when she had the chance.

On a side note, once again I'm campaigning for that shingle reading Williams-McNeal Investigations. Alone, Paul sometimes can't find the truth until it leaps up and taps him on the shoulder, but with Nina by his side, the sleuths made quite a team. They quickly discovered Colin was a recently released felon. Can the rest of his backstory be far behind?

I'm beginning to think the Christian in Victor's name should be changed to Crazy. I mean, really, the man can't actually be sane anymore, can he? Because what man in his right mind commits the crimes he does with no discernable remorse? No, he didn't kill Skye himself, but it sure didn't seem to bother him in the least that she died a rather horrible death. And we'll probably never know whether he killed Walter Palin or simply watched him die without lifting a finger.

We do know the lengths Victor went to with Patty just to try to get to Jack, but no one seems to hold any of those actions against him. Paul harbors no hatred. Tracy gave him a heart. Nick forgave him for Summer's near-death, and though Phyllis hated what he did, I don't recall her authoring any poison pen pieces featuring Victor. In fact, Victor has done so many dirty deeds, I'd probably die of old age before I got them all listed, yet he still walks around generally beloved and pretty much accusation-free. Where is the outrage from the many, many Genoa Citians he hurt?

We fans can be a very strange bunch. Much has been said about Adam framing Victor for murder as one of the reasons for the immense hatred. But although Adam got the blame for that, we all know Jack was the real diary writer. So why is no one clamoring for Jack's head on a stick? Where is the fan outrage at Jack?

Oh, I know, it's all directed at Adam and Sharon. Although these two have a fan base that is continually growing, overwhelming anti-Sharon and anti-Adam/Sharon sentiment still keeps many message boards simmering with ugliness and hate. The great majority of fans hate that Sharon seems to care more about clearing Adam than the fact that she could lose her daughter. We saw J.T. do it to Victoria, so we know it can be done. And Nick is the Newman with the money, so it seems inevitable. I get that Sharon is trying to prove Adam's innocence, but it's crazy, in my opinion the way she did it. Adam is locked up and poses no threat to Faith. Sharon could have stayed in her home and taken care of her daughter and still been there for Adam.

I really don't know if there's any way Adam and Sharon can come out on top with fans. Because even when it's proven Adam didn't kill Skye, he's still going to be hated for the horrid things he did do. And Sharon is still going to stand convicted for loving the man who put so many through so much hell. The scribes really sort of wrote Adam into a place of no return with the gaslighting, baby-stealing, and Hightower setup. I know they've got skills, but are they good enough to write a whitewash thick enough to clean up both Adam and Sharon? I guess that remains to be seen

And finally, the best part of the week for me was Jack and Nick sort of joining forces to investigate whether Victor's paw prints showed up anywhere near Skye. Although neither has any desire to help Adam or Sharon, they may wind up doing exactly that. For once, Jack's inability to let go of anything Victor will come in handy. He hates Victor so much, he'd even accidentally help clear Adam's name if it means the chance to blacken Victor's. As for Nick, his actions are why I will probably never be able to completely despise him no matter what he does. Because there's definitely nothing in this for him. He could end up clearing a brother he hates while hurting a father he loves. But Nick is basically a good guy and would probably help right a wrong committed by his father simply because it's the right thing to do.

And with that, I'll bring this week's column to a close. Until next time, I hope you enjoy some of your fellow fans' thoughts on the ups and downs of 2010.

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  • I have two additions to your wish list for 2011 -- as well as Reed coming back for Victoria that the scribes give Victoria and Billy a baby -- please make Victoria smile again. Second (I admit I'm a rare breed) for Adam to be cleared of these charges and let's see an actual "real" try for he and Sharon. I know Adam has done some despicable things and to some is unredeemable but Sharon has changed him and as you said everyone else gets a get out of jail free card of redemption, its Adam's turn. -- Pat

  • I am in total agreement about Billy and Victoria being the dynamic duo of 2010! Seeing Billy mature into the man he has become while still having his edge was a thing of beauty. John Abbott would be so proud of him! I really hope that this couple will become another Michael and Lauren in terms of longevity and devotion to each other. Watching Billy and Victoria's romance blossom this past year reminded me why I started watching soaps so many years ago. They are fun, sexy, adorable, and loving all rolled into one perfect package! -- Terry

  • I cannot stand Sharon. I can't stand her with Nick or Adam. Watching her tell Jack Skye was really dead was about the most pathetically, unbelievable 90 seconds of BS. And Nick with Diane. Ugh! This is getting uncomfortably incestuous. All I can hear in my mind is "Sloppy Seconds". -- Judy

  • I love Sharon and Adam, the chemistry they have as actors is off the charts! When Sharon had sex with Adam in New Orleans, I actually screamed YES to my television screen! I thought to myself in your face, Nicholas! After all of that torture of Phyllis' character, he deserved to get his. -- Jessica

  • I seriously can't wait until the characters on Y&R become likeable again. When Adam Newman becomes one of the most likeable characters you can see this show has a problem. Victor is a shell of his former self and the writers want us to buy Phyllis as the upright standup citizen of this story? The woman that tried to kill people?! Let's also not forget how she stood on her soap box and yelled about how Billy was turning her beloved magazine into a tabloid and now she is the head rag writer -- Denise

  • Michael Muhney's phenomenal, multi-dimensional acting ability is the reason no can completely write off Adam Newman. However, this email is to express an outrage I have, not only with Y&R, but with daytime drama across the board. My gripe is about the horrible writing for law enforcement storylines and characters. Not only does it insult the viewers, cheapen the storylines to have the police department and District Attorney's office be so confoundedly incompetent, clueless, and just plain useless, but it reflects a lack of respect and understanding for real life law enforcement. -- Light Girl

  • Am I the only one sick of Phyllis? She has become so annoying it is really hard to watch. I hope Sharon and Adam will have the last laugh and Phyllis will get hers for all the crimes she committed. Sharon and Adam are really great together, I love them. They could become the next hot supercouple. -- Denise

  • The December 23rd (scrooge episode) of Y&R was the best I've seen in a long time! Eric Braeden is a terrific actor! Whenever he is on Y&R, it's interesting and well-acted. -- Marie

  • I want to comment on Nina's long lost son. About the fiasco cop storyline, the only part I was interested in was seeing Nina find out Ronan was her son. As it turned out, the big reveal was a big fat bust. We've seen Ronan wasted on the awful Heather character when the focus should, in my opinion, be on getting to know his birth mother. What a wasted opportunity! She searched for her long lost son for over 20 years, now that she finally has a chance to know him, we've seen nothing. -- Jennifer

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