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Been there, seen that
by Nita
For the Week of December 14, 2009
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Was Daniel born under an unlucky star, or is he just being watched over by the patron saint of cellblocks?

Yes, I'm referring to yet another installment of Daniel goes to jail. Yawn. I'm beginning to believe this boy was born directly under an unlucky star. Or perhaps, instead of an indulgent angel, Daniel is watched over by the patron saint of cellblocks.

Now, don't get me wrong. It's not that I have anything against Daniel. He's a likable enough lad. Sure, he has a tendency to fly off the handle sometimes. Plus, he can be a bit judgmental at times, though he usually comes around. And while I can't conjure up many complimentary comments concerning his fashion sense, none of those things are what make me indifferent to his distress. What makes me want to jump headfirst off the back of the Daniel express is the fact that we've seen this scenario a few too many times. So many that I couldn't even rent any interest in it.

I think it's great that the scribes try to give just about everyone a chance to bask in the spotlight on their very own storyline stage. But does Daniel's every storyline have to involve either being a ninny or standing in the spot for the wrongfully accused? What does it matter what legal hot water he finds himself floundering in? Because we already know exactly how it's all going to come out. Someone will swoop in and save Daniel's burning bacon.

Just like every other time Daniel found himself receiving visitors in the Genoa City jail, once again an inept assistant district attorney, in this case, Heather Stevens, presides over a case chock full of circumstantial evidence pointing unerringly in Daniel's direction. Her stubbornness and on-the-wrong-track mind, completely unaffected by her previous legal failures, the unyielding, opinionated Heather has managed to get practically everything wrong. On top of the fact that Daniel's storylines all seem to culminate with him being tossed in jail, followed by weeks of "poor me" patter about his certainty that he'll be locked up for life, his storylines are always, well, kind of dumb. From running off to California to escape the long reach of Genoa City law for the circumstantial evidence accusing him of killing Cassie, to his latest escapade beginning with his belief that only he could save the art world, I've taken turns yawning and rolling my eyes at the nonsense of it all. I agree completely with Allison's comment last week that Daniel's dilemma is just plain boring. Wake me when Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Phyllis Newman, digs the smelly evidence from the landfill dirt and shakes it out all over Heather's pristine desk.

Speaking of Heather, I'm inclined to fill in her name as the answer to Phyllis' query about the identity of the biggest bitch on wheels. What a cold and heartless shrew! I look forward to the day her red face is dripping with egg yolk.

Unfortunately, my yawning and rude eye rolling continued as Daniel's image faded from the screen and Ryder's scowling countenance took its place. Flopping back on the couch, kicking my bare feet at the carpet in frustration, like a toddler balking at being sent to bed, I mumbled one derogatory comment after another, wondering how many more months this convoluted claptrap would continue. I'm curious. I know how I feel about it, but are there other fans out there literally on the edge of their sofa seat waiting for the next development? Do fans actually care about Ryder and Daisy or their possible connection to Sheila or someone who picked up her vendetta against Lauren after Sheila's death?

My eye rolling abruptly ceased the moment Ryder exited stage right and Tucker McCall entered stage left. A suave and handsome stranger with a definite agenda. And the heat between him and Jill! Oh my, I'm loving it already. But what is the mysterious Tucker up to, and against whom does he have an axe to grind? Does he have it in for Katherine? If so, might it have something to do with the baby she abandoned? Could Kay be wrong about the sex of the baby she gave up? Whoever he is, Tucker is obviously a powerhouse in his own right. So what will happen when Genoa City's other gazillionnaire returns to town? I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

My slight annoyance with Katherine Chancellor for her stubborn and seemingly inexplicable stance against Jack Abbott buying even a single share of Chancellor stock abated when she finally relented and invited Jack in rather than leaving him outside staring enviously in at his luckier co-residents. Jack was elated, and so was I, to find that his playing of the John card had the hoped-for effect on Katherine. Unfortunately, now that Tucker is tossing his millions in the ring, the air so hastily pumped into Jack's helium balloon may slowly hiss out.

These days Billy Abbott seems bent on careening down the track at dangerous, breakneck speeds. His list of those he's at odds with grows daily: Cane, J.T., and Nick now share top billing with Victor. His behavior seems to give credence to the circulating rumor that one of the holiday episodes will feature Billy in a Scrooge or Wonderful Life scenario.

Among many enjoyable scenes during the week, were those between the embittered Newman brothers. This is what I've been waiting to see from the moment I heard Adam was coming to town. Instead, we got Adam terrorizing every woman who foolishly ignored the prominently posted danger signs dotting the grass around him.

For many obvious reasons, it's impossible for me to applaud anything Adam does. True, I hate him for his despicable baby stealing deed. And until he makes that right, he's going to remain on my least liked list. But the main reasons I feel nothing but contempt for Adam is because he's a coward who crouches behind the skirts of the unsuspecting women who believe he's their solicitous, supportive friend instead of a cad using them to accomplish his diabolical ends, and he's a sleaze to boot!

For instance, it's one rather nasty thing to be doing your brother's ex, but to set things up so said ex would walk in and catch you practically in the act. That's sleazy. Seducing both Rafe and Heather to keep them from uncovering his dirty secrets. Again, sleazy. But, having said that, I'm enjoying the flames of animosity roaring between the brothers. And now that Victor has changed the rules of the game by making the brothers equal, there promises to be nothing but problems ahead.

Problems seem inevitable for Sharon now that she's followed the example of certain other Genoa City women and become enthralled with the manipulative Adam. Though many have warned her, she is determined to ignore all the waving flags covering the ground like a red carpet. Oh well, her date with destiny is already set. The only thing one can do now is sit back and hold the Puffs box in readiness to thrust in her direction when her infatuated eyes are forced to see the truth.

Finally! Mr. Victoria Newman has changed his name. Undoubtedly tired of all the whispers and snickers behind his back, this new and much stronger J.T. may be a force to be reckoned with. I knew he had it in him and I'm happy it finally came out. He really gave it to Victoria this week. So much so that as she stared at her beloved, eyes wide with unshed tears, I almost felt sorry for her. But I couldn't quite pull it off. Not that she needed my sympathy because by the time the week was out, J.T. had softened toward her. But I'm sure there will be plenty of fireworks to come in the near future. J.T. seems to have come into his own and I can't wait to see how it all fits together.

As always, fans have plenty to say about their favorite soap. Here's a random sampling from the mail sack. Enjoy.

* * * * * * *

Karlie -- I swear if the Maria Bell even thinks of making Sharon pregnant with that demonic monster Adam's spawn I will never return to watching this show. Ever! It's bad enough what this writing team has done to Sharon's character just in the past year alone, but to try and sell us this load of crap that she would have real romantic feelings for Adam (never mind trying to get us to swallow that Adam is capable of genuine, selfless feelings for anyone!) all in a pathetic and blatant attempt to redeem their actor du jour Michael Muhney's character makes me SICK! If they don't give Sharon and Nick back their baby and have Adam finally pay for all the heinous things he's done, I won't be back watching this show. If Maria Bell continues to enrage so many long time fans by prolonging this disgusting Adam storyline, she'll soon follow the way of Lynn Latham before her.

Mirko -- Having read the past few weeks several entries for this column I noticed the hate that some viewers have towards Adam on the Y&R. Well, not me! I LOVE THE CHARACTER. In my opinion, most of the characters on the soap are such do gooders that it often makes me sick, so a little trouble is right on the spot for them with Adam. I hope the character and actor are going to stay for a very long time on the show! I know that he will come up with an idea to make someone else responsible for the baby switch so that he can have his relationship with Sharon and the baby.

Ellen -- I am so tired of evil people continuing to get away with everything. It makes for interesting storyline but the writers carry it way too far and too long. Also they have ruined Sharon's character by having her jump into bed with every Tom Dick and Harry. Made her out to be well … a whore and there is no way to redeem her character. But after her and Adam, it's far too late. So I am saying good bye bye to Y&R. How sad, as it was once my favorite show.

Poppycock -- Well, another sweeps month that bites the dust! Makes you long for Paris, no?! If these writers' idea of sweeps is wrapping Adam in sheep's clothing, scurrying about the flock, semi-blindly I might add, until he picks the prized white, sacrificial lamb to torment with his attention and affection, then I'm convinced, they are truly out of touch! As many have stated, this particular storyline is so far over the top, even for Y&R, that it borders on B rated horror. It would take all the buckets of white paint used on our nation's highways to whitewash Adam and even then, that smirk of his would still come through. Why are they trying so hard to reprogram this defective Newman gene and why on the back of women? It's boring and tedious and the quickest way to give Adam some worthiness is shining the light of truth on Faith then move away from Sharon! I find their interactions dull, let alone disgusting. My only hope is that this long, messy road leads back to Nick, Sharon, Noah & Faith back together where they clearly belong. Question, does anyone else find Deacon and Phyllis incredibly hot together? Give this girl a real man and she lights up! Too many years of settling for second place has dulled Phyllis' edge, but nail her to the wall and the old Phyllis comes out swinging! Give her more Deacon!

* * * * * * *

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