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Somebody dropped some quarters in the Genoa City jukebox and new tunes are emerging...and quite a few new plot lines, too.

Welcome to the latest Y&R Two Scoops here at So many weeks it's just the same old song on the soaps, but not this week. Somebody dropped some quarters in the Genoa City jukebox and new tunes are emerging -- and quite a few new plot lines, too. Dare I say it, but I think it's getting to be more fun after so much angst and deadly drama.

Let's open the song set with Chloe and Chance. Seems like Chloe is going to change her tune from "You Gotta Marry Me, Bill" to "Taking a Chance on Love" or "Ready to Take a Chance Again!" Whatever the music, I like the two of them together. Oh, sure, Chloe backslid with her nasty cracks at Mac when she heard about the surrogacy. Her claws were showing when she quipped about Mac blowing up like a Macy's parade float, but that's Chloe. She can't help herself. She'll always be threatened by Mac and always have a soft spot for Billy. And isn't he the ultimate problem child?

Billy is like an iPod that's skipping. He's dysfunctional in thousands of ways. He's taking Restless Style into the gutter, for one thing. Yes, yes, I agree with some readers who reminded me that Billy had every right to take Victor down in the cover story about how he brought Patty to GC and was responsible for Colleen's death and Summer's disability. I don't disagree.

Billy had the right to do an exposé on Victor. But he went over the sleaze line of good taste by writing a story that was filled with unsupported allegations. Just saying that you know it's true isn't the same as doing the interviews and presenting the facts. Here's my advice for Billy the publisher -- go hire some real writers and reporters. Let professional writers go after the stories you want revealed.

But Billy's personal life is even more of a shambles. I can't tell you how ridiculous it is that Billy is freaking out about Mac's decision to play the stork for Cane and Lily. It's like Billy doesn't understand Mac at all. She is the supreme giver. She's altruistic to a fault. Her wanting to do something this generous for Lily, when Lily is fighting cancer, is completely in character with Mac. How can Billy not understand that? Yes, he would oppose her decision because he's selfish and doesn't think like that, but at some point, he has to get with Mac's choice. Or they're going to be broken up for good; it's just that simple.

Simple, on the other hand, is not what's going on with Sharon and Adam. He has a really big problem on his hands if he continues pursuing the ex-Mrs. Nick Newman. His song is "Trouble." Right here in Genoa City! When he saw Sharon holding Faith this week, it sure seemed like he was about to confess. Trust me, he won't. He's too selfish.

Heather gave it to him in spades when she ran into him and she was right. He's a horrible person. Sharon should think before getting involved with him. However, what do we know about Sharon? She's a bubblehead. A nice girl, but dumb as a box of hair. She doesn't think before she acts. She reacts. Right now she's reacting to the false front from Adam.

Back to Mac for a moment, I think she has to set the situation straight with Lily. Lily was all wrong to ask Mac to be a mother to the baby in the event of Lily's death. There are other women who would be perfectly fine as mother figures in the life of Lily's child should Lily succumb to cancer. Mac should not be asked to be the surrogate and a potential mom substitute. Lily was out of line.

For sheer idiocy, I vote for Kevin. When will he ever learn? Kevin clearly spent too much time in the head of the chipmunk. Instead of listening to Michael and Lauren, he's blinded by the "proof" that Ryder is his brother. Big deal? DNA doesn't matter as much as spending time together and trust. Kevin should be learning from Michael, but apparently he's got fur in his ears.

The Amber-Daniel wedding on the rooftop was sweet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they have some luck and a decent storyline in the very near future. Rats in the wedding gifts aren't much of a plot point. A honeymoon in the car sounds even worse; how long will they be out of the action, do you think?

By the way, do you care about Michael and Lauren's rat infestation? I don't. Right now, it's a very slowly developing story with an unknown villain who's out to get them. Ho-hum. Call me when the villain turns out to be Sheila Carter or some other interesting character.

I was a little sad to see Phillip leave town. He wasn't doing much, but it was fun to have him back. At least now the door is open. He can come back like Traci or Brock-- gone but not out of the picture permanently. However, I have to say a few words about the Australian cattle rustlers. Really, are you kidding me? The writers must have had a Baz Luhrmann moment, channeling his bomb from last year, Australia. They wrote about Australia like it's the wild, wild west. Do they think we're impressed with a story about cattle rustlers? Why?

Are you as worried about Jack as I am? He really does love juggling chainsaws, doesn't he? With all the women in the state of Wisconsin to fall for, why is he hot on the trail of Dr. Emily? She's beautiful and nice, but her connection to Patty has to be a big, fat "STOP" sign that he's just driving past at 100 miles per hour! Emily has tried to spray him with water like a dog in heat, but Jack just keeps coming back for more. Maybe she needs to try aversion therapy and attach electrodes to his... um, earlobes. Or somewhere below the belt. Jack, buddy, try e Harmony for a date and leave Emily to work on Patty.

Jack's also playing with fire when it comes to this Chancellor IPO. Turning to Nick might have been a good idea if Jack hadn't boffed Phyllis not too long ago. And what a kick in the head for Phyllis that she realizes now that Patty hurt Summer to get back at Phyllis. What's the lesson here, friends? If you're going to have sex with an ex, do it behind the bedroom door and lower the blinds! If Jack and Phyllis hadn't been on the living room couch, Patty never would have seen them!

One question, please: how was Phyllis able to waltz into Patty's padded cell without anyone stopping her? After the first visit, I thought Phyllis was placed on the "do not allow her to ever visit again" list. Something is terribly wrong with that psychiatric hospital. Babies get switched there. Patients find sharp scissors. And Phyllis can move from room to room without a hassle.

Finally, I have a message to Jeff and Gloria. Take the money and be grateful. I would be ecstatic if I was getting the checks they got this past week. In fact, I have a thought -- forward them to me. You can reach me here at

Hey, we had some really good letters in the e-mailbag. Take a look:

Once upon a time, Y&R was the best soap on television. But over the past year the storylines are absolutely ridiculous. What takes the cake is the new connection with Sharon and Adam. How insensitive and twisted is that? He is blind one moment to the point he can barely see, then he can see just enough to walk hospital corridors. Too many unrealistic plots. Utterly ridiculous, and I'm truly disappointed in the apparent new writing staff. - MZR

Ashley has been so self-absorbed in her "pregnancy " issues, but I find it hard to believe that even though she recognized Adam portraying as Sabrina, that she would not know that she miscarried, especially after all the blood loss that comes from a miscarriage and the smell of it burning in the fireplace. Also she doesn't remember giving birth but she would be able to feel the results (hence the mom part of her)... she would feel the aftermath of the birthing process while mentally there or not. So when does Sharon get her baby back? - Martina

Puh-leez tell me I'm not the only one wondering if the Y&R writers are smoking some strange stuff with the Patty Williams storyline! The poor deranged thing is in a padded cell in a mental facility, yet Phyllis walks in and out with nary a key turned in a lock or a hospital worker behind her visits! Geesh! What's stopping poor loony Patty from doing the same -- just walking out? Who's in charge and watching over this "funny farm" for heaven's sakes? - Claudia B.

Your comments are always welcomed at, so stay in touch. Check back next week for a special Two Scoops from Nita just in time for the holiday!


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