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With all of the manipulation and machinations going on this past week, it was anything but business as usual in Genoa City.

Welcome to the latest Y&R Two Scoops here at In case you thought it was business as usual in Genoa City, think again. Oh the manipulation and machinations going on. Let's start with Ashley. Okay, I'm not going to 'beat a dead horse' about her lady parts, but I do wonder what's going to happen the next time she has a new boyfriend and tries to have sex. After what she didn't go through with the hysterical pregnancy, but did go through with the miscarriage, Ashley's inner workings should be a disaster area.

Which makes me wonder where Olivia is? She's sort of disappeared, hasn't she? She was all involved with Ashley for a while, then she was banished. But Olivia was also very much involved with Lily's problems. This week when Lily got an infection and had to be hospitalized, Aunt Liv should have been there. I wanted to hear her consulting with Emily about Lily's need for counseling. And now that Lily is all intent about having a baby, Olivia should be involved. What are we supposed to make of Lily wanting to have her frozen embryos defrosted? Does she put them in the microwave to take the chill off? No, seriously, what's the hurry!

I know that Lily is motivated to seize the day, to grab life with both hands, to go for the gusto! I get it. But Lily has cancer and it's a little unrealistic that she doesn't have a scintilla of concern about her own health. She needs to recover, to get into remission, before she should even think about a baby. Lily wants to be a mother, but it takes a super-human effort to take care of a child -- ask any mom! Lily's motivation right now is selfish. She would be wise to get well first, then have a child. But the real shocker in this story is Mac. All of a sudden, she wants to be a surrogate. Are you kidding me? I mean, I know she's a charitable gal, but this is philanthropy gone wild!

What the heck is Adam up to? He's another one who should be more concerned about his health than getting into Nick's face. There he was on Halloween night, walking around like he's well. The man should have a white cane! He's nearly blind, but the writers make it seem like he's perfectly normal. It's insulting to people with real eye troubles that this character has just ignored the reality of the disease. Why is that? If the Y&R writers don't want him to be blind, get him a miracle cure. It wouldn't be real, but it would be cheesy soap writing.

I think Sharon's more of a dim bulb than I previously thought. She should be running away from Adam, but she's not. Nick telling her to stay away has made her more intrigued with Adam. I think she's only happy when she's screwing up her life. If she dares to get involved with Adam, there'll be lots and lots of trouble for Sharon. Just wait 'til he tells her what he did with her newborn. Of course, by then, with SORAS (soap opera rapid aging syndrome), Faith will be a teenager!

Have the Newman kids figured out where they belong? Nick looks quite comfortable behind the big desk in Daddy's office, and if he can stay on Phyllis's leash, he should be okay for a while. By the way, when Victoria and Nick were talking in Victor's office, didn't you think the portrait on the wall was going to start talking? It would have been like a Disney animatronic thing, you know, like the Hall of Presidents?

Victoria finally got a clue and went to NYC with J.T. What was she thinking by the fling with Deacon? She still can't explain her actions. But at least they have a shot now that they're out of GC for a while.

As for all those other kids, oy vey - boring! Daisy, Ryder, yawn. If they don't come up with something for the adults, I'm going to lose it. These children, including Abby, Eden, Noah, even Amber and Daniel and Kevin and Jana, are not arresting. I'm not into them at all. Why are they taking up so much screen time?

If I had one favorite scene this past week, it was probably Nikki giving Victor a new dog. That was sweet. I hated that they killed Zapato. Maybe Nikki and Victor can be like J.T. and Victoria -- two couples out of the picture for a while and "allowed" to be happy. I fully expect Victor to return with a major plot to destroy Jack and Billy? but probably not 'til after Christmas.

Billy, on the other hand, needs immediate slapping. Victoria's slap was a start, but he deserves more. It's not just taking shots with Restless Style -- which is out of line for a publication trying to establish its reputation (which is now sullied, thanks to Billy). His Halloween visit to Chloe was really, really disgusting. Not only was he disloyal to Mac -- the love of his life, remember? -- but why do that to Chloe when she's trying to get something going with Chance? That's just mean.

I bet we're about the see the mean side of Ashley. Did you pick up on the uber-business woman coming out again? First, she challenged Nick and reminded him that she's still on the board of directors. Then she used the information about the Chancellor IPO to start buying up shares. Don't you think she's going to pull some kind of power play?

Jack better watch his back. I suspect that if Ashley has her way, she's going to make a move to retake Jabot -- using all those Chancellor shares -- and put herself in charge. Jack may find himself down and out and looking up at Ashley calling the shots. However, if things with Emily work out for Jack, he may not care. Did you see how he kissed her in the bar? Jack is on the make again.

Finally, there's Chance. Were you shocked to see him stabbed at Crimson Lights? I was. What kind of a robber knocks over a coffeehouse? There's like $30 in the till! Again, it's that lame writing. They just wanted to create a situation in which Chance's life was in the balance. Now we'll find out if Chloe really cares or not.

Here are some recent letters from the e-mailbag:

  • Great post. I to think Adam is unredeemable and I for one would not shed one tear if he were to leave the canvas. There's just something creepy about his character that doesn't set too well with me. I'm glad that Eric Braeden is staying with this show. When will these soaps wake up and realize that the vets are the mainstay of their shows? I say get rid of some of the newbies, i.e. Ryder and Daisy, and pay the vets what they rightly deserve. ?I have been a loyal fan for many, many years. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and again great post. I always enjoy reading what you have to say even though I might not always agree with what you have to say. - Judi

  • Allison, I absolutely love your columns and opinions! So spot on. My biggest question now is just who is this mysterious Daisy character set to appear on the scene and her connection to the shady Ryder, and seems ready to create further havoc in Michael and Kevin's lives? - M.D.

  • The writers make it impossible to care about anyone on the show. Why invest any emotion into who Victor is married to at the moment when we know as soon as he catches the woman he is going to go looking for another one? Why care whether Nick is with Sharon or Phyllis because it is only a matter of months before he switches again? Why care what Jack does because no matter what it is he is going to screw it up any way, whether personally or professionally? It seems as if every week they come into a meeting and say they are going to take the characters in a different direction, and then next week switch again. There is no investment in any character, job or relationship so why should the viewers invest in any of it? - J

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