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Hard falls
by Nita
For the Week of September 7, 2009
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The walls are closing in from all directions, and Victor's hard fall may be approaching faster than he thinks.

Although you can't tell it by his arrogant behavior, I think Victor's hard fall is on the way. The walls closing in from all directions, Victor's two hands will never be enough to fend off all the threats that are creeping closer. At home, Ashley slips ever further from mental health while outside the Newman walls, more and more residents are getting in line to point a finger at Victor for loading Patty and aiming her at her hapless victims. Desperate to get his hands on Patty before she can rip up his carpet and show GC residents all the dirt he has swept under there, Victor made a serious tactical error by hiring the bumbling duo of Jeff and Gloria Greedy, whose plans almost always go disastrously awry. And it doesn't appear their latest scheme will prove to be the exception to the norm. All Jeffrey had to do to get his greedy little mitts on Victor's million was to pack Patty's dotty little body in the van and haul her away. But did he do that? Of course not. Because in Jeffrey's warped reasoning, why walk away with a paltry million when you can concoct a crazy scheme that nets you three? But, as I said, Jeff and Gloria's schemes rarely work, so I'm guessing their attempt to ransom one Patty to two desperate bidders, will net them exactly nothing.

As for Victor, thanks to Patty, his crimes against his fellow Genoa Citians are mounting up at an alarming rate and once his role in Patty's arrival comes out, he'll have a lot to answer for. Nick and Phyllis aren't likely to be quick with their forgiveness for what's happened to Summer and now that Colleen's unknowingly wandered right into the middle of the kidnap plot, she may be Patty's next victim. Which won't endear him to any of the Abbotts, who already feel he's brought nothing but doom, gloom and disaster to Ashley's life.

Over at Psych Central, coincidental calamities abounded. A resident escape attempt, poor cell phone reception and a power failure, all combined to trap Nick and Sharon together so they could have their heart to heart without interruption from any outside sources. The news of the true paternity of the baby in Sharon's rounded belly finally out in the open, it was anticlimactic true confession time. But, while I'm glad the truth was finally told, it seemed too little too late and after all the back and forth between Nick and Sharon and Phyllis and Nick, it left this fan with a who cares feeling. Contrasted by the heaping helpings of time-eating footage of a regressed Summer and Phyllis gazing at Nick in goo goo eyed devotion like a perfect little Stepford wife and mother, I was ready to start tossing popcorn at my screen in protest. Thank goodness it appears Nick is finally ready to quit waffling between the two women and remain with the wife and family he has.

Although Phyllis played the perfect Stepford wife and mother with Nick and Summer, serious cracks appeared in that docile demeanor where Jack was concerned. Proving that people really do unleash their rage against any messenger foolish enough to come forward bearing bad news, Phyllis lashed Jack viciously with her whip of blame, without taking a single lash for her part in this long drawn out drama. True, Jack mistreated Patty way back in the long ago day. But it was Phyllis who allowed a woman she knew nothing about into her daughter's life. And it was her cavorting on the couch with Jack in full view of any ranch visitors, one of whom just happened to be Mary Jane, that caused Mary Jane to turn her malevolent attention onto Summer. But, all that aside, although others may have said or done something to contribute to the situation, Mary Jane is the sole one at fault for what happened to Summer.

When it comes to Sharon, there are lots of rumors circulating out there about what will or won't happen to Sharon and her baby. There's been talk of a baby switch, hints that Sharon could lose her baby, talk of a stronger Sharon emerging from the ashes, even 'gasp' the possibility of a love in her life and not the love of Jack or Nick. Her image has been incredibly tarnished with all the sleeping around, stealing, blacking out, and the like. So tarnished, in fact, I'm sure I'm not the only fan who wonders if that can ever be reversed. But … there was a time I thought Ashley would never overcome the whole semen stealing saga and wonder of wonders she has. I do hope there isn't a baby switch or a baby death in her future, though. Can't she have a new love and still have her baby? And it would really be nice if she could also have the love and loyalty of her son back while she's getting things back. I hope for once some of the rumors are true. It would be nice to see her taken in an entirely different direction.

It's my illness and I'll whine if I want to seems to be the song always on Lily's lips these days. I notice many fans seem to be less than sympathetic when it comes to her alternating rants and raves toward Cane. And I can sort of see why some might feel that way. Properly penitent, Cane was all set to exit GC, resigned to never darkening Lily's door again. But she summoned him back, determined to resume her interrupted life with him. I thought that meant she had decided to forgive and forget, let bygones be bygones. But it would seem that after giving it a little more thought, she has decided Cane is in need of further punishment and sporadic chastisement. But is that how she really feels or are her mood swings a result of her cancer and treatment? I can't say, were I in those shoes, that I'd behave any better. After all, if I were afflicted with a disease that is more likely than not to kill me, I'd probably be all over the place too.

Speaking of all over the place brings Ryder and Kevin, the combination chipmunk, Torrino and Amber obsession tall tale to mind. So the two mistreated men are brothers, huh? According to those DNA results anyway. But I don't buy that for a single second because after all Deacon has done to put this plan together, doctoring DNA results would be child's play for him. By the way, while I'm thinking about Deacon, was I hallucinating like Ashley, or did I really see Victoria and Deacon rolling around on his AC suite sheets, in a passionate clinch? I sometimes unknowingly take a one or two second catnap while viewing GC doings, so maybe I missed the part where she was either dreaming or climbed out of those sheets before consummating whatever act they were up to. If she wasn't dreaming, and if she didn't climb out, why has her extramarital romp not addressed. It's funny how some people's little one night stands get glossed over, making me wonder if they ever actually occurred, but others have their naughty behavior trumpeted all over town.

But, getting back to Deacon and his plan. I really wish they would hurry up and wrap this one up. Deacon's obsession with Amber is completely unbelievable (even moreso after watching his passionate interlude with Victoria) as is the idea of Amber being forced into marriage to save Daniel. I'm guessing for Deacon Amber is just a bonus, his real motivebeing to get his paws on that painting, which presumably is tied to that safe deposit key left to Kevin, but even so, I'm having a hard time caring or getting into this story. I'd be more interested in Victoria getting entangled in one of Deacon's many nets, because at least then I could look forward to a battle between Deacon and Victor.

Billy Abbott - my new hero. Forget about help from highly educated psychiatrists too easily fooled by a patient's playacting. Ditto, Victor's stubborn insistence that Ashley is fine when clearly she's not. For Billy, the time for talk is past and immediate action is called for. So, while scowling knight, Victor, was off playing cloak and dagger games with Jeff and Gloria, Billy literally took matters into his own capable hands and scooped up his poor, demented sister and raced with her from the grounds of the dark knight's untended castle. I was practically leaping up and down on the couch with glee at his daring.

That Chloe! You can always count on her for amusing shenanigans. She just never throws in the towel, does she? I have to admit though, now that she's not so nasty about it, I am quite entertained by her attempts to keep Billy. Of course, it helps that she's so tiny and cute. Either way it goes, girlfriend really can't lose. She has plenty of chemistry with Billy, so if she ends up snaring him, it will be fun to watch. And, if she doesn't, well, she still won't come out holding tight to the short end of the stick, because Chance is nothing a self-respecting woman would turn her nose up at either (even if he does look exactly like a grown up Noah Newman). I was surprised to find I really liked these two together and adding Delia to the mix made the trio irresistible. That is the most adorable baby. Did you see those expressions on her face and how comfortable she looked in Chance's arms? I just wanted to grab her and cover her cute little face with kisses.

I couldn't help but laugh at Nina's threats to Chloe. Jill might be a lightweight, as Nina claims, but I seriously doubt Nina would fare any better than Jill against Chloe. Because once she sets her mind on something, Chloe usually waltzes home with the prize. And the way Nina dotes on her boy, if Chance wants Chloe, I don't think it would take much for Nina to go along with the program.

Anyway, fans, that's about all that's in my brain so I'll close now and leave you with some thoughts from your fellow fans.

* * * * * * *

Kevin - I simply love this show, even when I hate it. I am so not feeling the whole Eden/Noah relationship. It must be nice to just up and decide to attend a prestigious private school at the last minute - it might happen for Noah - he's a Newman but it would never happen for Eden. I am loving Billy's change of heart, yet another indecisive lover on Y&R.

Chris - Why not let Ashley have her baby? The Dr. could have lied to Adam, which would drive him crazy and Ashley could turn the tables on him.

Kalama - Last November, a beautiful reunion happened between a super couple that was long overdue (20 years overdue), but the writers destroyed it after a few short months. I am starting to dislike what Ashley has become and think she has always been better off without Victor.

Michael - Billy, Jack and Ashley keep talking about being family. The story has recently brought hatred between Billy & Victor. My question is this: When are we going to find out that Billy is actually Victor's son. Remember Jill slept with Victor thinking he cared for her. When she found out she was wrong she went back to John and turned up pregnant.

Susan - Lily's story about ovarian cancer hits home for me. In December I was told I had ovarian cancer, stage 3. The chemo made my hair come out by the handfuls. I cried like a baby and felt like the cancer was taking over and I felt so helpless. I'm now done with chemo, in remission and my hair is starting to grow back. I'm so grateful for my family and friends that were with me the whole way.Without their support I don't think I could have made it. Please ask all woman to get the CA_125 test done because ovarian cancer doesn't show up in a regular pap smear.

Karen - I have been watching the Y&R since 1979 faithfully everyday. The day Adam thought about improper ideas with the lawyer guy was the last time I ever watched this show. Y&R used to have morals. Too bad they now longer seem too.

Rhonda - Whoever writes the storyline can't be the same brilliant person who used to write. In over 20 years, I have never been so let down. Please someone make it interesting again. People like to relate to what they are watching. You're destroying all the characters. Get in touch with your kinder more caring side.

* * * * * * *

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