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The walls are closing in on both Mary Jane and Victor, and it's only a matter of time before one of them is going to get caught.

The walls are closing in on both Mary Jane and Victor and it's only a matter of time before one of them in going to get caught. The question is, who do I most want to see trapped once and for all? I'm tempted to say Victor, but what are the chances that the Moustache will ever be held responsible for the mischief he's created. And it's more than mischief this time around. He's directly responsible for bringing Mary Jane to Genoa City. Would Summer have brain damage? Would Zapato be dead? Victor's insane feud with Jack has turned him into a stupid man. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Victor is supposed to be strategic and brilliant. He should be able to anticipate six moves ahead like a chess master, but not this time. And look at all the suffering he's caused. Good luck explaining Mary Jane away.

Another thing about the doings at the Newman ranch, how ridiculous is it that Victor actually expected Rafe to get Estella to admit that she was collaborating with someone and planted spy cameras all over the house. I don't think Estella could program a cell phone let alone be part of creating a secret hidden security system. Victor has known Estella for years, but now he's convinced that she's behind elaborate schemes and shenanigans. For what reason? What's the motivation for Estella to have done any of this, or to have been involved? Again, Victor, use your head.

Does anyone wonder where the heck Nikki's gone? I mean, I know she told Paul and Victor that she didn't want anyone to follow her, but if you were Nick and Phyllis, wouldn't you think that Nikki might call to check in and ask about Summer? I know the way things work on a soap, we're probably going to see Nikki in a few weeks, rolled up on the side of a road or in an abandoned cabin being nursed by some stranger, don't you think? Still, I would like to hear Kay or Victoria or someone suggest that it's weird that Nikki hasn't called anyone.

Mary Jane looked really good as a blonde, but wasn't it rotten of her to steal Mac's wallet? After all, Mac had been so generous to her, giving her a helping hand, a place to stay. I do wonder if Mac is at all in touch with the real world, though. Didn't she see the news about Mary Jane being a wanted woman? The million dollar reward? I got the impression there was a dragnet out for MJ, but Mac managed to miss every news report. But MJ is slippery. She got away from Gloria and Jeffrey and they had her right there… Those two definitely need a hobby, or a job. How are they paying the rent at the penthouse, with tips from Crimson Lights?

If there was one major story that really broke this week it was Devon and Tyra. Who saw that one coming? I didn't. Oh, yeah, there were some awkward moments and Devon's odd antipathy to Tyra, but sex? Really? Here's my problem with it. I can understand Devon lusting after Tyra because she's hot and pretty and exciting. She represents rebellion, too, because she was with Neil. So from Devon's side, I get it. However, what about Tyra? Tyra has been actively pursuing Neil. She's wanted to move in with him and she would have gotten engaged in a heartbeat if he had only asked. Does a woman who wants a guy like Neil really go for a romp with his randy son? I don't think so. I think at some point she's got to push him away and say, "No way, Jose. I'm not blowin' my chances with Neil for you." Apparently, I was wrong - or maybe it's the writers at Y&R that are wrong.

I have a new theory that I thought I'd share with you all - who's more likely to die, Ashley or Lily? Considering that Lily has had major surgery for cancer and needs to go through chemotherapy, she's more likely to succumb to the disease. But what about Ashley with the hysterical pregnancy? Come on, Y&R, how can you let this woman continue on with this bizarre, dangerous storyline? Any woman who lets a miscarriage go untreated is a walking time bomb! She's going to die from blood poisoning or septicemia. And even though I know that Ashley's going through major emotional turmoil and seems to be mad as a hatter (seeing Sabrina in the car, remember), wouldn't she be noticing that she's running a fever or feeling ill or some other symptoms? And has Olivia completely abandoned Ashley, cause she hasn't been around in weeks.

Unlike Ashley who doesn't recognize that she's mentally ill, Sharon had a revelation after her the latest escapade in the jewelry store. Something finally kicked in and she realized that if she doesn't accept the treatment in the psychiatric facility for 30 days, she might be facing years in prison. Especially if Heather is the prosecutor… My word, did you hear her this week? Talk about taking your problems to work. She was blasting Rafe for sleeping with a client - Adam - and yet what was Heather doing? She was boffing Adam, too, even if he wasn't technically her client. She did use her influence to get him preferential treatment. Heather was truly out of line.

I'm still not seeing an end game for Adam. He's driven Ashley crazy, so I guess that should make him happy, but do you get the impression that he's satisfied. What was that heart to heart talk with Victor, where Adam said he regretted forging the diary? Are we supposed to believe him for a minute? I couldn't figure out exactly what he was trying to accomplish. Perhaps he hoped to dupe Victor a bit more.

I do have hero for the week - J.T. Now that he's not working for Newman Enterprises anymore, J.T. has found not only his voice, but his cojones! He stood up to Victor and I predict he's going to be the guy to nail his father-in-law for the whole Mary Jane fiasco. It might cost him his marriage, but at least he'll be a man again. For too long this guy has been taking up space without a storyline.

Next week promises a lot more action, so till next time, please keep reading and commenting. All of us here at enjoy your input, especially if you're as mad as we are about Y&R!


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