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Why wait for July 4th for fireworks when you can start setting off bombs a week ahead of time?

Why wait for July 4th for fireworks when you can start setting off bombs a week ahead of time? That would seem to be the philosophy for The Young & the Restless. You would think that it was sweeps or something the way all the storylines were bursting with revelations and amazing developments. Most have been really, really good. However, there are two that literally had me YELLING at the TV screen. (Fortunately, my screen is very understanding and only asks me to Windex the spittle off the glass after one of my tirades!)

So what made me scream in horror? Let's start with Sharon's lie. Oh my goodness! What on earth was Sharon thinking? Girl, you have got to know that lying about the paternity of your unborn child is not going to turn out in the end. You cannot have lived over 30 years on this earth without gaining some wisdom about these things. Sure, sure, sure, you're motives were pure. You saw that Phyllis was in a super-major problem with Summer in a coma and Phyllis needed Nick, but Sharon you are playing with people's lives by perpetrating another massive lie. Not only are you leading Jack around by his emotional nose, but you've broken Nick's heart after you spent two weeks shacked up in the Athletic Club with him planning a future that included the baby, a new house and happily ever after. Not only are Nick and Jack going to have their worlds turned upside down, but Phyllis and Summer and Noah are also affected. That's one huge lie and one that should never have been told. Sharon has shown that she hasn't learned a damn thing since her near-nervous breakdown-kleptomania turn. I'm so disappointed in her.

Another person affected by Sharon's lie, of course, is the looney tune herself, Mary Jane. Oh, man, what a nut job. That poor little pussycat is better off without her! How vile is Mary Jane to do what she did to Summer and then make Heather think that Phyllis was the culprit? That's beyond nasty. That's evil personified. I don't care what happened to make Mary Jane - and we know who you really are now, don't we, Patty - in the past. You don't do that to a child. In fact, I don't know about you, Two Scoop readers, but I hate to see children hurt in any way on the soaps. I can see how the writers are using Summer's coma for other storytelling, but wasn't there another way?

That brings me to scream number two: Heather overheard Mary Jane gossiping to herself and immediately decides that Phyllis is guilty of Munchausen by Proxy, a disease in which a mother purposely injures her child to gain attention for herself. ARGH!!!! Number one, Heather - why would you listen to a stranger in a hospital hallway talking to herself? Number two, Heather - why would you believe what she said and take it seriously? Number three, Heather - what kind of a heartless bitch would take a mother from a child in a coma based on such flimsy evidence? Do you see why I was screaming? What little I know about Munchausen (a few Law & Order episodes, maybe a Discovery Channel documentary), it is extremely hard to prove and the only way a prosecutor would try to bring a case against a mother would be if there was a long history of injuries to the child that would substantiate the claim. Now, does that add up here in the Phyllis/Summer storyline? No, of course not! So, I say to the powers-that-be at Y&R, bad writing! You guys should know better!

Now, I was also elated by a lot of the explosions on the show this past week, especially the massive reveal in the Cane-Phillip switcheroo. Of course, I don't know about you, but doesn't Cane look too young to be passed off as Phillip? But I digress, because the sight of Phil showing up at the barbeque just when Cane's frozen blood DNA blew up in his face - what a mess! - was amazing. I felt so bad for the guy; he looked like a sad puppy with everyone turning on him at once. Lily was in tears, Neil was ready to clobber him, Jill was devastated, Kay was on the verge of another mini-stroke, and Nina was vindicated. Then Phillip appeared and all eyes shifted from Cane to Phil. Whoa! That was something else. Talk about Dead Man Walking!

Romance was also on the agenda last week, which means Mac and Billy finally came to terms with their long-delayed love story. I can live without the references to high school and the ill-fated honeymoon night, but by the time they were alone at the hotel and ready to do the deed, I found myself rooting for them. Maybe Billy will actually grow up if he gets his heart's desire…or maybe not. Still, I like this new incarnation of Billy. Mac is still growing on me, but I'm will to give them a shot.

On the other hand, I have a big problem with Adam and Rafe. Unlike many of you readers, though, my problem is not with a homosexual storyline. I know it offends many of you, but the part of Adam and Rafe that ticks me off is that Adam is a liar. He is manipulating Rafe with sex. Adam's not gay! Adam is desperate and willing to use anyone or do anything to achieve his goals. He's as demented as Mary Jane. It offends me more that a writer would go there - homosexuality - to prove that Adam is capable of anything, than the idea of two people of the same sex falling in love.

Finally, before I wrap, let's talk a moment about two of my favorite pairs: Jill and Kay and Nikki and Victor. By the end of the week, it was refreshing to see Nikki and Victor united in their shared concern for Summer. Don't they just look right together? In times of trouble, these two are always better together. They can't seem to stay in that state of grace, but it was sweet to see them agreeing this week and getting along for Summer's sake. …But what can we do about Jill and Kay? They are horrible. Truly, truly, truly, Jill needs a broom to go along with the witch demeanor. She's become a caricature. Do you realize she accused everyone of hating her in the past few weeks? Victor hated her because he didn't give her a job! Nina hated her because she doubted Cane was telling the truth! And Kay, well, Kay hated Jill for everything. Seriously, Jill is obsessed with the idea that everyone has it in for her. That attack she inflicted on Kay that caused the mini-stroke was vicious. She made the Wicked Witch of the West look like an amateur. If ever a character needed extensive therapy, Jill qualifies.

I know I've left out a few others from the past week, but you can't skewer it all with one shish-kabob. Besides, it's actually July 4th and my grill is overflowing! We'll have more to chomp on next time, because you know things are not slowing down in Genoa City. Like maybe this week Ashley will realize she's not pregnant, maybe Daniel will discover who's framing him, perhaps Tyra will have a scene with Ana (remember her?), maybe Heather will get a clue? You see, there's so much to look forward to. Till then, good friends and readers, keep watching, keep reading, and please, please, keep commenting!


Allison J. Waldman
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