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For the Week of June 22, 2009
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If the truth really can set you free, then there are a couple of Genoa City citizens who will be bursting free in the very near future based on what happened this past week.

Well, if you buy the notion that the truth will set you free, there are a couple of Genoa City citizens who will be bursting free in the very near future based on what happened this past week. Let's begin with the Newman we love to hate, Adam. Oh, yes, he uses Wilson as his last name, but really, considering all the nefarious, nasty stuff his been doing lately, Adam has lots of Victor inside him. Remember, Victor once locked up a man in a basement prison to keep him from going after Vic's wife (I think it was Julia way back when!). But the jig may be up for Adam. Getting caught red-handed with the recording of Sabrina on his PC was enough evidence for me, but that weasel talked him way out of it by blaming Estella again.

By the way, if I were Estella, I'd be talking to my nephew Rafe about suing Mr. Newman for wrongful termination. Seriously, this lady has a great case. When all is said and done, she should drag Ashley and Victor into court and demand restitution for the hell they've put her through. It won't happen, though. You and I know that once the truth comes out, Victor will re-hire Estella and she'll be the happy, little Latina lady who scrubs the bathroom toilets and cleans the dust bunnies from the hardwood floors! And they'll tell us she's happy to be back at the ranch in her old job. Hmm…really? That's the American dream for Estella? I don't think so.

Getting back to evil Adam, I was quite impressed with his latest Sabrina incident. He had the stone head of the baby from Sabrina's statue delivered to Ashley. Now, call me crazy, but how on earth did Adam remove the head from the statue? Would you even have an idea of how to do that? I guess he snuck out of the mansion -- that's quite an ankle monitor, don't you think? -- then walked into Home Depot and consulted with a guy in an orange vest about buying the tools that would cut through the stone of an artist's sculpture. And I'm sure it didn't make any noise that would attract the attention of all that security on the ranch. Easy-peasy. Cut off the head and everybody will assume that 60-year-old, petite Estella was out there with the power tools!

Truthfully, someone will figure this out. And, truthfully, Cane's lies are coming home to roost. He's a sweet guy, I agree, but he's been lying all over the place. I'm sure we're going to hear some very sound reasons why he mislead Jill and Kay and Lily, but the bottom line is that Cane is not who he claims to be. And Nina will be the one vindicated. (Speaking of Nina, I'm really glad she's back on the show. I hope she intends to stick around, which I think is going to happen since John Driscoll is coming on as her son, Phillip IV.)

It was really amazing the way they opened Phillip's coffin and there was nothing there but sandbags. I loved it! That means the Langley character in Australia is the same Phil that was married to Nina and he -- or somebody working with him -- faked his death. How and why are the top questions that come to mind! I'm at the edge of my seat for this one, aren't you?

I'm also ready for the truth of Mary Jane Benson to come out. That strange set of fantasy scenes with Paul that she had -- one in which he's glad to see her back, the other in which he screams at her -- have piqued by curiosity. Not that I like Mary Jane. I don't. She's way too Fatal Attraction for me, even if she told Jack that she wouldn't boil his bunny. Would you believe her? I don't. Also, don't Phyllis and Sharon and Jack have enough troubles without this woman to muck things up even more? The truth will be revealed next month and her true identity will be a familiar name to Y&R viewers. For more on that, be sure to check out The Scoop section.

I know many, many fans are all for Sharon and Nick's reconciliation. I'm not unhappy to see them back together, but the Y&R writers have made Phyllis sympathetic. How can you not feel for her being left alone with her five-year-old daughter, especially when Nick is already looking for a new home and new life with Sharon? It makes Sharon and Nick seem cold, and like Victor reminded Nick this week, it's the kids that suffer the most. Victor knows all too well how his multiple marriages scarred his children. Even if Sharon and Nick are each other's destiny, even if they should have never been separated, it's Noah and Summer that will grow up and remember being torn apart by their parents' selfish behavior.

Phyllis's other child, Daniel, has been doing his best to muck up his own life. Honestly, have you ever known characters that are so dumb as him and Jana and Amber and Kevin? They're an advertisement for how not to act! If it wasn't for Michael, they'd all four be dead or rotting in prison. Of course, this entire art forgery, $100,000 in a briefcase, business just screams out set-up. Somebody is pulling the strings to put all this into action. Daniel was just the idiot who walked right into the trap!

Truth descended on Mac and Billy last week, too. More high school love that cannot die. Frankly, I hated high school and couldn't imagine finding the love of my life in that hell-hole, but on soaps, it's a whole different thing. Mac should have never taken Raul's ring. She clearly has a thing for Billy and no matter how smart she is, she's going to give Billy another chance. He doesn't deserve it. Billy is a character fraught with flaws. He's just a wreck. I like him, but I don't know how any woman would ever give her heart to such a man. It's interesting, too, that Billy really does come off like a young Jack. The only think Billy doesn't have is a nemesis. Victor has forever been butting heads with Jack. Billy is still looking for the life-long adversary.

Will this upcoming week include scenes that reveal more truths? Nina's going to blow the roof off of Cane's life, that's for sure, and Daniel and Jana are heading for a hard knock time in the pokey, and Mary Jane is determined to make things as she wants them to be -- sick as that is. Should be really fascinating! So, till next time, keep reading and share your thoughts and comments. I will be happy to respond. Remember, friends, is here to share!


Allison J. Waldman
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