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It seems like only yesterday
by Nita
For the Week of June 15, 2009
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After this past week's romantic reshuffling, perhaps that's the phrase some Genoa City residents should have been shouting.

When it comes to last week's romantic reshuffling, perhaps that's the phrase some Genoa Citians should have been shouting.

First up, the long-awaited reunion of Nick and Sharon. Or, for foes of this coupling, the dreaded return to dull, domesticated drudgery.

Fans of this couple have been waiting a long time for these two to stumble back into each other's arms. Unfortunately, their arduous journey has left both so incredibly tarnished I imagine it will take some terrifically tall storytelling to make them root-worthy again. And for the legion of Nick-Phyllis fans, there likely isn't a tale tall enough to make that happen. Speaking for myself, however, I'm reasonably happy with this latest turn of events. One reason is, sexual heat aside, I never found Phyllis and Nick that compatible of a pairing. Aside from their soap age difference, while not so great as to enter into the realm of the ick factor, many times their contacts brought to my mind a mother chastising her misbehaving boy. And when they weren't sexing each other, there wasn't much fun to be found watching their oft-repeated arguments featuring Sharon. How could I feel sorry for Phyllis when she was once the mistress doing so many of the things she hotly criticized Sharon for? What about us, our family, she often cried? Well, what about the family he had when she came along? Should the second family be more important than the first? What about Restless Style was another thing she pointed to as the glue that should have held them together. Well, Nick and Sharon built a business together too. It didn't stop either of them from straying. Finally, nothing against Nick Newman, but I still remember how good Phyllis and Jack were together. No, they didn't usually crash into each other hard enough to knock the wind out of both, and I don't remember Jack bruising Phyllis by slamming her up against a tiled shower wall, but they certainly had some steam heat moments of their own. And more importantly from a lasting storytelling point of view, they also had the ability to bring out in the other a touching vulnerability that had you rooting for their survival. Yes, in the end, Jack showed some unlikable control issues when it came to Phyllis' career, but he was the one man who knew exactly what kind of woman Phyllis was, faults and all, and loved the heck out of her anyway. I don't know that Nick would have that same kind of acceptance.

As for Nick and Sharon, they definitely have an uphill climb. Already in need of multiple coats of stain hiding whitewash just to partly paint away her undesirable indiscretion with one brother-in-law, I can't imagine what the scribes were smoking, I mean thinking, when they decided to stick her with a second. But then again, was Billy her brother-in-law? Didn't both she and Jack scribble their John and Jane Henry's on the last page of a petition for divorce? And with the quickness with which legal things seem to move in this town, shouldn't they have been legally unlinked by then? And, slightly off the subject, but Chloe's lament of her maid of honor/sister-in-law loving up her bridegroom on the night before his shotgun ceremony, awakened no quivers of sympathy in my cold, uncaring soul. Sharon didn't even want to be in the manipulating minx's ceremony in the first place. Chloe's lack of a female friend who gives a hoot about her had her all but strong-arming Sharon into the position. The two barely knew each other. Besides that, Chloe is acting as if she was Juliet to Billy's Romeo in some great love story. When we all know that wasn't even close to being the case, except in Chloe's fantasies.

Anyway, getting back to my original thought which was Nick and Sharon, I don't know if they will be able to recapture whatever it was that garnered so many fans once upon a long ago time. Sometimes you can go back and regain the magic. But probably more often, you can't. But I don't mind giving them the chance to see which one it will be. After all, if all we are going to have of Nick and Phyllis are more battles over Sharon, it's time to move on and try something different. Just my opinion, but this one can go either way. Nothing says that this means Nick and Phyllis are done. Only the scribes know what's coming. And they can change their minds if whatever is coming doesn't work. For me, I'm looking forward to seeing Phyllis in some other context that doesn't include her wringing her hands and bruising her heart over Nick.

One thing Nick and Sharon don't have is Noah. He's certainly not pumping any pom poms on his parents' side of the court. Not that that was any great surprise, given his former and repeated showing of preference for his Stepmommy over his own mother. Where was that same condemnation and need to emancipate himself when Nick and Phyllis broke the news of their impending bundle of joy? My memory says he was instantly okay with it, despite the fact that his mother had recently lost her child, his sister, and in spite of the reality that said baby meant that Phyllis had been poaching the game in some other woman's territory. And I couldn't help but giggle a bit when Noah told his stunned parents that he used to want them back together. Yeah, I remember that, it lasted almost 5 minutes. Okay, so that's a bit of an under-exaggeration, but only by about 23 hours and 55 minutes. It would be interesting to see his reaction to knowing how quickly his step-parents leaped into each other's consoling arms.

Perhaps Noah should be granted emancipation. The boy with the messed up adults in his life and the silver spoon stuck in his mouth needs to learn all about the real world. Real life is a lot more than a place of his own where he can swap spit and more with the sullen, judgmental Eden anytime he wants without anyone squawking at him about it. Just the fact that he thinks living with Grandpa is a step up proves he knows nothing about any of the grown-ups governing his world. His parents might be flip-flopping cheaters who look for love in 600 thread sheets, but at least they haven't bricked up anyone in the basement and don't go around buying up the sister of someone who is allegedly a friend just to wreak havoc in an enemy's life.

Next up as a resident who might have a reason to croon the Yesterday tune is Jack. Despite his sincere-sounding declarations of devotion for Sharon, I wasn't able to feel much of his pain. Maybe it's just me, but I've never been able to believe his alleged love for Sharon ran as deep as his tone would lead one to believe. Instead, I continue to think Phyllis is the woman he has loved more than any other, and his quick leap into her arms only solidified that belief that marriage to Sharon did not change that. I can't say the same for Phyllis, though, for her, I think Jack was just a pair of comforting arms to ease the sting of Nick's betrayal. Just goes to prove that Sharon isn't the only one who too quickly lands in a man's amorous embrace. And let's be fair, it's not just the ladies. If Jack were a lass, we'd be calling him a … well, any number of derogatory names. I guess his desolation must have been much deeper than the ladies, though, because it took two women, practically back to back, to make him feel better. Hopping off of Phyllis' sofa and on his back in Mary Jane's bed in a matter of hours. Not bad stamina for a man his age. Perhaps there were some leftover Viagra tablets left in the medicine cabinet from when John was alive.

Speaking of Mary Jane, if she turns out to be the woman she is now widely rumored to be, why in the world would she want to return to yesterday? Even if she isn't that woman, clearly her past history with Jack was painful enough to make her want revenge so bad she was willing to undergo plastic surgery to get it. But, proving that there really is an ultra thin line between love and hate, she's gone and fallen back in love with the bounder. This is the man that pushed her not just around the bend, but clear into another dimension. The stuffed cat she thinks has forgiven her for whatever part she played in its demise, her collection of little heads on a page marked my enemies, labeled in cut out newspaper type like a ransom note! This woman is so nutty, she makes me think of a Christmas Fruitcake. What hospital for the mentally unhinged or criminally insane did Victor find her in and how much money did he pay them to convince them to let her go free? And what the heck is wrong with Jack that he would return for seconds to a woman who just held a sharp object to his neck?

For once, using the words Victor has often used on others, Victor is the one who doesn't know who he's messing with. Mary Jane is a wild card he can't just stick back in the deck because he's decided he doesn't want to play this game anymore, because Mary Jane clearly has suffered a break with reality that's wider than the Grand Canyon. I must admit I'm really looking forward to what happens next with Mary Jane. Besides Jack, who will be next on her list? Phyllis, Sharon or Victor?

So, Chloe finally got a freaking clue as she so succinctly put it. Although I remain unconvinced that she actually has. Billy might be silent so as to spare himself the agony of having his vocal cords ripped right out of his throat, but I certainly won't. Aw, quityercryin' is my advice to her. She needs to stop moping around, being all p-o'd 'cause Billy ain't in love with her stalker behind. She doesn't want to hear it, but she did know exactly what she signed on for. She chose to marry herself to a man who she knew didn't love her, hoping that his loving Delia would spill over into love for her. She knew what kind of a man he was. We know she did because she told him so, and we were listening, countless times. So why is she now unhappy that he is exactly the irresponsible playboy she admittedly knew he was? Or did he give her some assurance he was going to be a different kind of fella when I wasn't paying attention? All that aside, though, I'm glad she dug up some dignity and decided to walk away. Even if she really doesn't mean it. Which she probably doesn't, otherwise why was she snooping through Mac's near-empty closet and Billy-themed cardboard box? I almost felt sorry for her when she was sitting on Mac's bed, wearing Mac's Prom Night crown and reading Billy's words about Mac being the only woman for him. Like my Mom used to say, you go out of your way to look for stuff, you just might find it. Or something like that. There was a positive side to the whole Chloe ranting and raving as if she were a victim who got blindsided, when she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, and that was her wonderful talk with Kay. I rewound that part multiple times because it was such a great scene. Jeanne Cooper is absolutely amazing. I wish she could live in Genoa City forever because I never get tired of watching her.

Another Abbott hanging his hopes on yesterday is, or course, Billy. Clearly thrilled that Chloe has kicked him to the curb, he's already gotten Mac to admit her feelings. Does that mean that Raul will soon be losing the girl? Again? As the two were talking, I was wishing for the original portrayers because I would give a lot to get a gander at a flashback or two of their sweetness. Ah well, pipe dream, I may as well drag myself back to today because obviously that particular yesterday is not going to come again. I guess I'll have to continue to be content with the few videos I can find on Youtube. Anyway, no point in Billy getting all ecstatic with hopefulness. Because you know Chloe, even the new and improved Chloe, is not going to just step back and let Mac waltz away with her man. She's going to use Delia and any other weapon she can get her little mitts on, to try and lure Billy into a life with her. Whichever way it goes, though, is fine with me. She and Billy definitely have chemistry and with an interesting storyline, I could get behind them. Billy and Mac on the other hand, still aren't making me really feel anything for them. It remains to be seen if they can change my mind.

The case of the forged painting. Yawn! What silliness. I've grown to like Amber, but she is definitely not at her best when caterwauling. This particular story has so much wrong, I don't know where to begin. Suitcase full of money, late night meeting in an alley. An FBI man who has Victoria wired but no squadron of FBI men rush in when she's in trouble. Daniel confronting the armed con man in that two small shirt, snug denims and those Keds on his feet made me think of Opie Taylor. And of course the representative of the law who, like every other lawman in this town, is all snarls and threats and in hot pursuit of the wrong people. Scribes, please don't let this drag on like the reliquary rotgut and the chipmunk head. I know every Genoa Citian deserves their time in the bright spotlight in the center of the stage, but please put us fans out of our misery sooner rather than later on this one.

Like so many other fans, I find the gaslighting of Ashley mostly unbelievable. With just a bit of belief suspension, I was able to swallow the ease with which Adam has managed to line up all these contacts who can purchase items with Ashley's credit card and come and go from the ranch at will. After all, we all know from plenty of past examples that the security staff on the Newman ranch are either extremely incompetent or asleep most of the time. But Ashley falling down the stairs, leaving a pool of blood behind and Adam being able to change her nightgown, presumably wash her clean of blood, said bleeding that just stops, by the way, all without her waking up and all while Nikki cools her heels impatiently outside the front door is more than a bit of a stretch. And now Ashley is in the midst of a hysterical pregnancy, complete with imaginary kicks her body is kind enough to supply to keep up with her unraveling mind. Oh my. You can't help but feel for Ashley. Is this really going to go on until delivery time? If so, if she has any mind left by the time Adam gets through with her, she will promptly lose it the moment she realizes there is no baby in her belly. There is a sort of upside to this nightmare for Ashley. If Melody Scott and the show cannot reach an agreement, it's beginning to look like Ashley will finally win the man she's pined away for most of her adult life, by default.

Last, but certainly not least. Cane, Langley, and Nina. Bring it on. I bet Cane can feel the flames licking at the back of his loafers. The walls of yesterday are closing in. Langley/Phillip is wrong. Nina is like a pit bull. She is not going to just let this go and with her worrying this between her teeth, it won't be long before the plan Langley put into motion some 20 years ago is all going to unravel. Since Kay mentioned her, does anyone out there recall the details of the psychic's meeting with Kay? I seem to remember it was Jana who hired her for Crimson Lights. But Cane was in town then, did he contact Langley who then perhaps paid this psychic to help Kay remember something that never happened? Does that mean there was never a baby switch at all and Phillip is exactly who they all thought he was? And if that's true, it could also explain how the DNA test could show Cane as both Jill's son and Billy's half-brother. This one should be very interesting. I can't wait to see the flashbacks between Nina and Phillip because my memories are quite foggy when it comes to their relationship. I seem to remember Phillip not loving Nina at first, but by the time he "died" I thought he had come to love her. Won't Jill be thrilled to have her son back? And how wonderful if the part of the slate showing Kay as a heartless baby snatcher can be wiped clean.

Well, I guess I'll shut up now and catch the highlights of the Lakers game. Enjoy what a few of your fellow fans had to say about Genoa City things. See you in two weeks.

Kim - I can't wait until all is revealed with the Ashley line. My God how sick can someone be to let another person believe they are pregnant when they actually miscarried. I wanted to cry when she "felt" her baby move. Another storyline that I like is the MJB vs. her "enemies". If throwing a dead bird through a window isn't a sign of good things to come then I don't know what is!

Sandra - Read about the character of Nikki being written out of Y&R. I have mixed feelings about this, because personally, I have felt for years that entertainers and sports figures get way too much money for the work they do. That being said, I think there are big egos in show business. I don't know why Scott wouldn't play ball, but I think this is just the beginning of money problems for many shows and actors. As far as Nikki goes, I have mixed feelings. Her pairing with Paul never made sense to me - I liked Paul with Maggie, which seemed a really good fit, but she just disappeared without any explanation. It would have been nice if Nikki and Victor would have gotten back together. I don't think the character of Nikki should be recast after all these years, though. Better to have her disappear in some plane crash, leaving the way open for her return, should Scott decide to put the show's well-being over her own, at least temporarily. Maybe a hiatus from the show and work might make Scott rethink her pride. In these desperate times, everybody is making cuts. I mean, couldn't her new contract have something written in that makes the pay cut temporary? Y&R had better be careful, though. Losing good actors seems to guarantee failure. They've already lost "Brad" and now they're replacing "Adam." Both moves were bad judgment on Y&R's part. GL made so many cuts in good actors ("Harley", "Gus", etc.) and overall quality (writing, sets, production) that it's going off the air. (I still blame writers, producers, etc., with a 20-something mentality). Maybe soaps' time has come. Certainly, if anything needs a makeover, it's daytime TV. Get rid of the 20-something mentality and bring back quality writing. Then, maybe, people would resume watching, buying sponsors' products, and good actors would return. Quality ain't cheap. That's about the bottom line.

Melissa - Billy Abbot/Miller is the best thing to hit Y&R since Greg Rikaart. The chemistry between him and Elizabeth Hendrickson is electric.

Pam - I think the episode where Ashley fell down the stairs and couldn't remember was so ridiculous. What are the writers thinking! If someone fell down a flight of stairs, they would be bruised and would know they fell down them. She would have aches and pains more than in her abdomen. Not to be too graphic, but was she far enough along that she "delivered" the baby when she miscarried, or is the baby dead but still inside her? Even if the doctor is lying to her about the baby not being alive, wouldn't people notice that she's not getting bigger. I sincerely hope they do not do a baby switching plot with Ashley and Sharon. Wasn't Ashley much further along in her pregnancy than Sharon, so how would that work? I think this entire storyline is so ridiculous, and I'm already tired of it. One other thing, since Victor is a gazillionaire, shouldn't he have much better security at his ranch, i.e., videocameras, guards, alarms, etc.? Thanks for listening.

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