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Emotional eruptions galore
For the Week of June 8, 2009
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What a week! There were emotional eruptions all over Genoa City, starting with the dissolution of Nick and Phyllis's relationship.

What a week! There were emotional eruptions all over Genoa City, starting with the dissolution of Nick and Phyllis's relationship. Depending on how you look at it, you could also see it as Nick's decision to return to the love of his life - his words - Sharon. So for Sharon and Nick fans, enjoy it while you can. The return of the high school sweethearts is the ultimate in romantic storytelling. Who doesn't love it when lovers are reunited after years a part. Of course, the flip side is the pain and anguish that Phyllis has to go through losing Nick. No matter how she got the man, Phyllis sincerely and rather desperately loves Nick. The whole week was all about her desperation. It was sad really. Phyllis knew Nick's exit was coming and tried with every ounce of her being to keep it from happening. She couldn't do it. When Nick finally came home and said he was moving out, the pain was palpable. …Well, one woman's gain is another's loss apparently. There's nothing stopping Sharon and Nick now.

I was surprised to see Jack's reaction when all was said and done. After hearing and seeing how intense and passionate he had been to prove to Sharon that they could make a future together - even going so far as to give her the engagement ring and asking her to remarry him - Jack listened to Phyllis's prediction of how nothing would keep Sharon and Nick from getting back together and Jack just crumbled. Then, in an abrupt shift of emotions, he got passionate with Phyllis! I don't know if I buy that completely. I mean, I put myself in Phyllis's place and I say to myself, "Whoa! Do I want sex with my ex now after my husband just walked out on me?" I think I'd have preferred a good cry. But apparently Jack and Phyllis found it more comforting to do the horizontal mambo on the couch.

I wonder what Billy would think of his big brother boffing Phyllis on the sofa? Billy was really getting it from all sides, wasn't he? Not that he doesn't deserve to be slammed, because he does. He's acted like a cad (isn't that a great old word!). Chloe actually had my sympathy, especially when she learned from Sharon ("Oops, I didn't just say that, did I?") that on the morning of Chloe and Billy's wedding, Billy and Sharon were having sex. Ouch! You could see on Chloe's face that of all the indignities of being Billy's wife, that one hurt the most. But Chloe's story is a cautionary tale, you know. Be careful what you wish for. She wanted Billy, now she's got him and all the troubles he brings along. He's hung up on Mac - and that's not going away - immature, selfish and prone to screw up. Good luck trying to get a leopard to change his spots. All the lectures by Jack aren't going to penetrate Billy's cranium. Billy is who he is and probably always will be.

What's funny about Billy is that to Jill, it's Cane that's the good son. He certainly appears to be Mr. Perfect, but it's quickly becoming clear that there's more to Cane's back story than we've been told. Of all the threads being unraveled, this is the one that's got me most intrigued. Maybe because the story involves Jill and Kay and Nina and the whole history of Phillip. This will rewrite history and, hopefully, be compelling and dynamic to watch. I say this because there are a few stories going on Y&R right now that I am really fed up with.

Okay, I'm going to say it -- I can't stand the Ashley pregnancy storyline. There were moments this week when I just wanted to smack her. Olivia was being a concerned friend, and how does Ashley react? She tells Liv to leave her alone and shows her the door. Some friend! Then she turns to Adam - Adam? - and confides in him. Maybe she is crazy after all? Why would anyone at the Newman ranch trust Adam? I love Victor's character for being smarter than everybody else when it comes to business, but in this he's coming off as an idiot. There should be security cameras all over the ranch catching Adam in the act. Judging by the final moments on Friday, it looks like Ashley has finally exposed Adam's evil, but at what cost? Will the baby survive the fall she took?

If she does manage to keep the baby, I suspect that it's not going to be a coincidence that Nick mentioned the other day that Ashley's baby and Sharon's baby are supposed to be born at the same time. Hmm…can you see what I see coming? Some kind of a baby switch or something! And if it's not Adam doing the switch, crazy Mary Jane is out there ready to strike. That tirade by Mary Jane about Sharon to Phyllis - saying that she could kill her - wasn't ha-ha funny. Phyllis laughed it off, but it sure sounded lethal to me. And Mary Jane wouldn't be the only suspect if Sharon was shot or stabbed in the near future. Chloe was ready to strangle Sharon, and Phyllis has motive. You could really see a line up taking shape consisting of every woman and a few men who have it in for Sharon!

I think I caught another bit of prefiguration in the Lily-Cane "let's have a baby" story. Anytime you see a character all psyched up about having a baby, even to the point of scheduling sexual encounters on a calendar to optimized fertility, you just know something will be off. A girl like Lily who's young and fit and presumably healthy shouldn't have trouble conceiving, but I bet she will. That's give Lily some major conflict, on top of the "who is Cane?" plot line on the way.

I do sense that that writers are struggling a bit right now. Seriously, were you as bored with Kevin and Amber chatting it up with Tommy Lasorda on the Dodger Blue radio call-in show as I was? It felt like a time-filler. I'm also wondering how stupid Daniel and Jana are to have been duped by the fake FBI agent. What kind of artist is Daniel that he would even consider forging a masterpiece in the first place? Wouldn't he be more concerned with pursuing his own work and not copying a classic? Daniel's the kind of character who really needs a mentor. Somebody should be giving this man sound advice. Maybe he could pick up the phone and call his mother or father. What a novel idea!

Well, as much as I criticize, I have to make mention of one of my favorite moments from the past week. That scene with Nikki and Victor at the bar was wonderful. I don't see Nikki and Victor reconciling again, but it was great to see them act like adults and admit that they've hurt each other unnecessarily in the recent past. Anytime you see Victor apologize or express regrets, it's dramatic. Nikki, too, confessed how important Victor is in her life - and always will be.

So, dear Y&R writers, give us more of scenes like that and less of Dodger Blue radio shows and I'll be a happy camper. So, till next time, keep reading and share your thoughts. is here to share!


Allison J. Waldman
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