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Déjà vu with a vengeance!
by Nita
For the Week of June 1, 2009
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Phyllis Newman discovered this past week that karma can deliver an excruciatingly painful kick to the keister!

Phyllis Newman discovered this week that karma can deliver an excruciatingly painful kick to the keister! And it couldn't have happened to a dame more deserving of such a boot. Now, before anyone misunderstands, since so often this comes down to a contest between Phyllis and Sharon, what I've said is not meant to infer that Sharon hasn't at times also been fully deserving of a karma comeuppance for bad deeds she's done. For instance, her short sheet sojourn with her then sis-in-law's mate was a particularly nasty betrayal. But it wasn't as if she didn't pay a penance for that act. Phyllis held it over her head for ages, forcing both cheaters to jump through ever shrinking hoops of her choosing until the Karma Queen swooped down and punished Phyllis with prison. And once the nasty cat had slunk out of the burlap bag, Victoria kicked Sharon to the company curb without a moment's hesitation. Obviously, there are plenty more incidents of bad or indecent behavior I could cite for both these women, with an accompanying argument of whether or not they had properly paid for them, but for this column, I'm only going to address the convoluted current one, involving for the second time, Nick and Phyllis and Jack and Sharon.

First of all, I have to say that for fans who list Phyllis near the top of their list of least liked characters, the week has been a pleasure to peek at. While fans who can't stand Sharon were likely picking out the scorched old maids from their popcorn bowl and flinging them, along with muttered curses, at their screens. Fan Alice (see the following paragraph below) I cackled like a crazed hyena while reading your comments, because you covered every single thought I was busily trying to concoct in my cranium as I watched Phyllis' performance. In fact, your thoughts so closely mirror my own, and were stated so succinctly, I'd only be repeating you by sharing mine. Therefore, April, I'm turning over the stage to you to have our say and then I'll return.

April - I think that Phyllis must have amnesia. Does she not remember that what is happening with Sharon and Nick is exactly what was happening with she and Nick when Summer was conceived? Only I guess it was much more fun back then, because she wasn't on the receiving end of the heartbreak. I mean really, when I have done dirt to someone and I get the swift kick of Karma, I acknowledge it as that. Phyllis seems to think she is the only one who has feelings. I cannot feel sorry for her, no matter how emotional, teary or loud she gets. I cannot feel her pain, because it is the same pain she caused without even a blink. I hope this baby is Nick's, and that he leaves Phyllis for Sharon. Let Sharon have him back for awhile. Did I hear Phyllis right when she said Sharon doesn't know who the baby daddy is because she slept with 3 different men? So, I guess its better when you've only slept with 2 different men and don't know who the baby daddy is? Give me a break you freaking hypocrite! The only difference between Sharon and Phyllis during these exact times, is that Phyllis is fighting to hold onto Nick (even though he doesn't seem to want to be held), and Sharon let him go without a fight.

Thanks, April. Now, back to the story. Talk about déjà vu! I had to keep checking the date on my cell phone just to make sure I was viewing current events because it mirrored so closely what happened when the Newman wife shoes were worn on Sharon's dainty little feet. So, once again I have to tip my beret to our scribes, who keep proving they have an ironic and diabolically dark sense of humor. The present is the past with only the women switching places. Phyllis is raging, as Sharon once was. Nick, now, as he was then, once again has that perpetually puzzled look pasted on his countenance, as if he just can't imagine how this possibly could have occurred. And Sharon is serene as only a woman with a baby bun in the oven can be, echoing similar words to those uttered back then by Phyllis, vowing to raise this baby alone if necessary so it won't disrupt the lives of all concerned. Yeah, like that would ever happen!

Ahh, and then there is Jack. Always the wounded, martyred victim. I understand his pain about Billy. I really do. But while I thoroughly enjoyed his performance of heartfelt pain and devastation, I'd be lying if I claimed he honestly elicited my empathy. Because as always, Jack was way too quick to lay a finger across Sharon's lips every time they tried to utter the truth. Shhhhhh, he kept insisting, whatever it is, it doesn't matter he repeatedly said in that earnest, I'm so in love I can take anything voice he uses for these types of situations. He says that, but when the truth finally forces its way out of his heavy, restraining grasp, Jack can't take it and starts throwing innocent objects against the nearest unyielding surface. Karma was a long, long time coming for the pain he inflicted on his father when he decided to help himself to Daddy's wife's party favors all those decades ago, and I'm glad John popped back down to remind him of it, because if he hadn't, I certainly would have made it a point to do so here.

But, getting back to Jack. It was quite the week of pain for our gal, I mean, guy, Jack. Learning he and Billy had yet one more thing in common besides their sometimes callous disregard for the women who care for them (for Jack, think Mary Jane, Patty and Diane Jenkins), was only one of the low points in his week. His cheek must still be stinging from that wallop Phyllis dealt him (though in truth, Nick's should have been the face her palm connected with). And even I flinched when Phyllis unthinkingly admitted she loved Nick like no other. Yeah, Jack, before you ask, to Phyllis, I guess you do look a lot like chopped liver. And lastly, though he's talking fast and furiously, like a salesman trying to unload a car he knows will break down a day after the check paying for it has cleared, in his determination to catch and cage Sharon, it has to smart like salt in an open wound always coming in second to Nick.

Speaking of that, what is it with certain Genoa Citians who insist on prostrating themselves atop the knoll of unrequited affection? Clearly, Jack can see that Sharon doesn't love him. But he is relentless, using every trick in his considerable arsenal: coercion, guilt, begging, and more, in his sporadically-occurring need to play Daddy to a child, if not his own, then anybody else's who will allow it.

Not that Jack is the only resident willing to settle for less than they deserve. Though she's been a bit too conniving for me to feel much of her pain, I did manage to dig up just a bit for Chloe, and shouted it's about time when she gathered together the tattered remnants of her pride and left the pouting Billy to his bottle in the pool house. I know the men pickings are slim in GC, but why would anyone put themselves through the pain of hitching their wagon to a star that longs to shine on some other woman? Talk about a continual kick to your ego and self-esteem!

Welcome back Raul! A former character I liked so much, I pouted like a two year old when they painted him off the canvas, I was thrilled to see this cutie return. Having been there the last time he was sweet on Mac, I'm glad he seems to have finally gotten the girl, although I'm not yet convinced, despite what she says, that he is really first in Mac's heart. Especially since Raul has somewhat of a history of falling for women (first Mac, then Brittany) who loved Billy first. At first watch, he and Mac seem better together than she has seemed with Billy, but maybe that's because she's been holding back with Billy because of Chloe. If things don't work out for Raul and Mac, though, who knows, maybe he can win Chloe's heart, since Billy doesn't seem to want it.

The sun in the Ashby marriage is so bright, it's hurting my eyes. It was fun, though a little saccharine, watching the newlyweds. I read the boards, a lot of fans hated it. But, come on, that's how honeymoons are supposed to be. And though I had an inexplicable craving for salt after being fed all that sugar, I certainly would rather see that than their first marital fight. Unfortunately, having already been given a glimpse of the undoubtedly darker side of Cane, we know it will be no time at all before dark and stormy clouds are blotting out their sunlight. Clearly Cane and Phillip are in some kind of cahoots together. And it's doubtful their plan involves anything good. I hope Cane enjoys himself while he can because with Nina hot on his trail, his days of the good life could be numbered.

Even though I know it will likely mean more heartbreak for Lily, I'm looking forward to whatever tale the scribes have stitched together for us with Cane and Langley-Phillip. I loved the flashbacks of the three women who loved Phillip and consider it a stroke of genius on the show's part in convincing the original Phillip to return. Another former favorite of mine, I'm willing to swallow any reasonable explanation to explain how he has returned from the grave. Like that line from that long ago game show, the name of which escapes me, will the real Phillip Chancellor please step forward? Who and where is Jill's son? Was he actually switched at birth or did the woman Katherine paid just take the ring and run and never make a switch at all? What did Langley-Phillip hope to accomplish by sending Cane to pretend to be heir to the Chancellor throne? Did he know about the switch when he faked his own death, if that is indeed what was done?

A different play on whose my Daddy is Devon's impending tale. Not feeling Neil or his new lady love in the least these days, I'm looking forward to Devon finally having a story that will hopefully showcase his acting chops. I know many find the Devon character dull and an ever-damp blanket on the joy of his fellow city dwellers, but I still remember those long ago scenes with the dearly departed Dru. Like Michelle Stafford, I think Bryton is quite the actor and am so glad he finally has an interesting story bubbling on the stovetop.

Like everyone else, I've read all the ink on Chris Engen's departure. As I've mentioned many times, I had hoped for redemption for him, but clearly, that's not in the Tarot cards. And while I'm sad to see him go under such a cloud, it will be easier to watch this character self-destruct now that he will have a new face and form, one which I have none of my emotions invested in. But investment or not, I shudder to think of the fate he will undoubtedly meet at Victor's hands.

Well, that's about it from this fan. It's been a great week to watch and all the spoilers point to more excitement to come. It's all keeping me on the edge of my sofa seat, champing at the bit to chew up each week's offerings. What follows are some thoughts from your fellow Y&R lovers. Enjoy and see you in 10.

* * * * * * *

Travis - I just read the note from Chris Engel and as a person with an alternative life style, I am not offended by him at all. I would hope anyone who criticizes his action to read his response. His character is in a bad storyline and all of us who have watched the show faithfully for 15 plus years, he is the son of Hope and no one buys this character portrayed today. Plus, anytime the show has placed the character Ashley with Victor, she loses any credibility. I am starting to think Victor and Nikki have run the course. Very happy to see Nina return, always a favorite. The show overall is much better than the past couple of years in my view.

Goo - Regarding Chris Engen leaving the show. Well, it's about time someone took a stand on what they believe in. Too bad other actors and actresses haven't done the same when they're given crap to deliver on screen. I congratulate Mr. Engen for standing up for what he believes in and not follow what the majority thinks he should do. Shame on Y&R for treating their actors with such disregard in their storylines. I can't believe they would write a kissing scene into Adams character when this was clearly never in his makeup or storyline to date. Are they going for some type of shock value, trying to get more gay viewers? Come on, if they wanted to write in a gay storyline, just start a new character, but changing someone's entire character, that's crap! Why don't they just have Victor do a kissing scene? Yeah, that ought to boost ratings! Something I would like to watch. If this is the way they want to go with the show, I won't be watching any longer. Y&R lost a great actor. I didn't like the direction they were taking Adam; they could have found a better storyline. This was a bit unbelievable. This guy could clearly act unlike some of the other deadbeats the show has on. Start weaning out the bad ones Y&R, and try and keep your talented actors and actresses on board.

Nicola - Please, this is getting out of hand now. Get rid of Sharon. Everyone feels sorry for her. Nick needs to find out about Billy and Sharon and that Billy might be the father. Can we not have a normal couple on the show? Nick and Phyllis to me would be that ultimate couple.

DL - Startling discovery of the week! (Wednesday) Chloe is operating under the delusion that she still has a last shred of dignity.

Annie - So it's all Sharon's fault she's pregnant? Give me a break! What about Jack, Billy, or better yet, Nick? Why can't the men on this show control their hormones, or use protection, for God's sake? I'm sick of all the double standards. Sharon is going through absolute hell right now! How would you like it if your 15-year-old daughter was killed in a car accident? Sharon is the sweetest and most intriguing character on this show, and couldn't have a mean or selfish bone in her body if she tried. I wouldn't even bother watching Y&R if she weren't on. As for Phyllis and Jack, they are a couple of sanctimonious, self-righteous hypocrites who deserve each other. I loved it when John's ghost reminded Jack that he slept with Jill when John was married to her! How dare Jack look down on Billy! I love the pairing of Sharon and Billy. They have far more chemistry together than any of their other pairings. Jack and Sharon are boring, and he and Nick don't deserve Sharon, just as Mac and Billy are boring and Chloe (the conniving witch) doesn't deserve Billy! And who wants someone who slept with Phyllis? When will the writers wise up? Okay, if they can't have Sharon and Billy fall for each other, there is no way Phyllis should end up happy with Nick! She is an evil, violent criminal who should be serving a very long prison sentence! When is this horrible shrewish hag ever going to pay for anything she's ever done? Enough is enough!

* * * * * * *

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