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The Genoa City pairs are like couples at a square dance.

Have you ever been to a square dance? I actually remember learning how to square dance at some point in junior high. I think it was part of P.E. (gym class). Why am I mentioning it here? Well, this past week it occurred to me that with Sharon dancing back into Jack's life, Nick sashaying away from Phyllis, Chloe and Billy do-see-do-ing with Mac and Raul, and Lily and Cane doing the limbo rock in bed on their honeymoon, the Genoa City pairs are like couples on at a square dance. The only question is, who the heck is calling this dance party?

Seriously, who are we supposed to want to see end up together? Sharon is for certain the centerpiece of much of this craziness. It's great to see that she seems to have her kleptomania under control, but it was her lack of self-control sexually that's let a lingering mess. Just who is the father of her unborn child? Jack has been a champ about stepping up for his ex-wife. He truly has rose-colored glasses on when he looks at Sharon. He has this pie-in-the-sky idea that Sharon will really give him a second chance at fatherhood and husbandry and the whole happily ever after scenario. But, Jack - bubbie boy - you know better. You not some naïve guy with romantic notions. Where's your cynical crust that's protected you all your life? With Sharon, you're coming off like a doormat. And, boy, wait till you find out that your chance of being the baby daddy is only one in three, thanks to Billy's one-night-fling with Sharon.

Could Billy have been more wired this past week? Between his freaking out over Sharon being in the house as a constant reminder that he bedded his brother's ex in a night of drunken frivolity, Mac making him green with jealousy when he found out about her boyfriend from Darfur - hello, Raul! - and Chloe getting him between the sheets, Billy's looking like one of those strung out characters on Intervention! Billy is like the silver ball in the pinball machine, bouncing all over the place in a desperate attempt to keep himself in the game. He must be exhausted!

Truth be told, I like Billy. He's like a junior version of Jack, and he is a little troublemaker. But this fixation with Mac is not healthy, especially with Raul's sudden arrival. Billy can't help himself, I realize that, but his life could be so much easier if he were just satisfied with Chloe. Not that she's such a prize, but I did like the way she confronted Mac this week. It was civilized. Two women talking about a guy without hysterics or a girl fight.

Even Sharon and Phyllis had a really good talk. It's clear that Phyllis is desperate to keep Nick. She's in love with her husband, but Sharon has a tremendous hold on Nick. Sharon's made a sincere attempt to stay away from Nick, to give his marriage to Phyllis a level of respect that she doesn't really have to considering that Phyllis stole Nick from Sharon when he was not himself. Now that he knows what really happened, he's a guy with a serious case of "loving two women at the same time." Nick's in an impossible situation because if he does go after Sharon - like he seems to want to - he breaks Phyllis's heart. And this past week we saw that he loves his wife as well as Sharon. But the killer, naturally, was the revelation at Cassie's grave.

After all the protestations to Nick to let her alone, after the promises she made to Jack that she wouldn't tell Nick that he might be the father of the unborn baby, and after common sense would suggest that she keep her and her thoughts to herself, Sharon couldn't stop herself from telling Nick that she's pregnant and Cassie's prediction that they would have another daughter might come true. Congratulations, Sharon, you have just blown up Nick's marriage to Phyllis and submarined your reconciliation with Jack!

Look, don't get me wrong. I realize the emotions were running high. And Nick and Sharon have been fighting their feelings for a long time - mostly without success. What were there, two weekends at that cabin for reunion sex? Is it any wonder that Phyllis is scared spitless about losing her husband?

Speaking of husbands, Lily may soon discover that her husband is not the man she thinks he is. I don't think all the happy honeymooning in the world is going to keep Lily from being devastated by the truth of who Cane really is. And the more Nina digs into that Phillip Chancellor baby switch, the more likely we're going to find out that something nasty happened way back when and Cane has known about it all along. He's been dancing as fast as he can to keep ahead of the lies, but like those M&Ms on the grocery store checkout deck, he's running out of room. The truth is coming and Cane's about to get crushed.

Looking ahead, I suspect that the fallout from Nick and Sharon will be major this upcoming week, not to mention Raul's sudden return, and Vic and Ash will be chasing Sabrina's ghost I'm sure. Gosh, I'm tired of that story. Maybe now that they're recasting Adam - adios, Chris Engen - they'll wrap it up quickly. I just don't care for the "gaslight" business. Victor and Ashley are too damn smart to be fooled by an obvious villain like Adam. Victor would never trust his bastard son after the way he framed Victor for murder. This whole blind guy with a grudge is ridiculous; he should be looking to move on from Victor, not move in. If he's not careful, Victor will bury him. No, that's not an if, it's a when. When Vic finds out, Adam is toast.

Still, the dance goes on and on. Round and round, change partners and dance, dance, dance. Oy, my feet are killing me in these heels! So, until next time, read my daily blog Lathered Up here on, and please, share your thoughts. We love to hear from you!


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