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For the Week of May 18, 2009
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The scribes executed yet another out of the blue twist this past week on The Young and the Restless.

OMG! Yes, by the last day of the week's offering, as the scribes executed yet another out of the blue twist, I was exclaiming my feelings in cell text shorthand. After years of watching this show, I pronounce myself guilty of committing the very act I've often accused my Genoa City fictional friends of doing. Not being careful for what I have wished.

In this case, I'm talking about Jill's supposed son, the gone too soon, Phillip Chancellor, who died tragically decades ago in an automobile accident. Phillip was a favorite of mine, and I was one of many fans shocked and saddened when he was written out of town in such a fatal manner. Because in those days, once soap people were dead and buried, they usually didn't get to come back. After all this time, I'd be lying if I claimed I could recall every detail of that horrendous wreck, but I do know there was a body and there didn't seem to be any doubt back then that said body was Phillip's. So, even though there have been times over the years that I wished he was still with us, I never thought it was possible. Well, see what happens when you idly wish for stuff? Sometimes, there's a magic lamp you didn't even know you rubbed and a genie came out and granted your heart's desire. Unfortunately, however, sometimes the gift you get doesn't turn out to be exactly what you wanted when you rip all the pretty paper away. Which may indeed be the case since early indications point to Phillip, or Langley as he is now apparently called, being involved in some twisted plot with Cane to trick the very people he once called family. What the heck is going on here? To sort of paraphrase a former GC resident, I can't even wrap my brain around this one yet. Because only seconds into an attempt to unravel the twisted yarn of this tangled skein had me reaching for the Advil.

Which brings me to another wish I may come to regret. You know that loose end that fans, including this one, have occasionally pulled on and waved in the air to prove their point that the scribes had never tied it neatly together with the rest of the pattern? The one hanging from that looonnng ago mysterious phone call Cane's meander down memory lane revisited? Well, I guess I should have considered all the implications of tying that thread before I complained. Because it clearly has the potential to turn Cane into the very cad we were slowly beginning to believe he perhaps wasn't after all. The cad who could eventually cause another crack to form in Lily's poor, oft-mended heart. But, all of that is far, far in the future, and though it took me completely by surprise, I am already looking forward to being led down the primrose path to see where it all comes out.

Unthinking Wish No. 3? Adam. As villains go, on a scale of one to ten, he is right up there kicking the ten spot aside as he races toward 20. I don't often agree with Paul, or Clueless as many of us fans fondly refer to him, but his dart, with black flag waving ominously, has landed precisely in the center of the bulls eye this time. His assessment of the hate-filled Adam being dangerous was completely accurate and I have to confess that any last lingering hope I still clung to that Adam could somehow be redeemed has been battered to unrecognizable bits by his despicable behavior. My pom poms lie untouched beside my couch now whenever Adam pops onto my screen and I can only watch with horrified dread as he stumbles blindly toward his downfall. And a spectacular downfall it promises to be when Victor finally figures out what's going on. As a person who always wants to see the best in others, I can find nothing good in Adam now. It's bad enough that he's putting a pregnant woman whom he knows has a history of mental fragility through mental torture, but it's his clear enjoyment in doing so that makes this fan's stomach churn. If it was Victor he was tormenting, I would likely not be overly bothered. After all, Adam believes has at least a few reasons to want Victor to feel his wrath. But Ashley has done nothing but champion his cause and this is how he repays her. While I don't like anything he's doing, I can see just a little from his dim eyes. He holds Victor responsible for abandoning him as a tot, later drawing him into his life by dangling promises of fortune and fame like carrots before a donkey, then single-handedly snatched everything away when Adam failed to meet his expectations. Now all Adam wants is to hurt Victor any way he can, and Ashley being the woman who holds Daddy's heart for the moment is the clear way to driving a stake through that heart. As for the child she's carrying, in Adam's mixed up mind, that's just another beloved heir to the throne for Daddy to adore and yet another body blocking Adam's access to the Newman fortune. Whew! This is some twisted writing, scribes; someone among you has a very dark mind. All I can say is, so many of us have been begging for something different, said ad nauseum that we are weary of the same old, same old. I said I didn't want to see nine months of Ashley cradling her belly with Victor stroking her hair, whispering assurances of how he would protect her. And scribes, that's definitely not what you're giving me. Speaking for myself, this is like watching some scary movie, slasher music thumping in the background that alerts you that something horrible is about to happen. I can't hardly stand to watch, but just can't help myself. Because I gotta know what's gonna happen next. Loving it!

Okay, FBI man, comes by, doles out a check with a whole lot of zeros marching behind the number for Daniel's little scribbles. This one smells of con job so bad, my living room is reeking of sprayed Glade. And I have to say this. I'm all for everyone having their own personal style, but Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. Why does everything look like he bought in the little boy's section, two sizes smaller than what he knows he wears? And those hats! For some odd reason, every time I see Daniel, dressed in one of his artist's outfits, I either immediately think of Charlie Chaplin, or I get a mental picture of Lucky the leprechaun hopping around singing, "always after me Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious". But, as usual, I digress. What is this about? Didn't the foursome learn anything from their experience the last time a man came around flashing credentials? "We're the FBI and we scoured the whole wide world of artists and out of it, you were the only one capable of forging this person's work. And if you don't agree to help us, people are going to get away with stealing art?" What!! And Daniel believes him? Forget thumping my own head. I'm reaching through the screen trying to knock some sense into his.

Billy and Chloe, Mac and Billy. Yawn. Who cares? Mac certainly doesn't seem to. After everything she did, I never would have believed I'd be favoring a Chloe-Billy pairing over a Mac-Billy link. And I know I'm the only fan failing to feel the love between the latest Mac and Billy either. I know the character of Mac has never been an always-grinning life of the party, but this Mac hasn't made me believe she cares about anything, not Billy, Kay, Brock, the poor little orphans, the underprivileged people in Darfur she lived and labored among for so long, nobody. This lady needs to show some life or she may not be long for the City. Maybe Raul's rumored return will bring the life of light to her eyes.

The broke and busted trio of Jill, Jeff and Gloria are tickling my funny bone tremendously. And it only took a pinch of belief suspension to make me go along for the ride on this one. I could believe that Jeff and Glo, being the greedy gluttons for the green stuff that they are, would hide everything they hold dear in some out of country bank, but Jill? What reason would she have to park all her assets out of her daily reach? Even Katherine coming back from the grave wasn't going to take away anything she'd already earned. But I simply sprinkled my pinch of belief suspension over that part, and now it all works nicely. And even though I have little hope they will manage to get the best of Victor, it should be more fun watching than more of Jill's inexplicable bitterness toward Katherine.

Ahh, what a lovely wedding. No wedding cake smeared on the guests' expensive clothing. No drunken revelers crashing the party. A sweet and brief tune crooned before the nuptials. A radiant, blushing bride. A grinning groom. Heartfelt vows. I watched in bed, dabbing at my eyes, an Awwww grin on my face. Wouldn't we all just love to find someone who loves us like that? Just that Cane part to put a small pall on their bright and glowing future. But who knows? Maybe Cane will decide he doesn't want to be a cad and will strive to live up to Lily's lofty vision of him. But then again, despite what Cane might want to do, Langley, whom I presume will soon be arriving in town, may have other ideas.

Speaking of other ideas, despite Jack's rather callous brush off, Mary Jane most definitely has them. Sharon is clearly going to attempt to pretend she can make a life with Jack raising their baby or Billy's or Nick's, but we already know her heart will be with Nick even as she carefully tries to construct a house of swaying cards with Jack. Even without Sharon's love for Nick, their relationship is not likely to last, because Jack isn't going to change any of the behavior which played a part in ending it in the first place, that being his continued hatred and vendetta against Victor. Mary Jane promises to be the Joker in the deck, helping Sharon all she can to reunite her with Nick. But Mary Jane might want to make sure she treads very carefully down this path. I doubt she will like the result if Phyllis tumbles to her machinations and turns her rage and wrath on her.

Phyllis isn't likely to be the only Genoa Citian working against Mary Jane. Paul's suspicions are already aroused, and we know Paul, once that happens, he doesn't rest until he's called all his contacts and uncovered all his prey's secrets. Is Mary Jane his sister? Or Sheila brought again from the dead. Or someone else entirely that the scribes have secreted in the closet waiting for the most opportune moment to open the door and let her out?

Well, there's always more that can be commented on, but I've said enough for this week. Fans Colleen, Betty, Judy and Patty and the ladies, below, weigh in with their opinions. See you all in two weeks.

* * * * * * *

Colleen - Adam Wilson is one of the most odious characters on daytime TV. His actions are reprehensible and Paul was right to warn Heather that Adam is dangerous. God, he's so immature. Seems to run in the family. While he is not dangerous, Nick is just as immature. These guys need serious help. And, they should take Chloe with them. She goes out of her way to be mean. After all, she got Billy to marry her. She came to town and from day one, tried to break up Cane and Lily. When she did trick Cane, she decided it was Billy she wanted. And honestly, I can't see that either guy wants her. She is a troll.

Bettye - Have you writers forgotten about the tramp Phyllis was/is when she went to bed with Nick while Sharon was still grieving the loss of her child? When she ran over Chris because of Danny? Passing Daniel off as Danny's child? And she has the gall to call Sharon a tramp? God, this is like a snake calling a snail slimy. Has she no shame? I hated that you let Karen and Neil break up since he was so "in love", as he said, with her. I don't like him with Tyra. Send Jill to an island where there are no men. Let Adam go blind for real and stop him dead in his tracks. I am so surprised Victor has not had someone watching him anyway. Victor is supposed to be smarter than this. Send Jack to a monastery.

Judy - I really cringed when I read they were having Sharon get pregnant. I am a real "Phick" supporter (can we refer to the other combo as "Sick"?), and was hoping TPTB would either send Sharon to the funny farm or jail, whichever, as long as it was far, far away. Nick is being a clueless idiot, trying to play knight in shining armor to the blonde slut. His loyalty belongs to Phyllis and their daughter - the other ship has sailed. As for the dastardly deeds Phyllis did in the long ago past (re: Paul, Christine, Sasha, etc.) they've been forgotten by the writers and should be by the viewers. (Besides, it was never proven that she actually killed Sasha.) I thought her performance in Sharon's hotel room was Emmy-worthy; I'm just sorry she got caught. I thought Adam's blindness was legit, but watching him inject that liquid into his eye raised a lot of questions in my mind. BTW, can someone knock some sense into that sanctimonious priss, Heather? Talk about being narrow-minded and clueless!

Patty - Disgusted. About 23 of us ladies watch Y&R. We're all about to give up on it. Where did you find the lady that's playing Mackenzie. She looks like she could be Billy's mother. Plus she could use a few tips on acting. And what's this, Ashley's going to go nuts now? First there was Kevin, then Sharon, then Mrs. Chancellor. They're either going nuts or going to jail. We're sick of both. You ruined the part where Jill was surprised to see her mother come back. You drew that out till it was sickening. Tell your producer that I could do a much better job. If this story doesn't get more interesting, we've all decided we're going to quit watching it. Patty, Peggy, Ellen, Eline, Regina, Susie, Shawn, Mary, Margo, Januita, Yavonne, Cookie, Maxine, Donna, Linda, Janet, Patricia, and Chris.

* * * * * * *

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