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Lions, chipmunks, snakes, and rabbits
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Maybe it's just all the conflict and fighting, but there seemed to be a lot of animalistic behavior on The Young and the Restless this past week.

Is it just me or did you detect a lot of animalistic behavior on Y&R this past week? Maybe it's just all the conflict and fighting, it's hard not to think of those National Geographic films where you see one species preying on another. Take Victor Newman, for instance. I can't decide if Victor's a cold, calculating jaguar sizing up Colleen for the kill? Does that make her an innocent zebra or gazelle? Whatever, she's in his crosshairs and no matter how sweetly he smiles, he's going to rip her throat to shreds and get her off his board of directors. Of course, what kind of hypocrite is Victor when it comes to business? His kids have no discernible skills to run companies accept that Daddy's last name is theirs. Only his reject son, Adam, has the college degrees to earn a spot in the corporation, and we've seen what kind of morals he has. Hmm…maybe he's the most like Daddy after all?

Nick pretends to be a man of action, a business leader -- although when was the last time he made a stop at Restless Style? -- and yet he's completely dictated by his loins. The guy is bouncing between Sharon and Phyllis like a kangaroo, and while I can't approve of the antics Phyllis pulled in Sharon's hotel room - especially writing on the mirror that was just downright creepy - I sort of understand her frustration with Nick. He's now accidentally had a cabin romp with Sharon twice. You know the old expression, burn me once, shame on you, burn me twice, shame on me. Frankly, I think there's enough shame to go around for all three of these adults. They're acting nuts, and with the exception of klepto-Sharon, there's no excuse for all this irresponsibility.

Which brings me to Noah and Eden. Dear, dear Noah. With parents like Sharon and Nick (and by extension Phyllis and Jack), is it any wonder he's making up the rules as he goes along? I give him and Eden credit for resisting their carnal urges at the cabin, but less than four hours later, they were making like rabbits. Granted, they were smart enough to use condoms, but when Eden was proudly telling Lauren about what they did, I kept thinking, "Does she expect Lauren to give her a pat on the back?" I mean, they did make love and they still are in high school. You don't get brownie points for that, not from your parental units anyway.

If I were doling out brownie points, I would give some to Amber. That girl has been to hell and back in the past month, but all her efforts for Kevin have landed her in a world of trouble. When the judge slapped her with a $1 million bail, I nearly fell off my chair. Was that fair? Amber wasn't a flight risk and she had no way to come up with enough to get released. Fortunately, Mrs. C has a long memory and deep pockets. Now that she's back in control of her assets, she stepped up for Amber and proved her friendship. And, believe me, that's the kind of thing that happens a lot on soaps, but in the real world, posting bail for a friend is something substantive.

So while it's great that Amber has been sprung, poor Kevin has been locked away in a padded cell. What's even worse is that he's truly psychotic. He's having visions of a giant bloodied chipmunk plaguing him. It's not funny, but the way Y&R has chosen to depict Kevin's condition has been laughable. Is this the best they could do? They're taken a serious mental illness and made it comical. That's not their intent, but that's how it's being executed. It's like they're wasting the really good acting by Christian LeBlanc and Greg Rikaart by using a blatantly lame visual cue to illustrate Kevin's problem.

We can't let the week in review pass without mentioning the one-on-one between Jill and Kay. Jill just had to push it, didn't she? She kept the daring Katharine to say that she was glad that they weren't mother and daughter. She forced the issue and finally Kay just let her have it. Yes, she was glad. There, are you happy? Jill doesn't deserve to be hurt by what happened, especially in light of how abominably Jill had treated Kay when she thought she was Marge. No matter what Nikki said, or Amber or Paul or even Victor, Jill was determined to believe that Marge was faking it as Kay and her mother was dead. She was unkind and cruel and what's happening now, I think, is Karma. Jill's getting her just desserts. I don't feel sorry for her one iota. I don't believe for a second that she's suffering for the loss of her mother, especially since Liz Foster raised her, not Kay. So, Jill, you know what - tough luck! You lose.

Speaking of Kay, there's one more thought I'd like to share. What the heck is she doing on the cover of a national fashion magazine called Restless Style? Kay has style, true, but she's not restless and her story - while fascinating - is not suited to Nick and Phyllis's magazine. With Nikki making editorial decisions like putting Kay on the cover, the magazine is doomed for failure. It's hard enough for legit magazines to make it in today's world that it's just insulting that Y&R passes off this vanity project for Nick and Phyllis as a viable publication. By the way, have you noticed that nobody has been working lately? How did they get the magazine done without a staff to produce it?

Well, I'll be really anxious to hear your comments about my first Y&R Two Scoops. Also, please keep reading and check out's daily blog by your's truly - Lathered Up. I offer daily musings on everything going on in soaps, including some of the fun happening on B&B, too!


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