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I used to live for the weekends!
by Nita
For the Week of April 6, 2009
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It was another week of edge-of-your-seat action on The Young and the Restless!

Well after that long weekend, the week was worth the wait. Okay, those romantic moments between Noah and Eden were excruciatingly painful to watch, but other than that, you couldn't have pried me from my set-side seat even with the help of the hardware store's sturdiest crowbar. Welcome to the latest Mackenzie Browning. If what goes around, comes around, Chloe Valentine Abbott better batten down the hatches and run for cover. Because for all the dastardly deeds she's committed against her fellow Genoa Citians, payback promises to be long and painful.

The week picked up where it left off last with Kevin and Amber. Now, I know all fans aren't as thrilled as I with Kevin's storyline, but as a continuing Kevin fan, I'm loving every minute of it, and think it has plenty of potential. Sure, it's a bit far fetched in places. Like Kevin practically having to crawl inside the bank to rob it and then collapsing on the floor and the so-called security guard didn't even try to beat Amber to the dropped gun. But then, most things that happen to these people in this town would almost never happen in real life. It just means I have to toss an extra handful or two in my sofa-side belief suspension bag.

Anyway, unlikely scenarios notwithstanding, Kevin and Amber are certainly tugging terrifically on my heart strings. For fans of Kevin, when he was lying on Amber's lap while she stroked his hair, murmuring that she'd take care of him, didn't you catch yourself moaning "awwww", while dabbing at your moist eyes? That boy has been through the ringer already, all because he wanted to help Katherine, and you know his ordeal is a long, long way from being over. For what is undoubtedly ahead for Kevin, I've already got a couple extra boxes of Puffs on standby.

Now that Kay's been diagnosed with Lyme's disease (good one scribes on accounting for most of Kay's symptoms and tying this one up neatly and reasonably believably), the antibiotics should slowly return her memories to her. Especially those relating to Amber and Kevin. Just in time too, because I suspect the law will soon catch up with Kevin. He's already got the best lawyer he can get in his brother, but Michael finding a legal loophole to push his brother through will likely be the easy part of this problem. It's the repairing of Kevin's broken mind that is going to be most difficult. Of course, I'm sure Kay will be happy to be provided with an opportunity to repay Kevin for all he did on her behalf. Good thing too, because with all he's endured at the hands of Clint and his band of bumblers, he's going to need all the help he can get and the best mind-mending specialists Kay's money can buy.

Okay, what the heck is going on with Adam? When it comes to his alleged blindness, though I had my fingers crossed that it was real and could be fixed with the help of a battalion of the best eye docs Vic's money could hire, I'm now leaning so far toward the probability that Adam's blindness has been self-inflicted, I'm practically toppling over. First, there was Adam's reaction the week before upon learning the out of the country account harboring his forged diary money hadn't been frozen. This week, he's pretending a weakness and illness he obviously isn't really suffering; he's eavesdropping on every conversation he can sneak upon; and he's trying to lose enough weight to get that ankle bracelet off. It seems clear he's planning an escape, and that could only happen if he knows his sight loss is temporary. Is it just a coincidence that we didn't see Adam's world once through his blurry eyes during the week? And what was the purpose of all those questions to Abby, inviting her to count on him as a confidant if the need should ever arise. Why is he suddenly reaching out to her unless he has an idea of using her in some way? Of course, I would love to be way off base about Adam. Because I really wanted to like the guy, though his actions make it nearly impossible at times. Through my rose colored glasses, I pictured a warm and sunny future with love growing slowly between him and his half-siblings and full father. But Adam's actions are causing a lot of angry looking storm clouds to darken my bright little pipe dream. Victor keeps telling Adam to be like his sainted Mommy, but it's beginning to look like Adam is all Victor and no Hope. And like his namesake, maybe it's always about the payback. If he is up to no good, I hope somewhere along the way he changes his course. Genoa City could definitely use another eligible bachelor and Adam's inclusion could likely provide fodder for plenty of future stories.

The scribes are really milking this Katherine storyline and I'm lapping up every last delicious drop. Having separate mini reunions with the important people in Kay's life has been a great touch. It's given us fans the chance to savor each one on its own instead of rushing us through snippets of multiple reunions had all of Genoa City learned of her return from the grave at once. For Brock, there was no need to put Kay through a quick round of 20 questions she might not have been able to answer. Instead, all it took was one look for the son to recognize his mother. Excellent!

Speaking of excellent, let me take a moment to lift my glass to Jill. After all the months of hatefulness she's shown to Kay, I expected to nearly be rolling on the carpet, laughing at, not with her. I just knew when the time of reckoning arrived, I would be there prancing around the room will bells on my house shoes, pom poms pumping in celebration. And I admit I did have an enjoyable moment or two at the look on Jill's face as she struggled, even in the face of the overwhelming evidence, to dispute the irrefutable fact that she couldn't possibly be Kay's daughter. But then, to my great surprise, I felt a whole lot less satisfaction than I expected I would. Because she got to me just a little when right before my gloating eyes, the razor-tongued woman vanished and in her place an uncertain little girl with fear and pain in her eyes peeked out. And even though she quickly recovered and behaved even nastier than she had before, I was still left with a lingering feeling of sorrow for her.

As for Kay, I had no doubt she would deliver and I was not disappointed. Just like her nickname Duchess, she was gracious in victory, and offered Jill an olive branch from which hung heart shaped tags labeled Mother and Daughter. Which she assured Jill they could continue to wear, in reality, even if not in bloodline. But, Jill promptly snatched that twisted little branch, broke it into miniscule pieces and flung them back in the face of the woman she will probably never call Mother again. But still, Kay remained compassionate toward Jill. Right up until the moment she'd had all she was able to take and smeared a chunk of Chloe's wedding cake right in Jill's face. And when Kay muttered, "if it's war you want, then by God you shall have it" add Jill retorted, "bring it on old woman", I was instantly transported back years and knew that the battle between the two had officially begun anew. I'm not even going to guess at the twists and turns this relationship will now take, but I have no doubt whatever happens next will make for some great watching. Storyline potential aside, I wasn't really thrilled with a past scribe's decision to legally link the two, so I don't mind they are now returning to their former acrimonious relationship. Deep down, it's probably true the two have come to love each other, so I expect we'll be granted glimpses of that love from time to time amidst all the battling.

But the best part of separating the bloodlines is that there is now an opportunity to reunite Billy and recently returned to town Mackenzie, a pairing once so successful and popular, accolades from young and old alike used to fill the message boards. And maybe it's just my own wishful thinking, but I was encouraged by their first meeting, even though it was all in Billy's head. Was I the only fan who thought there was chemistry there that could be stoked into a toasty fire? The original Billy and Mac were awesome together, but these two could be just as good. If nothing else, I hope Billy's feelings for Mac are strong enough to turn him away from Sharon. I know Sharon might not be all that much older than Billy in years, but to me they seem to be a great mismatch. Even in her mental distress, she still seems much older than Billy, perhaps due to her troubled childhood, her life experiences dealing with Cassie's death and her marital breakups, while Billy's maturity seems to have stopped right about the time he and his fellow Glow by Jabot pals hung up their backpacks. Another reason I'm hoping for a resurgence of his interest in Mac is because an all about the good time Billy is not nearly as interesting to watch as would a Billy showing his vulnerability due to the end of his marriage to Mac, as well as dealing with his conflicted feelings about Jill's treatment of him. If he has to have a connection with Sharon, maybe he could use her as a confidant to express his feelings about Mac, or even Chloe. Lord knows, Sharon could use something other than sex and stealing, to take her mind off her own problems.

One twist I hope the story with Billy and Mac doesn't take, though, is a possible pairing with Cane. If Cane loses the custody contest, he might be feeling even bitterer toward his half brother. After all, since Jill is not related to Kay, then Cane has no blood connection to Kay either. Sure, he's presumably her ex-husband's son, a DNA fact that can easily be undone, if the scribes should so choose, but that doesn't make him related to Mackenzie. Cane likes to behave as if Billy is the only bad boy in the family, but in the past Cane has shown he's fully capable of vengeful behavior himself. Remember his revenge romp with Amber and subsequent vindictive treatment of her after he learned of their made up marriage? And I'm sure no fan has forgotten that strange phone conversation during which Cane was heard to announce to someone that he was "in." Cane could conceivably turn out to be someone far different than the loyal, supportive son Jill and everyone else thinks him to be.

Speaking of sons, I confess I'm a bit disappointed with Noah's lack of compassion for his Mom. Not that this is the first time I've taken exception to some of the less than loyal son-like words that the scribes have written for Noah to utter. Don't get me wrong. I don't expect Noah to dislike Phyllis. But this is his Mom. A Mom who has never treated Noah so horribly, though he sometimes acts as if she was a female version of Terrible Tom. And while Stepmom Phyllis might be the most wonderful thing since the light bulb went on in the brain of the person who thought of selling slicing bread, I repeat, this is his Mom, and most sons I know would never repeatedly side with their Mom against the woman who played a significant part in wrecking their family, without a really, really good reason. And yes, I know he's got his knickers in a knot because his parents don't want him with Eden. But why is Sharon the total focus of all that rage? Why isn't he flying off the handle at Daddy, who also agreed they should be kept apart? By the way, though Noah is likable enough, it's been difficult to feel his pain about his parents' restrictions. Maybe because it's not as if he's actually being deprived of anything. Because despite their parental pronouncement, he's never stopped seeing Eden and has pretty much been able to continue doing so without either parent having a clue. Sharon's mind is so muddled, she can't keep track of what she's doing, let alone what Noah might be up to. And though he's living with Nick and Phyllis, neither of them can be watching him too closely, unless he's hanging out in Sharon's room, since that's where both of them so frequently wind up. As for Eden, though her bad influence days seem to be a thing of the past, I still find her completely uninteresting, both with and without Noah attached to her.

As Jack once again is in the role of the hoodwinked wannabe suitor, at times I feel just a little bit sorry for him. Because he's creeping ever closer to finding out the sure to be devastating news about Sharon and Billy. Jack has had plenty of clues as to what's going on, though he hasn't yet recognized that he has them. But once he does, they're going to be marching down his jealous mind like little tin soldiers. Clues like the second wine glass he found hidden in Sharon's athletic club room drawer. Billy's mysterious dates with and angry defense of the woman whose identity he refused to share with Jack. And lastly, the blonde hair Ashley told him she spotted on Billy's sport coat after his night long disappearance the night before his wreck of a wedding to Chloe. By the way, who drove the drunks home that night?

Even knowing Sharon was trying to play the game of Life without all the pieces, Jack is still likely to be shocked and hurt at Sharon and Billy's betrayal. Maybe that's were Mary Jane will come in. By soothing his bruised and battered ego with her undivided attention. Looks like a very early set up to another round of heartsick pain when Jack discovers the woman he's come to care about has been acting as a sort of Trojan horse for Victor. Of course, a wonderful twist would be for Mary Jane to start having feelings for Jack and the two of them decide to turn the tables on Victor. Yeah, I know, Victor doesn't lose, so that's likely just my wishful thinking. But, on the other hand, there is still a part of me that has no sympathy at all for Jack. Because though he doesn't even know yet what Victor is up to, he's still thinking of ways to sneak up behind him and stab him in the back, via Colleen's Newman Board of Directors seat. Didn't Jack already pay Victor back for the blank check he provided that enabled Nick to buy Restless Style out from under Jack? By separating him from his son through the forged diary? A dirty deed that Adam had to pay in full for while he got off scot free? I guess, for Jack, just like for Victor, the score will never be even in their vendetta.

Which brings me to Phyllis and her war with Sharon. Like Jack, Phyllis is often her own worst enemy. Believe it or not, I try really hard to hold my hateful, spiteful tongue when it comes to this character, but she's just so unnecessarily nasty sometimes, I guess like her, I just can't keep my big mouth shut. Despite what she's done in the past, Sharon is not coming after Nick. He made his choice and she's repeatedly insisted he stick to it. And sends him back to Phyllis. So what Sharon seems to be flip-flopping between Billy to Jack and back again? Why does Phyllis care as long as Sharon isn't penciling in sheet-time for Nick? But all that aside, I'd probably feel a lot differently about Phyllis' pain if she hadn't once minced around in those very same tramp shoes she keeps cramming on Sharon's feet. She was once the slutty woman sleeping with the married man behind his wife's back. Not only is payback the B word, Phyllis, I bet its feeling a lot like the S word when it happens to you, huh?

And lastly, the Wedding. That was hands down one of the most hilarious hitch-ups in Genoa City history. The cake smashing scene was so funny I had to watch it repeatedly. By the way, Murphy was looking quite dashing in the presumably expensive suit Nikki bought him. At least until it got covered in cake. And having witnessed Jill's vicious vitriol yet again, I wonder if he still has hopes she'll come around? I cracked up again when I couldn't help but notice that besides the minister, the only other witnesses to the couple's vows were Jack, Ashley, Colleen and a half-dozing Cordelia, since everyone else was in the other room slipping and sliding in the flung around refreshments. But I about died an early death from laughter when I got a really good gander at Esther's flower. That thing was so huge it was frightening. I kept waiting for a giant plant head to burst out and try to gobble up the unfortunate person who happened to be standing in front of it at the time.

Okay, that's it; that's all for me. Another exciting chapter of Genoa City doings is behind us. In my opinion, Y&R has become like a thick, juicy novel and I can't wait to turn the page to see what these crazy characters do next. See ya in a week. Until then, your fellow fans would like to have their say. By the way, a special thanks to fan Cheri below for sharing a little personal testimony in your comment. I'm sure I'm not the only fan who learned something about depression today. You made Sharon's storyline much more real. Best wishes to you in your personal battle with depression.

* * * * * * *

Dick - My guess is the woman Victor had plastic surgery done is the sister of the dead woman from the face cream debacle. This fits into Victor's scheme of taking Jack down by any means possible.

Leanne - I know people are loving the Kevin storyline, and I agree he's an amazing actor, but I find myself ff-ing through that whole storyline. Cane trying to take Delia away is also driving me crazy! When will this self-righteous pig go away? Whatever happened to that storyline where it looked like he was going to be doing something bad behind Jill's back when he was first trying to prove he was her son?

Cathy, Leanne and Linda - Do you think Victor's mystery woman is Diane Jenkins?

Maryann - It has been rumored that Victor's mystery woman is Mari Jo Mason. It's making some sense now. Think about-Mary Jane Benson/Mari Jo Mason! On another note, I just read the shocking news that Jess Walton has quit. She's been the best Jill Y&R's had, and the longest-running. Sorry to see her go.

Jan - Do you think the mystery lady is Patty? I wasn't watching the show back then, but from what I've read, she seemed a tad miffed over him marrying her just to climb the Jabot ladder, not to mention by all the infidelity with Diane. Also, Ashley mentioned Jack's first marriage (to Patty) last week. Sounds like that was a bit of a clue.

LaToya - If it is proven Jill and Katharine are not mother and daughter, what does that mean for Billy and Mackenzie? It was only after he found out they were cousins that he lost his mind.

Cheri - First, I've always enjoyed reading your views. What I have not enjoyed is everyone slamming Sharon. As someone who has suffered from depression for years, and been on different meds, and counseling, it is not easy, and at first you don't even realize what is wrong, you think it is just a bad day. With depression, it is always a bad day. Your emotions are totally out of control. You're also in denial, especially with the stigma that any type of mental illness has. Personally, I think Sharon might have Bipolar disorder. The sleeping around thing is all about that quick euphoria, only it never lasts. Not to mention that she has not slept with Nick since the cabin; the only guy she has been sleeping with is Billy, which has ended, then Jack. On GH they did a story about Sonny who has bipolar, and it was a great story to include Maurice Barnard's real life mental illness into the story of Sonny. It was done brilliantly. I hope the writers of Y&R do the same. Watching Sharon Case and her acting, reminds me of what I have gone through. I thank Sharon Case.

Steph - I have been a faithful viewer of Y&R. My favorite actress is Sharon. I want her back with Nick. Phyllis took Nick from Sharon. As a wife and mother, it makes me sick to see it happen in real life. Come on, make Nick stand up and be a man and get back to the beautiful person he really loves - Sharon. CBS needs to do something moral and right. That is why I have watched it for 20 years. They kept a moral balance of what real Americans were founded on. Love that does not cheat and love that doesn't give in to what the rest of the world is doing. I saw Y&R as a show that was a reap what you sow kind of show. That is the only reason I watch it. I am sorry. Most of us don't want to see the adulteress woman win or the homosexuals on day soaps. People are speaking out about how clean and exciting you have made the show. Now put Sharon where she belongs - with her husband, Nick. Give redhead the kick in the bottom!

Cynthia - Please clear this up for me. Did Ashley ever have a hysterectomy? And isn't she like 53? I'm so confused about this pregnancy sl. As one of the moderators said in the boards, the fetus is in her Cranium, there's room there! (Sorry couldn't resist) I think from the history that it would be nearly impossible, but I don't recall her uterus being removed.

Pamela - As far as the Mary Jane character Victor has added to the mix a thought came to me like a bolt of lightning this week. What if it is Diane Jenkins? They are the same size and have the same bone structure. She did not leave the show under the best of circumstances are concerned. Could that be who the mystery lady is?

June - Can someone please tell Phyllis to stop obsessing! Yes Sharon is a basket case, yes she is sleeping around but she is not coming after Nick anymore nor is she calling on him to help her. No, she is turning to another man Billy whose name is not Nicolas and whose name is not Jack. Sharon keeps trying to send Nick away but he keeps sniffing after her. .Just like he was sniffing after Phyllis when she was having an affair with Sharon's husband! Talk about a double standard. Then she wastes her time and her money paying a bartender to validate information she already knew was true! Okay now that she told Nick all she has to do is tell Jack and Noah and everyone else, heck maybe she ought to take out an ad and broadcast it. She never learns her obsessiveness and knack of always being in the corner in the dark while people are having a private conversation, she overheard Brad and Sharon talking about being together in New York, she overheard Drucilla talking about Neil not being Lily's father and now Brad is dead and we all know why Drucilla is no longer among the living. Phyllis, Phyllis, Phyllis. Oh and someone needs to slap Noah, he is the most belligerent disrespectful, full of himself spoiled brat. Yes he has been through a lot but I guess falling through the ice and almost dying did not teach him a lesson. No wonder he relates to Phyllis so well they are both hard headed and self centered.

Heather - Enough is enough, and I'm talking about the Kevin/Amber storyline. It was OK for a while, but I'm really, really tired of watching Kevin hallucinate. Amber should have called Michael and Daniel long ago, or even gone back to get them. It's just stupid and repetitive now. I'm also tired of Phyllis acting like she's the Virgin Mary; who does she think she is calling anyone a tramp? She's the whore of Genoa City! But Nick needs to quit pussy-footing around and make a decision he can stick with. I have never bought into this relationship with Phyllis and I still don't. All they have is sex. Ever notice that they never have a conversation or talk about any common interests, except for sex? Also, they never resolve a fight -- they just have angry sex. Why do people like them as a couple? They don't have anything more than when they first hooked up - a tawdry affair.

Tamara -There is not a man, like Cane, on this planet who would become so obsessed with the child of a man or woman whom he loathes, and he would never be hell bent on wanting that child, the father, or the mother in his life. Nor would he ever want the woman he loves, one as kindhearted as Lily, to endure such despair. Therefore, it is quite clear that Cane is a self-absorbed idiot, and the type of man who would be dangerous around a child. And, if I hear one more person say that Cane would make a wonderful father I am going to vomit. I am baffled by the writing involving this storyline, because when Chloe supposedly raped Cane, they were practically strangers. I do not recall Chloe and Cane being friends, confidants, ex-lovers, or having a history growing up around each other like Billy and Lily. So how in the hell can everyone continue to say that Cane would be a perfect father? Cane has no childcare credentials, none whatsoever, unless he abandoned a child or two back in Australia. Despite being a bitch, Chloe seems to possess some spark of intelligence, and I highly doubt that any woman, even Chloe, would look at a man, who for the most part is a sloppy drunken stranger, and say to herself, oh my what great fatherly attributes you have. Cane has no believable connection to this baby, and he has not spared any part of himself to rearing this child. It is extremely okay for playboys, like Billy, to love and rear their own children, because a man's lifestyle doesn't determine his fatherly ability or desire to care for his children.

Zeus - Edge of the seat drama. We know Katherine gave up a baby girl, and I believe it will come out to be Nikki. Jill needs to be put out on her butt, she has done nothing but condemn Katherine from the start. Here she is, rich, running Katherine's company and home. I hope she gets hers ten-fold. Can't wait to see the result of it all. Thank goodness for Brock and that is the original! He saved the duchess. The story with her and Murphy is great.

* * * * * * *

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