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by Nita
For the Week of March 30, 2009
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If The Young and the Restless were a book, then this past week, fans might have been tempted to skip ahead to read the final page.

'Cause I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next! Another week with me scooted so close to the edge of my sofa seat, it's a wonder I didn't wind up watching from the floor. If Y&R were a book, I would have broken my own golden rule and skipped ahead to read the final page.

As the Katherine Chancellor misty memories miniseries took yet another hairpin turn, I began the week frustrated with Nikki's is she or isn't she waffling. So incensed was I, I was actually eyeing my television set as if I really thought it possible to get my hands inside and fastened around her neck, until those prissily pursed lips parted, gasping for the air my throttling hands were denying her. Thank goodness I was saved shelling out the big bucks for a new flat screen by the arrival of Mr. Room Service Guy, bearing, in this case, the good news in the shape of Kay's willed to Nikki emerald ring.

And things only got better from there. Once Nikki was convinced, for good this time, of Katherine's authenticity, other Genoa City residents fell like carefully lined up dominoes, and before the week was out, Paul, Victor, Nick, Phyllis and Jack had all clambered aboard the Chancellor caboose. For each of the aforementioned residents, their individual moments of realization were wonderful and well done, but my favorite was the reunion between Katherine and Victor. For a second, I thought the Mustache was going to release one of those rare tears of his. He didn't, but he did something even better. Gave up his Jabot shares in exchange for Jill's John Henry on an exhumation order. At first, I thought, wow, what a sacrifice that was. Giving up his chance to hit Jack where it hurts most. But then I came to my senses. Victor was convinced Katherine was as alive as he, which meant the stock she willed away would likely by law eventually be returned to her. And even if that wasn't the case, Victor would probably have given it back to Kay on his own. Sure he's out the astronomical sum he paid Gloria to get them, but whatever he paid, to a man with pockets as deep as his, it probably could be likened to a paltry pile of pennies. Of course, despite her alleged aversion to disturbing her dear mother's final resting place, in the end it was an offer power-hungry Jill couldn't refuse. And before the ink of her signature had even dried on the order, she had upended Billy from the CEO chair and carefully positioned Cane's self-righteous bottom in the still-warm seat.

But she didn't stop there. Without even disembarking from her moth-eaten broom, the wicked witch of Genoa City summoned the remaining Abbotts before her and sent them packing too. And in the tradition of last hired, first fired, Miss Mary Jo PR Person was handed her walking papers as well. Unfortunately for Jill, as it turned out, she didn't get much more than a moment or two to sit back and savor her victory. Because the results of that third and final DNA test finally made it clear it wasn't Kay who couldn't be a Chancellor, but Jill. Oh, the crow that is going to be eaten in the coming weeks! I'm already in the kitchen preparing two heaping plates of it - one for Jill and one for her sanctimonious, self-righteous son, Cane. Not that I expect mother or son to immediately believe the story the multiple DNA tests are telling. Not until it's proven, probably by testing Kay against her son, Brock, or soon to be arriving granddaughter, that the woman Jill calls a piece of trash is indeed the real and inimitable Katherine Chancellor. And when it happens I hope Jill is shoved out of both Jabot and Chancellor so fast, she won't be able to avoid the doorknob smacking her smartly in the backside.

And speaking of crowing, I did that too, at the top of my lungs, when Lily pulled out a hatpin and stuck in it Cane's helium balloon. I know not every fan appreciates Lily's morals and sense of fair play, but I'm not one of them. Even though I wouldn't have been able to turn the other cheek so it too could get a stinging smack like she so often has, I admire her for not being the vindictive type of vixen who would have helped Cane snatch Cordelia as payback for all the dirt Chloe had done to her. Just as she once sacrificed her own dreams of happily ever after with Cane for the sake of the baby to be, she's done it again, this time so she won't be a party to separating mother from child. If Dru were around, she might look at her sideways and ask if she'd lost her natural mind, but in the end, I bet she'd be damn proud of her girl. I have to say, I am too.

Well, as proud as I am of Lily, I can't say I'm feeling the same amount of pride in Adam these days. Despite his attempt to frame Daddy for a deed it hasn't been proven he's done, Adam has still made my most liked list more often than not. Sure, what Adam didn't wasn't right. But neither was Victor a blameless victim. Long before the forged diary was even a half-concocted thought in Jack's cranium, Victor had tried his best to destroy his own son. And for what? Because Adam made decisions he didn't like when he thought Daddy was dead. If Victoria and Neil had done nothing to deserve their dismissal, that would be one thing. But that wasn't the case and anyone in Adam's shoes might have made the exact decision. Likewise, bringing a viper like Brad aboard might not have been the brightest idea of Adam's day, but it wasn't as if one or more of the Newmans hadn't done the same thing in the past. But all that is a bit beside the point, the reason Adam's getting my thumbs down this week is for his attitude and his whining and whimpering. Yes, it's sad that he's going blind, and for that he does have my sympathy. But only if his blindness is real and not manufactured. But his blindness is the one thing that can't be laid at Victor's door and would have happened whether he was in or out of prison, in Genoa City or New York. On top of that, he got a black mark for chewing on Heather for the lock-down situation his own actions placed him into. In this one instance, I have to agree with Victor. Suck it up and deal with it like a man.

So, just who is the woman Victor hired in his plot to destroy Jack? And what the heck did Jack ever do to her to make her hate him so? Presumably, she's had extensive plastic surgery to keep Jack from recognizing her and is angry enough to let Victor use her in a complicated game of cat and mouse to repay him for whatever crime he committed against her. I'm wracking my brain for a rhyme or a reason and I'm coming up empty. It will almost be worth sitting through the umpteenth round of Victor vs. Jack to find out the identity of the madam behind the surgically enhanced mask. Almost.

Even as Katherine creeps step by step closer to a triumphant return to her rightful place in Genoa City society, another resident slips further away. Kevin keeps me swiping at my eyes with his too real portrayal of a man in deep despair. As for Amber, she already had me pumping my pom poms for her for her loyalty and determination to help Katherine. Now her hold on me has tightened as she proves friendship is no sunshine only thing for her. When the storm clouds roll in, lightning flashes, thunder roars and blinding rain arrives, there's Amber, getting drenched right alongside Kevin. These two have been so good together, I'm almost tempted to fast forward so I can hurry up and get to their scenes. Kevin is truly pitiful in his regression and looks and acts more than a little deranged, yet Amber still believes her love will pull him through. But as good as these two have been, I bet the best is still to come when Michael has his moment to shine. Michael and Kevin have always been gold together, and they have shined their brightest when Michael is trying to drag Kevin to something resembling sane behavior. When it comes to bringing it home, Michael rarely fails to deliver and I am looking forward with much anticipation as he finally gets a chance to right what he feels were the wrongs of the past, when he failed to save his little brother.

Oh my God, will someone please save Sharon or commit her and force her to see a professional healer? Now, I get that the current situation, whatever the heck it is, is giving Sharon plenty of room to show off her acting chops. And I am enjoying that part. But come on, enough with the sleazy sleeping around. I have great faith in our scribes and really want to believe they can make this one work. But they are definitely trying to walk along a very thin line. Because many fans already have little love for Sharon and aren't liable to be feeling very sympathetic toward her, even now. Even knowing this behavior is supposedly stemming from guilt, self hate, abandonment issues, etc., it's really going to be hard to root seriously for a romance for her in the future, when she's passing herself around like a party favor among male family members. Maybe Phyllis ought to blow her out of the water with this Billy secret. It might force her to get some help!

By the way, I, like fan Marianne below, and I'm sure scores of other fans, absolutely loved Thursday's show. Another something different from our Y&R scribes and in my opinion, it was a huge success. Marge was right on target with her assessments of Genoa City's citizens and had me cackling through it all. I've never enjoyed a ghost more!

Well, I think I've about covered all I wanted to. But before I go, I have to comment on the two lines of the week that had me laughing like a crazed hyena and all but rolling on the floor.

Victor: What do you think it is? Adam: I don't know; a picture of Zapata? I don't know how Victor managed to deliver his next line without even a trace of a smile. Because I was roaring to beat the band.

The runner up was Nikki telling Victor and Katherine that bringing back two people from the dead was something you rarely saw, even on a soap. Scribes, it's clear you got jokes. And they're even funny.

Okay, see you all next week. Up next are thoughts from your fellow fans.

* * * * * * *

Donna - Since we know Brock is Katherine's son why don't they test his DNA?

Pat - I must say the whole story with Kevin is great, but what missed the ball is how it came about. It would have been more realistic to do it another way. This just feels forced. I think the drugs they injected him with probably have something to do with it, but we are not hearing enough about the drugs to make that big leap. I like that Katherine actually has a love interest and a storyline, but I will be glad when it stops being dragged out. Why hasn't someone thought to test something of Katherine's in the house with her own DNA? Jill never allowed her past the living room, so nothing could possibly be tainted. Why hasn't someone called Brock? Why would they disturb remains when there is a perfectly viable living person that could prove who she is? Will Katherine search for her child when they find out Jill isn't it? Will Murphy somehow know Victor? Sharon's sexcapades are getting old fast. All of us who want Chloe to get hers are going to be happy. I hope Billy goes after Mac and still remains a big part of his baby's life. I hate Cane, and I'm glad Lily told him she had no interest in raising Chloe's baby. Now is he going to listen?

Marilyn - Just an interesting thought. If Jill and Katherine are not related that means neither are Billy and Mac. Could be interesting.

Kathleen - Didn't Jill and Katherine do a DNA test and Katherine threw it away saying Jill would always be her daughter no matter what. Who is Nikki's Mom? It would be nice if Nikki is Kay's daughter! Amber and Kevin would be a hot pair. Can you just put the story to rest now? It is getting a little too much! Let Amber very tenderly get Kevin safe again and become very protective of him! Plus let Colleen try and help Kevin again too cause they do have a connection. I think Sharon should be pregnant and let her have triplets by Jack, Billy and Nick! Days has Sami with twins with separate Dads. Y&R always does it a little better. Now that would be an awesome storyline and it could work and be a first, all boys. Let Jeff and Gloria get back and let her become pregnant. Jeff would be in heaven.

Kala - I am big fan of Ashley and Victor, but Ashley pregnant? I don't get it. What's the point? Although I was surprised by some of the comments about Ashley and her age and pregnancy. It is true that in real life ED is 50, but on the show her character is in her early 40's. Heck If Erica Kane from All My Children is 47 while in real life Susan Lucci is 62, is it that hard to believe?

Colleen - The only thing worse than having to hear Amber talk is having to hear Amber caterwauling. Someone, please, make it stop! The chief whiner is back at the ranch. Yep, Adam is still whining. And so is Sharon. This is becoming a show of whiners. Although I don't like the character, I must say that Gloria looks very good as a redhead. And some length on it, too. Makes her look younger.

Carolyn - Finally, a couple I can root for! Murphy and Katherine! After all of the bedhopping, backstabbing and outright disrespect the other so-called couples show each other day in and day out, it's refreshing to see a couple as cute and engaging as Murphy and Katherine! I literally shouted for joy when Katherine accepted Murphy's marriage proposal! I'm sick of Adam's whining! He's sounding more and more like a broken record every day, and it's grating on my last nerve! I know you are a fan of Adam's and blame Victor for all of Adam's woes, but Adam went to jail because Adam played a part in forging a diary to frame Victor for murder! No matter how bad a father Victor was to Adam (or not a father at all), no one deserves to be framed for a crime he/she did not commit (or was not proven to have committed)! I wish Adam would grow a backbone and stop whining! I, too don't know if Adam's blindness is orchestrated or real, but if it is real, I hope he develops his mother's strength and spirit in learning to cope with it. If Adam's blindness is orchestrated and Victor finds out, all heck will break loose! I'm hoping this SL is not leading down the road to where one day Adam is able to see but continues to fake his blindness! Greg Rikaart deserves an Emmy for his acting as of late! My goodness, my heart breaks for Kevin! Terrible Tom was just that to Kevin. Terrible! How could Gloria let Tom treat her son that way? No wonder Kevin was a mess when he first came to GC! Now, he's reverted back to being like the horrible person he used to be and it really breaks my heart. As much as I dislike Amber, I hope she can get thru to Kevin before someone gets hurt! ITA with your take on Daniel ... what a louse he has turned out to be! As if Daniel is the pillar of virtue, he is really making me ill! I understand his concern for Amber, but Kevin is supposed to be his best friend! Sheesh! I'm waiting with sheer anticipation for the DNA test that will prove that Marge is in the coffin and not Katherine! I want Jill thrown out of Chancellor Industries and Katherine's mansion, and she can take her holier-than-thou son Cane with her! Speaking of Cane, I'm sick of him and his crusade to take Delia from Chloe and Billy! What makes Cane think he is such a better man and father-figure than Billy is/would be? I was proud of Lily for telling Cane she can't marry him if it means taking Delia away from Chloe. I hope Lily sticks to her guns; it seems Cane wants to marry her more to stake his so-called claim to Delia rather than for love. Lastly, will Sharon ever get any therapy for her depression? I'm bored with her bedhopping and I'm tired of her crying and feeling sorry for herself! Enough already! Sharon needs to get some professional help and Jack ain't it!

Marianne - Jeanne Cooper is just remarkable! Kudos to her for the Thursday episode of Y&R! She was so good and showed her versatility as an actress in the narration of the episode via Marge. It was so clever and fun to watch and hear her comments! What a great idea. It showed her talents as well as the writers' originality and a great approach toward a very enjoyable day of watching! I found myself chuckling a number of times and enjoying Marge as a narrator and loving her observances of our favorite characters! I was also happy to see Katherine accept Murphy's proposal and the ending of the episode. I am so happy for Katherine and Murphy! This is a great uplift to Y&R! Long live this marriage and also Katherine and Jeanne! She is such an asset to the show!

* * * * * * *

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