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For the Week of March 16, 2009
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One thing that can be said about Nick and Phyllis is that they certainly make their passion look and sound quite real.

Cold shower anyone? Well, if you've been watching Genoa City doings this week, you might feel you need one. And I don't mean the kind of shower enjoyed by Nick and Phyllis as the week began. One thing most fans would have to acknowledge about these two is that they certainly make their passion look and sound quite real. Of course, we are talking about Phyllis here. Who has she not come across hot and steamy with? I still remember all those role playing outfits she used to wear that kept Jack's heart pounding at a possible heart-attack pace. He obviously remembers as well, which is why he's still probably kicking himself for messing things up with her. In the case of the recent shower scene, however, Nick's intensity likely had as much to do with his desire for his ex-wife as his current. And once again, it was Sharon who had to pull the emergency brake to stop the Nick locomotive. Her ear to the door, Phyllis would not have been pleased to hear what her "never again" man was up to with Genoa City's good time girl.

And though Sharon's mind might be melting, she has enough of it left to have herself a high old time with any man who comes near. I wonder how this one would present for medical doctors: Patient has been suffering blackouts during which she steals friends and family's knickknacks, books she doesn't need, flies into a rage with the slightest provocation, and sleeps with anything that doesn't run away first. I find all but the last item interesting to watch, but mind fog or not, Sharon in the arms of Nick, Billy and Jack is such quick succession has not been a pleasant experience. I hope she doesn't remember she's filing for divorce and summons Michael. Couldn't you see the shock on his face as he tries to pry her half clad limbs from around him?

I know I wasn't the only fan who found the end of the week distasteful. Yes, I'm referring to the bodice ripping moment between Neil and Miss Headtipper, Tyra. Ugh! Unfortunately, I have to agree with fan DL's opinion below about her underperformance. If this is the former America's Top model winner first foray into acting, that would explain why she comes across so mannequin-like. Watching her, I keep listening for the encouraging patter of an off-screen photographer putting her through her paces while he tries to get the cover shot. Besides all that, though, I probably wouldn't like this character even if I found her performing skills phenomenal. I know infidelity is a soap staple, but I have a hard time mustering up any liking whatsoever for a person so determined to destroy someone else's marriage. She had plenty of time to go after Neil before he pledged his troth to Karen, and she chose not to. Of course, I can understand that Tyra feels no loyalty to Karen, despite the fact that she's taking care of Ana. Tyra would much rather be performing that labor of love herself, and in her mind the ideal situation would be to get to do it with Neil as a bonus.

As for Neil, he's finally joined the club in which most of the other men in Genoa City have been long-time members. He's officially become one of the hounds who have cheated on their significant other. I'm sure the actor probably appreciates the chance to step out of the overly moral box he's been forced to inhabit for so long, but the character switch is a bit disappointing. Maybe it's not all that interesting in a soap for some, but there's something to be said about being a man with principles. Oh well, he's that no longer, but the flip side is that he can't go preaching to anyone else ever again. In my opinion, the pompous Neil and deceitful Tyra deserve each other. Both effortlessly lie through their teeth and don't hesitate to try and shift the blame for their behavior onto others. Karen was wonderful in her hurt and rage and like many other Genoa City inhabitants has really ratcheted up her performance. I commend the scribes for the improved material which gives those with the ability a real chance to show the range they're capable of. It would serve Neil and Tyra right, if Karen divorced Neil and took Ana after the adoption. Of course, this is Genoa City, so we know what's probably coming next. Yep, another pregnancy. Neil may finally get a child of his own, which means the unlikable Tyra may be around for some time to come.

Speaking of pregnancy, I'm not sure I will be able to survive another 10 plus months' one of Ashley's. Just one episode of listening to her revert to that baby voice, watching her cradle her nonexistent belly and whimper about whether or not her baby would survive this time, along with Victor petting her hair and reassuring her over and over, made me reach for my airsickness bag. By the time the miracle baby has made it's debut, I will need to wear a wig because I will have yanked out every single one of the hairs on my head in frustration and boredom. Either that or I will have worn my fast-forward finger down to a nub!

Make it stop! The Kevin in a closet scenario is almost too painful to watch. While I find Kevin magnificent, I still have to keep reminding myself it's all make believe and as wonderful as he's been, I won't be sorry to see this one end. It's taken a long time for him to become somewhat normal (by GC standards, anyway) and I can't imagine what this ordeal will mean for him in the future. Clint is a bumbling boob of a villain, but his cruelty to another human being has been well done and quite believable. Gloria, on the other hand, has been her usual despicable, "how can I make this all about me" self and throwing in that flashback bone to make it appear she had done all she could to help her closet-encased boy failed to raise my low opinion of the spotlight snatcher. As for Jana, though I dislike her determination to continue to deny Kay is who she says she is despite the proof of her memory of Kevin, which Marge couldn't possibly have known, I loved her tigress defense of her man. She looked ready to rip Gina's head right off her shoulders.

Where's a mind-regulating specialist when you need one? Amber should have plenty of Kay's money left. I wish she'd use it to hire a doc who'd hypnotize Kay to help her retrieve those lost memories. How heartbreaking for Murphy, after all he's done, to see the lack of any recognition for him on Kay's face. Likewise Pearl and Joe, whose joy at learning Kay/Marge was alive was so short-lived when she failed to recall them either. I agree with Kay. It's time she found out what's causing her memories to come and go willy nilly. Especially since Kevin's prospects for continuing his former jail free life may very well depend on her memories returning. Besides, she needs to remember all the believers have done for her sake, and the risks they have taken to save her, most of all Kevin, who may very well pay with his sanity. By contrast, her so-called loved ones have done nothing but enjoy the fruits of her lifelong labor.

At least Nikki was able to convince Nikki she had indeed returned from the dead. It was a great "Aha" moment when Kay finally came up with a memory Nikki couldn't possibly attribute to either the book or a newspaper account. Of course, when it came to convincing Mr. Cane "Self-Righteous" Ashby or doubting daughter Jill, Kay wasn't nearly so successful. Both refused to give any credence to a thing the "imposter" had to say, and told her so in the rudest possible manner. I can't wait for their Aha moments to arrive and when it does, I hope they have the grace to drop to their knees and beg her forgiveness.

Real or a scam? That is the question I keep asking myself and I haven't yet come up with an answer or read a rumor confirming one or the other. Is Adam actually going blind, or is this a huge scam he's running with Frank's help? With the Kevin story (the internet search on hotwiring Kay's type of car, Kay's purse, the phone calls to Kay on the day of her "death" and later to the motel room), the scribes have proven, nothing said or done by people in this town is just by chance. Which means there is probably some point to that conversation Adam had with Frank and the fact that Adam called Heather to ask for her help in treating his mysterious rash. The details of his conversation with Frank are foggy in my mind. Okay, I admit it, I don't even remember what was said between them (fans that do recall, feel free to refresh my memory), but I really hope it doesn't turn out that Frank told Adam of some medication (the meds for his rash, perhaps) that would affect his vision. Even the prison beating could be something Frank helped put into motion. Because if it isn't real, Victor will surely eventually find out, because remember Victor is all-knowing, all-seeing and all about revenge. Not to mention it will provide Paul yet another opportunity to tell his daughter "I told you so."

I'm returning to my real life now, but before I go, please enjoy reading the contributions from your fellow fans.

* * * * * * *

Maryann - I think animators have been writing the kidnapping scenes, because the bungling kidnappers, Kay able to knock Roger down with just a book, and now a bomb, looks and feels so cartoonish. I was waiting for the words "Acme" or "TNT" to be on the bomb.

Grace - I've never understood why Nikki, Victoria and Nick hate Adam the way they do. Victor is the one who ran off and had the affair with Hope to produce Adam. Why don't they despise Victor? But he can do no wrong for long in the eyes of those three. And it was Victor who asked Adam to move to GC and take a job at Newman. Now Adam did act like a jerk, but Nikki, Victoria and Nick didn't even give him a chance. I hate to see Adam released from jail into Victor's custody and be back under his thumb, as you point out. I would have rather TPTB sent Adam to prison for a few years then back to the farm.

Shelle - Victor is obviously transferring his feelings of Sabrina onto Ashley. Wait until she finds out or he starts calling her Sabrina. I think Adam is faking his blindness and boy is Victor going to be mad when he finds out. Then Adam will probably end up with the disease later on and no one will believe him. Remember when he told Frank to start their plan to get him out? I think the drug he is taking is fouling up his eyesight. How many babies are we going to have to endure? It seems that is the stories they are setting up. They are throwing so many hints. Karen not being able to have a baby, Amber wanting a baby and so forth.

Kathy - I don't know why they have to drag out a storyline so damn long. I have decided to go and watch Don Diamont on B&B and watch AMC. I used to love Y&R but it's gotten away from the core of the show. The show used to be involved around the Abbots, the Fosters, etc. I don't know why they came up with Gloria and Kevin. Then they fire Don Diamont, and keep the other non talented actors,. The writing has gone to the dogs, so I bid Y&R goodbye.

Colleen - The Katherine/Marge story is making me want to take a nap! They do DNA, no match. They do dental records, can't find them. Has anyone thought to exhume Marge's body? Wow, what a novel concept! Ashley pregnant? That's as good as Erica Kane's non-abortion a few years back when I still watched AMC. And now, we are going to see, yet again, what a horrible mother Gloria is/was. Just lock the witch up and throw away the key. Y&R is getting a little boring and the stories too drawn out.

Alissa - I'm really liking Y&R these days - some good stuff. Two exceptions, though: The powers-that-be got rid of the fabulous Sabrina in order to give us a reunited Ashley and Victor? Ugh. Can I get a refund? Neil and Tyra? Yuck. I like Neil and Karen and would have found it far more interesting to see them go through some other kind of experiences/issues as a couple rather than have the ever-annoying Tyra and Ana in the picture. Why oh why are we being tortured by those two?

Poppycock - Every once in a while, a seasoned soap watcher such as myself, will find themselves picking their jaw up off the floor and think "I did not see that coming" as I did three times in the last couple days! First, Ashley. Pregnant? Uh, didn't she have a hysterectomy? What is that seed clinging too? Isn't ole Victor closer to being a great granddaddy? Second, after verbally stroking Phyllis, Nick abruptly leaves the family party to go upstairs to see Sharon! Grabs and kisses her passionately only to be stopped, turned around and sent back home with what could only be described as an unfulfilled urge he takes out on Phyllis, quite angrily, I might add! The WWF Superstars of Wrestling have nothing on these two, bleh! Last, I am stunned as to how Jack can easily manipulate Billy into marrying Chloe, for the sake of Delia, and now Cane and Lily want to fight for a baby that has nothing to do with them, yeah, right! Why is it in GC, the bad girls seem to come out ahead? Better buckle up, lot's of fun ahead!

Crystal - Ugh, what are they trying to do with Sharon? Any man at her door gets her? I hope she gets help soon, the sooner she gets better the sooner her and Nick can get back together. Like how he tells Phyllis nothing will get between them then two seconds later he's at Sharon's door. I do not feel bad for Phyllis, she deserves a man who is not completely in love and committed to her, serves her right for all she has done. The same goes for Chloe. I hope Billy never falls in love with her and breaks her heart (if she has one) again. I hear Mac is coming back. Good I loved Billy and Mac. I hope Jill and Kay aren't mother and daughter. I wish Cane and Lily stop trying to fight for Delia, get married and start their own family. Billy and Mac can raise his daughter and Chloe is left out in the cold alone. Poor Adam, I feel so bad for him. Yes what he did was wrong, but he was desperate. He's been treated so unfairly by everyone, especially his so called family. Now he may be going blind. I really hope the writers come up with a good storyline for Adam and that Victor gives him another chance.

DL - We were treated to some amazing performances on Y&R this week. Kevin was spellbinding, Ms. Chancellor was great (as always), Adam seemed very believable, and Karen knocked it out of the park. Additional pleasures this week were that we were in an Eden-free zone and had to suffer through only a little dose of Gloria. We did have to suffer through more of Tyra's underperformance, and more scenes of Victor reminding Adam he tried to frame Victor for the murder Victor committed. Some random thoughts: Genoa city must have the most interconnected and complicated family trees (with way too few branches) since Adam and Eve had their first family reunion (excepting the Forrester family, of course). Your letter writers seem split on whether Nick has more chemistry with Phyllis (Phlick) or with Sharon (Shnick), but let's face it, the real chemistry on the show is between Mrs. C. and Amber (Camber?). One last complaint, in the actor portraying Michael, Y&R has the single best actor on television (day or night), please give him something to do besides manipulating the legal system to keep his family out of jail.

Cheryl - I have never liked Kevin because he tried to kill Colleen and for what he did to Lily, but this week has made me re-think that a little. Seeing him in the closet with the flashbacks of horrible abuse and neglect has made me wonder how he managed to lead any kind of a normal life. His grizzly childhood does not grant him the right to hurt others, but it's clear he needs help. I hope Katherine will see that he gets help, since he went to such great lengths to help her. Gloria is absolutely disgusting and has not learned anything after her prison time. When she grabbed the camera time and talked about Kevin's childhood, all for the sake of the limelight, I would have liked to see her carted back to jail. It's always about Gloria. If you told her two and two equaled four, she would argue with you all day long. Katherine's trying to convince people who she is needs to come to an end. Did anyone even pause to re-consider the accident, and that it might be Marge in the local cemetery? I have enjoyed Katherine gaining a new perspective on life, but I think it's time her memory allowed her a glimpse of her and Marge together in the car. Jill's disbelief will come back to bite her, and Cane just follows Mommy's lead. Cane was so grateful to find family, but he has quickly become self-righteous and manipulative. If I were Lily, I would quickly find the nearest exit.

Marianne - I guess the "virus" has really hit Genoa City! The symptoms are, grab rip and screw! I think they should fumigate those upper rooms in the club because that is where it seems to be rampant! Anyone who knocks on the door of one of those rooms could be grabbed, taken in and compromised. Willpower is not an issue in this virus, you are "gettin' it no matter what! Oh I take that back, Indigo is affected too so I guess the "epidemic" is in the air! I sure hope Katherine and Murphy aren't the next to "get it" (on) But I think Katherine has too much class to get that "germ". At least we can hope the writers do. I kind of like to be kept guessing on those two, did they or didn't they or can they still?

* * * * * * *

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