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Who let the dog out?
by Nita
For the Week of March 9, 2009
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March 2, 2009
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March 16, 2009
Nick Newman is acting like a hound in extreme heat at the moment.

As soon as I saw Nick's puppy dog eyes and wagging tail whenever Sharon or Phyllis got close, that song popped in my head and has stuck there every since. Nick Newman, even in his current flip-flopping persona, remains one of my favorites. He's just so darn cute, even if he is acting like a hound in extreme heat at the moment. While I admit what he's doing is oh so wrong, I still find it hard to even be mad at him, let alone dislike him. But really, with two of the best-bodied babes in GC to choose from, who could blame him for being unable to resist nibbling at both ladies' treats as long as they let him? He is the very picture of a man completely confused and if it wasn't such a low down mutt thing he's doing, I could almost feel sorry for him in his distress. Even though he knows better than to admit it a second time to Phyllis, obviously he remains in love with both Phyllis and Sharon and if he had his druthers, he would have both the bone in his mouth and the one he has buried in his back yard. I wonder how long it will be before Phyllis figures out what her hubby is up to. I would feel sorry for her, except she doesn't need my pity quite yet. After all she still has her hound dog even if he can't stop sniffing at the shaggy haired girl dog next door. But although Phyllis might have been called by many names, stupid has never been one of them. So eventually, she will probably learn all we fans already know. If and when that day arrives, Nicholas Newman better run for the hills if he values his … um … life. But what I really wonder is how long Phyllis will be able to remain in "nice" mode. After the vengeful lengths she went to simply because Nick kissed Sharon, it's really hard to buy that she could be so forgiving of his having done so much more. She must really be deathly afraid of losing him to accept what he's done with no payback Equally difficult to believe is her sudden concern for Sharon's fragility. This is the same woman who adopted that ridiculous falsetto voice to mock Sharon's neediness and dependence on Nick. Now she's urging Jack to be there with arms open to catch Sharon when she falls. Which is very odd considering she did everything in her power to make sure they were ripped apart. Now she wants to hand Jack a Band-Aid and beg him to fix Sharon's boo-boo.

Unfortunately, Sharon's boo boo is too big for even the largest Band-Aid in Jack's first aid kit. With all that ails this poor woman, she's going to need a whole lot more help than Jack can offer. And I doubt she'll be seeking professional help anytime soon. Which is all right by me, because she's doing a phenomenal job portraying someone slowly suffering a complete emotional meltdown. And even in these early stages, she's been a lot more fun to watch then Ashley was when she was shuffling around like a zombie in a robe, carrying Robert the blanket. The one thing I could have done without, though, is this thing she's up to with Billy, whatever it is. They seem to have nothing in common, although who could tell since they don't seem to actually talk. Not counting their drunken conversation the first night they were together. Just please someone promise me this isn't going to turn into the inevitable who's the baby's daddy drama. That one's been done too darn many times and not once has it ever been must see TV.

Sharon hasn't been the only Genoa Citian putting in some very powerful performances this week. Kevin's distress has been absolutely heartbreaking and kept me reaching for my Puffs. I wanted to reach through the screen and snatch him right out of that trunk. And probably would have killed those three stooges losers with my bare hands. I had to keep reminding myself it was all just make believe. But as excellent as Kevin's performance has been, at the same time it was as hard to watch as it was seeing Brad floating beneath that ice. I have to commend the scribes that came up with this stuff. They are definitely hitting it out of the park!

Speaking of that, some fans still feel our show is lacking, in fact some find it worse than it's ever been, but I have to disagree with those opinions. Because I find it so good, I can't bear to miss a minute. Friday's show was so exciting I had to watch it three times. At the moment, I don't have any serious complaints about anything showing on my screen. All of the storylines have been filled with twists and completely unexpected turns. Of course, my satisfaction might have a lot to do with the fact that I've been spared Tyra's head tipping and Neil's treachery this week. Unfortunately, I hear their pot will be back on the stove in the coming week.

The Kay storyline has been one of my favorites and I've been totally hooked from the start, but it's been three plus months since Marge was buried and I do wish Kay would come home, her memory intact, so we can move on to the next stage. Which is finding out whether Jill is indeed actually her daughter. Which DNA test was wrong, the one declaring her Kay's daughter, or the one saying she isn't? I'm for the latter being the correct one, since I think there's more storyline potential in Jill and Kay being unrelated antagonists. Besides, I would welcome seeing Jill stripped of her Chancellor heritage solely for her stubbornness and absolute refusal to even consider that Kay could still be alive. I know Kay will forgive both Jill and Nikki for their disbelief, but in my book, they deserve to grovel for a good little while before Kay accepts them back into her life. I realize, given Marge's success at fooling them in the past, it would be natural for them to believe history wasn't repeating itself, but in my opinion they didn't really give what she had to say a real hearing, especially when both of them knew Kay had been having serious memory lapses before she "died". I'd like to think Kay would have treated them better had the shoe been on the other foot.

Of course, where fair weather friend and daughter Nikki and Jill were heartless and hurtful, Kevin and Amber's refusal to give up more than made up for their nastiness. Had it been left up to Kay's so-called friend and daughter, she really would have been dead with neither of them being the wiser. Jill gave what that old woman who claimed to be her Mom had to say more credence than she did Kay. Had they talked to her for more than the two minutes they gave her to remember something from her life, she might have been able to come up with a memory that would prove she was exactly who she said.

Was I the only one who wanted to shove Gloria right out of the scene she thrust herself into? Now that Kevin and Amber have done all the work, along comes Gloria, worming her deceitful way into the limelight, determined to stick her grimy paw in the pie to hog all the credit for saving Kay when she hasn't done a darn thing! All I saw her do was attempt to pull Amber away from untying the captives. Left to her, Esther and Kay would likely have wound up in blown up bits and pieces.

Jack sure had me fooled. Watching him with Delia and being so supportive of Chloe, I was feeling quite proud of him for going to bat for his brother. By the way, he handled that cute little girl like he'd been cuddling newborns all his life. But all that baby-uncle bonding must have turned my brain to mush because I actually believed it was all about his love for the littlest, newest Abbott. But boy did I have a very rude awakening when he went to Jill and asked for Billy's job. I swear I never even saw that one coming! Still, he did make a good point. He has no way of knowing Jill is but a puppet with Victor's hand on the strings, therefore there's no chance he'll ever get to plop his posterior in the CEO seat. But he's right, at the moment, being Jabot's CEO does seem much more than Billy can handle. Heck, he doesn't even seem capable of running a lemonade stand on the sidewalk. How can he possibly keep his mind on steering the Jabot ship when he'll have Chloe sticking closer to him than his own shadow? It's only been one day and already she's annoying me with her stalker tendencies. So I couldn't imagine how it would feel to be him. She'll be trying to monitor his every breath. And using Delia like a baseball to beat him with.

I know many fans don't have a shred of sympathy for Adam, feel like he deserves everything he's gotten for what he's done, but I feel for him. He was pretty pitiful sitting in that cell with his failing eyesight in his pure alone-ness. And after the way Victor treated him, I can't blame him for fighting back however he could. I'm glad Heather still has a soft spot for him, despite her Papa's judgmental attitude. By the way, who is Paul to say Adam doesn't deserve any compassion? That's always been one thing I never liked about Paul. His quickness to judge someone else's wrongs when he's bent and/or broken plenty of rules in his day. But forget hypocritical Paul, it seems clear Adam will soon be back among his fellow Genoa Citians. Unfortunately, that will probably mean placing him back beneath Victor's thumb and will once again subject him to Victoria and Nick's disdain. I would like to see him and Heather have another go at their romance. I thought they had chemistry to spare and were fun to watch. If it happens, it probably won't be anytime soon given Victor's hatred of her.

Ugh, so Ashley is carrying Victor's child. The natural way this time. My mouth about hit the floor at her announcement, and when I finally got it snapped closed again, it immediately popped open in laughter at Victoria's decided lack of enthusiasm. A lack Victor never noticed I might add. I guess this is another paragraph of re-written history. What is the point of Genoa Citian doctors devastating their patients by telling them their henceforth barren wombs will never swell with child again when a few years later, they turn up fertile again. Since it's happened with both Phyllis and Ashley, it must have something to do with that powerful Newman seed. What's with all the babies anyway? We've already got mostly invisible Summer, Fen, Reed and now Delia. Did we really need another branch on Victor's gnarly family tree? Yes, I know, I realize the scribes have to provide for the next Genoa City generations, but do we have to do it all at once? By the way, I know women are having wee ones later in life these days, but Ashley has got to be 50+ and would likely be heading into or already well into menopause, and as for Victor, I can't even guess exactly how old he is supposed to be. 75? I guess this new baby is supposed to be a way to make us forget about the sordid way she had Abby, or make up for the baby she aborted for Victor and Nikki's sake. So who will find herself expecting next? Nikki? Jill? Or maybe it will be one of the younger girls like Heather, Colleen, Amber or Jana? Better one or more of them to usher in the next generation than one of these rather long in the tooth ladies who were supposedly done with baby delivery. Oh, while we're at it, why not have Noah make Eden a mom, or Neil make a little Winters with Tyra in a bout of extramarital relations. Or maybe we can really have a miracle by letting Karen get pregnant. Her hysterectomy could magically reverse itself, like Victor's vasectomy. Hey, if she drinks enough Genoa City water, it could happen.

While I'm on the subject of childbearing, maybe Cane and Lily should make their own baby instead of trying to steal one that doesn't belong to them. Chloe and Billy might not be the best parental examples, but they aren't likely to be the worst either. Besides nothing I've seen has convinced me that violent Cane would be any better. Sure, he stepped up to the plate with Lily urging him on, but that says more about their gullibility than their greatness as potential parents. I guess I just have a problem with two people raising a baby when they actively hate the child's parents. Sounds like a recipe tailor made to shape a child with serious self-esteem issues. That said, I'm glad the two have found their way back to each other. Now, hopefully they will lose the child custody battle and go on with their own lives with their own child.

Well, I have to go and watch Monday's show now. I can't wait another second to find out what happened after Clint's bomb blew up! Passing the keyboard to your fellow fans now.

* * * * * * *

Judy - I am, and always have been, a huge Victor fan. I don't care what he does (or to whom); it's OK with me. Jack deserves to rot in jail for his slimy actions, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. TPTB answered one of my wishes by getting rid of Brad; now if they would send Sharon off somewhere far, far away I would really be a happy camper. I still don't care for the new Colleen and like her even less as Jack's puppet. I actually feel a bit sorry for Chloe; I think holier-than-thou Cane doesn't have any standing in the daddy department now that Billy is around, but you never know how soap opera judges are going to rule. They may have changed Eden's, but this one has the same annoying voice as the first. Lastly, when Kay gets rescued, will they revisit the DNA test to find out why she and Jill didn't match? Did they even do one years ago when this first came to light?

Slowllun - I am so sick of Victor and Ashley and her daughter. Why did the writers put them back together? Why does he always treat Nikki so bad? Whose sperm did they give him? He's old as Moses and she's old as dirt. The writers act like they don't have young couples on the show. Why does Victor use women so much and walk over them?

JoAnne - Well thank god the kidnapping story of Kay is over! Poor Kevin though. I cannot wait to see the look on Jill and Nikki's faces when they realize she really is alive. I hope Kay gives it to them both. Okay, the writer's are really bugging me with Sharon's storyline and her hopping into bed with Billy and Nick! What is that about?! Can they not give her her dignity back? It looks like ole' Phyl wins again as she is all nicey, nicey now and wearing some kind of halo! If the rumors are true Sharon is going to get worse. Come on writers, clean this mess up fast. Enough is enough for this character! Although I am sure Sharon Case is loving the new dimensions to her character! Cane and Lily - please! - the baby is not yours - get over it and move on with your lives. Let Chloe and Billy sort themselves out. God knows there are enough adults like Jill and Jack to make sure Delia is okay. Ashley pregnant? Isn't she around 50? Is this her desperate attempt to keep Victor by giving him the baby he lost last year?! Again, dumb storyline. Karen - run far and fast. Neil is no prince.

Patricia - I think a great storyline would be that Sharon gets pregnant from one of her sexcapades with Billy. Jack would be furious. She's been preaching morals to everyone else, especially Noah. There'd be another baby in Billy's life from one of his brother's women.

Sarah - I am so sick and tired of perfect Cane. When are we going to find out about his life with his uncle? I honestly don't think Cane is as innocent and loving as he may think he has us believing. Maybe I love the villain, but good for Chloe! If you can pull something like a paternity test off and the daddy doesn't look any further, then so be it. Don't be mad cause she knows how to go out and get want she wants. If you let it happen, then that's your problem. Lily and Cane are such a yawn. When I watch the show, I want to be on the edge of my chair, not falling asleep. Lily, little Ms. Perfect. Can someone tell me where Drucilla's daughter is? Cause Lily isn't it! As far as Nick, Phyllis, and Sharon go, we need more action. I don't think Sharon and Nick need to be together. The cat and mouse chase is fun to watch and if they do get together, then it's going to be dull. I think its funny Phyllis thinks what she did to Sharon wouldn't backfire. Have a taste of your own medicine Phyllis. Let Sharon keep Phyllis on the edge. Someone please beat Victor at his own game, at least once! Every time he's up to something, it always goes his way. Why watch him? We all know the end result. Victorious Victor. It would be great to see Ashley, Jill, and Victor worry about Jack's wrath. Spice it up Y&R! We need more! And please speed up the Katherine/Marge storyline. Let her so called friends look like fools already.

Johann - I just finished watching Friday's episode and I had to write and comment on the way Nick is running from bed to bed and Sharon is opening the door and grabbing whoever knocks. Soon she will be grabbing the room service guy! I thought the writers were doing a good job up to now and it is getting ridiculous. Do they think people have no control over their passions? Are the writers obsessed with sex? They have made Sharon a nymphomaniac and it is not attractive to her character! Nick has come down a peg or two when he succumbed to Phyllis in the first place and now all you see is them getting it on! It is getting boring! I don't think much of Nick for his lack of control and I know he is in a so called dilemma but he is handling it in a ridiculous way! And he and Sharon as well as Phyllis have the nerve to preach to Noah! Who is the mature one in this scenario? Hopefully Noah will learn from watching his sex focused parents and stepmother and use a little willpower in that department. But judging from the tone of the writing of this show I don't hold much hope for that! Don't tell me we have to endure more of the switching from Katherine to Marge again! They really know how to play a good thing into the ground! Also I think I am going to turn it off when Neal and Tyra give in to their passions! I can't stand her. She reminds me of an obsessive compulsive man chaser and she is not attractive in that role. She has her tongue hanging out for Neil every time she sees him. Why can't they keep Neil happy with his wife? Or have him use a little willpower when Tyra throws herself at him. I guess the writers think we are all animals that can't control ourselves! Their writing is insulting to us as viewers.

Cheryl - I have always been a fan of Victor, but this feud with Jack is ridiculous. If they put as much energy into their work and families as they do trying to destroy each other, they just might have happy families. But boys will be boys. How Ashley thinks she can possibly be happy in this chaos is beyond me. Cane sure thinks he's all powerful and righteous. He conveniently forgets how stupid he was to fall for Chloe's scheme. He has no rights to the baby. He is no better than Billy in downing a few too many and is way too eager to throw punches. Chloe, user and liar that she is, is firmly in the lap of luxury, just like she planned. It's nice that Billy loves his child, but this arrangement with Chloe is a joke. I just wish Katherine would come back and clean up this mess.

* * * * * * *

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