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A rather anticlimactic conclusion
by Nita
For the Week of February 23, 2009
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For eight plus months, fans have waited impatiently for Chloe's duplicity to be discovered. Finally, last week, it happened.

For eight plus months, fans have waited impatiently for Chloe's duplicity to be discovered. Finally, last week, it happened. In a rare moment of truthfulness, Billy Abbott decided to confess his Chloe-connected sin to Lily. The long-awaited revelation was delicious. For about thirty seconds. That was about all the time it took for Chloe to wrest the spotlight from Lily's rage-fueled rant and turn it right back on herself, where it's been from the moment she announced her pregnancy those many months ago. With the muttered words, "My water, I think it just broke," Chloe effectively drained all the heated wind from Lily's sails and pushed her immediately into midwife-assistant mode. What followed was thirty minutes or so of the usual soap opera type delivery, complete with top of the lung wailing, grunts, groans, and gritted-teeth accusations, but in the end the newest Abbott wound up cradled safely in the arms of her biological father. And then Cane arrived. Cold, presumably snow-soaked from the "blizzard" through which he'd trudged, he gently pried what he believed to be his baby girl from Billy's hands and pressed her to his wet coat, mumbling baby speak to the adorable little thing, while at least two of the adults in the know looked on in discomfort. Chloe, exhausted from her exertions (and all that screaming) and practically comatose from blood loss, was mostly silent but still maintained her center stage position, as it became all about carting her unconscious carcass by toboggan back to civilization where it is presumed she will live to continue wreaking havoc within the lives of her fellow Genoa Citians. I must say, although there is surely much angst and hand wringing ahead, for now I am left supremely unsatisfied by what Chloe has so far received as repayment for all the destruction she's wrought. Hopefully, before it's over, my need for full and proper soap opera justice will be met.

Which brings me to Cane. Although officially no longer clueless, at least when it pertains to the true paternity of baby Cordelia, Cane has apparently entered the angry, denial phase of this long-drawn out baby daddy drama. Although just moments before learning of the cabin birth, he was confessing his love to Lily, the sight of his brother's baby has left his knees all week with wanting and he's lashing out at all involved, including his once beloved Lily, vowing to let no one take his baby away. I'm sorry, I get that over the long months of believing himself to be Papa he's come to love the little lass, but he's heard from Chloe's own lips that all he is, is Uncle. Anyone else would likely be jumping with jubilation, rushing to retake the reins of their lives, and perhaps recommit themselves to the real love of their life. But not our Cane. Although he's repeatedly accused Billy of wanting his life, perhaps a better case could be made that it's he who wishes he was his brother. He's managed to secure the lion's share of Mommy's love and respect, he's married to his brother's ex, and now he wants to keep his child. And he'd certainly be in possession of his brother's job, too, if only Mommy could have convinced Victor to let her hand it over.

Obviously, the rivalry is far from being over between the brothers. With Cane fighting for custody, this contentious battle could easily drag on for another eight months. And though it all, I expect Chloe to remain front and center, likely repeatedly rubbing Lily's face in the fact that she now has the full attention of both Billy and Cane, and a baby to boot. If that is the case, I'd be lying like Chloe if I said I was looking forward to what's ahead. For all the dirt she's done and the damage she caused, I wanted to see Chloe wind up with nothing, no child, no marriage and no man.

Speaking of what's coming, I can almost see it now. The reunion to come between Katherine and her mindless maid. I'm guessing we're about to hit a Déjà vu moment as the two women wind up once again held captive by Clint. Due to her forced association with Clint, Katherine's had a few more memories, albeit not so sunny ones, break through the clouds in her brain, and perhaps the sight of Esther will cause the rest to come crashing through. I'm already laughing at some of the choice things Kay might have to say to Esther for once again putting their lives at risk because the dolt is so desperate for affection. But what I'm really holding my breath for is the moment all realize Jill is not her mother's daughter. Talk about the truth setting someone free! If Jill is not a Chancellor, Kay would be free of her and could boot her out of both Chancellor Industries and Jabot. Since Jill's so fond of dancing to every beat of Victor's discordant drum, perhaps if Kay kicks her behind to the curb, Victor could hire her on at Newman. And she could take the Cane son she so dotes on right along with her.

Is it just me, or are there other fans out there who often long to reach through the screen and smack some sense into Ashley? For a woman who has to be tromping on the heels of age 50, she's certainly acting like a dolt about Victor. I know, I know, she's always been in love with the man, and to finally have him again, has blinded her to any semblance of true reality. Of course she wants to believe she finally has everything her Victor-obsessed heart has ever desired and would not even want to think all might not be as it seems in her world of Victor-worship. Perhaps had Victor never betrayed her in a similar fashion, her refusal to see what's right in front of her would be understandable. But he has, repeatedly, so her blindness is simply annoying and makes it impossible for this fan to feel much sympathy on her behalf. She's always berating her brother for his preoccupation with Victor, but the man she's sleeping with nightly is exactly like her brother. Both men have proven they will sacrifice their relationships with their children or their current loves to stick a knife in the back of their enemy. How can Ashley not see that Victor is manipulating her all over the chessboard in his determination to make her brother pay? As for Victor, he's always been a nasty piece of work, but he's definitely beating his personal record with the things he's up to this time behind his alleged beloved's back. Despite that, however, I will probably be the first one to laugh uproariously at Ashley's expense when the rug is flung back and all the dirt Victor's swept beneath it is exposed for all the to see. No matter how deeply one is in love, no one should be that deaf, blind or stupid. I will give Ashley full credit, though, for one thing. Her empathy and caring for Adam. She said many things Victor needed to hear, whether he wanted to or not. It's true that Adam was way wrong in much of what he did, but there is certainly more than enough blame in this whole situation to distribute generate portions to Victor, Victoria, Nick and Neil as well.

Predicting what Victor may or may not do is always a chancy business, but it appears he may have taken to heart at least a little of what Ashley said, because shortly after that conversation, he wound up sitting across the table from his surly son. Adam, perhaps having taken to heart some of the last words Victor hurled at him, has manned up a bit, enough to send some scorching words of condemnation in Victor's direction. Of course, when Victor tells his children to man or woman up, what he doesn't add is that they should still take care to remain respectfully subservient to him. As my mother used to say, don't let your mouth get you into something your behind can't handle. Despite Victor's usual, "don't you ever talk to me like that again" threat when Adam asserted himself just a little too much for Victor's liking (apparently he expected Adam to be ingratiatingly grateful his father had deigned to take a moment from his day of plotting diabolical doom to Jack to bless him with his presence) it was nice to see Adam refusing to bow down and kiss Daddy's dusty shoe. I hope this meeting between father and son means it won't be long before Adam is allowed to come home to try to carve a spot for himself in the family circle, dysfunctional though that family continues to be.

Well, the storm clouds of personal difficulties have certainly darkened Sharon's sunny horizon haven't they? Things have gone from bad to worse. Their brief cabin interlude not able to withstand the reality of married life with Phyllis, it's back to the drawing board. By the way, although I know many Phyllis/Nick fans won't agree, will call me biased, a Sharon lover and Phyllis hater, I continue to stand by my opinion that Nick would like to give it another go with Sharon. Maybe I 'm wearing my own pair of rose-colored spectacles, to match those of several of my Genoa City friends, but I did not get the sense Nick really wanted Sharon to leave Newman or his life. On the contrary, I got the distinct feeling he was hoping she would say the words that would give him a reason to go forward with her. He came home from that cabin determined to move out, even told Phyllis so. It was Phyllis who demanded he stay and looked perfectly capable of making him do so whether he really wanted to or not. For his part, Nick simply looked afraid. Just my opinion, not necessary that anyone else agree. That's why I like to include fan comments every column. I speak things the way I see them and respect the fact that my fellow fans often have opposing opinions.

Now, having said that, I'm certainly not implying Nick doesn't love Phyllis. He was clear when he said he loved both women. But, undoubtedly, he isn't too keen on walking out on yet another wife and child. Again, perhaps I'm staring at Genoa City things through glasses of rose, but to my eyes Nick seems to be working too hard to prove he is indeed exactly where he wants to be. That make-out scene in the car was quite awkward. Oh well, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens down the road when it comes to Nick and Sharon or Phyllis and Nick. For now, the verdict is still out on who will eventually waltz away with the Nick prize, if prize he is still considered to be.

But back to Sharon. Perhaps reinforcing the belief many fans have that Sharon always needs a man to prop her up, she has gone and done it again. Like Cane, clearly Sharon ought to give strong drink a wide berth. Obviously, she has forgotten the mess she got herself into when she tipped six too many and wound up tangled in cheap motel sheets with Cameron. Even though the rumors had trumpeted it for weeks, I was still holding out a faint hope the rumored words would prove to be a figment of someone's vivid imagination. Alas, it turns out there was much more than a grain of truth in said rumors and Sharon did indeed do the mattress mamba with her brother-in-law. Sharon, Sharon, Sharon, I'm so disappointed. Just what is it with you and bro-in-laws? And what's going on with her sticky fingers? I've had my down moment or two, but I must say I was neither tempted to sleep with a family member nor pilfer personal belongings of my family and friends. Please just say this isn't going to lead to a small bundle of joy with two possible fathers. It's been done too many times and enough with the pregnancy stories already.

And I'm not letting Billy Abbott off the hook for his part in the drunken do-si-do. What is with those Abbott boys who always want to drink from the same well one of their family members has already been drawing water from? Jack did it long ago with his father's bride, and now his brother has done it to him. Of course, I really shouldn't just single out the Abbott boys. It could be that there really is some truth to that rumor of something strange being in the Genoa City water. Because Sharon and Billy certainly aren't the first to go a-sampling where they shouldn't. Brad married two sisters, and had relations with Mother and daughter Newman; was this close to marrying the former, and actually wed the latter, not to mention his sofa sleepover with Sharon while married to Victoria. Neil has sampled two sisters, and those same two sisters not only had a little something-something going on with both Winters' brothers, they also separately shared a boyfriend. Jill has been with a father and son, while Lily has loved brothers Billy and Cane. Jack has played stepfather to both a father and his son. And that's just off the top of my head. Which, by the way is starting to pound painfully Just thinking of all the round and rounds made by Genoa City family and friends, so I'm not even going to continue down the long list of near incestuous relationships residents have engaged in.

Going back momentarily to the subject of rumors, how many have heard the one floating around out there about Phyllis and the possibility of a little romp with her brother-in-law. With Adam still a guest of the State, it doesn't seem likely, but the past week's showing of Adam could lead one to believe his great and powerful father just might be working his way toward using his immense wealth and power to spring his recalcitrant son. Given the fact, though, that Adam has never been a favorite of Phyllis', it's hard to imagine a scenario where the faithful to her marriage Phyllis might wind up in her husband's brother's arms. On the other hand, we have yet to see any real fallout from Nick's wandering off the posted marital land onto Sharon's grounds. Now that Nick has chosen to remain legally linked to Phyllis, I can't imagine the rage she has for the moment buried beneath multiple layers of niceness won't eventually come roaring back. And when it does, I'd advise all in the vicinity to batten down the hatches and take cover.

Okay, I can't hold it in anymore. I have to say it. And before anyone accuses me yet again of being biased against Phyllis, this isn't about her. It's about Noah who certainly seems to be cut from a different cloth from most children of divorce I've encountered throughout my long life. First of all, where is a son's loyalty to the woman who gave him life? What is with his Phyllis worship? Maybe I'm the only one who finds his behavior odd, but I am perplexed by the way he can sometimes be so disapproving of things Sharon does, yet seemingly have no problem with the moral missteps of his stepmommy. Where was his outrage (I mean more than the two minutes he was decorating the tack house with pics of Mommy and Daddy) when he learned Phyllis and his father had not only been carrying on a full-fledged, long-running affair during his marriage to Sharon, but even conceived a child together? Yet, when Eden recently asked him how he felt about the possibility his parents were messing around behind Phyllis back, he said something like the bigger part of him hated what they were doing to Phyllis. Where was that bigger part of his concern for his own mother when it was happening to her? Like I said, nothing to do with Phyllis, but everything to do with not the way it would happen, even in the unreal world of make believe. Just my opinion, some will agree, some won't.

Well, he's been a bit of one in the past, but this time he's gone too far and has officially become a mangy mutt with a tail he needs to tuck between his cheating legs. Yes, I'm talking about that contrary cur, Neil Winters. This time he can't blame it on the fact that his boxers are all in a bunch because his wife lied to him, the way he pointed to Dru's baby daddy secret as an excuse for panting and trotting after Carmen. What possible reason could he have for swapping spit with Tyra when he allegedly loves his wife, Karen? And for that matter, what the heck was wrong with Karen, witnessing it and bowing out of the room like she'd done something wrong. My hand was all in the TV screen trying to reopen that door and pull her behind inside to confront those cheaters. Clearly, now that she has tried it on for size and discovered she likes it, Karen has become so obsessed with being a mother, she is now apparently willing to overlook any transgression if she can somehow make that happen. Why, having seen with her very own disbelieving eyes that there is something between Neil and Tyra, would she even want to adopt the one child that will insure Tyra will always be one of the family? She may as well move in and join the newlyweds beneath the bedcovers because she's definitely made this marriage three's company. On another note, I had a deep belly laugh at Olivia's horror, when she learned Tyra was still looking at the now-married Neil with lustful eyes. He's off limits now because he's married, she said. Truth is, he was off limits on his wedding day too, but that didn't stop Olivia from encouraging Tyra to speak what was on her puny mind. Just my opinion, but Tyra needs to get a life of her own and stop trying to insinuate herself into Neil's. As for Karen, now that Neil's interest or urge, or whatever he's feeling has been piqued, Karen might as well pack her bags and move back to New York. Doesn't seem like there's much future in a marriage with a man who will lie to your face and kiss another woman behind your back.

Well, that's all for this week. Hope you enjoy what your fellow fans had to say about Genoa City things.

* * * * * * *

JoAnne - Well, this week proved to be very disappointing in several areas. First - Sharon sleeping with Billy. Come on writers give her a break. I cannot believe how Nick is behaving. He took everything away from Sharon including the job he begged her to come back to, and he still expects her to be friendly with him? I am glad Sharon kicked him out of the room but she should have said a heck of a lot more than you made your choice. How about you and your evil wife have destroyed my life and the lives of others? Nick needs to stay away from Sharon and let her get on with her life without him as he does not seem to have the spine to make a clear choice between the two women. The scenes with Phyllis and Nick making out in their car were almost as creepy as watching Noah and Eden. Nick seems to be trying too hard to get back to where they were before but it does not seem like his heart is completely in it and Phyllis just comes across as desperate now. The most heart-wrenching scene this week was watching Sharon see her son hug Phyllis and tell her he will be her slave for life. That seemed to be the last straw for her and I really felt sorry for her. Phyllis is such scum and the fact that she has stolen everything from Sharon since Cassie died is completely unforgiveable and is not redeemable in my opinion. Glad the baby's paternity is finally revealed but Cane is a huge ass! Walk away from Chloe, Billy and the baby while you can Cane. Not liking Cane these days - he is just as egotistical as his mother and a real blowhard! What the hell! Neil is already cheating on Karen with Tyra! Please - this is not right. Tyra is just a slimy gold digger like Chloe! Way to go Colleen! You are your father's daughter!

Pat - Sharon is an idiot! Sorry but she has not evolved at all in all these years! When Nick and Sharon are in each others orbit they revert back to being teenagers! They did not think of anyone else, Nick forgetting his devoted and faithful wife and Sharon forgetting she was still married. Besides their little sexcapade looked hilarious, their bodies did not touch, Nick never touched her below the shoulders and Sharon looked stiff and frigid! If that was supposed to be hot and passionate, who ever the director was needs to be fired! And btw Sharon did not send Nick back to Phyllis's arms, Nick dumped her butt again! Can't wait for Sharon to shag her BIL and commit adultery again and for Nick to see what a skank she is!

Anne Marie - Here are some of my random thoughts: Phyllis scares me when she's nice. So creepy! I enjoyed Nick and Sharon getting it on. All I could think of is poor Phyllis-payback is a real b++ch. I can't stand the whole Marge/Clint thing. It was bad enough when they did it years ago, although I am enjoying watching the characters believe it's really Katherine. Nikki and Paul? I'm sorry, but they're so not believable. Esther deserves all she gets. She deserves a cad like Roger. I'm so enjoying the whole Chloe/Lily/Billy/Cane storyline. What clever writers we sometimes have. I like Lily and Cane, but I also like Lily and Billy. And now that Chloe has been nice, I've actually started liking Chloe and Cane as a couple. I love the new Billy. He fit in right from the start and is very believable as Billy Abbott. Eden has got to go. Her character is so surly and offers me nothing. I fast forward whenever I see her on the screen. I'm very sad to see Don Diamont go. Brad wasn't my fave character, but I didn't want to see him go. Tyra is so pretty, but her storyline is boring. Either give her something or take her and her annoying daughter far, far away. I'm not digging Abby so far. She's quite the snooty young lady. My jury is still out on her. I am so curious who the lady was that Victor had the clandestine meeting in his office with. Hmmm. Should be very interesting.

Patricia - Loved your column on Y&R. But I do feel like your bias shows a little too much. Especially in regards to Sharon and Phyllis. It's clear from your column that you favor Sharon over Phyllis and hey that's fine. But when giving an account of what took place on the show, try not to give us some distorted version to try and make Sharon look good. You said Sharon pushed Nick into Phyllis's arms. You made it seem like Sharon could have had Nick with a snap of a finger but she decided to let him go. That's not what took place on my screen at all. I saw Nick let Sharon down easy and tell her that he wanted to stay in his marriage. Sharon was visibly upset by this, but in no way did I see Sharon tell Nick to stay in his marriage or that she was letting him go or for him to go back to Phyllis. She wanted Nick to be with her and she was absolutely devastated when he said he wanted to work on his marriage. So please in the future try to give us an accurate account of what took place and not just some Ode to Sharon as being such a strong selfless woman because she had all the power and yet she decided to push Nick back to his redhead wife.

Lori - I was really thinking that the writers were getting their act together. I loved the Paris scenes, and even though I was irritated Phyllis was going, that worked out better than I'd hoped with her seeing the Casablanca kiss. Then we had the wonderful night at the cabin for Nick and Sharon, only for Sharon to send him back to whiney, scheming Phyllis. I am so sick of Phick I could scream. This tacky, vile union that should never have seen the light of day, continue to drag on is the biggest joke in daytime TV! I hate Phick and love Shick. I also can't stand Victor winning all the time. It might be time for another break from this show.

Isa - Seriously, do we even watch the same show? How can you give credit for Sharon pushing Nick back to Phyllis when Nick told her he loved his wife and was going to stay with her? I saw a heartbroken Sharon, and while I am a Phick fan, I actually felt a little remorse for Sharon because she clearly thought Nick was going to chose her this time. She didn't push him at all back to Phyllis. Nick made up his mind to stay with Phyllis, tried to tell Sharon gently and yet she pushed him to admit he loved Phyllis and wasn't the same man she fell in love with. That had to sting coming from a man she told she was the same woman he fell in love with. I am happy Nick chose Phyllis again. Let's hope this is a fresh start for the best couple on daytime to be even stronger than before. As for Sharon, she can go cry to her Brother in Law.

Crystal - Where is Dru's real daughter because Lily proved this week she is not. Why didn't she tell Cane the truth instead of just standing around, hovering in the background. Chloe had 8 months to tell Cane the truth. When she was going off on Billy and Chloe, what she said was great, the way she said it, horrible. She couldn't scare a flea. I hope Chloe gets what's coming to her. Then let her and her idiot mother go away somewhere. I felt not one ounce of sympathy for her; she deserved the complications she had. Why oh why is Nick staying with Phyllis and why does she want him? How desperate of Phyllis, it's obvious he's still in love with Sharon, but just too scared to admit it. Am I the only one who thinks Nick is also afraid of Phyllis? Nick and Sharon belong together, and Phyllis needs to be back with Jack. Notice how Nick took Phyllis to Crimson Lights on his anniversary to Sharon? Of all the places they could have gone, he chooses the place that means so much to him and Sharon. I am tired of Noah and his attitude. What child would not want their parents back together (Victoria) no matter how old you are. Why is he defending Phyllis' marriage to Nick higher than Nick and Sharon's?

Tamara - I can't wait for Cane to get kicked in the groin with the truth about Chloe and Billy's baby. He is such a weak and idiotic jackass. It looks as if Lily is going to test his wavering loyalty and love for her, and it's about time. Next to Billy, Cane does not measure up, and he never will. Please send him back down under after Lily refuses to forgive him. He is such a dislikeable character. It is interesting that the writers may use this opportunity to destroy Cane and Lily for good. Sorry viewers but there may not be a payoff at the end of this story. There is, after all, a reason why ratings are declining. Look at Nick and Sharon; there was no point to their affair. No payoff. Big deal. Snooze.

Linda - When will Michael and Lauren ever get their own story? Ugh, all they ever do is prop other characters and now the writers have Emmy winners Christian Le Blanc and Tracey Bregman propping Eden played by a 16 yr old. And the writers sure let Michael and Lauren have a wonderful Valentine's Day. For 3 minutes we saw them on the couch with Lauren folding laundry, Michael doing work and then lecturing Eden. And romance? They haven't had a bed scene since Oct 2006 and aren't even allowed to have a sexy kiss anymore. Ugh, I am tired of the writers wasting Lauren and Michael.

* * * * * * *

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