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A thin line
by Nita
For the Week of February 16, 2009
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Few things bring Genoa Citians together like love. Or hate. Or, as was the case in our town last week, death. Once the female family members-only memorial at the gravesite was over, any other Genoa Citian who chose to, congregated at the home formerly inhabited by Brad Carlton. In the absence of Brad's mother, Colleen, as the only other blood-related Carlton on the premises, presided over the festivities, though Traci remained ever in earshot and close mothering distance should such comfort be needed. Her sister Ashley, all soft tones and solicitation, performed the same service for adopted Carlton, Abby, who as we were repeatedly informed by Ashley, was supposedly so inconsolably grief stricken she would probably require round the clock care from everyone from Noah to his less than sorrowful grandpa. Maybe it was just me, but it didn't take me very long to become supremely irritated with Ashley's dogged determination to keep touching up Abby's picture with that grief soaked brush. As if Abby were suffering so much more than anyone else in the room. After all, this was the same girl who switched her allegiance from practically lifelong caretaker Dad Brad to name your price and I'll pay it Dad Vic.

Aside from the multitude of former beloved maidens of lady killer Bradley, there were few men in the room who would be proud to call Brad friend. Jack, shame on his irreverent self, while reciting for Traci some of the nicknames he'd bestowed on Bradley over the years, actually called the poor man a Brad-sicle. But it was Victor, allegedly in attendance as a strong supportive shoulder for Ashley and Abby, who stood out like a red sore thumb in the gathering. Applying the same remedy he usually does to just about every situation, he threw buckets of money at it, this time pledging to donate a million of his Newman dollars to charity whatever in Brad's name. The only people appearing impressed by this grandiose gesture were, of course, Ashley and Abby. Colleen probably wanted to tell him in great detail exactly where he could insert his money, but settled instead for spewing her embittered opinion of him out into the room. And, like Jack, I too, leaped to my feet, clapping and catcalling loudly at her appreciated performance.

While death was sort of bringing residents together at Brad's home, two others were coming awkwardly together at the side of his grave. And in a roundabout sort of way, it was love that also linked them loosely together. The past becoming the present, once again Sharon and Phyllis form the two sides of an untenable love triangle. And now, like then, Nick is in point position. Phyllis, having decided her usual tactics of manipulation and rage will not likely win the game, is instead selling a portrait of sweetness so clearly false, I'm astonished Nick and Sharon are buying into it. Once Sharon had departed, however, the true Phyllis showed herself, as she ranted and raved at the dirt covering Brad, blaming him for everything from her long-ago wedding day arrest to her spouse's recent extramarital stumble. As if Brad held a gun to her head and forced her to blackmail him with his own extramarital excursion, or begged her to involve him in her scheme to destroy Jack and Sharon's marriage.

Of course, Nick is much more easily fooled than I am, and appears to believe wholeheartedly in this new and improved version of a robotic-speaking and acting Phyllis. Just my opinion, but I wonder whether instead of relaxing, he should perhaps fear for his life just a bit. Seriously, though, now that the cabin overnight is behind him, Nick has obviously thought better of his marital infidelity and, big fig leaf in hand, is walking backwards trying to brush away his tracks.

As for Sharon, the telltale cracks in her composure are showing as she begins to fall apart right before our eyes. Noah's close call, Brad's death, Nick's flip-flop, divorcing Jack, the loss of her job and this new habit she's formed of helping herself to other people's personal items, all seem to be precursors to a coming mental collapse. I thought it was a rather ironic touch that she decided to push Nick back in Phyllis' direction this time, much the way she did when Phyllis was the other woman. Even with Phyllis' pregnancy, Nick was still prepared to remain in his marriage with Sharon, but Sharon set him free. Then, like now, Sharon could have kept Nick close, though it might not have lasted, with the right, guilt-inducing words. Because he definitely looked to be straddling the fence and it might not have taken much work to persuade him into forsaking his current bride to resume a relationship with his former. Though I know some won't agree with me, I have to give Sharon credit for backing completely out of the equation. Again.

I quite enjoyed the confrontation between parents and son. Noah easily held his own with the much more seasoned adults and I couldn't help but giggle as he called Nick on his faults and missteps. And how adult of Noah to wait until it was just father and son to save Nick being embarrassed in front of Phyllis and Sharon. Of course, while Noah was fun to watch in that situation, watching him and Eden was not nearly so enjoyable or interesting. The character of Eden is so unlikable; I can find nothing in her to root for. She's surly, smart-mouthed and flippant in just about every situation. She lies like a rug and always acts as if something is wrong with others because they don't want her around. If Noah were my son, I wouldn't want her around either. So, unfortunately, as much as I am a fan of sweet young love, Eden brings nothing positive to the duo, and instead of reliving my own young experiences through them, instead I'm just left cold and unmoved.

No so with Kay and yet another detour in the DNA drama. Come on scribes, we're at 3 months and counting and I'm gnawing all my nails off here. I should have known better than to get my hopes up that the DNA cheek swab would wrap this chapter up so we could get to the comeuppance part. And even though I had heard it was coming, I still wailed nooooooo when the kidnapping came. But I'm thankful for small favors, such as Alzheimer's and Dementia both being ruled out. I can't picture either of those scenarios resulting in a riveting storyline. What I do find much more interesting, though, is the fact that Jill and Kay seem not to be a mother-daughter match. Was that because Clint had a hand in the results? Or, and my fingers are crossed for this possibility, Jill is not Kay's daughter after all? If that turns out to be the case, I can't say I'd sit down and cry a river of tears. And even though I seem to recall there being a DNA test done back then linking them by blood, you won't hear a protesting peep out of me if the scribes have decided on a do-over.

would love to see their relationship unraveled and Chancellor-hungry Jill kicked out of the corporation. Jill's rather obnoxious, even on one of her few good days, and I can't remember the last time I felt her deserving of some pom pom pumping. Okay, I did give her a tiny rah-rah when she decided to request a background check on old gold-digging Roger. But that's only one of the reason I'd like to un-Chancellor Jill. With the rumor out there that Mac is returning, even if it isn't the Mac I once loved, it opens the door to a possible reunion between Mac and Billy. And Billy falling hard for the once love of his life, Mac, could leave calculating Chloe shivering out in the cold alone, even if she does have Billy's baby.

Speaking of his baby, color me relieved and paint me jumping for jubilant joy that at last the truth is out in the open about stalker chick and smirking boy. All I could do was stomp my feet and practically nod my fool head right off my neck when Lily laid into both of them. Of course, the two of them are for the most part pretty conscious less, so I'm not worried they'll end up with any scars from her dressing down. It would be nice to see Cane go all cold on Chloe like he did when he found out about Amber, but I won't bother betting the rent that he will.

Was Jack Mr. Oozing Sincerity or what, last week when he was trying to be a supportive soon to be ex-spouse with Sharon? She just couldn't get him to hit the off switch, huh? Like a crazed energizer bunny, his mouth just kept going and going and going. Who wouldn't feel like jumping off the edge of a cliff when he got done painting his picture of emotional doom and gloom? I just about fell off my chair with hysterical laughter when Sharon finally snapped and screamed at him to give it a rest. Was he really trying to help or was he purposely trying to make her fall completely apart? And don't you just hate that fake soothing sympathetic tone of his. It's the same one he uses when he's lying through his teeth about something.

Oh, but Jack has got nothing on the master manipulator, Victor, when it comes to lying through your clenched together teeth. How could Ashley not know instantly that Victor had to be behind the purchase of Gloria's stock? Who else would have a motive to buy it and give it to Jill? Ashley's acting like a headlight blinded doe standing in the middle of the highway. Victor wouldn't hurt me, she mewled. And here I thought Kay was currently the only GC resident suffering from amnesia!

So many rumors are running rampant out there, I don't know what to expect next or what direction from which it might come. Rumors like women turning to the brothers (yes I meant to make that plural) of their exes, or maybe not an ex quite yet. And what of a certain newlywed who must have liked the first clandestine kiss from his foster son's Aunt so much he's going to go back for more? Rumors of another wonderful old man who could come to harm because of Esther's colossal stupidity. Not to mention the one about two friends betraying their significant others. Sigh. If all that is rumored turns out to be true, soon there will be no honorable man or woman left in this town.

Well, as usual, fans, I enjoyed what you had to say about Genoa City things. Your input is always good for a big belly laugh. See you next week.

* * * * * * *

Gail - Phyllis doesn't have any old true loves. Let's see there's Danny; oh wait she tricked him into marrying her by lying about being pregnant. Maybe her true love is Daniel's biological father. Oh wait, she just used him for sex so she could get pregnant and pass the baby off as Danny's. What about Michael? Oh wait he's happily married and when they were together she got so jealous of his friendship with Diane, she had him kidnapped. Phyllis has no true loves because she doesn't know what the word means. Just ask her friend Sasha. Oh wait you can't because Phyllis killed her to keep her real baby daddy a secret.

Carolyn - Genoa City should change its name to Hypocrite City, what with all of the hypocrites that have surfaced this past week. In no particular order, there's Sharon, who told Nick in Paris she did not want to be the other woman. It didn't take her long to change her mind, did it? Then there's Phyllis, who expects everyone to respect her marriage, all the while she is disrespecting other's marriages every chance she gets. Then there's Nick, who claimed to love and want only Phyllis. It didn't take him long to change that tune, did it? Then there's Jack, cowardly Jack, who is forever throwing Adam being behind bars in Victor's face as if he had absolutely nothing to do with Adam's incarceration. Finally, it's out in the open who really fathered Chloe's baby! I guess we are in for days of seeing Cane act all wounded and feeling betrayed. If only he had dug a little deeper after the DNA results were first revealed, he could have found out why he was not conclusively found to be Chloe's baby daddy! What a dolt! There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe Esther these days. How dumb can a woman be to not only tell a stranger that she is loaded, but to accept his marriage proposal just days after being set up on a date with him? After all of these years, Esther hasn't learned one thing and her actions are going to come back to bite her big time. Lastly, I sure hope nothing happens to Katherine or Murphy. They are so cute together! Now when it's proven that she really is Katherine Chancellor, I can't wait to see the look on her ungrateful daughter Jill's face! That will be priceless!

Janice Bales - I am very disappointed about the absence of Don Diamond. There are others characters on the show that could have been cut. Like Ashley, Amber, Jill, or even Phyllis. I have followed this soap since the beginning and this is one of your worst moves. Bring his character back from the dead; you have done it before.

Laura - I'm surprised no one mentioned Jack's comment to Traci regarding all the nicknames he's called Brad over the years - the new one of Bradsicle. Through my tears - I know it's in bad taste but I couldn't help but laugh. Jack was always good for a bad line. Thanks for your column - I look forward to it every week. Well done!

Jean - I really liked DL's comment about someone trying to take out Victor. For once I would like to see that man lose. No one can possibly win all the time even if he is a billionaire. He is so cold and arrogant I don't see how anyone could stand him.

Sandy - I know this is just a soap opera and its all make believe but l would love to see Victor go down. I am so tired of this character that it makes me want to stop watching Y&R. l have been watching this soap since l was 16 and will be turning 54 this year! Please let Victor get what's coming to him. I can't be the only one that feels this strongly about this character!

Colleen - There are some other people who could have fallen into the frozen lake. Like Amber. I almost hurled the other week when she said, in that disgusting voice, when I grow up, I want to be just like Mrs. C. Never in a million years could that happen. However, I have fallen in love with Billy and I hope his feelings for Lily are real. When the baby daddy is revealed, I hope Billy opts to stay with Lily and Cane is shown for the dimwit he is. And I agree with DL about what should happen to Victor. What an unconscionable man.

JoAnne - I cannot believe Sharon is again being written as the victim with Phyllis the victor! Phyllis decides to be calm to keep her marriage together and Nick is falling for her crap yet again! I thought the writers changed. It still seems Phyllis is winning the game, with Sharon feeling guilty for Brad's death and Noah falling into the ice so she will have another breakdown. I was hoping the writers were making her stronger and able to deal with whatever she is dealt and finally giving Phyllis a run for her money. Yet again she feels Sharon has to pay for her husband's infidelity. Why does Nick get away with this all the time? Why doesn't Michael, or Nick for that matter, remind Phyllis that she cheated with Nick when he was mourning the loss of his daughter so he left a woman mourning her child as well as another child. Please writers, if you want to right all the wrongs for Sharon, make Phyllis lose everything or this viewer is turning the show off for good.

Cheri - If Nick goes back to that crybaby, Sharon, who thinks she is better than everyone else but isn't, I am definitely finished watching the show. Nick and Phyllis are so good together, so sexy and Sharon is just a whiney simp who has done just as many bad things as anyone else. Keep Sharon with Jack or whoever; just keep Nick and Phyllis together!

Marilyn - Phyllis is bad to the bone. Why is it okay for her to constantly run to her old lover boy Michael, but it's not okay for Nick to run to Sharon his loving ex-wife? Phyllis and Jack belong together. I hope Nick regains all of his memory and we find out his daughter with Phyllis is really Jack's.

Yoshida - I am sick of Nick and Sharon (who sleeps with everybody). When they made love last week there was no passion. With Nick and Phyllis there is passion. As for Cane and Chloe, come on. It's time. It is unfair to men to not have fathered a child and be told you have one. Yes I know women can be devious but let this have a happy ending. Cane and Lily are a good mixture rather than Billy and Lily. Victor and Ashley no. Let her fall. She is crazy to think Victor won't use her. Victor and Nikki yes. As for Jill, give her a love life.

Marj - I was so stunned they would get rid of Brad instead of someone like Esther who can't act. Or Ana, Olivia or Tyra who are annoying to say the least. Brad was fun to watch. He was the ultimate bad boy, interesting, smart, a good father and eye candy. I have been a fan of Y&R for years, but not so much lately. Victor is so angry all the time, and no fun to watch.

Denise - Why are they making Nick such a jerk? How can he say he loves both Phyllis and Sharon? Whatever happened to true love? Which is not what he has with Phyllis; with Phyllis it's about lust. The writers are really out in left field with the Nick and Sharon situation, the Jack Abbott transformation and Victor the tyrant.

Jessica - Nita, we must be kindred spirits because I pretty much feel the same way, except that I truly do not care for Phyllis. Perhaps if she was paired with another love interest, I could come to like her if she did not resort to her old ways. I like Nick and Sharon together. I also like Cane and Lily together. This was an emotional week. I enjoyed your post immensely.

Melody - I don't like Nick and Sharon together. Sharon has no spunk. Nick needs someone to keep him on his toes and that is Phyllis. It's not about who looks better together - it's about chemistry. Nick and Sharon have a sappy kind of romance and you can only stomach so much of that. Phyllis has helped Nick become the man he is today and isn't what most men want is a woman who can lift them up, keep up, and inspire? I will throw up if I see Nick and Sharon back together. I'm glad I missed the episode of their so called love scene.

* * * * * * *

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