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Cut down in her prime?
by Nita
For the Week of July 21, 2008
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Was the decision to remove Sabrina from the canvas made too hastily?

Well, now that it's been reported on our own Soap Central site, I guess that means it's officially no longer an unfounded rumor. I'm referring, of course, to the scribes' decision to shove Raya Meddine (Sabrina) from the make believe city of sin. Was the decision made too hastily? Obviously, that depends on whether you adored or detested this character. I, as those who've read my Scoops recently are aware, count myself a fan, though it wasn't always that way. At first her overly proper manner of speaking (while leaning well within a person's personal space) was annoying and seemed pretentious. Not to mention that all that touchy-feely-ness going on between her and Victoria felt false and got on my nerves too. And I admittedly could have done with much less kiss-kiss, nuzzle, nuzzle between Victor and Sabrina. Though, since I'm not a fan of too much lovey-dovey-ness no matter which Genoa City couple is committing it, I didn't really hold that against her.

So, as the Soap Central article speculates, was her pink slip simply the result of needing a scapegoat for falling ratings, and her name was the one assigned the short straw? Was it because she was supposedly so hated by fans? Well, I did a little unofficial research on that. It's true her name comes up quite often on the four or five boards I half-regularly peruse. And she does seem to have a modest following of foes. Those mostly citing the age gap between she and her beloved as a matter of great disgust, followed closely, of course, by those agreeing with Victoria that an imaginary line was crossed when girlfriend got with daddy. Gee, its common knowledge that latching on to a best friend's ex is a no-no, but until this storyline, I had no clue doing a best bud's Daddy was also cause for societal suicide.

But what exactly has Sabrina done that makes her such a despicable person? She hasn't cheated on Victor; she isn't a backstabber (although I admit she may soon be written that way just to get rid of her). And if she's after Victor's cash, she certainly isn't behaving that way. In fact, by soap standards, she's practically been a saint. So why is she held to standards so much higher than any other GC women? Yes, she fell for her best friend's father. But last time I checked, that particular crime wasn't written on any law books of the land. And really, when you come right down to it, what is so awful about that? I loved my Dad and all I wanted was for him to be happy. And I love my best friend. And even though had they found their way to one another I would have admittedly and seriously questioned the sanity of a young and comely mare willing to hitch herself to an aged wagon that creaked and would need to be oiled weekly, I can't imagine why I would feel betrayed. It wouldn't be as if she was taking my place or anything. And Victoria is married with a family of her own. It's not as if Sabrina would be playing a stepmother type role in her life. But, hey I guess I'm just weird like that and respect the opinions of others who are not. And lastly, so Sabrina was on the rebound when she got with Victor. What Genoa Citian hasn't rebounded from one rocky romance to the next without so much as taking a breath? Sabrina has bent herself into a pretzel trying to bring a smile to Victoria's pouty mouth. But to no avail. Victoria's never made a mistake, butter wouldn't dare melt in her mouth and we all know she's always been an angel.

But, on the other hand, Sabrina also has plenty of fans, a base that surprisingly is growing larger every day. For example, I just checked the unofficial poll on our own site. Out of nearly 19,700 voting fans, over 12,500 of them enjoy what this character brings to the canvas and hate to see her go. And as indicated by fan comments received this week, there are both those who like and those who don't. Some fans, like Judith, Nora and Kevin below, feel she brings some class to the role and the city, and I happen to agree with them. Of course, since she's now destined to be given a one way ticket out of town, if not straight to the grave, I'm sure the scribes are going to mimic Jack's efforts and throw mud on her as well, and before it's over, Sabrina's reputation will likely be blackened beyond redemption,. And in exchange for Sabrina's departure, we will be left with the same old lot of backstabbing, bed hopping, hateful, cheating, lying broads, with barely a scruple among them. All women are not alike, but you certainly wouldn't know that by the selection in this tawdry town.

Who, among the others, gives a single thought to building bridges instead of blowing them apart? For instance, when she's not trying to meddle in her grown son's amours, Phyllis is focused only on immature sniping, designed to keep Sharon pinned in the most unflattering light, as if she secretly fears Sharon might somehow steal Nick back. Time for the redhead to grow up and stop behaving as if she's a jealous junior in high school. Chloe is both sick and quite possibly psychotic, a tawdry tramp who will fight tooth and nail to capture a suitor who can't stand her immoral behind. As for Sharon, well, words almost fail me when it comes to describing her simple self. But trust me; a few paragraphs from now, I imagine I will have thought of some.

When it comes to ratings, is it really fair to blame their descent on Sabrina, or any other new character for that matter? If it was true that the ratings declined because Sabrina received too much air time, well what of Gloria? A woman as much hated as she isn't. She got so much screen time, many fans began calling it the Gloria Show. In fact, her entire family, Michael, Kevin and Lauren, have often been little more than supporting beams holding up her and her storylines. Anyway, call me wide-eyed crazy, but why not place the blame for falling ratings precisely where it undoubtedly belongs. With the storylines and the scribes who pen them. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm thoroughly enjoying much of what is going on in the City these days. But there are still a few soap situations that don't keep me anchored securely to the couch.

I guess it remains to be seen if deleting Sabrina from the cast will better the show's bottom line. You would think cooler, saner heads would tread more carefully after some of the ill-advised firing decisions of the past. John Abbott was axed, only to be brought back later as an alcoholic ghost. It was not an improvement. Then William was forced to gasp his last, only to be resuscitated and reincarnated as his twin Jeff. Okay, in this case, I do find Jeff resulted in an immensely more amusing replacement. Two Colleens were given the boot only to stick us with a third who many fans feel is a much less than equal substitution. And Maggie was pushed through the revolving door for what? So that Paul could go back to being an all work with no one to play with (except with J.T.) kind of guy.

So, once Sabrina's out of the way, then what? Watch Nikki re-hitch her lil red buggy to Victor's stallion? Once upon a time, I was this couple's biggest fan. I thought of them as GC's Romeo and Juliet and ached for them to reunite. But so much dirty water has rushed over and under this bridge, I couldn't care less if they ever get back together. I mean, really, what can possibly be new under the sun for them? They've been there done that in just about every situation there is. So what's left? Nikki returns to Victor and Newman, leaves Jabot to whoever takes it over and joins Victor in his continued vendetta against Jack and possibly Gloria, Jill, and Brad? What to look forward to? A holiday dinner with every Newman, now reconciled since Mommy and Daddy are back together, sitting around the dining room table? Gee I can hardly contain my excitement and anticipatory glee!

But the scribes are gonna do what they gotta do, so moving on to something else.

I'm all for Neil and his family having something meaningful to do, but I can't honestly yet say I feel Tyra and Ana have been two welcome additions to the portrait of the Winters family. Ana unquestionably has a beautiful voice, but if I wanted to hear singing, I'd be taping American Idol, not Y&R. And obviously Tyra's looking for love in Genoa City places. Does Karen really need another rival for Neil's affections, especially since she's already been fighting a losing battle with dead Dru? She should have said yes the second time Neil asked for her hand, because she may never hear a third Will you marry me? Obviously, Tyra has no love at all for the other woman in Neil's life. Did you notice how quickly she abandoned any conversation praising Karen? And she's so not thrilled with the growing attachment of her singing sensation daughter to fellow songstress, Karen. She sneered and practically snorted in dislike when Ana insisted on waiting for Karen before she showed off her new pink sneakers. Yes, it's about as clear as a pane of freshly Windexed glass that Tyra not only wants to manage Neil's Indigo business affairs, but she'd like to take over his personal affairs at home as well. The only thing I can't figure out is why it's taking Karen so long to see it too.

Wow, who else was surprised that Chloe took her firing lying down without a murmur? Did I blink and miss a segment of an episode? Does Jill know? Did she not have a thing to say about it? What about Fresh Face? Who's going to tell Lily what to wear now? Not that I care about Fresh Face or Chloe anyway, but I was just wondering. And did Cane kick her out of his friend's guest house? If so, where is she living now? Oh well, I guess she can always crash in the spare bedroom at her new friend Amber's penthouse.

Speaking of Amber, who else is still cackling over that so-called catfight between Amber and Colleen? Although I hesitate to call their halfhearted slapping at each other's arms an argument, let alone a fight of any kind. For these two, I'm going to see if I can spell c-o-n-t-r-i-v-e-d. Because it really seemed like that was just a way to lay the groundwork to see if any chemistry crackled between Colleen and Daniel. And to quote Colleen and her slut comment, I guess it kind of takes one to recognize another. Another case of the skillet talking bad about the burned pot again! Anyway, maybe I was the only fan who thought so, but I would count it rather sluttish behavior for Colleen to romp on the mattress with J.T. and the Professor practically within moments of the other. Colleen may have, but I haven't forgotten a thing!

Okay, maybe it's just me, but though I searched my soul, I couldn't unearth so much as a speck of sympathy for Daniel. Come on, this is Amber we're talking about. A girl who parents should have named their newborn Insecurity instead of after some whiskey-colored gemstone. Anyway, as Amber's best friend, Daniel was with her through just about every step of her manipulative journey with Cane. He saw how she constantly rationalized her bad girl behavior and he knew very well exactly the type of woman he was enthralled with. Not to mention playing various minor and major roles in subsequent unsavory adventures of hers. He's seen Amber lie, steal and do whatever else it took to make things come out the way she wanted. And he loved her anyway. Now, he's all affronted indignation because she had a drunken one-night stand with the Professor. Maybe my memory is faulty, but weren't Daniel and Amber both three sheets to the wind, as they say, the night they first ripped off each other's clothes? But, , Amber's questionable character is a little beside the point I'm trying to make. Which is, how does it feel Daniel when the cheating boot is squeezing the bunion on your baby toe? In my critical opinion, Daniel behaved abominably when he allowed Amber to become the other woman in his marriage to Lily. No, technically he didn't cheat, at least not in a hands on, one night sofa stand kind of way. But, emotionally, Daniel was a cheater through and through. Not only did he repeatedly visit Amber's salacious site to salivate over her near nakedness, he lied to Lily over and over, all to maintain and protect his friendship with Amber. So, yes, I have a difficult time feeling Daniel's pain. What goes around comes around. Now he knows how Lily felt. Boyfriend needs to suck it up and deal. I mean, you know what they say about laying down with a cur whose coat is thick with fleas. As for never forgiving Amber, well, I guess we'll just see about that. I recall him hurling almost those exact words at Mommy when he caught her cheating on the couch with married Nick. What Mommy did was way worse than Amber's one time romp with the Professor in a coupling neither could likely recall even if their very lives depended upon it. And he has certainly forgiven Phyllis. Who knows, as drunk as they were, did the act even occur? Remember, they didn't wake up covered only in the skin in which they entered the world. So when exactly did they become sober enough to put half their clothes back on?

Gee, Nikki, that was some gesture of good faith! A house worth millions. Kind of funny that if not for Victor's money, the same Victor she's always so quick to disparage and dismiss, she wouldn't be in a position to purchase David's continued company. Also rather amusing was Sabrina, a woman who barely knows Victor, advising the woman who should know him best that she ought to consider listening to Victor instead of rejecting what he has to say outright. Tammy Wynette's got nothing on Nikki when it comes to standing staunchly by your man. Be it through hell, high water, or escalating gambling debts. Like Sharon, Nikki's marriage is for better or worse, through sickness and health, and if she takes a misstep with David, it likely really will be death that parts them. And David could be the bereaved widower wearing black and mourning the loss of his beloved. All the way to the bank to withdraw all her money. No, actually, we all know there's no real chance of Nikki dying. Sure, she may use up yet another of her nine lives in some near death experience, designed mostly to temporarily unify the Newmans and give them a reason to gather about the old hospital bedside, vowing their we is family love forever. Or at least until their next bitter family brouhaha. But that bedside vigil is still a couple of weeks away. In the meantime, we can join the current bitter family brouhaha already in progress.

The family discord began, this time around, with RSM. I normally like Jack, but I'm a bit disgusted with his dirty tricks this time. Probably because I like Sabrina. Whatever the reason, I thought his decision to throw Sabrina to the wolves was one of his more cowardly moves. If he has such a beef with Victor, maybe he should think of a way to get to him directly, instead of having to use Victor's womenfolk as target practice. Sure, as he claims, he might have assured RSM will live to print a fourth issue, but at what cost? Sabrina was only one of his victims. Nick, Victoria and the Professor were also wounded in the cross fire. And since Jack assured some nameless advertiser he could expect more of the same from RSM in future issues, the question is what will he do for an encore? Whose dirty laundry will be hung on the line for the world to point at and snicker at its stains? And contrary to his boasts, instead of making RSM stand out among the others, he only succeeded in making it just another tabloid spewing stinking garbage. Because of my disdain for Jack's latest move, you likely wouldn't be surprised to hear I laughed my fool head off when Victor paid Jack a visit. Jack was quick with the witty comebacks at first, but then Victor finally pulled off the gloves and hit Jack with a one two punch that never fails to draw blood from Jack's thick hide. He showed him John's portrait and pointed out rightly that the one of Jack was just a poorly made copy that would never measure up to the original. And the twisted smirk finally dropped from Jack's lips and shattered on the floor.

As for Sharon, anything that happens to her at Jack's hands or due to his alleged good intentions is well deserved. When she first began her tearful monologue, I actually thought she was going to draw a line in the sand and finally distance herself from Jack. But it took only until the next commercial break was over to see she was actually singing an entirely different off key tune. Unbelievably, Sharon has decided if she can't change her man, then by George, from here forward she's going to condone whatever he does and join him. You're a liar and a cheat, weren't the words she actually said outright, though the words she used silently acknowledged that indeed that was what he was. Nonetheless, all she asked in a roundabout, between the lines sort of way, was that he let her know in advance when he was going to lie or cheat, so she could stand supportively by his side, armed with full knowledge and minus that deer in the headlights stare in her empty eyes. I understand about better and worse and richer and poorer, but it seems Sharon perhaps should have added an addendum to her marriage vows. Something along the lines of being willing to accompany him to federal or state prison. When Victor eventually splashes Jack with the paint from his payback brush, I hope Sharon is standing close enough to get covered in the goo as well.

Of course, of all concerned, Nick is the only one I sympathized with. Even though he was no more thrilled than his sister with his father's remarriage, he wisely made the choice to live and let live. Nick was the only Newman who thawed considerably in his treatment of Sabrina. Despite his caring for his mother and sister and his understanding of their feelings, he was still able to put aside his hostility enough to at least treat Sabrina with civility. I felt sorry for him, first taking the brunt of Victor's rage and then getting it from Sabrina when he tried to explain his innocence in it all. And on top of all that, to be kicked off the property. Too bad Victor was so quick to automatically assume Nick had a hand in the unflattering article. Because, he, of all people, knows how sneakily Jack operates. I guess Nick has now learned the hard way that at least in some ways, when it comes to any warning concerning Jack Abbott, father really does know best.

When it comes to Nick's sister, however, I continue to feel nothing but the utmost scorn for her. How like Victoria that her immediate reaction when the stinky stuff from the doctored article started ricocheting off the fan blades, wasn't concern over what her brother might be in store for from their father. No, as usual, it immediately became about her. I about fell off my chair when she self-pityingly announced: I knew I shouldn't have said yes to that cover. No, self-absorbed one, what you shouldn't have done was be so quick to throw another couple of shovels of manure on your former friend. Although it's true maybe she shouldn't have done that cover. Because on it she bore a striking resemblance to the Joker. With the new Batman movie coming out, I couldn't help but wonder whether it was intentional or just me seeing things through my biased eyes.

But if that's true, it's not as if I'm alone in seeing things the way they aren't. I'm so sick of hearing her talk about how Sabrina 'lied' to her about Daddy. When exactly did that occur? The way I recall it, never once did she ever ask her friend about what was between her and Victor. She was too busy making every conversation all about her and what she wanted, and what she was feeling. About Daddy, her position at Newman, her dislike for her newly discovered step brother, the sun refusing to come out and shine simply because she wanted a sunny day. Her, her, her. Sabrina didn't have a chance to lie, heck she was rarely able to even interject a word in edgewise in the middle of Victoria's monotonous monologue starring who else, her. As long as Sabrina was smooching the air near her self-centered rear or was in constant commiseration at the unsatisfying (to hear Victoria moan and groan it) state of her life, or rearranging her life and her schedule to make it convenient for Victoria, to be ever near should Victoria need to whisper her name, then Sabrina was the cat's meow. But the moment Sabrina took her eyes from Victoria and pinned them on someone else, now suddenly she's this feral feline who can't be trusted.

And what does it matter, anyway, what Sabrina said or didn't say? It's not as if Victoria remembers it correctly or even believes it now. Because I distinctly remember Sabrina saying she wanted nothing to do with Phillipe, that he cheated on her and she wasn't even returning his calls. I didn't hear Victoria telling her friend then that she needed to hear Phillipe's side of the story first. So how did that turn into Victoria's version of 'she's still in love with him?'

As you can probably tell, I've really come to despise this current version of Victoria Newman. All she does is whine, whimper and wring her hands. She's so self-involved she ought to wear a sign on her back that says, if what you're about to say ain't all about me, I don't wanna hear it. She's boring and one dimensional and she really needs to see a professional about that obsessive love torch she's carrying for Daddy. First of all, her concern for Victor's welfare is completely unnecessary. Because when has the ruthless one not been able to fend for himself? And second of all, where was all this love and caring concern for Daddy when she was conspiring with fickle spouse Brad, Nikki and Nick to drag Daddy from the throne of his own company with plans to put him out to pasture? The truth is, unlike her brother, who started Crimson on his own and now RSM, Victoria has done nothing on her own, other than flee to Italy and draw a bunch of pictures no one outside her family thought amounted to much. Brash and Sassy would never have happened had Daddy not given her company money to play with. And when she returned from Italy and took up the CEO reins after Nick had gotten mad and thrown them to the ground, once again it was Daddy responsible for her luxurious lifestyle. Daddy even let her talk him into giving her Brad man a portion of the Newman pie. And when she'd finally had it with Daddy for paying more attention to Adam than he was to her, where did she run to? Did she look around and take all the pennies Daddy paid her over the years and find something of her own to place her personal stamp on? Of course not. She ran straight to Jabot and tied herself to Mommy's apron springs.

Best lines of the week (especially with the facial expressions that went with them): Daniel to Phyllis: You could learn some good parenting tips from Danny.

Kay to Victoria (after she tried to make Kay believe Sabrina would have jointly okayed the Jabot-RSM co-sponsorship: Do not insult me young lady. Kay to Nikki: Nikki, Nikki, Nikki, how long have you known Victor? I can answer that one. Long enough to know there's no way he's going to let the RSM insult go unpunished.

And lastly, looking forward at some things to come. Like, one, Jill and Brad in Ambition Overload. With two rather unlikable characters, the fun will be in rooting for their opponents. And then there is Jeff and Glo and the Dummy Company. With these two front and center, is there any doubt they'll provide plenty of hysterical moments? I expect, though, that the laughs will quickly die once they open the door and let Jack the viper in the pen to play.

Okay, I'm finally turning off the key on my motor mouth now. But, from the looks of my inbox, my motor mouth had plenty of company. Step up, fans, and be heard.

L. MICHELE - Bringing back Nate, Olivia's son, would be a joy for the faithful watchers of Y&R and give opportunity for ample storylines. It would also give an opportunity for us to see Olivia on a regular basis. He could be a love interest for Tyra, the fact that Eva Marcille won Top Model and her name on the show is Tyra is too funny to me. But back to the return of Nate, he is actually older than Lily, though the last time we saw him he was her little cousin. I would love to see the return of the boys. He, Devon, Cane could be like the Genoa City Rat Pack. Maybe he could come back just graduated from Stanford, Neil's alma mater, looking for a job at Newman and be a threat for Adam at work and in his relationship with Heather. The possibilities are endless. I want Jill to get a man! I see her as a cougar; lets get someone young that she can pounce on. There goes another opportunity for Nate to come back. And last week I said that I could do without Tyra's daughter singing. Well I was proven wrong. I sat there and listened to her sing instead of FF through her performance, though I did FF the very end. I will admit she has a beautiful voice. It took only 2 weeks of my boyfriend watching this show and now he is hooked. He bought up a good point. Is it possible that Sabrina is pregnant with her ex's baby, since Victor had a vasectomy? We might be seeing the beginning of a big twist.

MARY - I can't stand Sabrina! I hope she does turn out to be a rebounding fortune hunter and is eliminated from the storyline ASAP. I feel nauseated watching the scenes between Victor and her, with him acting like she's St. Sabrina. No chemistry just knee deep slop. Want to see Jack & Phyllis, & Nick & Sharon back together too. Love the upcoming Gloria vs Jill battle; my money's on Gloria!

BEATRICE - Yes, Chloe's a tramp but the biggest tramp remains Amber! I didn't feel the least bit sorry for her or Daniel when she shockingly admitted she slept with the Professor. Amber's always been a pathetic stupid girl, insecure at best....completely destructive at worst. She's ruined Daniel for me, but I was actually able to tolerate her [if not like her] with the Professor. As for Vicki, well I hope rumors are true about Sabrina, because I can't stand this chick. I don't blame Vicki at all for distrusting her. When the heck is Gloria's reign going to be over?

CHRISTY - I think David killed Skye, and we won't find out for awhile.

SANDRA - I wish the writers would kill Chloe. Where is Lily's backbone? Can someone please put Gloria and Jeff out of their misery? I am ready to puke with these storylines

CORI - There has never been and will never be a couple as hot and charismatic as Nick and Phyllis. The way the writers are making them all about Restless Style is a horror. There is no reason to watch this show, unless it's about the hottest CBS couple. And, many of us started watching the show because of them and continue to do so waiting for their love to be passionate again.

HOLLY - Okay I hate to bring biology into things but the little tryst Cane & Slut oops I mean Chloe had in the car couldn't have happened. He was so drunk I doubt things worked if you know what I mean, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. I can tolerate Jack being a schemer but the game Brad is playing is just wrong & why is he out for Chow?? I mean the blood between Victor and Jack is boiling for a reason but the whole Brad out for Chow storyline makes no sense to me. Sabrina seems fake to me. No one could be that kissy kissy icky icky.

REBECCA - I can't stand Sabrina. She is a very poor actress.... not a breath of fresh air. She makes me want to puke every time she delivers her lines. They need to send her out of town with David Chow.

NORA - I just heard Sabrina has been cut from the show. I can't believe this, Y&R finally gets an actress that has some class and they immediately get rid of her. Nikki and Victoria are so low class and don't hold a candle to Sabrina in looks or character. If Y&R does get rid of Sabrina and put Victor and Nikki back together I will never watch this show again and neither will many of my friends. Y&R could use a little class.

JUDITH - I am shocked and disappointed in the firing of Raya (Sabrina). I thought she and Victor were perfect together and she brought some class as Mrs. Victor Newman unlike that bleached blonde bimbo Nikki. I would have gotten rid of Victoria before I'd fire Sabrina. Victoria brings nothing to the show except for being a spoiled rich bitch. Every time the show gets some really good actors they fire them! It's enough to make me quit watching the show. Sharon and Jack do not make a good couple. Phyllis and Nick do not make a good couple. Amber is an idiot. Colleen is getting on my last nerve because what purpose does she serve anymore without Adrian in her life. Enough with the Ouija board please! This is so immature. For God's sake keep the good actors on the show and get rid of these immature ones who are boring me to tears! Adrian is a keeper as well as Raya. At least David Chow mixed things up a bit because he's such a low life. Why is Jill still on the show? All she does is talk ugly to her mother, Catherine. Can't you find her a love interest for God's sake? Maybe she's just horny after all these years. Gloria and Jeff Bardwell are the only ones keeping the show going with their little escapades. And please get them a real home and get them out of the pool house (and Club)! This show definitely needs some different writers or you'll be losing some loyal Y&R fans.

ELLEN - Wow, is Sharon naive or just plain stupid? "The article was fact-checked" she tells Victor. Huh? Only if fact-checking means repeating slanderous comments made by an ex-boyfriend. I have an idea Jack, for the next issue lets report the story of how Ashley got pregnant with Victor's baby! That would sell a lot of issues for sure...I guess I shouldn't be surprised but I was surprised at how cruel Jack could be and that Sharon would go along with it. And I don't believe it is possible for Vicky to be more annoying or catty. I loved Kay putting her in her place! Vicky is still spouting off that Phillipe must have come here to be with Sabrina. Hasn't it occured to her at all that the main reason Phillipe would be here would be to give his quotes for the article? I mean, duh, how do you think they got to be in the magazine, ESP? I think Vicky is going to be mighty sorry for some of her actions if the boards are right and Sabrina is on her way out. It will be a little late to show some compassion then.

JACKIE - Oh please, Nikki couldn't stand Victor because he was too controlling and she can stand the likes of David with all his baggage that is all out in the open now, lets get real.

EVE - I've decided that the real problem with Y&R is that while their writers can come up with ideas (of a sort), they can't follow through with them. Otherwise, why get rid of Sabrina so quickly? There are ACRES of storyline left to be told with her - from who's the daddy to an affair a few years down the road with Nick - and they're just going to axe her? But this is typical. Think of all we, the fans, have gone through of late for no pay-off: Carmen Mesta's murder (I don't believe that whole Jana story for one minute); Je Min's murder (what a waste of talent that was - and only now are we finding out that David Chow did it, but why? And for whom?); Brad's alternate persona (I hated the storyline but dammit, if you're gonna make him someone else, then continue on with it), not to mention the people out to get him and his mom and everyone else; Nick's on-again, off-again amnesia; Nikki married to an addict (this should really have taken another year or two to play out, with all its ramifications, including luring Nikki into gambling herself, perhaps). I've heard that Y&R's ratings are falling, and part of it may be that there's no sense in getting excited about anything any more - you know they'll either wrap it in a week or drop the whole storyline entirely and never mention it again. Nothing ties in with anything else; nothing causes lasting repercussions; nobody mourns, nobody remembers, and nothing matters. So why bother?

ROBIE - Hello everyone, had to write to get my feelings heard. I do so dislike Sabrina with Victor. I do so want Victor and Nikki back together. I feel like my family is breaking up and my mother and father are no more. How do we know that Sabrina's baby is Victor? That was fast becoming with child, yea right. Can we say DNA testing? And I love Gloria & Jeffrey together, OMG please let them stay together forever and do their things on people. Now, that is a great couple. And for Cane and Lily, please do not let Chloe break them up please let Amber be the one that come to their rescue, now that's a storyline for you (and if you use it I want 1/2) LOL... Amber can come to Cane and Lilly rescue in unveiling Chloe. OK that's all for now will get back with you on the rest of the clan of Y&R.

CANDY - I agree that Victoria is being a bit of a baby but Sabrina is a major gold digger. I'm not buying that doe eyed look she is selling, even if it comes wrapped in a fancy accent. Truth be told whether we admit it or not we all wait for Victor and Nikki to dump who they are with and get back together. That is the true joy of Y&R! When those 2 are not together the show just feels wrong. And I mean the surprise pregnancy really, how tacky and predictable. Why the hell can't people just date on this show why do they all have to get married what is the rush. Why didn't Vic and Sabrina date for a year and see where it goes. Same goes for Nikki and David. These people are not exactly traditional so the rush to the altar never really rings true. Hey, can you cut Vicky some slack, if one of my friends started dating my dad, I would have taken it waaaay worse than she did. Let's be honest, that is rage inducing!

CL - I would rather see Chloe go than Sabrina! Chloe is a very deceitful person people can't help but despise!

JULIE - During the last fleecing David got at Brad's, am I and my husband the only ones who thought the player who said his occupation was a 'judge' was really played by Christian LeBlanc? It looked as though the make up staff did a real number on Christian just as a joke to us. Are we nuts?

AMY - Sick of Victor. Every time he is about to get what he deserves and someone stands up to him, some tragedy happens and everyone feels sorry for him. Why can't the writers let him fall? Is it in his contract that he never is served justice? And I am so sick of hearing him say his famous words 'How Dare You". As if he created the heavens and earth and has every right to interfere in everyone's life. The only enjoyment I got out of seeing him this week is when he made his will, hoping the writers are finally going to kill his character off. I certainly do not enjoy the love scenes between him and Sabrina; that is disgusting. He is old enough to be her grandfather. Is she getting paid extra for that? But then I don't like Sabrina and I am glad that she is leaving. Please take Victor with you.

LENA - Why did Victor have his sperm banked some years back? Did he have a vasectomy? If so, it was sure easy for Sabrina to get pregnant.

BARBARA - I am glad to read they are getting rid of Sabrina's character. I had a hard time watching the soap knowing Victor was not able to have children and seeing they expected the long time viewers to forget that. It's time to get some good storylines that make sense.

KEVIN - Another good few weeks of Y&R watching. I am loving the intrigue and backstabbing at Restless Style and Jabot. I am very sad that the writers have decided to fire Sabrina. She has really grown on me and adds an air of class around Genoa City. It seems the show has a hard time bringing on new characters and making them permanent. Gloria & Jeff have been fantastic. They crack me up and put a smile on my face. On the minus side, what is this crap with Chloe? This whole drunk sex storyline is very childish and Days of Our Lives like. Are we to believe Cane is so stupid he wouldn't remember having sex with that tramp? I also have low expectations for the new Neil love triangle. While Karen is sweet, she has a temporary feel about her. Ditto for the new Tyra character. Add on top of it is the fact that her acting is pretty lousy. I knew the writers would start showcasing the little Diva's singing talents. If this becomes a habit, I will be hitting the FF button many times a week.

* * * * * * *

As always, I appreciate everyone's comments! Back in a week.

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