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Some cheese with that whine?
by Nita
For the Week of April 14, 2008
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When Victoria wasn't whining about Adam to anyone willing to listen, she was smothering Sabrina with effusive affection.

So, how old is Victoria again? 5? I swear, by the time the week ended, I was about ready to leap through the screen, snatch her up and force her to sit in the time out chair! Whine, whine, complain, complain. All the dang day long. I was so happy when Victor told her he was pulling her contrary carcass from BON, I would have kissed him if I could have peeled Sabrina off him long enough. And, of course, the way Vicky saw things, it was all Adam's fault and none of hers. No, I'm not saying Adam didn't contribute to the problem, because, of course, he did. His comments to his new family, especially Victoria, have often been rude, condescending and completely without tact. But if Victoria wants to place the burden of blame on someone for this unexpected turn of events, perhaps she should look in the mirror for the identity of one of the cooperating culprits. After all, Victor gave her ample chances to share the corporate toys and play nicely with her brother in the sandbox. But she chose instead to arrogantly reject Adam's every suggestion almost before he could push one of them past his lips, certain there was only one right way to do BON things - and it wasn't Adam's.

And when Victoria wasn't whining about Adam to anyone willing to listen, she was smothering Sabrina with effusive affection. By the way, am I the only fan who finds her dependence on Sabrina more than a little strange? I love my girlfriends, but I don't greet them with multiple kisses and warm and fervent hugs every time I cross their paths, which in Genoa City, is about once an hour. Of course, the fact that Victoria is so in love can only mean one thing. That she will go ballistic when she discovers whom Daddy is dating. Especially since she's been flogging that near expired Victor/Nikki reunion nag so much lately. Get a grip, Vick, for now that ship has sailed clear out of the harbor. Victoria really needs to get over this idea that Daddy wakes up every morning with the sole intention of making her dream of the day come true. She obviously wants to be the most important girl in Daddy's life, next to Nikki, so I doubt she'll take kindly to Sabrina usurping Mommy's spot. As far as Victoria's concerned, Sabrina's duties consist of cooing over Reed and supporting her through her mental meltdowns. But if Victor can find a little love, or what passes for it, from Sabrina, she ought to be grown up enough to want him to have it. After all, Nikki's had a toy to play with for quite some time now. As for Victor, I know many fans think he's a dried up and dirty old man for daring to pay a caressing hand on Sabrina, but it's not as if Sabrina is some untried virginal maiden. For a woman who recently claimed to be pretty much done with men and the complicated contest of love, she hasn't balked even a tiny bit at getting involved with Victor. And it certainly seems as if she might be getting much more than she's giving out since Victor has pretty much bought and delivered her a lucrative career. I just hope she can handle it when Victor shows her his somewhat brutal businesslike side. Because you know sooner or later, he will.

Funny how some Genoa Citians keep commenting how much Adam is his father's son. Well, Victor might be to blame for many things, but Adam's behavior really shouldn't be one of them. True, Victor was the supplier of the seed, but when it came to tending and nurturing, that was all Hope. If Adam is arrogant, rude, condescending, immature, tactless, overbearing, and jealous, well, he didn't learn how to be so at Victor's knee. Adam is like a man with a pocket full of push pins and he pulls one out and pokes everyone he meets, just to see if he can make them yelp in pain.

I'm curious as to what J.T. might discover in his investigation of Adam's background. An investigation, by the way, that just might put him right at the head of the line to view an episode of Victor's wrath. I know he's head of security, but I don't think Victor will look at all kindly upon his and Victoria's decision to poke in Adam's past.

What is Adam up to anyway? Could it be that every move he's made since he set foot on Genoa City soil has been coldly and completely calculated? Was he really infatuated with Phyllis (as I've mentioned before, he hasn't convinced me) or, once he realized who Phyllis was married to, was his pursuit more about driving a wedge between Nick and Phyllis than about being enamored of Phyllis? And for that matter, since we know nothing about Adam yet, his deviousness could extend even deeper. For instance, as I mentioned before, when he was googling his newfound father, how could he not have learned just about everything there was to know about his father's family. Yet, he wants us to believe he came to Genoa City, never having laid a baleful eye on Phyllis, nor read one single internet word about her trial and everything that lead up to it. As for Phyllis, no point in offended outrage that Nick decided to warn Adam away from her. What did she expect he would do when she told him for the umpteenth time that Adam was invading her personal space? Now she wants to cry foul, you shouldna done that? Funny, though Nick told Phyllis he doesn't trust Adam personally or professionally, though I listened carefully, I didn't hear him reject his Newman BON business.

As threatened, Michael wasted no time at all slapping Jack with a lawsuit of ridiculous proportions. In real life, such a suit would likely be laughed out of court. If it wasn't, Lauren would probably be found partially responsible, for who in their right, thinking mind reads while descending an unfamiliar staircase? In her preoccupation, Fisher unexpectedly barking could have had the same result. And all Michael's blathering depicting Lauren as some fragile, hot house bloom, prone to debilitating panic attacks, and excruciating migraines, practically driven to bedridden-ness and early retirement as a result of her staircase tumble was just so much Baldwin baloney. Though at first I figured Sharon was wasting her time entreating Michael to reconsider his quick legal action, I think her barb hit Michael where it hurt when she compared him unfavorably to the Mommy he's momentarily distanced himself from. And I about laughed myself off the couch when Sharon tried to play the family card on Jack's behalf. With his dysfunctional family, Michael has no frame of reference for that argument. I guess time will tell if it changed his mind. I'm with Sharon on this one. It's time for the Get Jack campaign to die a quiet death. It passed its 'Best Used By' date a long time ago.

Speaking of that, for all of us fans who have been kicking and screaming with outrage about Gloria still not having been served her just desserts, it just may be that there is a light, dim though it might be, shining at the far end of the tunnel. Having finally gotten everything her little heart started coveting the moment she first cast an avaricious eye on John Abbott, she's discovered her victory wound up being quite hollow. With Kevin and the Baldwins parading in protest, signs with her likeness with a red line drawn diagonally across it held aloft, and believing Jeff has traded her in for a younger, more willing model, Gloria was actually pitiable in her aloneness. Her vulnerability and despair about her love for Jeff, despite what he's put her through was painfully obvious and her emotion-packed scream of rage against the house she just had to have was excellent and went a long way toward convincing this fan that I can learn to like her again if things go as I hope. Obviously, as indicated by the 'Next On' portion of the program, Gloria is doing something with the house, and I hope that means she's about to return it to the Abbott family. Despite what the ghost of John Abbott past has repeatedly said, I think it would be the right and proper thing to do. I can't speak for any other fan, but I'm ready for Gloria to turn her attention to things other than Jack.

Like Jeff. They were quite cute together, him with his single rose and a seemingly sincere plea for a do-over, and her flirtatiously pretending she even had to think about it. And then Kyon entered the picture, screeching like a woman prematurely released from some insane asylum. Baring her bod and sticking it like wallpaper all over Jeffrey. As for Jeffrey, I can't blame Gloria for going ballistic on her Bardwell. Because despite all his recent avowals to Gloria of ever-lasting love, he certainly wasn't trying very hard to separate himself from Kyon. Those were his lips, weren't they, returning Kyon's kisses? And they certainly appeared to be his hands holding on for dear life most of the time. But maybe Kyon might want to cut her losses and get while the getting is good. And safe. Because Jeffrey didn't sound like he was kidding when he warned her that it might not be in her best interests to threaten him. By the way, why Kyon would be asking for payoff money when last we heard Jeffrey was already sending her substantial sums from Gloria's bank account, is beyond my inadequate comprehension. Not that Gloria will miss it, since, as Michael indicated, she's worth 500 million. Anyway, while Kyon is a hoot, I really don't want to see her push Jeff and Gloria apart.

But getting back to Gloria. I was happy to hear her send Alistair packing without a hope of winning her heart. I'm with you, Gloria, though I was sorry to see John removed from the GC roster so ignominiously, and I love the Jeffrey addition to the City, I too am a little weary of doubles. But, Alistair did hear her remark to Jeff about prison. Will he return to Jill with that information and if he does, will she be able to connect that dot to the one over the tainted face cream? It's a doubtful long shot. And lastly, I unexpectedly enjoyed Jana's encouraging talk with Gloria. Gloria was pitifully and obviously gratified by her words and very believable and it was nice to see Jana take a step off her usual offbeat bath and show her more serious side.

So, what's the early verdict on Brad and Heather? Though as is currently the trend for GC romances, Brad is old enough to be her Papa (at 26 or so, Heather is only a hair or two older than Colleen), I think their pairing has plenty of potential. For one thing, Heather doesn't seem young and Brad doesn't seem all that old, not to mention that Heather hasn't bounced on the bedsprings with multiple GC men, so these two together have a fresh, clean scent. I'm very hopeful that nothing happens to stink this one up.

Having said that, however, I had to giggle when Brad was his usual closemouthed self about the details of his pre-GC life. Because thanks to Adrian, soon everyone, including Heather, will be able to read all there is to know about Bradley "George Kaplan" Carlton. Obviously, Brad will not be one bit pleased about that, and judging from the rather apprehensive look on Adrian's face when sort of insistently imploring Colleen to read the early release copy, it's not likely Colleen will be either. Just what did he include that put that look on his face? Whatever it was, I'm guessing he got the 411 from Colleen, who undoubtedly will soon be regretting her willingness to air all the sheets in the family laundry at a time she was most peeved with Papa.

So what's to come on our favorite show in the near future? Or will it be a who, as in Michael's father? Why else would he suddenly be mentioned in a GC conversation?

And what is Victor planning for his last born boy that requires the services of a shyster lawyer? Okay, so that shyster part was a low blow, but I just couldn't help myself. Is Adam about to receive news of his own trust fund? Or perhaps papers are being readied to make Adam a Newman in all the ways that legally count. Will that finally make him relax and stop being such a wise-behind?

Speaking of a baby being born, does anyone believe Lily will carry hers to term? My penny wager is on the paper marked No. It's hard to picture Lily pregnant; she's been written as about 14 for so long, despite her fling with Kevin, girl's school exile and marriage to Daniel. I like Lily, even like her with Cane, but I confess I'm not looking forward (yawn) to her endless complaints about babies, modeling and school. Lily is proof that romantic relations should perhaps be left to somewhat mature women and not sampled by young girls not yet ready for grown up consequences.

That's it for me, fans. Here's your take on the week.

* * * * * * *

ALISSA - I loved, loved, loved the final scene of Friday's show, filmed on location in L.A., where Victor and Sabrina finally kissed! What a magical, romantic setting. Kudos to producers, writers, and whomever scouted out such a memorable location.

DEB - Was it just me? I almost tossed my cookies watching Victor kissing Sabrina - yuk! I think Eric Braeden is a very attractive older gentleman but pairing him up with Sabrina is a little over the top. Why not a romance with someone a little closer to his own age like Jill or heaven forbid bring in another mature woman for him to be involved with? And please writers, either kill off John permanently or bring him back to life. And this SL with yet another man smitteN with THE Glo-bag? Enough already!

MARY - Though I'm liking some of the new story twists, puleeze pull the plug on the romantic storyline between saccharine Sabrina and waaaaaay too old for her Victor. Love Victor, but give him a real woman more his age, puleeze. I just think Judith Chapman is a stunner in her Gloria portrayal, best villainess you love to hate. She and Jeffrey united could be a blast for ongoing storylines and be fabulous partners in crime and general villainy. Think they add spice and humor. Keep it up.

TPS - I had taken a break from the show for a few weeks and just got back to it this week. I couldn't bring myself to watch Gloria day in and day out. Speaking of Gloria, they did the twin thing with Jeffery, must they do it with John too" What are the odds of two of the men married to Gloria having a twin within shouting distance of Genoa City. Do we really need another love triangle involving Phyllis and Nick?

HOLLY - Nick & Phyllis are such a hot/steamy couple I can't imagine Vic Jr interfering with that! There is no chemistry between Adam & Phyllis. Good for Jack walking away, some had to, this story is boring me half to death. I'd like to see Glo & Jill go at it. They could fight about so many things: business, men, who was/is the biggest gold digger.

TRACY - The Lily pregnancy storyline has to be the direct result of the writer's strike. This has come completely out of left field and seems so misplaced within this storyline. I get the fact that unplanned pregnancies happen everyday, even to talented young girls like Lily; however, this doesn't seem to be the direction the show was headed with her character prior to the strike. I'm a fan of "Lane" but not this storyline. Lily has been through enough, Dru dying, the Kevin years, the Daniel years, the Amber years, etc. Let the poor girl have a break!

ELLA - I find the relationship between Sabrina and Victor disgusting to watch, to me it's totally inappropriate.

TAWANNA - I would like to see Victor and Sabrina get closer. She's good for him.

LAURIE - Okay, am I the only one here that doesn't buy into the Sabrina/Victor crap? There's no chemistry there. Let me write the next 6th months. Adam and Sabrina are in this together. I'm not sure why Sabrina is involved but she is. Maybe Victoria was the one who had an affair with her Paris boyfriend and Victoria didn't realize who he was. Adam will continue to pursue Phyllis because Nick has everything. Adam will continue to manipulate Victor (which I think is hilarious!) Gloria will give the house back to Jack, but Alistair will prove to be John's long lost brother who no one ever heard of. His presence will be a comic relief for a while since Gloria will become a less frequent storyline. David will be busted in a gambling ring. Brad will continue to search for his identity since the professor is about to expose all in his book.

* * * * * * *

As always, I appreciate everyone's comments! Be back in a week.

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