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Victor vs. Genoa City!
by Nita
For the Week of December 24, 2007
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How is it that Michael seems to have a photographic memory when it comes to recording Jack's dirty deeds, but becomes blind as a sunstruck bat when it comes to seeing Gloria's?

As the week began, crayons in hand, I immediately colored the picture of myself annoyed with Michael. A little of his gloating self-righteousness and selective memory goes a very long way. How is it that he seems to have a photographic memory when it comes to recording Jack's dirty deeds, but becomes blind as a sunstruck bat when it comes to seeing the slimy muck shoveled onto the pristine white carpet by Gloria? He couldn't wait to rub Phyllis' nose in the fact that Jack wasn't honest with her, but he's little better than Jack when it comes to truth and full disclosure. Because though I listened closely, I didn't hear so much as a murmur about his part in his family's illegal and immoral activities. Happy Comeuppance Day indeed! Obviously, he feels Jack is the only one who should be held accountable for his actions, but thinks he and his family should be issued a lifetime supply of free passes. And despite his sarcastic sniggers, Jack isn't the only Genoa Citian with a pair or two of tighty whiteys littering the landscaped lawn. There are a few of Gloria's tawdry teddies being trampled into the muck as well. The only difference between Jack and Gloria is that the latter has a family of fellow felons willing to trot out and retrieve her unmentionables and secrete them away before anyone can see them. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying Jack wasn't wrong or that Michael doesn't have a reason to gloat now that what Jack did in the dark has been dragged out for all to see. But Michael knows Jack paid and continues to pay a rather significant price for what Gloria's actually responsible for, and he has yet to show so much as a pittance of penitence.

I have to give Phyllis credit, though. For her loyal and staunch support of her friend, Jack. She didn't let Michael wiggle off the hook for his catty remarks. And I know I couldn't have been the only fan cackling with mirth when she reminded Michael he wasn't such an upright, moral specimen of humanity himself.

As for Jack, while much ado has been made about how horrible is a son who would trick his frail, faculty-faulty father, Victor was right; Jack does act before fully thinking things through. Because at the time he tricked his father into scratching out that new will, though John was ill, Jack had no reason to believe John was going to pass from the land of the living to the parallel planet of the universe of the undead anytime soon. And had John survived, he would have learned of Jack's trickery, and most likely forgave and forgot. After all, he forgave and forgot all Gloria did, and they weren't linked by blood lineage, only connected by … well, you know.

Was Jack way out of line? Of course he was. It was a sneaky, underhanded thing to do. But did he do it because he was greedy and wanted all the money for himself? No one else may agree, but I don't believe so. Clearly Jack has more than enough money. It was always about keeping a poisonous spider out of the family web. He might not know all that Gloria did, but his instincts about her are right on the mark. She's a ravenous man-eating piranha who would likely devour her own young if it would save her from extinction. Knowing what I know about Gloria, I just can't feel sorry for her because of what Jack's done. Like a feral feline, she's managed to land on her four grubby paws in spite of his efforts. And she's not done taking from him yet. Jack probably shouldn't waste too much time moping about the fact that he will be rattling around all alone and lonesome in the big Abbott Mansion once Sharon and Noah have left, taking all the life in the house with them. Because the house may not be his to wander disconsolately in for much longer anyway.

But for Sharon, Jack's latest infraction can be used as the final straw that knocked the camel to his knobby knees. And she now feels she has a good excuse to walk away from the man and the marriage. I can't trust you anymore, she whined, shaking her head so emphatically the short strands on each side of her head left lash marks across her eyelids. And I found myself howling hysterically when Sharon sanctimoniously jabbed at Jack about the skeletons in his closet. Yeah, like there'd be any room for a set of Jack's rattling bones in there with all the ones belonging to her already occupying all of the hangers. And I don't know if it's that way for anyone else, but this whole I don't know how I'll ever forgive and forget scenario seems like déjà vu or Groundhog Day, Genoa City style. Except back then it was Sharon's lies that kept rearing their ugly heads much like those darn dandelions spoiling an otherwise perfectly landscaped lawn. And maybe I'm the only one again, but the way she's behaving, I think the time has come for Sharon to move on. Especially since I never really believed she had any real feelings of love for Jack. I think it was all about gratitude. And now that the wound covering Nick and his infidelity no longer needs a Jack Band Aid, she's ready to move forward all right, on a collision course that will likely lead directly to Brad. I wish she'd just admit it and quit trying to make it all about Noah.

And when it comes to Brad, I'm guessing Sharon has not learned a thing from her past man mistakes. She still insists on picking them up and single-handedly placing the object of her affection on a high pedestal. Brad? The best Dad ever? Since when? Since he agreed to let another man raise his daughter with little or no input from him? Brad is right about one thing, though. Jack has been a decent stepdad to Noah. And a good husband to the rather hypocritical former harlot. But for now, the wife has decided she needs space to have the rocks moved from one side of her cranium to the other so she has room to think. Ooops, did I say that? How mean of me. What I meant to say was that Sharon has decided to move back to her former dwelling, which just happens to be down the lane from the Big House and up the path from the Little Tacky Room. Where all the Newmans can all be together once again. And since Nikki already resides there, I guess there'll be no requirement that she knock before entering Sharon's domain. I know Sharon claims this is only a separation, not a divorce, but I would be surprised if she and Jack ever reconciled. I'm not quite sure why reading Jack's collapsed garage letter would make any difference to her. After all Jack really didn't say anything on that scrap of paper that he hadn't already reiterated in in-person words.

What I do find myself wondering about, though, is what in the world will now be done with Nikki's little lap puppy, David. The little woman has already made himself quite indispensable, making coffee, preparing dinner, trashing Victor at every opportunity, perfecting his delivery of yes, yes, yes. Will he room with Nikki (where is her bedchamber anyway, Sharon and Nick's old room, Noah's or Cassie's?) Will they have to hang the Do Not Disturb Sign on the doorknob when they want to have a special moment, or will they return to David's rented room for romance?

Speaking of romance, I hope Cane pulling the age card numbered 31 from his shirt sleeve and tapping it on Lily's forehead is just a delaying tactic to whet our appetite and make us want them more and not THE END. Fans seem to be split on this couple. You already know where I stand. I am really feeling this pair. I don't have a problem with Lily's excited chatter with Colleen about Cane. Come on, what woman feeling that faint flutter of butterfly-winged love in her loins, I mean, belly, for a man doesn't act girlishly giddy? I seem to recall Heather hastening to tell Colleen about Cane's kiss on her pouty lips too. I guess Cane just has a way of enticing the giggling little girl out of his women. And Lily throwing a small fit and flouncing off at Cane's revelation has little to do with age and much to do with anger. Anyway, though the writers have made some rather foolish decisions throughout 2007, I refuse to believe that they can't see the potential in this pair. No, they aren't for every fan, but that's no different than the way fans like or don't like every other one of the current romances.

While I'm not fond of Gloria, almost solely because she has yet to be unmasked, I think I'm going to enjoy watching her and Jeffrey try to best each other. Jeffrey might have the upper hand now, but I've learned the hard way, that when it comes to Gloria, that means nothing. Just wait until Michael and Lauren figure out what's really going on. Then Gloria will become the noble martyr who sacrificed herself on the marital altar to save her beloved family from being implicated in her illegal activities.

I quite enjoyed the scene between Daniel and Heather. I was applauding wildly as he called Heather on her judgmental haughtiness, dragging her down off her high horse and forcing her to look him in the eye instead of looking scornfully down at him. Their stories really are similar, and everything he said made perfect sense. Some people do need second, third and fourth chances. And thanks to Daniel, Heather is going to give Paul one. I hope she tells Paul about her conversation with Daniel so Paul can thank him. And at last, Daniel said out loud what so many fans have thought inside. Despite his possessiveness when Daniel first came to Genoa City, Danny really hadn't been any father worth speaking highly of. He fought for custody, then left his son's upbringing to the Switzerland boarding school staff and other kids' parents. After watching them together, I think Daniel and Heather could make an intriguing pair. And at 25 or just past, she's not much older than Daniel, who has to be 21 or 22 by now.

Well, it' official. Too bad for Brad, but J.T. is the proud papa of little Reed Hellstrom. Looks like it'll continue to be happily ever after for Mommy, Daddy and Son, as soon as Mommy wakes up from her long winter's nap. Would it have been better for Brad to be crowned Daddy for conflict purposes? Couldn't you just imagine all the angst-laden scenarios that could be generated between J.T. and Brad, Victor and Brad, Brad and Nikki, Victoria and Brad; Brad and Nick and Phyllis? Of course, I guess there are only so many scenes that could begin or end with the infamous words - fill in the blank before or after the words, my son. But on the other hand, just how much mileage can be gotten from: we all live together and we're wildly in love? Heck, J.T.'s already become the darling of her parents and her brother. By the way, J.T. was quite magnanimous with Brad, wasn't he? I couldn't help but wonder if Brad would have been so gracious had the paternity tables been turned.

So Jana's counsel is incompetent? What a surprise. Not. How else to ensure she'll have Michael the Magician to blind the court with his usual legal razzle dazzle and then pull a rabbit out of his top hat. Not that I'm ready to join in and start marching maniacally in that tumor made me do it ticker tape parade, but hey, whatever contrived storyline works that finally leaves the Carmen Mesta mess-tery behind, and with it the last of the demolished boxcars from the reliquary train wreck, is all right by me. Of course, Michael will likely get her charges dismissed on the grounds that she was tumor crazy then, but is sane as sin now. The Judge can give her a good scolding, smack her lightly on the wrists and set her free. After all, everybody needs someone to love and Jana is apparently Kevin's somebody.

But has Jana really changed? Is she truly remorseful and madly in love with Kevin? Or has this all been a grand scheme with her freedom the goal? Because I still have not forgotten her staring intently into the mirror tirelessly repeating the same phrase over and over with different inflections, obviously searching for the one that sounded most sincere. Does that long ago day have any bearing on the present or am I'm reaching so far, I'm about to fall off that limb I've crawled out onto? For all I know, that day could be just another dropped storyline that will never be mentioned again.

Nikki and David. I just can't find my way to liking this guy. Some people just rub you the wrong way and for me, David fills that bill. What more can Nikki ask for than a man like David? Supportive and soft spoken, he not only has never once shouted YOU GOT THAT at her, I don't think he's even raised his voice much above a whisper at her. He cooks for her, picks up any object on her work path that he thinks might trip her up. Like a shadow, he's ever at her elbow, murmuring, murmurming, murmuring. Always so agreeable, waiting for her head to shake or nod, before his obediently does the same. David to Nikki is kind of like Neil to Victor, without the romance, of course. I'm not saying he doesn't care for Nikki, or that she should accept Victor's mistreatment of her, but there's still much about this man that I don't trust. Maybe he is madly in love and has no ulterior motives in his heart, but I find that hard to believe.

Whew! Talk about a coal in your Christmas stocking! For all the coals that are about to be poured into Victor's, he's going to need to buy a Christmas stocking factory to have enough stockings to hold them all. For so long, Jack's has been the feet everyone has held to the flames. But now it's clearly about to be Victor's bare toes hopping up and down on the hot rocks. Victor's rage over seeing Nikki and David making out on Sharon's couch has made him retaliate by calling in her loan. Nikki, calling herself a now independent woman scorned, is fighting back with a lawsuit. But, though she keeps squawking about how she's so independent, she knew she wasn't independent enough to fight back alone. So she dragged in Katherine and even last month's mortal enemy, Jack. And, how, by the way is she the woman wearing the cuckold cap? She's the one who betrayed her marriage vows, not Victor. And I know that's the way they do things in Genoa City, but come one, did Nikki really expect Victor to be gentle with her with the way she keeps slapping him in the face with David Chow's smirking presence? I'm not saying that she should refrain from her romance, but does he really need to attend intimate family affairs like Summer's party?

And why the heck does Nikki think she shouldn't have to pay back her loan anyway? If she had borrowed the money from any other Lender, it would have been called in long ago, comatose daughter or not. And Katherine has quickly jumped on the lawsuit bandwagon now that it will benefit her, but where was her eagerness when Nikki was begging for her assistance? She didn't hesitate to turn her old friend down flat! And another thing, I notice Miss Nikki is all sweetness and apologies, hastily rebuilding all those bridges she nastily burned with Phyllis, Sharon and Jack when she was on top. Poor, poor Nikki, everyone is saying. Look what mean old Victor is doing to her.

But what is being done to Victor? His lawsuit could soon be the least of his problems. After all, no matter what the astronomical amount turns out to be, it will still be little more than a small drop in a very big bucket for Victor. But looming even larger and much more ominously on the horizon is JiMin murder. That someone is obviously trying to loop tightly around Victor's neck. Traces of JiMin's blood on Victor's gym bag? Stinks to high heaven like a set up. And who would benefit most to eject Victor from Nikki's life? Why, David Chow, who else? And if it is his hands manipulating things behind the scene, I can't wait to see how Nikki will react to learn her lap puppy is a murderer.

So, the battle lines are drawn. Victor glowering on one side. Nikki and everyone else in Genoa City on the other side glaring malevolently right back at him. This one could be very, very good. And who will represent the great and powerful Oz? Michael Baldwin? Hmmm, maybe not. Doesn't that stink of conflict of interest considering the fact that Lauren may also wind up on Nikki's side as a party to the lawsuit also seeking recompense for what she potentially lost?

Lastly, I'd like to wish each and every one of you, new fans and old, a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays, Season's Greetings, or whatever other greeting you may be accustomed to or have a preference for (hopefully, it isn't Bah Humbug). At any rate, regardless of what phrase is borrowed, I wish for you a coming week filled with friends, family, fun, food, peace and joy. And, of course, Y&R.


* * * * * * *

DAISY - I have been watching Y&R since I was a teenager (I am now in my 40's) so I guess you could say I am a lifer! But I have to agree, the storylines are getting tiresome, I too fast forward through a lot. Firstly, Victor and Jack; they've always been bad and always will be bad. That's why we love them (you know that love to hate them thing). And while Victor has always treated his women badly, Nikki was not the only one (Ashley, Hope, Julia). I for one would like to see Victor on a rampage, it would bring a little excitement to the painfully slow storyline. And Jack, I remember him as BlackJack. He has a past of nastiness; he did some pretty bad things to a 19-20ish Patty Williams (Paul's little sister). No matter how much white paint you try to put on him, the slime will always come through eventually. But I say again, he makes for interesting watching. Secondly, I am a little tired of the Gloria drama. Hasn't her 15 minutes run out yet? I don't like the wiener Kevin has become; the evil one was much better. I do like Michael and Lauren, although they can get sappy sometimes. But they are truly made for each other. He's a reformed felon/creep and she's a made-over bitty (have we forgotten the Traci/Danny/Lauren episodes and the cruelty she poured out?! So hey, in my book they work (although a little more couple trouble making would be fun). Okay, lastly (I think) I am really tired of both Nikki and Sharon's holier-than-thou whining. These two have dished out more than their share. What about the time Sharon thought she killed a client of Nick's, hid the body, it disappeared and then he was alive. Okay, she didn't actually kill him but she showed up to the hotel with intent to cheat, and how many times has she and Georgey (a.k.a Brad) friendly hooked up. Man I need more friends like that! Now Nikki, she and Victor have gone their separate ways how many times? She knows what she's getting into every time she comes back, so quit whining! And one thing I forgot. I don't particularly like the Cane/Lily thing, but it's more because I don't care for Lily. I think she's a spoiled little brat who acts like she's in Junior High. But I'll keep an open mind. Sorry I rambled but I've been storing these thoughts in for a while. Just a bit of advice from a longtime viewer, it will eventually get better, it always does.

JANE - I really can't think of a highlight of this past year, the writing was so jumbled, as though they didn't respect the established personalities of any of their characters. I still can't believe they actually had Nikki running for the Senate, especially considering what all was going on in her family. What happened to her being such a loving mother? I agree about the professor and Devon being missing, but there are so many missing threads and plot lines that just drift off. Apparently GC has only one police person to do all investigations and she seems more interested in Paul than her job. Jill finally finds her long-lost son, and then spends Thanksgiving out of town? And what about JiMin's murder? They showed at least a couple of times that Will's evil twin had the neighboring room, but unless I missed it he's never even been questioned. They had security cameras that captured Jack leaving the room, but have never mentioned seeing Amber leave with the money. The new DA throws a fit about Phyllis just seeing her daughter when she's ill, but seems to spend no time investigating any cases. And where is her mother? Paul helped save them once in the past, she loved him, why isn't she trying to help her daughter deal with the news that he is also her father, and explaining that it was she who insisted he stay out of their lives? It is as though whoever is now writing has no respect for the history of these characters' lives.

ELLEN - I'm confused. Why is suing Victor such a good idea? It has already been established that Victor's drilling company did everything by the book and that it was a faulty mechanism that caused the explosion. As such, even if everyone decides to sue Victor he would surely add the manufacturer of the faulty gizmo to the suit who would be held primarily responsible. And anyway, the only people here who should care are the insurance companies. Victor can't be held personally legally liable unless he caused the explosion on purpose and I haven't seen any evidence or accusations regarding that! As such, he wouldn't personally be touched nor would his companies' millions - it simply doesn't work that way! Same goes for Gloria. Just because William has a jar of cream, which, by the way, has been around forever and passed through multiple hands, and a note referring to a "her", why does Gloria ever think William could bring a successful case against her. Talk about flimsy evidence and hearsay! Have to say not one of the Cane and Lily lovers - he's just simply too old for her and she proves it over and over again with her girlish demeanor - come on Cane! Find a mature woman! Does it seem to anyone else that Sharon was just looking for an excuse to bail out of this marriage? What Jack did may have been very underhanded but hello? Sharon, haven't you MET Gloria? Find Jana boring but love the character of Kevin, especially when he interacts with his brother Michael. Sorry folks, still love Phyllis and Nick together - gag me cute but I can't help but love it! I'm tired of David Chow, can we please get moving on whatever storyline he is supposed to be a part of besides being Nikki's paramour? As Nikki said to Phyllis, "he's no Victor". Let's face it, Nikki and Victor are eternal and it is only a matter of time until they find their way back to each other.

LEANNE - I'm really tired of the awful writing. We're supposed to listen to Sharon rant about how awful Jack has been, when she has even worse skeletons in her closet. Hello, she thought she killed a man, then drug his body down into the sewer. I think that's a lot worse than anything Jack has done. On top of that, we're supposed to stomach the Fisher/Baldwins gripe about how badly they were treated by Jack, when all along they know Gloria is responsible for the tainted cream and a woman's death, and Jack has been suffering the consequences of that action by losing his company. It's all very tiresome to listen to, so my FF button is getting a hefty workout lately. I hope when they come back from their long vacation they've got some better ideas. Otherwise, let's just dump them and get some new writers!

GEORGIA - The prospect of Cane stating that Lily and he can only be friends makes me want to hurl. Y&R has crushed my romantic spirit. I was taken along for a ride for nada.

CI - My favorite storyline on Y&R right now is of course the budding romance of Cane & Lily. I remember back in the summer when a friend of mine grimaced about this pairing; calling hottie Cane too old for Ms. Lily Winters; now she's eating her words. Since being paired with Cane, Lily's character has taken on a new persona and it's been so refreshing to watch. They ignite chemistry and make you want to root for them, it is indeed a welcome change from the NEWMAN, GLO show. I love Cane. He has raised the bar and deserves the title of The Undisputed DAYTIME HUNK, that man has definitely brought sexy and romance back. Tired of Amber; her stay in GC has been overstayed and I think it'd be best if she'd grab Heather pack up and they both leave. Kevin needs to get over Jana. I love his character but think this whole Jana thing is plain stupid. Sharon and Brad need to get together, we all know she did not love Jack, just needed a man. That said, keep building that wonderful romance of Cane and Lily. Also loving Jill and Kay's relationship with Cane, great formula stick with it.

MANUELA - Nita, This year I stopped watching my favorite soap General Hospital after the break of Sam and Jason. I got tired of watching the same old things like the break ups and the lies, same old stories. Something was missing from most of the soap operas. Passion was missing in the stories. One day I was turning the channels and boom! I found the most beautiful love story on soapnet Young and the Restless. Lily and Cane! Thank you for bringing back romance to the soaps. Nita, I hope Lily and Cane becomes a couple for 2008 not short term but a long term couple. One more thing. More air time for Lily and Cane!

KEVIN - Y&R needs a new head writer pronto. Also, lets drop all the dead wood. There are too many boring, mindless characters who can go. Let's start with the actress who plays Lily. She can't act and puts me to sleep. They can take her, Adrian, Colleen, Amber, Heather and Cane and send them to Cambodia. Next, bring back Heather Tom and fire the anemic Amelia Heinle. Her and J.T. together can cure chronic insomnia. The best actors on the show are Christian LeBlanc and Peter Bergman. They should showcase these two men and give them great storylines. I am in the minority, but enjoy watching Gloria scheme and her sons mopping up after her. It must be a guy thing. We love to protect our moms. Also, Jill and Katherine are completely underused. Let's focus on core characters and get rid of the teeny boppers.

ANNE-MARIE - Color me surprised when for once, I cannot agree with one of your comments, not one! I even went to the end of your column to verify that it was really you! Jack stealing from his own father, whom he supposedly adore, is not a normal cheating it redefine Jack as a villain of the worst kind, cheating the one he loves. For me it was a line in the sand for a character I loved for years and it cannot be seen otherwise as Jack is no longer a good guy! Sharon sees it the way I see it, you can forgive almost anything, but I would not be able to forgive that one! One day your beloved father, next day your beloved wife! We will not agree on Sharon. Your description and interaction does not resound with me one bit! Just agree to disagree, on everything! As for Jeffrey he overacts and it is painful to watch and so not believable and I am counting the days until he leaves. Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn about that half bake character! Cane and Lily is watching a grown up going out with a 12 years old giggling, running to her best friend and going trough everything that was said. I see no chemistry and frankly it is creepy! If a 31 one year old guy wants to go out with my 19 year old he will have to go through me. Not romantic at all! As for J.T. he is the worst actor on Y&R, no emotion will be shown on this face, your guess of what he is feeling is good as mine, because he stinks. He deserved nothing, for him this baby was a none entity and he was willing through it all to let him die and just save Vicky. If they listen to him, this baby would be death. He will be the worst father ever, he already is! Wait, wait, but we agree on something and only one thing, Phyllis does belong with Jack! Ah finally, fear not, I will be there next week to read you anyway, I love your column! Happy holidays, a fan anyway!

WANDA - Is Sharon Abbott Numero Uno Hypocriteor what? This woman, who is judging Jack so harshly, left her children and just ran away, had a ONS with her almost BIL, Brad, and has continued to lust after him while married to Jack. She had an affair with her SIL's boyfriend, Diego. She has so many spots she should look like a leopard. I really hate her holier than thou attitude. She sure doesn't mind Noah being around his adulteress father and his ex-con wife. His grandfather is an SOB of the highest caliber. His grandmother helped send his stepmother to prison. She needs to clean up the rest of her house before throwing Jack out with the trash.

JANICE - Nikki being stuck on stupid since the election fiasco is no reason to bring Kay into her madness. The business and personal relationship between Kay and Victor is such that the character Kay inherently knows Victor, her loyal friend, will make things right for Chancellor Industries. This ill-fated storyline is frustrating but I am hopeful the writers will let Victor make mincemeat pie out of this trio (David + Nikki equals one nut). The one day I watched this past week, Victor could not reach his lawyer: This gives me hope exposure of Glo and the boys is coming soon. Perhaps, a new lawyer for Victor and one who works only for him, is forthcoming, a stunning female who can expose David for the leech he is, shocking Nikki back to her senses. If nothing else, as Victoria comes out of her coma, please put Kevin and Gloria in one. Jack is lucky to have hypocritical, self-centered Sharon out of his life: She deserves Brad. Well, hope your holidays are peace-filled and are nothing like a soap opera. LOL

LORNA - I tape the show - hoping to only watch the good part. I find myself fast-forwarding most of the show. I find most of the characters and storylines really boring. I'm tired of Gloria and her conniving family; no longer interested in watching. Once in a while I'll watch snippets, hoping Gloria and her family would get what's coming to them, which never seems to happen. So I end up watching the whole show in about 10 minutes or less. That's how I started with Bold and the Beautiful - until I just stopped taping and stopped watching. Enough is enough. By the way, I love Jack's character.

SHANNON - Talk about a jaw dropper. I screamed a couple of foul words when it was discovered J.T. was indeed the father. I like the name Reed, but I'm getting a little tired of this lets keep it in the family crap when it comes to naming Newman offspring. And when was the last time J.T. has been to work? I was a bit thrown by Paul's invitation for him to come back to work I was thinking GMAB! Little Summer's birthday was quite nice although you could literally cut that tension with a knife, however, I thought Nick and Phyllis were pretty good hosts and looked scrumptious together as always. I know I wasn't the only one that was a bit perturbed with Cane's let's just be friends crap! Come on Cane, age ain't nothing but a number. LOL! Afterwards, I was a bit confused with their encounters which where more annoying than awkward. And for heavens sake, if Daniel asks one more stupid question about where Amber's getting the money to buy all these new gifts I'll scream. Put two and two together dummy. Even though he's dumber then a box of rocks, I hope Daniel winds up with Amber and not with I'm a workaholic, with no life, and a bad attitude Heather. She is so unlikable. Although I did lighten up on her just a bit when she agreed to spend the holidays with Paul and Maggie. The lawsuit threesome has brought much needed anticipation for the New Year coming. I want to see what these three have up their sleeves for the great Victor Newman. I'm hoping it goes in their favor and it makes Victor take a much need vacation cause I'm getting sick of him!

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