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For the Week of November 19, 2007
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Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we've opened the fan mailbag again this week.

Hey fans! Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, this week I will be sharing what your fellow fans thought about what they saw. See you next week.

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MAE - Has everyone forgotten that Phyllis is the reason Dru is dead? Why does she think she should get privileges and get to break all the rules? Don't let her appeal go through. She needs to serve her time. She's still scheming.

TANYA - Great column as usual. Thank you for those words in regards to the Winters Family. They are the only African American family on the soaps. We need some diversity! When is Gloria going to get hers? Victor is getting his comeuppance, as is Jack, as has Phyllis, but Glo just keeps worming her way around GC. I record on the DVR and still cannot bear to waste an hour of my life watching. Thanks for letting me vent.

MYRA - I have to say leave Neil alone. He's a great character who just needs a good storyline. He's a great father to his children and gives good advice. He's only trying to protect them. As for Heather - get rid of her - what an awful character. I can't stand her. She really needs to loosen up. I can see why Cane won't fall for her.

GENE - I so hate Heather right now and the actress isn't making me feel sorry for her. She is terrible and doesn't deserve the air time she is getting when there are so many other characters who need it and need redeeming. I also think Paul is a terrible father and I can't stand his character. He acts so self-righteous about other people's behavior but doesn't bother to keep track of his children. I totally agree that Lily and Cane are cute together and I like their friendship. Neil, she is a grow woman and needs to make her own choices and mistakes to learn in life. I so hate Cane with Heather and just want him out of her orbit. I do think the writers need to mature the character and stop making her a teenager and be a bitch in training like Dru. I think Christal Khalil has the chops to pull it off. I think they need to recast Colleen again and get somebody who has chemistry and can act. I think the show is getting off track with what made it number one and made you watch each episode. But if the show's brass don't change direction or get back to basics, I don't see it being number one for long.

BEATRICE - Hey Nita! I can't believe you mentioned Cane and Lily but said nothing of that hot phone call between them when Cane dropped Heather off! LMAO. Tell me Cane isn't as hooked on Lily as she is him ... what man ANYWHERE would give up a chance to sleep with a beautiful woman [even a boring one!] just to make a call to another woman concerning a song? A SONG? The only thing that would have made that scene even better was actually seeing Cane before that speaking to the "buddy" who investigated the song for him on the internet and Cane being ragged on by that "buddy" before calling Lily with the answer. OMG, and if any guy spoke to me over the phone like Cane did with Lily, I'd probably have a restraining order on me! LOL.

DIANA - I agree with Bonnie. I have always thought that William Bardwell was not dead and is posing as his brother to nail Gloria. Does anyone know how long we have to wait till Victoria wakes up? I can't take it any longer. I also agree that Nikki's nose is way too far up in the air; after all she was a stripper once. Thanks for listening.

POPPYCOCK - November sweeps - snoozefest indeed! And, I'm not just talking about Victoria's comatose scenes. The only saving grace in all the hospital scenes is Victor, yeah Victor! The anguish on the "Mustache's" face just warms my heart. Finally, a little humility from The Great One. How about all of GC's finest coming to give the Mustache a quick kick in the sides, just to see if there's a pulse? Jack, Katherine, Nikki and heaven knows who else is slithering from under the CS rubble to point a jagged finger at Victor for his methane drilling. Is there any way this is NOT going to turn out to be smilin' Jack's fault? After all, he is GC's best whipping boy! Poor Jill is still after his 'plums' for her dead boy-toy because, as we all know, the good Senator's suit is a magnet for dog hair. Well, as I suspected, I won't be able to enjoy my turkey dinner with the red felon out on work release. Did I say work? Out of the jumpsuit and into the 'spray on dresses' she goes just to make sure her lap dog, Nick knows what he's missing! All she needs now is that pole in Nicky-boy's office to really set him off! What kind of court system allows a prisoner to work in an environment with all of the family, friends and oh, of course, the children of the felon? How 'bout picking up some trash along the streets of GC? Heaven help the janitor at Newman, because it's only a matter of time before Red gets her horn-dog hubby into the broom closet for a quickie because, lately, that's all she seems good at. I say, next time I break the law, sign me up for 'that' prison with 'that' work release! Gotta say, Nita, all this fuss over Cane & Lily? I don't see it. She is just too juvenile for him, with the, "uh, like, did you see,like, Cane?" "He looks, like, oh, so, like, hottt!" giggle, giggle! Blah. Just lost my lunch here! A quick mention of Lauren and her panic attacks ... WTH? Is she gonna fold up like a lawn chair and slip into la la land at the mention of Sheila now? Are we gonna see the Phyllis-Sheila, or the ghost of Sheila, ala John Abbott? This re-hashing of sl's is getting tedious ... give me a good "who's the daddy" storyline - unlike Victoria's who cares who's the daddy - this inquiring mind wants to know, who's really Summer's daddy? Hmm ... she has Jack's smile!

CABC - Thank you Nita for the very much needed opinion on Neil and the Winters family! I've always said you have to be an adulterer, have nasty sex on the couch, or backstab a family member in order to be popular! IMO those who don't like the Winters are haters because they've been able to remain half decent. But I hate that the writers have no imagination, no versatility, nor originality; they simply can't write for people of color! If you're not the Newmans or Phyllis, you are just filler, and get all the junk, and even with Phyllis and the Newmans, there needs to be a great deal of improvement. They must make this stuff up within minutes, because there's no way they spend a great deal of time coming up with this garbage.

HOLLY - Okay, I don't hate Neil but I just don't like him since Dru is gone. The whole family is pretty stagnant since she left. I admire he has stayed faithful. Plus I think he bothers me a little because he's such a Victor Newman butt kisser. I think the writers took him down a notch as spokesman for the whole Clear Springs thing. I guess I'm just not impressed by his character lately. I think Heather, Amber and Lily need to take a walk down yellow brick road. Heather needs a heart. Amber needs a brain. Lily needs some courage if she's going to be the go to girl to replace her mama. Take care all.

GAYLE - Nita, as usual I agree with just about everything you've written this week. I don't, however, want to see Lily with Cane. He is too old (mature) for her, but more than that I find him a little creepy. He just whips out this "aren't I irresistible?" smile and thinks any woman should swoon. Sorry, he's handsome, but I find him a little creepy and perhaps a tad bit conceited - smarming Lily and Heather, and even tossing Amber a glowing comment about how she looked! But that's just me. I really agree with your view on Neil and his family. What really is the problem people are having with Neil and the Winters? My goodness, Neil has always been a stand-up guy, despite being side-stepped repeatedly over the years by his employer. Neil is one of the only characters the writers haven't completely destroyed. The Winters are the only "normal" family left on the show (since in their infinite wisdom TPTB dismantled the Abbots, killing off dear John in the process!). This show needs the Winters family - and desperately need Dru back. Not only are they the last representation of African-Americans on the show (not including the sudden plethora of Black doctors and nurses at GC Memorial - what's with that? Hmmm). But compared to most of the other people in GC, they are basically a decent family trying to deal the best they can with what life throws at them, without resorting to crimes (enter the Baldwin/Fishers). They are just trying to keep it together, like a real family would. The writers need to come up with more interesting storylines for Neil and Lily (they've already lost Devon because of their lack of creativity - good for you Brighton!). The Winters need to stay.

EMILYLUX - Just wanted to include my comments about Neil. No, I don't like him. It goes way way back, to when he was first married to Dru. Remember how she wanted to work as a model, which Neil supported, but then, when she wanted to go out of town on shoots, and stuff like that, he put his foot down, saying it would disrupt the family (by then Lily was born) and he couldn't have his wife all over the place, not knowing where she was? At times like that, I was incensed and outraged at how backward Neil was, and how the writers let him remain so pigheaded and male chauvinist about a working wife. It was as though he said to her, 'You can work in Genoa City on these days, for this number of hours, but my dinner has to be on the table and the baby's diaper changed, or Daddy ain't gonna be happy'. Seriously, Nita, this went on and on and on. It was the reason why Dru left him and took Lily to Paris. I remember this so well and I have not trusted Neil since. He gets this self-righteous air about him every once in a while. When Neil got involved with Carmen I could see it coming around again. He wouldn't see how it hurt Dru, he had to have his candy and enjoy it at the same time. I liked Carmen, I really did, and I think her character suffered. So what people are seeing as a strong father figure in Neil, and a faithful husband, etc., the dark side I know about is that he was not an understanding friend or a supportive helpmate to Dru when she really, really needed it, particularly when Lily was a baby, and Dru's career was just taking off. So, that is why I don't like Neil and never have. Nice guy on the surface, but controlling and male chauvinist when you scratch the surface. Thanks for listening. Em - a viewer of YR since 1983.

BETTY - Y&R has outstanding actors but very poor writers. Too little reality (Phyllis' sentence), age differences, etc. I used to like the show but now find it hard to watch.

WANDA - Does Heather, Paul, Michael, Maggie or for that matter, anyone else, have an office? Kevin should charge all of them office space rental at Crimson Lights. If it weren't for the break room at NE and the coffee house, no business would ever get done in GC. I'm really bored with all of the time spent at the hospital and sick of looking at Nikki's ridiculous one inch pony tail. If I could just forget how small the rock was that knocked Victoria into a coma then maybe I wouldn't see this as such a contrived storyline. Lily made my "bad list" last week being so mean to Karen. I hope she never gets to sleep with Cane (definitely her loss). The writers need to wind up these two bad SLs soon: Victoria's coma and Phyllis in prison. I think we have all seen enough of them to do us a lifetime.

KEVIN - I would like to answer your question about why people dislike the winters. For me, I do not have a problem with Neil. It is those kids of his. For starters, they can't act. I've seen high school productions with better actors. Devon has no expression on her face and Lily is just embarrassingly bad. Secondly, they are two of the most self-righteous kids in town. They just down everyone (i.e. Daniel), but when their Momma Dru was attacking people and going crazy that was OK to them. I agree with you and fast forwarded through every boring, trite monologue at Victoria's bedside. For all I care, they should just kill her off. She and J.T. are two BORING characters who show no emotion. I do enjoy the Fishers, whom everyone seems to hate. There is something unique about the way they interact as a family and I love the scheming. The way Kevin and Michael react to Gloria is priceless. I just wish Y&R would go back to its core families and focus on real storylines. No more murders or characters we don't care about Sheila/Phyllis doubles or major explosions. Speaking of, that week of explosion nonsense was a bore. Did anyone really think that a major character would die? Y&R truly needs to shape up, or they will turn into Days. Thanks for listening.

CAROLYN - Hey, Nita. For all of the griping fans do about there being too much Phyllis, I am in the minority there. Yes, Phyllis is annoying with her 'the rules shouldn't apply to me' attitude, but the person I am most tired of is Gloria! Here is a woman who's committed several crimes, some which may have resulted in the death of a woman, and she not only gets to walk the streets of Genoa City a free woman, but she got $50 million to boot! Where is the justice in that? Gloria is guilty of involuntary manslaughter at the least. When is she going to be arrested and sent to prison where she belongs? I am also tired of Kevin doing Gloria's bidding! No need to complain if he's going to do what she asks anyway! If Jeff Bardwell is the key to Gloria paying for what she's done, then I wish TPTB would get on with it already! This SL has dragged on long enough! I didn't know fans didn't like Neil. I like him a lot! I agree with the fan that stated that there are not enough black people (or minorities in general) on soaps and the Winters family is one of the better written minority families on any soap! As long as TPTB nix the 'Devon loves Lily' SL, the Winters will continue to be a core family unit that I will enjoy watching! B&B has enough incestuous family SL's, there is absolutely no need to bring that to Y&R! Who does David Chow think he is, throwing threats around? Oh that's right, he's the loser who's having an affair with Victor's wife! I can't wait until it's found out that he killed JiMin (at least that's what I'm hoping for!) I wish everyone would get off of Victor's back! There is no way he could have foreseen what happened to Victoria! Let he/she who is without sin. Lastly, I couldn't believe Nikki wanting to save the baby even if it meant Victoria dying! Did she really say that? I was so shocked. If Victoria survives this and can't have anymore children, she could always adopt. Nikki even considering Victoria losing her life to bring a child in this world seems drastic. I don't know if I could make that kind of decision, especially without ever talking to my daughter first! Nikki has the audacity to look down on Victor? At least he is doing all he can to save Victoria as well as her baby! Seems to me that Nikki can be just as selfish as she claims Victor is!

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