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by Nita
For the Week of October 29, 2007
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Jack and Nick began their journey to Clear Springs with pre-trip bickering, with Sharon playing the part of their long-suffering, patient peacemaker.

If I was still a smoker, I'd sit down and have a cigarette, much like many smokers do after consuming a particularly satisfying meal. Such was my viewing experience with week one of Out of the Ashes. Yes, I know, like others of you who may lurk or post on various boards across the net, I haven't missed the chatter of some fans who found the whole thing a bit cheesy at times, and I do understand their viewpoint. For this fan, however, suffice it to say I am a cheese-aholic through and through, often munching on morsels of cheese while sipping on glasses of semi-sweet wine, am an admitted sucker for a good tear-jerking scene, and love the slow-motion, freeze-frame, face-shot and the like, style of filming, and because of that, found the week, for the most part, supremely satisfying. True, the end product may not have lived completely up to all its massive hype; some of the promo scenes were better than the actual scenes they came from (worth a rewind for a second or third look), but, despite the occasional unbelievable bit, I thought it made for some pretty darn good watching.

For those of you who have read me before, I suppose you only need half a guess to deduce which couple I found to be the annoying flies flopping uselessly about in the ashes. Yes, Phyllis and Jana, and Phyllis' incessant phone calling. I know, I know. She was worried about her loved ones, and I understand the scribes had to pencil in a part for her someplace. But, still, just my opinion, of course, she and her sickeningly supportive sidekick contributed nothing of value or interest and by mid-week had driven me half-crazy with murderous intent. When I caught myself day-dreaming about snatching that receiver and conking Phyllis upside her crown with it, I knew I had to get a grip and claw my way back to reality. So, after that, when her frantic, lip-biting countenance appeared, flanked on either side by that trailing hair, I slammed FF until she simply disappeared. I figured that after the first look and listen, I thought it would be safe to assume she'd only be repeating herself endlessly. Same words each time, just a different person forced by politeness or love to listen to them. And once was more than enough for this fan. She'll be out in a minute or two more; I'll watch and listen to her then. When at least I won't have to look at the simpering face of Jana peering stupidly over her shoulder, spouting idiotic sentences. Gawd, is that girl irritatingly ingratiating or is that just me being hateful?

But anyway, those two were just minor out of focus nonentities in the larger picture. There was still plenty of other pairings in the portrait to enjoy.

For instance, the threesome of Jack, Nick and Sharon. The two men began their journey to Clear Springs with pre-trip bickering, with Sharon playing the part of their long-suffering, patient peacemaker. The camera's eye view of a petulantly pouting Nick sprawled in the back seat, framed between Jack and Sharon in the front, taking aim at and landing perfectly centered pot shots to the back of Jack's head was hysterical. Even the parking garage's collapse didn't stop Nick from sniping. How funny was it hearing him argue with Jack about the direction to take only to have his chosen path immediately blocked by chunks of cascading cement? Let's go this way, Nick sheepishly and swiftly re-considered, suddenly agreeing that Jack's path might be best after all. In the end, though three had entered, only two could safely exit, so Jack made the supreme sacrifice and stayed behind so that the other two might live, so to speak. That he would do such a thing doesn't surprise this fan, though. His decision was pure Jack Abbott, who has always been a bit of a scoundrel with a big, loud bark which more often than not isn't often followed by a blood-bringing bite. Just a couple of cases in point. Initially enraged with Diane, she wound up his pampered houseguest, in spite of his then wife's indignant protests. Second, his heart might once have lain in sharp-edged shards when Phyllis dropped it on the concrete, but these days, he's neck and neck with Michael, just a head behind Nick, when it comes to being her best bosom buddy. But all that's beside the point. Before two left and one stayed behind, Nick and Jack momentarily mended their fences with Nick crediting Jack for making him the man he is today. The not quite so believable nitpick: Sharon with her injured limb agilely squeezing through the tiny space beneath that mountain-size boulder without screaming in agony.

When it came to the moment of rescue, I enjoyed every single one of them. I thought it was excellent the way all the bystanders, word of the next rescue's appearance apparently racing quickly through their worried ranks, managed to converge at the point of the rumored exit, their faces alight with both hope and dread, waiting for a body to walk or be carried out. Nick's reaction upon learning his boy was buried beneath the rubble was perfect, even had me swiping at one of my suddenly moist eyes. Jack was excellent as well, at last coming out of his ever-present suit jacket, his once immaculate white shirt coated with concrete dust and debris. Couldn't you almost feel his despair that he might never see the light of day again? Now, though I've admitted I like an occasional chunk of cheese, I was relieved there were no ghostly visits to help him through. The icing, of course, was with Victor being his savior.

Next up, the foursome of Maggie, Lauren, Paul and Noah. Even though I found them the least interesting of the lot, just my opinion, of course, Noah was quite mature, especially when contrasted with Lauren's panic attacks. Maggie was her usual self, no big lows or highs and Paul was the glue who mainly held them together. I was happy to see them rescued, because a little of Lauren in near-hysterical mode, goes a long, long way, and gets annoying quite quickly. Much better and way more enjoyable to watch was the reactions and emotions of her waiting family. Michael rarely fails to deliver and this time was no exception. And Kevin and Gloria were the perfect supportive family members. This, by the way, is the Gloria I like watching, just the right amount of motherly support and concern, without going far, far over the top like she often does, and managed to not make this disaster be the least bit about her. To wrap it up, Michael and Lauren's slow-motion run to one another reunion was done exactly right, along with Kevin and Gloria's closing of the family circle around her.

Cane, J.T., Mrs. Chancellor and Amber. For a tough old broad, to quote Paul Williams, Katherine did an excellent job portraying a frail and injured senior citizen. J.T. and Cane behaved exactly like I would imagine strapping young men like themselves would behave. They climbed to the top of that elevator shaft like they'd been born to the job. I could easily believe Cane would be able to do that since prior to his arrival in Genoa City, he's claimed a background in all sorts of occupations requiring more brawn then brain. J.T., however, is a different kettle of fish since, except for one or two workouts at the AC, he rarely lifts anything much heavier than a Crimson coffee cup. But, be that as it may, they were both very believable. And like fan Femmeblue below, I loved Cane's subterfuge about his stint in the AER. On the other hand, when it came to Amber "The Screech" Moore, I was less impressed. From the moment we glimpsed her forehead bloodied, in her car, she began squealing and screeching like a piglet with his tail caught in the farmyard fence and I quickly hit mute so, like some elders say about certain too-adult acting children, she could only be seen but not keep hurting my ears. I hear you, fan Trey (see below). I know you think I'm too hard on both Gloria and Amber, but there is a reason for that. I dislike them for exactly the same reasons. Not just because they've both shown themselves to be liars, gold-diggers and master manipulators. But because the scribes have chosen to write them as only those things and little else. At least with Gloria, we are finally getting to see another side of her, at least occasionally, now that she's become a millionaire in her own right. And maybe that will soon be the case with Amber. I admit I found her much more palatable when she was talking to Daniel about her chance to showcase both her designs and her music at the Fenmore opening. That's really all I ask from my characters. I don't care if they're evil girls or boys, just show me a little good from time to time to balance out the bad. Fan Gene hit the nail precisely on its flat little head for me. Like him, I too need a reason and a little believable remorse to root for Amber and so far, I'm not getting either.

But, I've strayed from the subject, so I'm hauling myself back. Back to the ruins with Amber and Katherine. I wish I could say that Amber's effusive apologies to Kay for her past behavior moved me to sympathy, but in truth, they really did not. Because although she claimed to have learned from her mistakes, the fact that she continues to hoodwink her so-called best friends, Kevin and Daniel, about the money she stole, still makes her a cheat and a liar in my eyes. So the whole interaction with Amber and Kay was wasted on me and did nothing to tug at my heartstrings or my emotions. But, that's just me.

One bonus with the tragedy where Kay was concerned. It finally knocked the name JiMin out of Jill's every other sentence. At least for an episode or two. I know it won't last;that she'll be back to hurling insults at Jack in a day or less, but I've enjoyed the brief respite.

And last to be rescued: Victoria and Adrian. Victoria's finally growing on me and I'm beginning not to mind J.T. and her together. I didn't get to watch my episodes until Sunday night, but I'd read a lot on the boards about her rescue so was watching for the beauty pageant wave I'd read so much about. And the rock. But though some found it a little bit amusing the fact that such a small rock caused multiple flips, I thought the scene pretty realistic, okay except for the size of the rock. But I chose to chalk it up to the fact that of course, her balance wouldn't be perfect after being stuck underground with poor ventilation, dust and fumes, walking half bent over to get to safety, forced to walk bent over most of the time, not to mention 6 months or so pregnant and coming down an uneven hill strewn with rock pieces. I didn't really credit the rock with shoving her into a comatose state, but that was a heck of a somersault she took.

As for those who were never trapped underground, their performances were well worth watching as well. Victor and Nikki were outstanding and believable as worried out of their wits parents. And for once I have no complaints about makeup and hair. In fact, everyone both outside and in could have been poster children for the look of disaster. Dirty hands and faces, messy hair and unmade up faces. Ahhh, if only we could all look so presentable without our made up public faces and perfectly done 'dos.

It seemed like everyone had a part in this play. Neil got to play PR person, Kevin had the website. Daniel was in charge of receiving phone calls, transmitting info, even bringing blankets. David played his part mostly behind the scenes which, given my dislike of him, was just the way I like him. Even Brad was allowed in the act, somehow injuring his eyes, though I don't recall him being close enough for that.

Okay, because I'm an odd bird, there were a few things that made me giggle a bit. Like the fact that a few hardy souls were lucky enough to forage and find a handy flashlight. It's a good thing my car wasn't one of those in the parking garage. Because not only is my car poorly equipped in that it lacks such emergency supplies like blankets, flashlights, extra food and that sharp, pointy thing that's supposed to shatter your windows so you don't drown in your submerged vehicle, the only thing anyone would be likely to locate in the back of my SUV is stuff I need to take back to Wal-mart. And if you didn't find my purse with the receipt inside, even that wouldn't do you any good.

I'm not quite done yet. Before I sign off, I have to add that I thought it was a nice touch that on the fifth and final day of the Ashes, each person involved verbally shared their particular experience with their loved ones and us. It definitely gave me a different perspective on things as I listened to one after another describe the darkness and isolation of being buried underground. Especially since that didn't come across in the actual underground experiences which of necessity had to be well-lit enough for us to see what was going on. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find those movies where things take place in near complete darkness, making it hard to even see what's going on are frustrating.

As for all the hype, you know about heroes made, new alliances formed, and the rest of that, I guess it remains to be seen what will change. There certainly seems to be plenty of mileage that can be gotten from this. With the destruction of the casino, Jack, as so many have wished, is for the moment, finally out of the Clear Springs project. Victor has obviously regretted his highhanded decision to financially cut his wife and daughter off at the knees and will probably reverse himself. Phyllis', now more than ever, should have plenty to do if she and her wonderful webmaster abilities are going to pull Clear Springs out of the ashes and entice investors and tourists back to the fold. Not to mention that there will be all those fingers of blame to point and lawsuits to settle.

And, last but certainly not least, is Victoria's coma and its repercussions. It will likely be awhile, but I don't doubt that eventually there will be a safe delivery and J.T. and Victoria will welcome their son. Yes, I'm guessing the boy will belong to Jeffrey Todd, not Bradley Carlton.

And there is still JiMin's murder to solve. Who killed JiMin? Despite the dog hair that could point to both Jack's dog as well as Victor's (I agree with you, fan Mary), I still choose to point my quivering finger at Chow. I could see him meaning to frame Victor with that dog hair, but unwittingly catching Jack instead. Or maybe it wasn't unwittingly at all, but his intention all along, when he pointed Maggie in Jack's direction with his not to subtle information, but knew the red herring he'd carefully placed on the path would eventually lead straight to Victor.

So, to wrap this up so the rest of you can have your say (and you said plenty), Out of the Ashes has only just begun. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

* * * * * * *

MARY R - I am really sick of Phyllis and her demands in prison. She's locked up. Leave her there and get on with life in GC. Quit focusing on her non-life. She's guilty and she deserves what she gets.

JOANNE - Well the Clear Springs disaster is a bit more exciting than what has been happening lately, but I really feel it was a lot of hype for a bit of action. Everyone is being rescued so quickly and do we have to see Phyllis and Jana in jail worried about everyone? As far as I am concerned they are showing those two clowns way too much. Show more of what the victims are going through and draw out their rescues a bit longer. I feel like the writers are rushing through each scene. I like the way they are focusing on each group a day but they could let it go on a bit longer to get more drama out of the scenes. I hope they do not kill Jack because he is the last Abbott to remain in Genoa City and I have liked Jack for a long time and would hate to see him leave the show. I have a feeling someone will die - maybe J.T. - so Victoria won't be happy because she is obviously going to have a tragic event happen to her with all the superstitious comments around her pregnancy. Glad to see people working together and getting along for a change. Reminds me of the old show I used to love and rush home to watch. Maybe this is the turnaround for this show. Hope so! I know there is more excitement to come with the upcoming explosion so I will wait to see what happens. Get Phyllis out of jail already. Her scenes with Jana are ridiculous and getting very tiresome. I don't know how the writers will justify getting her out on work release for Clear Springs now though since it is a disaster area but I guess it still is the "Phyllis Show" after all so they will think of something. I guess the baby Summer paternity storyline was a bust as well and she will remain Nick's child so those two can stay together. Another bunch of hype that went nowhere. Too bad. I would have liked to see Jack happy to find out the baby he delivered was his own. I guess I'll keep dreaming.

BEATRICE - I love the potential of Cane and Lily too! I want to see this pair make it so bad! Just the way they look at each other is romantic! I'm really loving J.T./Vicky too. More please, and without that smarmy bastid Brad! If Victor and Nikki NEVER hook up again, it would be too soon. Not that I like Nikki with David, because I don't, but Victor shouldn't be paired with anyone ... that's just too cruel! LOL. Neil and Karen are keeping me interested though. They are too cute. Now can the show please DUMP Amber, Jana, David & Devon? Pretty please?

TREY - Hey Nita, once again a very hilarious column. But Nita, I just have a couple bones to pick. Now usually, I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of the characters and the show, but I just hate how you come down so hard on Gloria and Amber. I don't know why or what it says about me, but I truly feel for both Amber and Gloria. Maybe because I relate to their incessant need to fit in, or relate to their longing for a lifestyle of which they were never meant to have. Speaking as someone who has had to struggle and every now and then, manipulate a few people to get my way, I know what it feels to be on the outside looking into a world that you want to belong to soo badly. Yes, Amber and Gloria are both gold-diggers and opportunists. But who said being an opportunist was a bad thing? Some of the greatest leaders and businessmen are incredible opportunists and people just call them good businessmen. Its not that I even have a soft spot for either one of these two, its just that you call them such horrible names and I don't think they deserve. Writing this right now, I know I'm in the minority here, but they both have been through so much. And yes, one can say, get a job, work hard, make your own money, but for some; its just not that easy. Both have been abused, mistreated and are just longing for something more than they have ever had. And I just can't fault them for that. I hope both Amber and Gloria rise to the top and are able to look down their noses at others, who have always looked down at them. Thanks for letting me say my piece, Nita. Keep writing!

LYNNE - I tried recently to watch AMC again - I stopped after watching from the beginning - and ended up deleting it after a few minutes. So I understand how long time YR viewers feel about their beloved soap. I NEVER in a MILLION years thought I would give up AMC. But now I am watching YR, and as much as I hate disaster storylines (I think they are easier to write -- let's have a (insert disaster here) where these characters get hurt, these characters mourn, these die, these are on the brink of dying, etc. - see how easy to write?) I sure like YR a lot better than AMC! I watched YR as a teen; I HATED Kay, who was SO mean to Jill. It is interesting to see these characters years later. As a new viewer, my thoughts are as follows: I didn't get the JiMin thing, so Jill needs to stop blubbering. I LIKE Jill. She is a strong woman, so act like one! It is amazing watching the actress playing Kay; she can't be young, and I like her scenes. I like her now. Cane is a cutie, but I know he is doing something nefarious - but will truly regret it when he gets caught cuz he will lose his 'mother' and 'grandmother.' I don't mind him and Lily together. I remember having a crush on an older man, and it can make you silly. Just puleese don't put him back with Amber! Neil and that woman - whatever her name is - boring. Amber - shut the girl up! Nick-- sometimes the actor is just so genuine when he affectionately kids around that you can't help but like him. However, this falling-back-in love-in-60-seconds thing going on with Phyl is just so implausible. Jeez, just the day before he was trying to get into Sharon's - well, you know. Does the guy really turn his feelings off and on that fast all the time? Phyl - now here's a conundrum: I remember seeing her before when she was evil - trying to get Danny away from that cell phone company - I mean - Cricket. I LOVED her! Now, she is strictly FF material. Okay, so she's in jail - she should have been long before but that's another story. This sweet, poor-me attitude makes me hurl. The only time recently that I saw her act true to her character was when she was blackmailing Sharon and Brad. Classic Phyl. This perfect wife and mother, the one we are supposed to feel so sorry for - first her husband didn't know who she was, and now she is in jail - is just not Phyl to me. I have NO sympathy, and hate that Nick went back to her. Her stoic, stiff-upper-lip crap seems out of character to me. That everyone is fawning all over her also seems odd. Talk about playing the martyr! I never thought I would dislike Phyl! RIP. All in all, I am kinda glad I don't have all the history of this soap so that I am comparing how it used to be to how it is now. I am enjoying it, and I needed something to replace AMC. Soap watching is a hard habit to break. I really enjoy your view of things, and will continue to read your thoughts. We don't have to agree on things - it is always nice to hear an alternate view!

SILVI - Seriously now, something has GOT to be done to get LML off of Y&R. Since she got her greedy, untalented hands on the show she has done nothing but screw it up and screw it over. I think the only reason any long time viewers still watch is because she inherited such great characters; and she has done her best to make them unrecognizable. I know the show is losing viewers every week; and just when it seems there might be hope for the 'real' inhabitants of GC to start coming back to life, she does something stupid with them. (Like killing JiMin and any interesting story Jill might have had again). How the hell she got the job as producer and head writer I will never understand. She has failed miserably at both. The storylines stink, the dialog sucks, and most of the characters that have been introduced since she took charge are dreadful. If CBS really wants to know what the viewers think, send them the letters you get. I tried to answer the poll they had, but had no success. One day I`m just going to do what I did with 'Days'. Just didn't tape it one day, and never watch it anymore. CBS needs to dump LML and hire back the two original writers she got rid of. That would be a big start in the right direction.

SUZANNE - Out Of The Ashes is just a foreshadowing for what the future writers will inherit when Lynn Latham leaves Y&R. Ms. Latham has reached into the ABC play book for plots with her disaster storyline. What's even more remarkable is that she could even make a disaster storyline interesting. I bet most viewers would have been happy if Noah was put in coma till he was 18 or if Amber disappeared into a crater.

SHERI - I love Y&R and this is one of the best shows ever. Please make sure they find Victoria Newman. She is my idol. So is Nick, Phyllis and Jack. I hope everyone comes out alive and I am excitedly waiting for who will rise.

JULIE - I watch a lot of soaps (thanks SOAPNET) and Y&R has the best acting and writing. Love the whole CLEAR SPRINGS CRISIS! Right now, seems like Jack will be the one to die, but I can't believe it. Have not heard anything about anyone leaving the show. Really hoping its either Amber, or Adrian. God I soooooooo wish it was David Chow. Love the actor, hate the character. I'm wondering about Victoria and I think you are right about her going on maternity leave in real life. I just hope nothing happens to her baby. I hate when soaps do things to children. I still cry about Cassie.

ANGELA - I am so fed up with the so-called crimes on Y&R. Phyllis is the best actress on the show. Would you please hurry and write her out of jail? If anyone should be in jail, it should be Brad and Sharon. How many men will Sharon 'fall in love' with? I also love Jack. He is one of the best actors on daytime TV. Give him a break already. Let him have a little love. Keep up the good work. Even though I'm sick of the lame crimes such as blackmail, falsely placing blame, I tune in every day.

CHERYL - I do not care for any of the Winters family. They all have absolutely no acting talent and boring lives to boot. Neil has got to be one of the most annoying characters of all time. I fast forward through any scenes that have any of the Winters family in them. Dru should not have been the only Winters to quit. That whole family needs to leave town and never be heard from again.

JUDY H - What a welcome relief! Finally, interesting episodes to watch instead of the Phyllis and Amber show! Good suspense for a change! I'm so tired of complaining about the same ol' characters and agreeing with the complaints of all the other fans, aren't you? So to show what a nitpicker I truly am, here's my latest gripe: Can the soaps afford either hair spray or Bobbie pins? Why are all the women constantly pushing their hair behind their ears lately? It's driving me nuts!

JAN - I can't wait to read the next Two Scoops! The 'rise from the ashes' scenario turned out to be an elaborate scheme to get Victoria off on maternity leave. I was not 'riveted' to the screen and I laughed through almost all of the scenes with stoic Victor (wooden and stone are adjectives that come to mind) and 'oh my god it's her purse' Nikki. Thank goodness we have Colleen to cry real tears (I was actually impressed with the young one's acting abilities). All of this and we still can't get Gloria exposed. Could this soap move any slower? Don't answer that, I'm sure it could. Parting shot: It will be interesting to see how TPTB explain Phyllis getting released from prison to work on NVP now. What is left that she could possibly do? Thankfully, I'm well equipped with a speedy fast forward on the DVR.

EVE - Who will rise from the ashes? Everybody but the poor schmucks working construction, of course. Why do the writers think we're going to be teary-eyed with worry when we KNOW that nobody important in GC is going to get killed? Unless, of course, it's a child. What is with Y&R these days, when only minor characters get killed (does anybody remember Plum or Carmen at all?), where murder investigations are absolutely ridiculous, and where no child, it seems, is left alive or unhurt? Yes, I know that Fen and Summer are still with us, but for how long? Will they live to grow up and join in the dysfunctional bedhopping of GC? Will Summer end up being Jack's child, so that in 5 years she can be fully grown and sleeping with Nick? And then we can have a scene where Nick and Jack - again - are facing death and one sacrifices himself for the other? Only, of course, we all know that they'll both come out alive, so the suspense is just not there. Writers, please, for suspense to work, it requires two things: a real threat to someone we actually care about, and enough time for the threat to sink in. For that matter, I'd have felt Phyllis' pain a lot more if we hadn't been seeing her in prison in every freaking episode - and every appearance was boring. I'd have sent Michelle on vacation for a few weeks, so that when Phyllis did come back it would have some oompf. Also, though I've always loved Victor the miracle-worker, swashbuckler, and general savior of anyone he 'loves', he's getting a bit long in the tooth to perform personal rescues. And the Victor I know and love could have let Jack die. Oh, well. Maybe next year.

STEPHANIE - What a yawn! Like a Phoenix, they ALL rose from the ashes, except for the kickback culprit, Joe. That gives them a quick out from that sorry storyline. Let's hope they were using this week of filler to look for some new writers. It's a pretty sad state of affairs when the trailers turned out better than the actual shows. At least they could have thrown us a crumb and killed AMBER!

GENE - I totally agree about the Y&R. The show is going downhill since LML has taken over. She is destroying the show that made it number one in the first place. The writing is terrible and the boring s/ls are driving me insane. I wish the show would cut its losses with Brad, Heather, Adrian, Jana, Amber, Colleen, Jeffrey and Gloria. Get rid of these dead weights and get rid of the head writer and get somebody who knows the history and characters of the show. Brad is too arrogant and pompous for my taste. Change his behavior to make him more likable or get rid of him. Heather is so boring she makes me want to change the channel when she's on. The actress isn't clicking with anyone and recast the actress or get rid of her. The actress who play Colleen is so bad that I just wish they'd get rid of her and recast someone with chemistry with the cast. Amber is so annoying and not likable on the show that they need to just get rid of her, and take the other characters with her. I feel Phyllis needs to get out of jail and do what she does best: make trouble. I love it when Phyllis is causing chaos and getting back at people who wronged her. She is a devil may care woman who does what she wants and doesn't take no for an answer. I love Lily and Cane. They have good chemistry and speak well of each other. I wish the show would bring back Dru and make Lily be like her mother. Let's see the bitch that Dru was when she was on and take no prisoners. I think CK can do it if the material is right and I wish she'd wipe the floor with Scamber. I use to love her on B&B. She was a schemer, but she did it with heart and wanted to change and be a better person. But now she is written so one-noted that there is no rooting value for her. I think the show needs to go back to basics that made the fans love it in the first place and what William Bell wanted the show to be about: family, relationships, drama, love, conflict, and history.

MARY - Nita - it seems the dog hair found on JiMin came from a white lab - doesn't Victor also have a white lab? And we know how Victor felt about JiMin. Hasn't anyone else thought of this or am I mistaken?

TRAVIS - Like everyone else, reading your column is awesome and I look forward to reviewing every week. I have watched Y&R now for about 18 years and the past few months have just been disappointing. It does not stand out as it did in previous years. Slowly, but surely, it has become more Days of Our Lives meets a bad episode of One Life to Live. No more class, no real intrigue. Now it's just comical to see Jill mourning over someone we barely knew, Nikki drooling over a creep (sorry, he should have gone back to GL) and this whole kid thing with Amber/Kevin/Lily/Colleen, etc. is just a joke. I cannot honestly say there is one storyline at this point I care to see. While this show is great to have kept so many characters throughout the years, it seems like they have written these folks into corners. I hope the events this week really bring back some core characters in different ways. If I were the Newmans, I would sue Katherine for every penny for that sorry construction. Think of that storyline for impact!

RENEE - Nita, I enjoy your column, and I also enjoy Lily & Cane. However, I am hoping she 'accidentally' has another drink or two and they find themselves between the sheets. This, I believe would alleviate Lily's need to channel a 16 year old. I mean some mature lovin' just might put some swagger in her stride. I also agree about Nick and Sharon although I am starting to believe Sharon is developing real feelings for Jack, that for once have nothing to do with that wretched kid Noah. Nick should find out where Phyllis hid his balls and then run as fast and as far away from her as humanly possible. As for Victor and Nikki, Victor may be cold and callous, but that is how business is run. Nikki has no idea what a business woman is. She is strictly emotional about all of her so called business decisions. This is why Victor and Katherine turned her down when she asked for more money. They know it's bad business and they are not willing to continue throwing good money after bad.

FEMMEBLEU - First Nita, let me give you credit for getting the happenings in the Clear Springs crisis of last week, completely right. You actually mentioned the fact that the future Mrs. Jeffrey Todd Hellstrom would be the Newman to end up comatose. Now let me express the fact that it was quite unbelievable when the minuscule boulder that hit Vicky in the head knocked her out cold. Now, was it my imagination or did it seem all just a little too contrived? I felt the pain of the soon to be ex Mrs. Newman completely however, when she dusted off the purse and declared with screams of pain that it did indeed belong to her beloved daughter. I truly think that this performance was Emmy caliber, for what loving mother would not become completely hysterical upon finding out that her expectant daughter was buried beneath a collapsed parking lot. Speaking of the parking lot, I think the set work was amazing, faux looking rocks aside, and it certainly made me think of about just how terrifying it would be to become trapped beneath pounds of concrete without any idea of whether or not there would be any escape in the future. I actually found myself after a couple of days of 'Out of the Ashes', fast-forwarding to the hospital scenes where Nick and Sharon were holding vigil for Noah. These scenes were poignantly touching and made me wish with every cell in my being, that the two could reconcile. I would like nothing better than for that 'Old Red' or 'Illyss', as I call the current Mrs. Nicholas Newman, to be no more than a very distant memory for her suddenly re-smitten hubby 'Ick'. I am sorry but that is the only way I can think of the Newman with the dimples when I picture him with Illyss. The two of them together have far too much ick factor and I think it is more than obvious that I do not find the pair of them as fetching as some other viewers. I know, I know, it is true the two share a child but let us remember the fact that one of the individuals involved in the baby's creation, was being adulterous at the time they fell so madly in love. I am sorry for the emotional tirade, so please forgive my ranting. I guess it was just waiting for its chance to come out into the light of reality as most regressed thoughts, but I digress. I truly think that seeing the way Noah behaved like a perfect little man with Lauren, redeemed him and let me say, I think any parent would have been proud of the selfless way this ten year old held his own, even when he was obviously in so much pain. All in all this week was an interesting if somewhat depressing week, but there were also the bright spots like the one I already mentioned and the scene where 'Sugar Cane' showed up and rescued his grandmother. I could have done without Amber the 'Skangaroo' being a part of the deal but even that self-serving wench inspired a little sympathy as she found her way out of the car. I think Cane's clever creation of being a member of the AER to gain access was ingenious on the scribes' part if not altogether realistic as anyone with a background in crisis and incident management knows, there are far too many liability issues associated with allowing a civilian and non-crisis team member being allowed to participate in the rescue efforts. Particularly, when the person was trained in not only a different jurisdiction but also a completely different country as Cane had indicated. Well that fact aside, I did not honestly want to see any of the major characters become victims of this tragedy and even the discovery of the foreman's demise, was a bit jarring for although the character was crooked, he still had a family that will miss him dearly. I think Victoria Newman will reign as victorious as Queen Victoria once did in merry ole England. Oops, that's right, this is only a soap, thank God, but for so many moments last week, I nearly forgot. Overall, it was interesting but I cannot wait until things are back to normal again in GC. I could see from the previews that Sugar Cane is about to cast his doubts about Lily's tender years to the sidelines along with Heather the Horrible. The way that girl was gushing last week with Colleen, a lass she scarcely knows, let everyone know that Cupid had come a calling and she answered. I wonder though, what the scribes will do to put out that fire that seems to possess the potential of becoming a raging inferno. Well I suppose we will just have to wait and find out. Please, let the scribes for once, give romance a chance! Happy viewing fellow fans!

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