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Good things come to those who wait
by Nita
For the Week of July 30, 2007
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The irony of what's going on now is a delicious slice of poetic justice.

And I'd like to think that since I've been at least semi-patiently waiting, I've being rewarded by what's currently playing out within the secluded enclave of Genoa City.

Yes, I'm talking about Nick and Sharon. Again.

And even if I'm the only one who is, I've got to admit I'm loving Nick's interaction with Sharon. To everything fan Rolonda said below, I say ditto. The irony of what's going on now is a delicious slice of poetic justice for me. So delicious in fact, that it doesn't really matter that it's probably all just for now; that Phyllis is likely to be reunited with Nick at some point in the very near future. And despite the fact that she's now a happily married Abbott, Sharon is human enough to take a little pleasure in the knowledge that Nick is wanting her now. How many real women wouldn't behave exactly the same way if given the opportunity to offer the 'other' woman a little taste of what that woman once slopped onto her plate? So Sharon flirted with her former husband. Not so different from when it was Phyllis flirting with Nick in Sharon's face with their double entendres? Turnabout really is fair play, and like I said, even if it doesn't last, I will still savor every moment while it does.

And before you remind me, I know Sharon played in the infidelity dirt as well. No matter who did what first, or why, the fact is, she had herself a hefty helping of what should have stayed only on her sister-in-law's platter. So, don't think I've forgotten or are letting her off the hook. I think in this situation, there are enough portions of blame so that all parties involved can have a spoonful. And yes, that includes the two men in this tangle. Both Brad and Nick.

But back to Nick and Phyllis. I know many might not agree, but I found the whole attempted sofa seduction painful to peruse. I guess it depends which side of the fence you're sitting on. Phyllis fans presumably still spotted steam rising off this pair. But I didn't. How awkward it all appeared. I know Nick is still her husband and Phyllis probably did what any amorous minded wife might do in an effort to bring her husband's memory back, at least in that particular way. But to strip off your clothes and clamber atop a man who has repeatedly said he isn't interested, at least right now, made Phyllis look in dire need of pity. Back off Red, and give the man time to make up his mind or regain it. I'm sure he'll be back in the end.

Speaking of the Newman man spinning dizzily in the center of the amnesiac confusion, kudos to the acting abilities of the man playing the role. Because just as he once appeared wildly in lust and love with Phyllis, so much so that hundreds, if not millions, of fans swooned with pleasure at the mere sight of Nick and Phyllis in a scene together, he is now believably portraying a man who feels nothing. The intimate looks of hungry longing, the cheek denting dimples, have been replaced by a blank stare of disbelief that he had ever been tightly entwined with the woman who keeps trying to show him sex-drenched pictures of a past he can't remember.

On the other hand, though I mostly like Kevin, I'm not feeling his pain, even a tiny bit in his determination to make Jana pay in full for her crimes. I'm with you, fan Trish, about Kevin. How funny that he sees nothing double standard-like in the fact that he thinks Jana should pay, but he should not. Do unto others, Kev.

Did I fall asleep while trying to watch the week's offering and somehow miss William's memorial? Or was it just take the money and run, run, run? And what is this I keep hearing about William's (or presumably someone who looks amazingly like him) rumored return? Well, if it's true, he'd better hurry on in to town or there won't be a penny left of that $50 million inheritance Gloria is legally entitled to. Will the new William be an evil twin with diabolical designs on Gloria and her money? Or will he be as pure in heart and as highly principled as his dearly departed relative? Guess that's one way to repaint Will and Gloria's relationship all white and shiny without having all that smelly manipulative baggage attached.

So the extortion trial has begun. I'm trying to care, but it's difficult. Because I don't for one second believe Phyllis is headed anywhere, least of all a sparsely furnished jail cell.

The Newman to NVP loan is on. Then it's off. And finally, it's back on. And with it went Nikki, trotting sedately back and forth between Victor and David. But surprisingly, and going totally against the recent Genoa City trend of helping one man off with his trousers even as the first one is still pulling his back into place, Nikki announced that for now the only sheets she wanted David's expert hands touching were typewritten ones containing NVP's logo. Unlike the others of her ilk, like, Phyllis, Sharon and Victoria, Nikki is to be commended for her restraint. Not that it will matter to Victor, who wishes nothing more than to be the man chiefly responsible for her ignominious downfall. Instead of doing the equivalent of poking the testy bull through the slats of his pen, Jack might want to just sit back and savor the respite from Victor's explosive rage while it's being directed as some other unfortunate underling.

Okay, am I the only fan who finds herself murmuring a confused 'whaaat' at odd, but increasingly frequent moments? So many scenes and characters seemed tossed together. They often have no beginning or end, just start in the middle, and sometimes last only a few seconds. Like Karen at the punching bag before being asked to spar with the great bag beater himself, Victor Newman. And the point of that was ... what? A test of possible chemistry between Victor and Karen? Hopefully, we aren't about to have Nikki's two former campaign workers each involved with a Newman spouse.

Then there was Brad and Doc Logan's meeting. As it often inexplicably does for no apparent rhyme or reason, the Newman elevator shuddered to a stop with Dr. Logan and Brad inside. And though no more than one or two seconds had ticked by, the competent Dr. Logan immediately began fanning the air before her face, warning her elevator companion of a possible episode of coming claustrophobia from her corner of the metal box. I, of course, am no medical professional, but Brad knew exactly what treatment would be most likely to fix whatever symptoms might be about to assail her and render her ... well render whatever one is rendered when overcome by claustrophobia. A foot rub. Yes, that's right fans. Loosen your clothing, kick off your pumps and nestle your foot in a near complete stranger's ... umm, lap so he could tickle your toesies and take your mind off the fact that there was little room to maneuver or fresh air to gulp into your panicked gills.

I don't know which happens more quickly in Genoa City, marriages or divorces. In Genoa City, forget some inconveniently scheduled court appearance, when it comes time to scrawl your Jane or John Doe on the dotted line, there's not even a need for incompetent counsel. Just 15 minutes in an empty Newman conference room and the deal is done. And that includes time for jokes and reminiscing. Then it's off to their individual celebrations. Victoria with J.T. and bubbles and Brad with Doc. Logan. Only in GC.

At last, comeuppance arrived for Amber and her many lies. Having painstakingly placed all the pieces of the wedding that wasn't puzzle into place, Cane finally confronts Amber. As expected it was a moment of messy mascara as Amber's lips twisted and contorted into a myriad of painful appearing open mouthed moue's. But her attempted explanations were met with Cane's disgusted derision and thankfully, he sent the bleached blonde on her weepy way. Of course, she didn't go very far, only to Kevin's where she was promptly kidnapped. Presumably, Cane will set aside his current animosity for the deceptive diva he's not really wed to, borrow a white steed from the Chancellor stables and gallop off like Sir Galahad to her rescue. But hopefully, now that all her deceit has been dug up and left in a skeleton-filled heap, he won't be so quick to trust her again. Of course, none of us have forgotten that snippet of eavesdropped upon phone conversation Cane had with his Uncle hinting at hidden deceptions of his own. I'm sure we will soon find that Cane will prove to be no better than Amber when it comes to whom he really is.

While I'm on the subject of probable deception, Jill has recently consented to marry the man she actually knows next to nothing about. As I said before, I can almost smell an odorous I told you so coming down the pipe from Mother to Daughter. If that's so, and Ji Min will soon become just another GC bad boy, it's too bad, because Jill and Ji Min had what's become scarce as hen's teeth in this town. A romance that could be worth rooting for. I have to agree with fan Julie below. Intrigue definitely has its place in fantasy land, but please, I'd like a whole lot more 'love in the afternoon.'

But that wish seems destined to be denied, at least for now. I'm guessing the coming weeks or heaven forbid, months, will hold more fumbling and bumbling about by the stooges aplenty, aided by honorary members Cane and others. With Carson, GC's PI and PD, supposed Treasury Agents and the like, this one will probably worsen before it resolves itself. And along with the kidnap, there's still Jana's tumor and Phyllis' so-called case to be gotten through.

Okay, I'm done. Fans, please chime in here with your carefully-considered opinions.

* * * * * * *

TRISH - Nikki is becoming as ruthless as Victor - she was so spiteful to her own children, just to further her Senatorial campaign. How stupid that whole thing was. I'm not too familiar with American government practices, but I do believe that a person just can't decide to be a Senator one day, and is in the race the next. Wouldn't the party have to nominate the candidate? For a campaign to be run from a boardroom of a large conglomerate with only one or two helpers is also pushing the limit of credibility. Victor leaves town when his son has just died and his daughter lost her baby, because his grief was so overwhelming, he didn't want it to affect Nikki? Puhlease. For about 30 seconds, I actually believed Gloria was sincere about confessing to her crime. Hahahaha. The joke was on me. Funny too, how Kevin is so driven to have Jana pay for what she did to him, but never felt he should have to for doing the very same thing to Colleen. So many irritating things happening and yet I still feel compelled to comment.

DORIS - I think it is a shame that Colleen was let go. She really is a good actress and I liked the relationship she had with Adrian. The one that could be let go is J.T.. He looks out of place with the rest of the cast. I am glad Nick moved in with Phyllis; they have a lot of chemistry and not just sexual. I like their interaction when they are playing the video games. It is time for bubble eyed Gloria to get busted along with Michael and Kevin. I am thoroughly sick of her.

MARIANNE - I have been a Y&R fan for about 20 years and as a matter of fact it is the only soap I watch. I was always impressed with the show on addressing the medical and social issues, but now I am disturbed by the rumors that Adrianne Leon was let go because of a weight problem. She is a girl who is more close to the norm than all the actresses on the show. If it is true that she was let go because she looks like most young girls, it is a sad day indeed and I for one am concerned about the message being sent to our young people. No wonder there are so many anorexic actresses in Hollywood! I wish the producers would take a lesson from Dove commercials! Anyone who has seen them will know what I am talking about. (I certainly switched to Dove!)

JM - I am sooo sick of the three stooges/bumbling idiots Amber, Daniel and Kev. If she asked those two to jump off a bridge, I'm convinced they would do it. This storyline is so stupid -between the Plum dead body, burying and re-burying of the money and breaking into Carson's room, I feel like I'm watching a third rate movie that I just want to escape from. Kev is the only one of the three worth watching, but even he seems to have stopped thinking for himself. I hope Amber gets what's coming to her and Cane ends up with Lily.

KD - This is for all the Phyllis bashers out there. I think you're forgetting Sharon is not without blemish. Almost all soap characters have done things that aren't totally moral. Anyway, the Nick and Sharon thing was constantly running into obstacles to overcome. Nick and Phyllis do have chemistry. With the memory loss they still heat up the screen with passion as well as good humor. As far as Amber, got to love her. She is always one step away from being caught, but she is great. She keeps her storylines interesting. Drop Jana, yawn! I think Michael and Kevin are great in whatever story they're in. They bring such passion to their characters. And shame on them for letting Adrienne (Colleen) go. One last thing, if the soaps were all about do gooders and all nice and sweet, then we would not be watching. Remember it is all fantasy world!

LINDA - Sometimes at my age I can't believe I actually get so involved with a soap that I have to put my two cents in as if this was reality. I am and always have been a fan of Nick and Phyllis. I realize that many people are fans of Sharon and Nick but never have I seen an ounce of the chemistry that Nick has with Phyllis. I'm in agreement that I wanted him to fall back in love with her like it was in the beginning because it was truly amazing. I know it was acting but the smiles and laughs and loving truly came across as reality. I know that people seem to let the Barbie doll characters such as Sharon and Nikki off without looking at all the lousy, conniving, cheating things they have done because they can come across as ladylike, gentle and demure. Phyllis is in your face sexy, she has a sense of humor that I don't think you could ever find in either of the above mentioned females. I guess Phyllis appeals to me because Sharon and Nikki fall into the 1950 ladies who knew how to pour tea and use their wiles the way they did then. If Nick is going to be the jerk he is I'm all for Phyllis and Cane. Now there is a pair of hotties!

BRIAN - This has to be in the running for the Best Line in Years. When Nick returned to Genoa City and began discovering some of the bad events in the previous two years (Cassie's death and his divorce from Sharon), Brad's comment: 'Has he heard the REALLY bad news ... that he's married to Phyllis?' was a real classic.

ROLONDA - Personally, I'm enjoying the hell out of this! To see Phyllis practice what she preached, for months and months Phyllis dished out what she's getting now, I just want to see that smile she kept on her face every time she screwed Sharon's husband knowing just like now, Nick's wife needed him. But Phyllis didn't give a damn about that then, so why should anyone give a damn about karma coming back around to her. Just like the other woman deserves, to experience what she found so much pleasure in when she was cheating with Nick. Fun suddenly overruled doing the right decent and simply compassionate thing, that family needed Nick to be there with them instead of screwing Phyllis in cheap hotel/GC Hotel, Phyllis' apartment and their own BARN. Why isn't she smiling her narrow butt off now? Where's the smirk, why isn't she strutting about the way she did while carrying another woman's husband's baby. I'm only hoping that it last as looooooooooooooonnnnnngggggggggggg as possible, this is a much better Phyllis, I like her dragging her tail between her legs with her shoulders scrunched up and her head hanging low. Ohhhh and the panic look, oooohhhhh man this is absolutely delicious.

PAULA - The writers lose either way, Nick/Phyllis or Nick/Sharon. I've watched Y&R for years but I stopped watching last year after growing tired of Nick/Phyllis and Gloria getting away with murder. I only know what's going on because my sister likes to talk about it when I see her. So, some people stop watching because of Nick/Phyllis, some stop watching because of Nick/Sharon.

JULIE - I wish someone would look at ME like Nick looks at Sharon. I always feel that Nick looks at Phyllis with LUST in his eyes, while he looks at Sharon with LOVE in his eyes. I knew right from the start that all Nick and Phyllis had was lust, and, just like real life, it wears off. I find Nick wooden with Phyllis outside of the bedroom scenes. Nick being back has made Y&R halfway watchable again. I still can't stand the three stooges and the Victor/Nikki thing just keeps going 'round and 'round and 'round. Same thing rehashed year after year. He hates her/he adores her, my darling! ha! I am sad to see Mr. Bardwell leave, although the way they write him, I don't blame him. Not sure who's idea it was to toast him, the writers or the actor. You know, the motto for soaps for years was "love in the afternoon". Just wish sometimes it would get back to that. I always liked the Y&R because it WASN'T hokey like Days and General Hospital. Why mess with a good thing?

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