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by Nita
For the Week of July 9, 2007
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The fans have the floor this week, as our columnist catches up.

Here are some fan comments to keep you entertained while I catch up on my watching. Enjoy!

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BETSY - I can't remember what state of mind Nick was in 2 years ago before Cassie died. What events were going on then? It would help frameset where Nick is emotionally. What were the status' of his relationships with everyone else? For example, how long had it been since he had turned Victor into the Feds? He played chess with Victor, but what was he thinking? Nikki has always been a schemer and controller. However, have you noticed that since her run for Senate, her manipulations and comments have more bite and are more open? Is it fueled by bitterness because she lost the Senate race and all her skeletons are out for public consumption? As one fan noted, she's never been happy with Sharon or even less with Phyllis as partners for Nick. Will Logan, a doctor, make her steep qualifications for Nick's new mate? To me, Logan represents calmness and serenity - and a safe haven. Something Nick sorely needs at this point to mend his broken brain. It's not bad acting. She's just not 'over the top' like we're used to seeing. Representing no complications. Sort of like he started out his affair with Phyllis. As an escape. Running to Logan will stay in character with the way Nick handles his personal relationships, amnesia or not. Gotta love that smile, though. I'm glad to see Logan's not going to buy into that charm easily and is astute to the family politics. Great! Amber - another schemer. Less we forget, without the schemers, the soaps would be as boring as our own lives. I love the way she thinks fast on her feet and turns everything around. Cane may find her out, but they've alluded that he's scheming, too. So they may be a good match once they sort it all out. Bette Davis, I mean Gloria. I'm in the dark as to why she's helping Will Bardwell relearn to write (which can give her away to Det. Sullivan), but at the same time won't let him have speech therapy. Doesn't make sense. I get that she's trying to get him to believe she loves him so he won't turn her in. But, I'm curious to see what her Grand Plan is. Professor Adrian. I continue to think there's something between him and Jana. And that the stolen art business still isn't finished. I think that's behind the sabotage of Nick's plane. I'm guessing there are more "accidents" coming. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin! His character flaw is that he fixates. No matter what the cost. I liked the actress playing Jana - she brightens up the screen. Kevin's idea to bring her back, dumb as it is, may work. How else can the stolen art SL be permanently resolved? She's the one loose end. Jack - I would have voted for him. Albeit, unwillingly. Pretty much like real life options, if you ask me. Which candidate is the lessor of 2 evils? Anyway, let the Senate games begin. It's an opportunity for the writers to bring in all kinds of issues for us to debate. I just hope they are fair in bringing up both sides. How will Jack twist things to get his way? And, darling Victor. The key Grand Schemer of them all. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." And, he should know! Some of our GC friends scheme on a big scale like Victor, Nikki, Jack, Cane, and IMO, Adrian. Some scheme for instant gratification like Amber, Colleen, Sharon, and Brad. The other characters get bounced around and manipulated by them - as well as deal with their own personal demons (Daniel). Neil's been too quiet for too long. Which kind of schemer will he become?

MARY R - I still find it strange that they let Adrienne because of a weight problems when years ago they let Beth Maitland who plays Colleen's mother stay on even though she was overweight. In fact they had a SL about her weight. Nowadays they do not do that. They just let the actress go. I suppose the new actress will do a good job. I have a feeling though she will be pencil thin and quite frankly I do not think that is healthy either and certainly not realistic. They allow older actresses who are overweight to stay on but most of them are back burner. And so it goes. You can only be overweight if you are an older actress on a soap. And by that time all you portray is a meddling mother or mother-in-law. Or a character like Gina who makes cameo appearances every now and then. Y&R used to talk about social issues but I guess they have decided they rather have SLs about Nazis and psychopaths who pay plastic surgeons to make them a clone of someone else so they can impersonate them. And so it goes.

TWANETTA - Okay, I've been reading the scoops for a very long time and never had feedback, but I want to comment on the Nick/Phyllis/Sharon/Jack storyline. I absolutely love Phyllis! Yes, I know I'm in the minority here, but she's great! Even when she was mean, and up to no good, she made the stories so much better to watch. And when Nick and Phyllis first hooked up, can you say fire! OMG! They were so passionate with each other. And now he comes back and doesn't remember her? I really hope he gets his memory back. Sharon and Nick never had that fire! Yes, there were a couple of scenes back in the day where they were heated scenes, but nothing like Nick and Phyllis. Also, Nikki and Victoria! Those two cows need to stop! They are horrible to Phyllis. How could you be so mean to someone who has to lose her husband all over again! That's just crazy! Please, please please give Nikki and Vicki what they deserve! A good slap in the face!

MEAGAN - I can't understand for the life of me why everyone wants Nick and Sharon back together! Together (except for early in the marriage) they were b-o-r-i-n-g! Phyllis brought life back into Nick and my thumb from not having to constantly fast-forward the scenes with him and Sharon. I am so tired of holier than thou Sharon who continues to blame Phyllis for her marriage breaking up when her and Nick could not hold it together enough for each other. Then she has the nerve to let Nick have it when she finds out about Phyllis not bothering to mention she slept with Brad! I hope Victor socks it to Nikki because she has just become a total Bitch! And I like how Nikki and Phyllis (who had the idea for NVP) were buddy-buddy until Phyllis got involved with Nick. To me, as a mother I would be happy that my son was happy not to mention Phyllis has done nothing to Nikki or Victoria for that matter for them to justify the way they treat her! Especially with all the scandalous behavior between the both of them! I am also tired of Glo dragging Michael and Kevin into her dumb never-works schemes! I hope Bardwell wakes up and does some finger pointing. I like the Colleen they have now and I like her chemistry with Kevin, not that I don't like Corbell but it's a change. And I can't wait for Brooke from the Bold & Beautiful to come to Y&R and blasts Ambers lying butt out of the water!

JULIE - I have one little thing to say about the Colleen firing that no one else seems to have noticed or written about. If Adrienne was really fired for her weight issue, I have to say what the heck! I think it was a perfectly natural thing for her to gain weight, look at who her mother is! Tracy is not a petite little thing, and as we all know, little girls can grow up to be bigger women. I thought it was perfectly normal given her family history. I have to say I love the way Nick looks at Sharon; reminds me of the good ol' days. During those scenes, it actually feels like I am watching The Young and the Restless again. About the only semblance of the old show these days. Y&R seems to move so quickly these days, why can't they move that quickly to get rid of Amber? She cheapens the show, and the characters around her.

YVONNE - Why are people so sure the baby is Jack's? Do you think Nick would be so cruel to let his son fall in love with his little baby sister, with the possibility that the truth could come out one day. I think not, and even if you are not a Phick fan, you must admit the chemistry that Phyliss and Nick share is very good, he and Sharon had done that, been that and had gotten stale and boring, how many times could they go on and on with their boring life, how many times would she disappear and re-appear and all would be forgiven? They are grown up and sometimes people fall apart and start new lives, does not mean the love is not there, but you can love more than one person in a lifetime

LINDA - I love Phyllis and Nick together. They have so much chemistry that I never saw with Nick and boring, holier than thou Sharon. Please let him remember how much he loved her. I love Gloria and the great acting of Judith. Wish she wasn't always in so much trouble as I would far less likely to watch the show if she wasn't on it. Hate the Daniel stuff, just not believable and in character for him. The hidden money and anything to do with Amber keeps my FF button in top shape. Hope Kane learns the truth about her, then we can see what he is up to as I have a feeling he might be the show's next evil-doer.

CARLA - I have to admit, they're doing a tad bit better than before; getting rid (at least for the time being) of that nasty, disgusting Plick S/L. I find it ironic that Nick can remember everyone he ever cared about but Phyllis! He even said she wasn't his type. Now if they hook those two back up after all this stuff, and try to re-invent that gag fest, then they would have succeeded in having the weakest, dumbest S/L in Y&R history! Get rid of useless Amber, what purpose does she serve? We have to give up Neil, Jill, Ji Man, Katherine & Paul for some weak A** S/L with Amber? It's insanity. Give Katherine a love interest, or do the writers believe only the younger actors/actresses need love? But that would be too creative. Still loving Michael, Lauren and Kevin. Get rid of the D.A. because Gloria is not going to jail. Daniel and Lily, what's it all about? Is this suppose to be the teen S/L for the summer? Weak! Move on.

LUCIE - I've been watching Y&R for years! I really can't stand Gloria. I've hated her from the beginning. I hate the fact that she's dragging Michael and Lauren down with her. I love them and kinda think it sucks that their characters don't have a better SL. I used to hate Phyllis, but now I love her! She might be the #1 most hated in Genoa City and I don't condone the mistress/affairs thing in real life, but come on it's a soap. She genuinely loves Nick and I did truly feel terrible for her. I really like the Nick/Phyllis/Jack/Sharon SL. Phyllis and Jack are good together and I like Phyllis and Nick together but Sharon and Jack are horrible together, they have no chemistry, It's not even believable. What would be good, would be for Nick and Sharon to get back together during his amnesia and then Jack and a very angry Phyllis get back together, then for his memory and feelings to come back. I kinda also like Brad and Sharon together. I hate Colleen; she's very irritating, maybe that will be different with the new girl. I've always wanted Amber to get her act together, even back in B&B, but once again she ruins a good thing by being a liar! Cane is hot! Love the new character, hope we see good things from him to come. It would be great to bring back old characters (not Sheila) like Nina and Tracy and Danny and Ryan. (Can't remember if any of those people are dead).

RENEE - I just want to say I hate the fact that they are breaking up Nick and Phyllis. I know a lot of people disliked the pairing, but I am not one of them. I thought they were sweet together. To have him completely forget everything about their life together just stinks. This may cause me to stop watching because I just don't see the reason for this.

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