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Heating up
by Nita
For the Week of July 2, 2007
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Hopefully Victor will be a bit preoccupied with chasing the Chow hound who's been howling at Nikki's heels while Victor's been off playing a sort of bounty hunter in search of his wayward Kansas son.

A welcoming hello to Senator Abbott, and to his snooty Senatorial competitor, a snide and snippy sayonara. I don't know about any other fan, but for me, it is a relief to finally have the election over. Despite all the 'for the people/of the people' rhetoric Nikki rattled off so readily, I could never quite picture her as a politician. While admittedly Jack has been only slightly less scheming and scandalous than Nikki when it came to their sprint for the Senate, his background and career path does make him seem a perfect fit for the wheeling and dealing of political life. Of course, we all know the outcome had little to do with who might be the better candidate. Because none of us have forgotten that the only reason Victor agreed to hold the ladder while Jack placed his hand-made loafer on the first rung of the ladder of political leadership was so he'd have further to fall when Victor kicked it out from under him. But now that Jack is the Senator, I wonder what diabolically devious fate Victor is planning as repayment for Jack making him unwittingly wear a dunce cap on his benignly nodding head all those many, many moons ago.

Well, at least Jack shouldn't have to worry right away about retribution from Mr. Ruthless. Hopefully Victor will be a bit preoccupied with chasing the Chow hound who's been howling at Nikki's heels while Victor's been off playing a sort of bounty hunter in search of his wayward Kansas son. But I don't imagine it will take Victor long to dispatch David and then Jack will need an extra pair of eyes attached to the back of his head in hopes of deflecting the vengeance-soaked stream of venom Victor surely will be aiming in his direction.

Speaking of David, I don't know about anyone else, but this fan derived an immense amount of satisfaction at seeing His Arrogance get some of what I've felt he's deserved since the day he set his shoddy shoes on Genoa City soil. Not only did I repeatedly punch rewind to hear over and over Karen ripping him up one side and down the other, I re-watched the blow heard down the block until my tape started to crinkle in protest. I don't normally condone violence, but David was purposely taunting Victor. He might as well have delivered an engraved invitation to Victor's fist. He probably hoped it would win him a few brownie points with Nikki. The only way I could have gotten any more pleasure out of David's pain was if it had been Neil who'd knocked him on his shallow, self-serving behind.

Of course, we all know Nikki's not going anywhere. Because she and Victor share a hatred of Jack that will likely have them thick as dirty thieves in no time and back to concocting half-cooked plans to bring him down. It doesn't matter that they've regained full ownership of NVP, and are in fact in a better position with it now than when they began because they have also ousted Phyllis. Nor are they appeased by the knowledge that Jack has been forced from his former family company. Because the Newmans are not the type to let bygones be bygones, and they won't be happy until Jack has paid in full for his folly. I'm glad Brad sold those Clear Springs property to Jack and then turned over their development to Phyllis. I just hope she gives those hypocritical Newman women more hell than they can handle, even with Victor helping them.

Whatever happened to William Bardwell? If someone doesn't tumble to what Bette Davis, I mean Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell, is up to, that's the question many in Genoa City might be asking each other. I just have to wonder … is there any good … anywhere in Gloria? Does she contain even one drop of the milk of human kindness? This woman will stop at absolutely nothing to make sure things continue to go her way. But I have to admit she's definitely cranked up the creep meter to unheard of heights this time. Williams' like a mouse with his tail in a tight trap and Gloria's the ferocious feline that's just batting him around with her big sharp-clawed paw toying with him until she decides to swipe him with a death blow.

Will has been wonderful as well, telegraphing his helpless terror perfectly. No matter how Gloria pretends to be the dutiful wife in her care of her invalid hubby, I can't imagine William will ever feel anything but revulsion for her if he survives. I've longed for this woman to get what was coming to her for so long, and been disappointed time after time, that this time I'm afraid to get my hopes up that Maggie might figure her out and bring her to justice. And for the cavalier way Michael and Lauren are standing by not only condoning what she's doing but are even eagerly participating, I hope the penalty for them is equally steep. If Phyllis only knew the black hearts that beat inside the chests of this pair, she would not be committing any future care of her child to them.

Next wish in my Christmas stocking. May Amber please, please, please, also get hers? Another despicable diva who appears to be rotten to her very core. Lying and manipulating that's all she knows. Okay, and sex. I'm so looking forward to Cane finding her out.

But my favorite moments of the week by far have been all the scenes with Nick.

Nikki was her usual nasty, obnoxious, will someone please slap the smirk off her sanctimonious face self. Phyllis hasn't been my favorite for awhile, but she and her dimwit don't know who's the daddy daughter were way nastier than was necessary in their treatment of her. Victoria has been so trampy and trifling, if her house was made of glass every pane would be shattered if all the people she's tossed stones at picked them up and threw them right back at her.

I know no one would ever have believed it could be so, but I actually felt pangs of sympathy for Phyllis. If her situation would have been a song she would have hit every note perfectly. I mean she was trying every way she knew how to try to get Nick to remember what they had. I could feel the frustration and pain as he pushed her away again and again. Little Summer on her lap, she soldiered on bravely through her tales even though the only thing Nick could offer her was a blank stare.

Nick was equally good. His disbelief at learning about Cassie, his divorce and both his and Sharon's remarriage, when he told poor Phyllis, to get off him. It was all riveting watching. And I thought the scenes with Sharon and Nick were touching and believable. I know many fans consider Nick and Sharon a thing of the past. They say Nick was boring until he got with Phyllis. They claim there was no chemistry. They talk about Sharon's cheating like she's the only Genoa City woman who's drawn water out of the infidelity well. But I remember it differently. Yeah, the cheating and the fighting was no fun to watch. But it wasn't always that way. I remember way back when they first began and all the years that led up to the bad times. And Nick was doing nothing but smiling plenty of times in those days. As for sex, Sharon was keeping the lingerie business in the black. She had a new one about every other day. Those two started many a fire between them.

At the moment I don't know who I'd like to see get together or back together, however the case may be. I admit it was kind of nice seeing Nick and Sharon together. If done right, I'm sure they could make us believe they had fallen back in love. At the same time, though my preference would be a Phyllis and Jack reunion (couldn't you just see the awesome battle if Phyllis and Jack teamed up to do battle with Nikki and Victor?), I can also see how a great story could be told as Nick slowly regained his feelings for Phyllis. This one can go either way. If Nick continues to hold her at a disinterested arm's length, Phyllis and Jack are bound to grow closer. And how could Sharon not be touched if Nick continues to shower with compliments and good memory reminders? We shall see.

Victoria and J.T. together have continued to fail to make me care about them. J.T. has nothing to do but follow Victoria about and Victoria's total unconcern with who might have fathered her baby, combined with her bitchiness, is not making this fan feel favorable toward her. As for Brad, what is it with him and his desire to be the boss of everybody's children? He's already taken Abby from Ashley, now he wants to take full care of the baby Victoria is carrying. I haven't heard one way or the other, but I'm guessing the baby will belong to J.T..

Although Kevin is still one of my favorites, except when he's aiding and abetting Gloria in her schemes, the whole Jana thing is not very riveting to me. Since Kevin has never had to pay much of a price for his attempt to kill Colleen, it's hard to take seriously his desire to charge Jana for her trespasses against him. What he is more likely to accomplish is the driving of an insurmountable wedge between Adrian and Colleen.

Where is Devon? Jill? JiMin? I'm ready for more of their romance. And when it comes to romance, as I speculated shortly after Dru's disappearance, is it possible there will be love, or at least heavy liking, between Neil and Karen? I hope so.

So, that's about all I came to say. You're up, fans.

* * * * * * *

A KRAFT -What ever happened to Y&R? What garbage stories ... hardly watching anymore. What a shame.

JM - Does anyone else think this new Logan character is a bad actress? I've seen better acting in school plays. Her monotone reading of the lines wears me out and I dread the obvious upcoming storylines that lie ahead with her. As far as Brad, why doesn't the Newman witch project (Nikki/Victoria) just kick him to the curb for all his taunting and bad vibes? While I enjoy watching him dig at these two, I just can't help wondering why they don't pull a Donald - you're fired! And while I can't stand Glo, her scenes of Will control make me think of Kathy Bates in Misery ... creepy. I just want her to don that orange jumpsuit one of these days so it will all be worthwhile.

GAIL - What is the point of having an opinion about anything anyhow, but, I agree with what I read from a previous complainer. This Y&R is getting totally ridiculous and watching every one of the storylines stall. I am totally ready for Nick to die for real with the last 2 weeks of "I've got to go" and "you're too weak" crap. Like I totally don't care if he acts like an asshole with Phylliss now, Because I am sure he is going to want a paternity test to help him believe Summer is his child. Is that what all this has been building up to? If so, no one cares now anyway since you've made us dislike everyone of the characters.

THERESA - Nita- where do I begin? Nick: it just so happens that in real life while this SL was going on there was a plane crash over Lake Michigan and everyone on board died. But not our Nick Newman. It would be best for him if he forgot everyone but Cassie. He'd be better off that way. Time will tell. I think Y&R should bring back Nina (as I have said for years) and pair her up with Nick. If there's an issue with the family tree or gene pool, I'm not aware of it. So bring back Nina. Jack: pleeaasssee let this man win something or someone in his life that he can keep forever and ever. And I'm not talking about the ghost of his father. Jack deserves so many good things and I think many viewers are soooo tired of the "Jack must always lose" SLs that what's the use of watching if he's just going to lose whomever or whatever to Victor or anyone else for the billionth time. Yawn. So let's do the right thing by Jack and give him some positive SLs and air time. He's practically the only Abbott we get to see anymore. Keep Ji Min and Jill together. They are fun to watch and have a chemistry all their own. When are they going to wrap up the SL about Jack and Ji Min and the tape Jack has about Victor? Nikki: this B is going down! Don't they dare recount the votes and have Jack lose to that creature! When Victor seeks revenge for the Nikki/David kiss, he should go after Nikki as much or more than David. Nikki is unbelievably mean. Maybe this is what the writers want, but it's sure hard to watch. Phyllis: so glad she went home alone after the election. Perhaps her air time will dim. She did not win her Emmy, so we can only hope for a little more balance as far as she's concerned. I want Jack and Sharon together for a long time and for Jack to know that he is really Summer's dad so he can have the child he's always wanted. Gloria: great scenes with her and William just before his stroke. I do like her character a lot, but I love her acting even more. I want her on Y&R for a long time to come. The writers need to keep working their fingers to the bone and the creative juices flowing because I'm seeing only minor improvements. We need more characters because Y&R is still too close for comfort. Come on guys, spend some money and hire more gifted actors and ratings will go up and you'll sell more soap. That's the idea behind all this anyway.

SHANNON - I have to say that this week started out very dry but turned into something a little more worthwhile. I was certainly glad to have a break form Curly, Larry and Moe BKA Amber, Kevin, and Daniel. I was surprised to see Kevin stand up to Amber when it came to the demo but Amber just had to get her sticky fingers on the money some way or another. I'm a little heartbroken that Nick can't remember the last two years of his life. I'm sypathizing with Phyllis this week. Nick was pretty harsh! Did anyone notice the sudden hair change? She was a red head and suddenly popped up blonde. What where the writers thinking when Victoria stated she was "TWO WEEKS PREGNANT?" That was just plain stupid and illogical. I almost fell out of my swivel chair when Brad found that appointment card. Although I'm glad he confronted Vicky about the paternity of the baby, I'm just wondering who would even consider giving his sleazy behind a baby to raise? Last but not least, I was all too pleased to see Victor knock Nikki off her pedestal. I thought it would have been a more dramatic scene then him telling her to "Shut Up" in so many words but I guess it was alright. Also did anyone notice Nick never asked for his father? The writers are getting a bit unrealistic!

LINDA - Unlike many, I am a huge Phylliss fan. Even when she is showing her wicked side she comes across to me as sly, intelligent, sexy and delivers humor like no one else on the show. I could never tolerate Nick until she hooked up with him. She turned him into a funny, sexy guy and the chemistry the two of them have beats anything either one of them ever had with anyone else. Hopefully this amnesia is just a blip for summer ratings.

CHANDRA - Thanks, Nita for all your comments which are very right on! I watch the soap only occasionally now. I can get more info from the soapcentral website! Very disappointed in the Y&R writers - shallow, no originality, no consistency or growth in any of the characters. Very few actors of color. Older characters pushed into the background with few lines. Actors of color given small roles with extremely few entry and exit lines (MD, nurse, law enforcement, waitress). Soap operas are going down the tubes. The world is not made up blonde, blue-eyed anorexic girls and dull, boring, unkempt half-witted skinny white men who are manipulated by these girls!

MOL - I just have one question: why is it Bardwell can only stare blankly into space when he's alone with Gloria ... looking so helpless and defenseless; but when Maggie shows up, his eyes dart around the room or he cuts them terrifyingly over to Gloria in a charades-like attempt to communicate? I laugh out loud every time this happens!

BARBARA - I have a few comments. First, if Jack was married to Nikki and he was Nick's stepfather, Nick was a little kid. Is there some kind of sick thing going on there with that. He's like Sharon's father almost. I hate Phyllis and I just knew Nick was going to come back with the problems he has. I hope he never gets his memory back. He needs to go back with his wife and son. And Sharon has got to be the dumbest person on the planet to ever trust Phyllis. Sharon is so stupid, it's sad.

YVONNE - I am totally fed up with the Gloria show; she has no redeeming quality. I love what Nick and Phyllis have. I hope the writers will find a way to re-unite them, He is an adult now and not the child he was when he was with Sharon. They have not been happy together in a long time. Every time they were together, I was wondering when she would run off or who she was going to sleep with next. Nick and Phylliss have a grown up love, please let them be together.

SHALEAH - You know, I have really been thinking about this Nick amnesia thing and it is no surprise that he doesn't remember the last 2 years. That's because Nick was on CRACK. Ok grant it, he wasn't on it when Cassie died but that was the catalyst that caused the downward spiral for poor Nick. And although I am no big fan of Phicky, I do feel kind of bad for Phyllis. I don't care for Logan either though because she has no real personality to me. I, personally, would like for Sharon to care for Nick because she does nothing and never has anything to do and Jack won't mind. If they get back together I really wont care. I was sooo hurt when they divorced to begin with I have resolved to not involve my heart w/ anymore of these daytime couples. Onto another note. I am not feeling this new Colleen. I googled the new star and don't care for her looks. I didn't care for Adrienne Leon's either nor her attitude but this Tammin Sursok had better be able to act her butt off or make the character of Colleen seem like a better person. I don't know, I told everyone before that I stopped watching this show but now I sometimes catch it late on Soapnet.

JUNE - Okay for all the Nick and Sharon fans (me!), I am loving this amnesia storyline. Even though I know this will not last forever I am enjoying Phyllis being shut out by Nick. I just don't get Nikki because she is shunning Phyllis but she doesn't like Sharon either. She needs to make up her mind who she wants her son to be with. I felt so bad for Nick to have to relive Cassie's death over again. The scenes with Sharon and Nick were so touching. It's interesting that Phyllis just dismisses Cassie as his daughter and just refers to everything like they had some classic romance like they were soul mates, not that they had an affair and that Nick wasn't there for Sharon or the facts surrounding how Cassie died. I realize you don't want to tell him everything but don't rewrite history to suit your needs. I don't recall how Nick felt about Phyllis prior to Cassie's death. Although the actress that plays Colleen may not be my favorite I think that the way they fired her was horrible. Are they planning on creating a relationship with Colleen and Kevin and wanted to change the actress to make it more believable? I actually like the relationship between Colleen and Kevin. Now on to Brad, how arrogant can one person be? How dare he tell Victoria that if the baby turns out to be his, that he is going to raise it. He is unbelievable. I am no longer on Gloria's side. If it didn't mean that she would be written out of show, but once she is convicted of involuntary murder and obstruction of justice and etc. etc she is going down and it's about time. Please do it before she takes down everyone around her including Lauren and Michael.

JOANNE - I love Nick's memory loss. It is almost as good as when Pam found Bobby in the shower on Dallas after he was supposedly dead! I love how Nick tells Phyllis that he can't understand how he could have been with her and I love seeing him with Sharon. Their scenes have been really touching. Phyllis needs to back off and let him remember on his own! She is so much about her and Summer and the poor guy just found out his whole life is not as he remembered with a child who died and a marriage he obviously loved over. I know it will be short-lived and that the writers will bring Nick and Phyllis back but I am enjoying this brief respite from their disgusting scenes. He looked disgusted when he found out what he did and it is about time! Gloria and the whole Fisher/Baldwin clan need to go far, far away. Watching the torture of Will is too much! I am not terribly fond of the idiot DA but this is so mean! I cannot believe Lauren is going along with this! How can she look at herself in the mirror! As for Amber - I cannot stomach any more scenes with her! Why are they keeping her around? She is irritating on every level possible. Logan is not a character I am liking so far (the acting isn't too great either so far). I do not find her good with Nick or anyone else on the show. She is just annoying and weird to me. I hope they don't put her in too many scenes. Maybe she can hook up with David and they can go far, far away as well.

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