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The veils of secrecy
by Nita
For the Week of April 16, 2007
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Perhaps in order to ensure the door remains ajar to allow a future incarnation of Drucilla Winters to stroll through, the lifeless body of the current one has not yet been recovered.

Perhaps in order to ensure the door remains ajar to allow a future incarnation of Drucilla Winters to stroll through, the lifeless body of the current one has not yet been recovered. Neil, while his words swore he wasn't giving up hope of her miraculous return, his actions told a whole 'nother story. Because almost before Dru was officially declared missing though probably presumed expired, Neil had already wrapped his shaking hands around a glass filled with scotch. Gee, Neil, could you have waited a couple of days at least? Five years of abstinence and just like that he hightails it straight to Indigo and immediately begins to try to discover how fast he can deplete the inventory. I suppose it's feasible that an apparently unrecovered alcoholic would fall from the wagon with such haste and no grace, but I guess I had hoped for something a little more creative than his quick tumble into a tumbler, so to speak, and a revisit to the days of Neil of the uncombed hair and unshaven face. After all the eons he's crawled around behind one Newman or another begging and pleading for a board seat, it's finally his for the sitting, along with his reinstatement to the Granville account, so it's disappointing and a letdown for this fan to see him succumb so easily to alcoholic dependence. I guess, despite his words of hope, and the fact that he held a prayer service instead of a memorial service, he secretly does indeed believe Dru has left him forever.

But before he reached the stage of numbed alcoholic indifference, at least he was allowed to let fly a bitter barrage of blistering rage in Brad's direction. I know I wasn't the only fan on my feet cheering Neil on as he reached out and ripped a chunk out of Brad's behind. Of course, the wooden one for the most part appeared utterly unfazed by Neil's angry outburst. With hyphen Newman still printed immediately behind his Carleton name, he thinks he can afford to be fearless, knowing that as long as he does nothing to make his wife deactivate his Newman power wand, any threats floating toward him on Neil's slightly boozy breath, are bereft of any teeth. So puffed up with importance was Brad, that he calmly deflected Neil's threats with a veiled one of his own warning Neil of the inadvisability of making him a foe instead of a friend.

I know many fans might fault Sharon for coming clean to Neil about what really caused the catfight on the cliff. But it wasn't as if she swore him to secrecy then told. For all she knew, Neil would have immediately hastened forth and bellowed her secret from the Athletic Club rooftop. Whether it helped or not, Neil had a right to know what indirectly contributed to his wife's capitulation from the cliff top. I just wish she'd have gone the rest of the way and come clean to Jack as well. After all, for all intents and purposes, it stopped being a containable secret the moment she opened her mouth and blithely blathered about it in Phyllis' hearing. And like I pointed out before, Jack certainly has no moral leg of indignation to stand on, considering his own past keep it in the family transgression. Victoria and Nikki? Well, they already hate her and treat her like something that crawls on the ground and leaves a slimy trail. That only leaves Nick, whose adulterous action leaves him little room to waggle a rebuking finger in his ex-wife's direction. Now that Phyllis has pledged to zip her lip and take their secret to her grave, you would think the ex-lovers would be safe. But, this is Genoa City, where skeletons never stay buried in the ground or remain inconspicuously in the closet. How long before Neil, perhaps in an inebriated state, lets his loose lips sink that New York ship? And if not Neil, then we know it will come out somewhere from someone. It's only a matter of time.

Phyllis continues to mouth apologies, as always seeing clearly in hindsight what her selfishness blinded her to before. I really messed up this time, the redhead recited by rote, with the requisite trickling tear or two. A line we've heard, hmmm, how many times before? And just like all the other times she's said that or something similar, best friend again Baldwin dutifully downplayed her latest diabolical deed, scurrying so fast to pat her supportively on the shoulder, he nearly sprained his wrist hauling her get out of guilt pass from his suit pants pockets. Of course, Phyllis was careful to put the proper spin on her twisted blackmail tale, hitting most of the high points but carefully omitting to relay the multiple moments a day she gleefully poked the blackmailees by word or taunting action with her pointy blackmail stick.

Even Dru was included in Phyllis' apologetic circle, though the only way she would have heard the award winning cliff top performance was if she was floating in the air above. Now, was it just me or did any other fan think Phyllis wound up making Dru's unfortunate demise more about her than the dearly departed? I also found Phyllis' concern that Jack's poor, tender heart might be bruised unduly by Sharon's insincere affections rather amusing. Now she's thinks Jack is undeserving of hurt and deceit? Does that mean when she was the one dealing him the hurt, dirt and deception, he did?

Is Brad a piece of maggot-infested man meat or what? First he asks Sharon to be his bride. An hour later, he'd already recovered from her refusal and was crouched on bended knee before Victoria instead. Wedding day found Sharon doing the begging while he balked. Yet almost before the ink had dried on his wedding certificate, he had already betrayed his new bride. Brad seems determined to keep not only the bird in his bed, but the one chirping sweetly in the bush outside his window as well. I love you, he had the gall to tell Sharon, while making it clear he wasn't about to leave Victoria to love her legally. So for the second time I found myself on my feet cheering as Sharon told him she'd no longer be available to play his self-destructive game.

When it comes to the Fisher-Baldwin faction, I'm beginning to wish one or all of them would self-destruct. Just like her oldest son's Teflon friend, nothing sticks to these people either and because of that, they're just not much fun to watch. Don't get me wrong. I love a good villain as much as the next fan. But come on, payback should be dealt out to everyone equally. Heck, these people never even have a close call. Like Midas with his golden touch, Gloria and Kevin can behave improperly and illegally with impunity. Gloria is like a black widow spider, her manipulative mouth always flapping about some conniving plan. And Kevin is her ever so willing accomplish, hacking and spying at his demented mother's behest. So when is payback going to pay a visit to their family? And another thing, with the combined fortunes of Fenmore and Barrister Baldwin why don't these people build their own family empire? Instead of trying to get their greedy mitts on the family fortune built on the backs and largely through the hard work and effort of the Abbotts? Why don't they dot the countryside with Crimson Lights lookalikes? Or help Lauren micro-manage Fenmore's department of designer duds? Lord knows she isn't minding the main store. And she only occasionally toils in her little shop of trendy trinkets.

But no, the Fishers have no interest in their own family company. The only thing they want is to take Jabot from Jack. And now the whole unethical clan have become disgusting voyeurs, salivating over Jill and JiMin's drug-manipulated sexual play. Kevin and Gloria are like two bloody-beaked vultures with no real life to speak of, so spend all their waking hours dreaming and scheming about how best to pick the bones clean of the lives of their friends and enemies. Don't these two have desks they're supposed to sit behind and conduct legitimate Jabot business? Kevin never does anything except commit computer related crimes, while Gloria's appearances conveniently coincide with Jack or Will Bardwell's visits. Michael's veneer of respectability, none too thick in the first place, is showing shiny bare spots in places. Even Lauren, in the guise of protecting her family of thieves has willingly become an aider and abettor, complicitly co-signing her in-laws deceit. Funny how some people are quick to condone their own committed crimes, yet are the first to cry foul over the crimes of others. I guess it's true what some people say, you know, how birds of a feather snuggle cozily in one deceptive nest together. Or, how when you lie down with no-account mutts, you get up and bound about covered with nasty fleas. What wonderful role models this family will be for poor unwitting Fen.

As Jack walks around completely oblivious to what the Fishers are about to discover about his devious ownership deeds, he's equally blind to the multiple traps Victor's quietly setting for him. Victor's plan continues to take shape around him as he carefully puts another piece in place in his payback plot against Jack. How convenient that Victor chose this particular time to encourage Jack to repair the broken connection between NVP and Jabot. Why not last week before the Fishers began their wiretapping, computer espionage and voyeuristic activities? Once the cable has been reconnected, the package of NVP moves one step closer to being made complete before presentment back to Nikki. Of course, now that Nikki has decided she wants to add Senator to the resume she began when she scribbled in stripper under occupation decades ago, the person who stands to gain the most is Phyllis, who once Jack has been ousted, will be the sole person in authority.

So Nikki wants the Senate seat and will do anything to get it. But not because she wants to make a difference in the lives of her future constituents. No, she wants to prove to Victor she can be more than Mrs. Victor Newman, capable of more than picking up a phone and commanding the appropriate minions to work some magic that she will take full credit for. And, of course, in order to toss the biggest monkey wrench money can buy into the works of Jack's Clear Lake project. I'm guessing the Senate seat will wind up being just like everything else Nikki has undertaken. Just a toy she will play with for awhile, before tossing it aside when the next novelty comes on the market.

And lastly, Neil's meander down his memory lane of his long road with Dru was touching and enjoyable to watch. I was there back then and before and will miss the enduring love they shared. So, Dru, I tip both my hat and my glass to you.

And now, my fellow fans, the floor is all yours.

* * * * * * *

LYNN - I have not written in awhile because I have been busy tuning into the soaps on ABC where characters are more than one dimensional and the stories are actually interesting. That being said, I did watch last week as Dru met her demise. I was not surprised to see Phyllis get full support from everyone and even getting her relationship back with Michael and Lauren. Wow how handy the tragedy turned out for her. Guess some girls have all the luck. I agree Sharon should not be with Nick, Brad or Jack. How about Neil after he grieves? By the way what does David Chow do and is there a purpose - no offense to the fine actor playing him. Colleen - when are they sending her away to Italy? Amber the hooker with the heart of bronze could go with her now that they are sort of friends. Maybe Cane can be there for Lily when she dumps Daniel and as she grieves for her mother. Devon could too though that would be taboo I suppose. I like Jill and JiMin together. I wonder when Victoria will toss out Brad. He really needs to be alone for a very long while to figure out how his pot and kettle got so black. Maybe, as I have said before, Victoria and J.T. can get together. I kind of like that Kevin has gotten some of his brooding back. He was getting a little wimpy. Wish I even cared about Daniel. By the way when do we find out Summer is actually Jack's? That would sure stir the pot on many fronts for many people.

CINDY - I have been watching for over 25 years, I just wanted to comment that last week and so far this week, I don't think it has ever been better. I love it! I hate Phyllis so I am in my glory right now.

FRIEDA - I haven't written in a while, just been enjoying yours and your fans' take on things. I really think things are starting to pick up in GC, I really hope this is a genuine change to better writing and not some ratings ploy. I was hoping that you had noticed Nikki's hairdo that day and would comment. (had to say something about that) As for Dru's death - I'm really sorry because her character got caught up in those days and months when the writing was atrocious. I guess Victoria Rowell couldn't wait it out. As for Phyllis - the good old Phyllis I loved to hate is back! I'll admit, I was in the Niclyss camp for a while, but I ain't no more. I feel for Daniel and Summer that they have to be burdened with having her for a mother. From yesterday's previews, looks like Sharon will wise up and not marry Jack. I never thought I'd think this, but I would kinda like to see her and Nick get back together. I know she and Brad have the hots, but Brad has just been such a jerk lately, I can't wish it for him.

DOROTHY - I am really astonished that they are letting the Fishers get away with murder and now the illegal wire taping is continuing. This is so ridiculous that such a low level person can eavesdrop into the executive level. Anyway in real life, the company's IT group is audited by another group (Internal Audit) at the executive level every six months.

TERRY - I'm new to the commentary scene, but have been with Y&R since the beginning. I too have lost interest of late because of all the Phyllis, Gloria, Kevin-types never having to be held accountable for their wrongs. While it's true that there are many awful people like them in the real world, sooner or later, they usually get caught in their underhanded schemes. Way too much Phyllis and Gloria! In earlier years, I would do whatever it took to make time to see the show, but now I don't even bother to tape it, because it's probably about Phyllis, Gloria, whining Colleen, or trashy Amber. Reading the other comments, it seems the overwhelming majority is in agreement. Too much of the heartless, uninteresting skanks (can I say that?) and not enough of the more believable storylines about some of the nicer people that can act, and are held accountable for their actions. I haven't totally given up on Y&R, yet, but instead of watching, I'll probably just read about it and hope that eventually it returns to its former level of entertainment. I love your commentary and will be visiting it often. Thanks!

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