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by Nita
For the Week of April 09, 2007
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Death and departure in Genoa City used to be rather rare occurrences. That's how it was then, but it's certainly that way no longer.

I remember the days when death and departure in Genoa City used to be rather rare occurrences. Well that's how it was then, but it's certainly that way no longer.

First Cassie, then John and now Drucilla. I know from perusing multiple message boards that many fans out there are likely dancing with abandon in their living rooms, champagne flutes lifted high in celebratory toasts, at seeing the last of Drucilla. I just don't happen to be one of them. Although Dru has repeatedly come under fire for her hats, her hair, her décolleté dresses, her walk, her talk, her acting, her facial expressions, and just about anything else you can think of, I happen to think GC is losing an incredible talent in Ms. Rowell. Of course, Dru has made her mistakes. The biggest one being keeping mum about her overmedicated meander with Malcolm. Many fans also inked thick, indelible black marks in her debit column for refusing to play a meek and mild role when Carmen was actively after her man. She's crazy, some said, when she swung wildly at everything the sly Carmen slung at her head and heart. Cutting up the bimbo's belongings, manhandling her at the office, some tisked and tasked. Like Carmen was some sweet and innocent young miss who hadn't done a blessed thing wrong. I guess Dru should have just grinned and bore it, obligingly turning the other cheek so Carmen could slap it disrespectfully as well. And before you remind me, I know Carmen wasn't playing footsies all by herself; Neil had a hefty part in that play too, and needn't check his mailbox for his free pass from me. But come on, Dru wouldn't be the woman we've been led for years to believe her to be, had she not fought ferociously back, using whatever weapons wound up at her disposal.

But that's all muddy, debris-choked water under the bridge and much beside the point as well, so let me grab myself by the collar and haul me back onto the death and departure path I was about to tread down.

Despite the mid-week tragedy many of us knew was heading straight for GC, the week just past was a pretty good one. Sure the argument was senseless and should never have happened. But then, couldn't the same be said about most arguments? And yes, three women tugging at and tussling over a cell phone, at the edge of a cliff with a 55-foot drop off, no less, wasn't the most plausible of scenarios. And I know, I know, much can be made, and was, about the artificiality of the rocks, the rapidly, roiling water below, the fact that the bodies plunging into space looked rather fake and kind of cheesy. But Lily's long, piercing screams was perfectly chilling, both at the scene and while echoing eerily through the cell phone into Neil's horrified ears. Sharon, dangling dangerously over the cliff, pleading with Phyllis not to let her die was good as well. Even Brad, the usually extremely wooden one, was utterly believable as a man almost beside himself with worry over the woman who is not his to worry about. So believable in fact, that despite the huge, pink-colored designer shades blocking much of her view, Victoria should still have been able to clearly see the woman for whom a too-generous share of her husband's love is reserved for.

Now, to the fall. Much has been said about who was at fault for it. Well, I think that when it comes to parceling out pieces of succulent blame pie, there is more than enough for all to have a sliver. Phyllis, of course, for her need to continuously rub Sharon's nose in her indecent indiscretion with her then in-law, much like you punish your pup for dropping his doo in an inappropriate place. And both Dru and Sharon, naturally, for being such large targets for Phyllis darts.

Sharon should have let Phyllis call Jack and tattle her little tale to him. It's not as if Jack has any room to raise his arm to point a recriminating finger at Sharon. I mean, we are talking about the man who slept with his father's wife. He, of all people, should know about keeping it in the family.

As for Phyllis, once again she winds up being the indirect cause of unspeakable pain and anguish for her in-laws, the Winters family. And yes, I already know what she'll have to say about it. She didn't mean for this to happen. She didn't mean for anyone to get hurt. She certainly didn't intend for Dru, a woman she thoroughly detested, to die. Just as she didn't intend for Lily to overhear the name of her real father as she threateningly stabbed at Dru with her little pointed blackmail stick. But then, as now, her actions once again caused severe damage. And now all the feisty feline can do is twist her smart-aleck mouth into a trembling moue and cry a few crocodile tears until everyone feels ever so sorry for her. Well, you all know that even though I'm not saying it was all Phyllis' fault, I don't feel one bit sorry for her. By the way, as once predicted, Phyllis came to have need of the friends she so quickly scorned before they had need of her. And I'd be lying glibly through my teeth if I said I didn't hope there is a thin spot or two in her Teflon coating so she can suffer a little sting or three of comeuppance for her lethal little blackmail plot.

Anyway, though I will miss Victoria Rowell, I know Genoa City life will go on with or without Dru. But the Winters family just won't be the same without her.

Speaking of without her, the week was also wonderful because of the relatively few sightings of the overexposed Colleen. So I guess you know that meant none of my fingernails were in danger of being nibbled to the quick on her behalf when Daddy cut off her finances. First of all because I didn't believe for a moment it was going to cause her to miss either a meal or a moment with Adrian. How quickly Colleen-I'm-Grown poured out her problems to Uncle Jack-A-Plenty. She knew he would immediately pull out his bank book and offer her access to its balance. Though I strained my ears mightily, I never heard the Professor clamoring to help pay her bills.

Speaking of help, do you think Colleen will finally repay her debt to Lily during these tragic circumstances by offering her friend a supportive shoulder to lean on for a change? Or will she just wait till Lily pauses for breath before breaking in with yet another chapter of her own unending tale of woe? At least she shouldn't have many complaints about J.T.'s stalking of her. He should be too busy stalking her father at Victoria's request. I can see it all now. While going backwards through Brad's life, J.T. will stumble across the very same eloquent hotel employee Phyllis did. Who, by the way, should be fired for his inability to remain discreetly silent about the activities of the hotel's paying guests. Victoria will be so traumatized by the disturbing news of her husband's foray onto Sharon's forbidden territory she will subsequently and unfortunately lose the wee little Carlton she's carrying.

Cane is fast becoming one of my favorites. A man who seems to be no more and no less than what he says he is. A man with little or no malice in mind, willing to forgive Kay for what she did to his life. Such a contrast to his mother, who, though perfectly within her right to be angry with her mother, conveniently overlooks all the dirt she herself shoveled onto the mausoleum floor. Where were all Jill's cries of injustice and hatred when Mommy was promoting her at Jabot?

When it comes to another mother, however, malice, manipulation and mayhem is practically all that is ever on her mind. Yes, I'm referring to Gloria. Temporarily distracted by Fen's kidnapping, Jana's disappearance and Kevin's brief legal and medical maladies, Gloria is again back on course. That of landing another rich patsy, I mean, partner, to brighten up her days and steam up her nights. And with no other prey in sight, she has refocused her laser gaze on William. Not a woman concerned with silly niceties such as waiting for a man to show his interest, Gloria believes in snaring her man meat by any means necessary. And one of her major means is through son Kevin. Before Will even knows what happens, the net will come down over his head and start tightening like a hangman's noose around his neck. Which is just fine with me because I'd rather see Jill with Ji Min anyway.

I'm starting to enjoy Nikki's little trip down political lane. At the very least it's a definite improvement over the disdainful look down her nose demeanor she's been wearing for what seems like forever. I just I hope Jack's heart isn't set too hopefully on winning the Senator's seat. Because I'm guessing Nikki is going to come out the victor in this little competition. Jack is already making the wrong move by plotting with David to dig up and display any dirt uncovered from Nikki's past. What could David be thinking with his plan to gnaw on the Newman hand that's paying him? And why would either of them think they could pull a fast one on Victor without him knowing whose hand was pulling the puppet strings? Of course, why on earth Nikki would want the time-consuming job of being a Senator anyway is beyond me. She wants to do something for herself, by herself, I recall her saying something along the lines of. Which was just about what she said when she decided to plunge a fortune to pay for her admittance into Jabot, and after that, when she decided to partner with Bobby at Marsino's. Followed by owning and running NVP. Alas, given her history and attention span, Senator-ing is likely to be just the latest toy for Nikki to play with until she loses interest in it.

Nick's a brand new man. Or at least an even younger-looking one now that he's shaved the fuzz off his face and wiped off some of his hair gel. Now he could easily pass for Daniel's slightly older brother.

Speaking of Daniel, the dunce cap for him and a stool in the corner. It might not be true that porn will make you blind, but at least in Daniel's case, it has made him stupid. Apparently he's spent most of his time staring at anonymous naked girls on his computer screen and all of his effort trying to keep his wife from catching him at it, he's had no time nor energy left to attend to his college courses. While his wife and his roommate have managed to haul in straight A's despite the trials and tribulations they've suffered through.

There's a lot already happening and if even half of the spoilers I've spotted are true, it should prove to be an action-packed Spring and Summer. With more deaths and departures to come.

What follow are what you fans thought and think about Genoa City happenings. As always, I enjoyed every word!

* * * * * * *

GERALD - How could Nikki vote for a board of directors. She's not on the board.

FAYETTE - Nita, I look forward to reading your column every week. It is well-written and hilarious. When I saw Nikki's hair, I said to myself, did she look in the mirror before going on set? Doesn't her husband work at Y&R? He should have said something because that was not a flattering hairdo. Y&R is really becoming the Phyllis show. I am a long-time viewer and used to tape Y&R everyday to watch in the evenings or on weekends. Now, I periodically watch on Soapnet. Everytime I watch, Phyllis is on the screen. Why? The show definitely needs to put her on the backburner for awhile. I can't take much more. In a follow-up to WJRose, Nick did graduate from college (GCU). The whole Newman family celebrated when he did. If I remember correctly, Sharon went for a year, maybe two and quit when she either got pregnant or had Noah. Victoria did not go to college, which is one of the reasons why Victor turned over the reins to Newman Enterprises to Nick instead of Victoria. Keep up the good work. You are how I know the weekly happenings on Y&R.

CASSIE - Check around the time Sharon got pregnant with Noah and see if she wasn't in college along with Nick. And if by chance Sharon didn't go to college, that doesn't mean she can't regret it and encourage Colleen-a-drama to cherish these years. About Sharon not being able to keep her legs closed, I believe Nikki heads that list; she has had more men by far than Sharon could ever have slept with and don't forget that Victoria is married to Nikki's would have been husband had Victor not gotten shot when he did. It seems to be a thing with the women on this show, whenever problems arise sleep with someone and then think of the consequences. I believe that Phyllis' little house of glass is gonna come tumbling down as soon as the writer's get bored with her and they soon have Summer being Jack's child and not Nick's. Then the wrath of the Newmans will her all hers.

KAYEBIRDY - I love Phyllis, and how she's getting back at Sharon! I never liked Sharon after she pretended she did nothing wrong with Brad and they keep it going! I feel bad for Victoria and Jack because they're getting played and I really don't think Jack loves Sharon. A part of me does, but another says he doesn't. And another thing, why didn't Brad just come out with it in the first place about Sharon! Dummy. It always gets worse with more time given of NOT telling. Also, Victoria will find out, because she has a right to know. What kind of man is Brad to not tell his wife the truth? Not a man at all; he's a big baby, and he's being dumb. Why bring a baby into the world when you still and will ALWAYS love Sharon? Nick needs to punch him in the face, a good punch too. And what the hell is Daniel doing! Is he nuts?! Amber that stupid vixen is gonna get him and herself into trouble with their spouses. She's a big cheater and a gold digger too. I hate that! Ohhh, dang, Devon is gonna KILL Daniel when he finds out from Lily what's going on, because guaranteed it will happen. It always does.

RICHYNE - I have to agree with the person who berates Phyllis and Nick. My goodness, Nick is a spineless, whipped puppy dog. I have watched Y&R for over 20 years and for the first time I am considering not watching. It is just too painful with storylines that don't make sense and are not "real". I am tired of the same old stomping grounds, the same villains, the repeated storylines, give me a break. Phyllis needs to GO!

BECCA - Wow, Nita. I am new here but just wanted to say what a great writer you are. I read the entire commentary you wrote. Have you ever thought about trying to write for the soaps? Go try to help GL out ... keep them real when they get way way over the top. Great job

KAT - Wow ... and the Phyllis Show continues. I thought for just a brief moment, that maybe, just maybe the writers finally got the message that we viewers are sick of Phyllis being the featured star of this show. Not only does she get to have everything she wants and is involved with almost everyone's business at NE and NVP, she gets to torture and torment Sharon and Brad repeatedly at will for doing the very thing her and Nick did, with absolutely no consequences to herself. I don't recall the writers prolonging her torture over and over again for months and months on end. Oh no, not for LML's best girl. But, hey, it's Phyllis, so it's okay. I've have watched this show for a very long time and, like many of this show's loyal fans, who are the reason it's maintained it's #1 status for 18 years, I know the history of these characters. To try to sit through these many months of watching the new writers tear down established characters to the point of unrecognition - e.g. J.T., Sharon - only to bolster what appears to be their personal pets - e.g. Phyllis, Kevin, , Gloria - has pushed this viewer over the edge. Phyllis can do no wrong, and everything Sharon does of late is either stupid or condemned. Well, now that characters that maintained some integrity, like John, Ashley and Drucilla are gone and the new writers seem hell-bent on making this show as trashy as possible by bringing on the likes of characters like Amber, it's time to bid this show farewell. I kept watching in the hopes characters like Sharon and Lauren might be given the opportunity to shine through positive, empowering storylines, but alas, my hopes were in vain. They too continue to be trampled in the Phyllis Hit-Parade. Thank you Lynn Marie Latham - your writing biases have forced me to say farewell to this show for good.

WANDA - Sooo, they are going to kill off Dru so she can never return huh? Well, we all know how well that works on Y&R! Someone always comes back to haunt. Missed the shows a couple of weeks and was surprised to see Nick all clean shaven - well almost clean. He looks good either way. I agree. He and Phyllis are getting tiresome. Don't think he should go back to Sharon though. He needs someone new. Hmmmm, someone new in GC? Give it a few weeks and there will be someone new in town. There always is. I'm not even going to comment on the "Terrible Trio" - Gloria, Colleen, and Amber - except to say, "Way to go Brad". Best thing he could do for Miss C.

ANNIE K - What has happened to the Y&R I used to love and faithfully watch? The storylines are absolutely ridiculous ... and they seem to get worse. Where is Nina in the new Cane story? What happened to Hope and Jack's son by Diane? Where is my favorite Larry Warton? Nikki is a joke running for office and Victor is a stupid bully. Phyllis is not worth mentioning. Michael and Lauren are good. Get rid of stupid Gloria who never paid for sabotaging the Jabot cream. Please writers, get some decent storylines.

KEITH - This is the best show ever and my wife has watched it since the day it began. Let Cane be Jill's son, let Phyllis have a child come up. What about the son Jack had? Paul had one if I remember right. Nina needs to return and find her son she sold to Sally. I do like the Bold and the Beautiful joining in with mixing the stars up on both shows. Let Kay be on the show longer and let her find she has more than Jill and Brock. Let Victor find out he has a sister. Let Sheila come back as a changed person who finds out she has the love of parents and others and let her find help. Let Nikki and someone get involved. Victor needs a new love life, it is getting old now for him. Keep up the good work on the writing. I have a good story for you. Where is Cricket?

BEVERLY - I will miss the character of Drucilla. Victoria Rowell is a terrific actress. She shouldn't have been written out. Please bring her back.

EVE - Don't get me wrong, I can understand three-team tag wrestling at the edge of a cliff as well as the next person (in other words, not at all), but I waited in vain for the obvious response from Neil's lips: "Don't tell me she's dead just because she fell off a cliff. My brother fell off a cliff in Africa, swam through crocodiles, fought lions, and came back the meanest, baddest, bandana-wearing fool you ever did see. This is GC. Keep looking for her! And if you've got any sense, you'll check out the nearest plastic surgeon, because she's coming back with a new face and a new voice, and don't tell me money might be a problem. Sheila switched faces the way some women switch shoes, and she never had a dime." Instead, Neil started grieving immediately, which is INSANE. And Lily lashed out at Daniel, like that poor little porn-freak ever had a clue regarding his mom. And Brad practically moved into Sharon's hospital room. And Sharon had the same make-up people that did Tricia way back when. If only she had the same writers. THEN we'd have a storyline. I still crack up thinking about Tricia, looking like the Bride of Frankenstein, greeting Ryan with the words, "Hi, honey! I've got a pot roast in the oven!" Oh, those were the days.

JOANNE - This week was extremely fast-paced! I loved it when Neil told Phyllis she was a sorry excuse for a human being and that she was dead to him! I hope he goes after her! I have a feeling Phyllis will somehow be sainted for trying to save Sharon - even though I saw it as her trying to save her own behind because there were so many witnesses. Her evil stupidity has caused the injury of one person and death of one person yet people were feeling sorry for her - especially Jack. Nick seemed to always look as if he was questioning what happened. I am glad Sharon is okay and very sorry to see the Dru character gone as I loved Victoria Rowell. Phyllis' tears and her saying it was her fault just seemed to be fake and put on for her audience. I am sure she is feeling some guilt, especially since her daughter-in-law just lost her mother - but she certainly had no love for either Dru or Sharon and interfered in their lives constantly. It was great to see Lily tell Daniel what she thought of his mother's behavior. I hope he begins to see her true colors as well. The pornography storyline is a bit strange right now in the middle of Dru's death because I don't know if it is realistic with Lily noticing this when she is grieving. Happy to see Amber and Colleen were basically no-shows this week. After Phyllis, they are my least favorite characters. It's interesting to see Phyllis' picture is always on the CBS website advertising Daytime Television. Just shows how much it really is the "Phyllis Show". If she comes out of this unscathed and the blame put on Sharon, yet again, I will definitely pull the plug on the Y&R after 35 years of watching.

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