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A turning of the tide?
by Nita
For the Week of March 12, 2007
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Is the tide actually about to turn? Are the dark, ridiculous storyline days beginning to give way to a bright and hopeful dawn?

Is the tide actually about to turn? Are the dark, ridiculous storyline days beginning to give way to a bright and hopeful dawn? Are we taking the first baby steps on our long journey back to what soaps are best at being? You know, filled with drama, intrigue, backbiting, jealousy, corporate infighting, blackmail, and dare I say it, perhaps even a little romance, if only a charismatic couple can be concocted?

Thankfully, the Sheila shenanigans, the reliquary rotgut, the malevolent Miss Mesta and Bradley's Baffling Backstory are over, done with and put away in a box, loose, unexplained ends and all. Those were the worst of the worst and I for one am so glad they have ended I couldn't care less that most of them made little sense.

Maybe it's just me who thinks so, but it sure seems like things in Genoa City could just be looking up.

For instance, incensed that Jeffrey Todd tried to turn him into Humpty Dumpty by causing him to have a great fall, the fact that GC Memorial medical staff was easily able to put him back together again didn't reduce Kevin's rage one iota. How absolutely hilarious to hear him ranting and raving about the possibility of J.T. getting away with attempted murder. And the fact that he was complaining to Colleen of all people, the babe he attempted to barbeque, made me laugh even harder. For four years, he told Colleen accusingly, you told everyone who'd listen how terrible I was. Weeeelll, she wasn't tellin' no lies on the boy. After all, he did try his level best to take her life! Did he really expect her to want to be his best friend after that? I'm just amazed he was able to force all those words out of his mouth without them catching in his throat and asphyxiating him. Just goes to show you that despite what many of us might have wondered in the past, the scribes really do have a sense of humor. I guess Kevin has discovered the cement shoes kind of hurt when he's the one who has to hobble painfully around in them. Colleen was so patient with him too as she pleaded with him not to take Jeffrey's hotheadedness personally and to please, please, please, take a couple of aspirin and just let crown crushing bygones be bygones. What she should have been telling him, was uh huh, you reap what you sow, do unto others, or uhhh, Kevin, just suck it the heck up and call it a dang draw! Though he's a little hot under the collar now, I'm sure Kevin will get over it eventually and chalk it up to boys just being boys, shake hands and forget about it. I'm still enjoying Kevin and Colleen together, though with two beaus battling over who gets to fly her colors on their lance, and Rocky the cowboy third in line, Colleen already has more men than she knows what to do with. Gee, when did she become the only belle at the ball?

Of course, a mysterious someone isn't one bit thrilled that the ball's belle keeps dancing and dallying with Professor Cradle Robber (yes, I laughed till I almost cried when Daniel threw that one out) and has reported the Robber and his student lover to the Dean. And though Colleen has frequently claimed a requirement of honesty at all costs in her relationships, she didn't hesitate to lie easily through her straight white teeth. Her lover, as usual using $100 words when nickel ones would have sufficed, also talked about playing the truth game, but in the end he too lied just as glibly as his girlish lover.

Speaking of girlish, can someone buy Lily a couple of clues and then leave them in plain sight for her to trip and fall on? Alas, another relationship seems on the verge of biting the dust. Once swearing to his beloved that he had eyes for no form but hers, Daniel is barely glancing at Lily's these days, not when he can watch Scamper bounding about on an internet feed, baring her big white … teeth in a lipstick smeared grin for the cameras.

And after Lily falls over the clues, I wonder if she would mind passing them on to Cane. Although, completely blinded by the bright blonde hue of Amber's hair and all the parts beneath it, he wouldn't be likely to see them and pick them up any more than Lily has.

If it's true that revenge is a dish best served ice cold, then I guess Victor and Nikki should be smacking their lips and rubbing their tummies in anticipation of their subliminal culinary experience to come. How long have these two been plotting to bring Jack to his knees, as painfully as possible? Six months? Eight? A year? To this fan, it seems like forever since Victor first vowed to make Jack pay for causing him to feel foolish.

Speaking of foolish, isn't Neil a Harvard or comparable higher education institution fellow? Hasn't he always been more brain than brawn, though the brawn he possesses is easy on the eyes. Well, obviously, when it comes to Chow, he can't be using much of that grey brain matter crammed in his cranium. How else to explain how easily he swallowed Chow's story that he'd only made Carmen's cousin's acquaintance mere seconds before Neil? He really needs to think back on all the strange Carmen sightings. Because if he did, there would be no way he could buy that Ines was terrorizing Dru without Chow's knowledge and assistance.

As for Ines, clearly she and Carmen were cut from the same bolt of conniving cloth. Not only are the cousins spitting images of one another, they apparently inherited the exact same personality traits as well. Like hateful, unyielding, self-righteous, hypocritical, and a butter don't melt in my mouth attitude. Apparently living and swearing by a motto along the lines of do dirt unto others, but cry foul when they do dirt back. Perhaps they are actually identical twins, with a kidnapper like Kay hidden somewhere in the leafy branches of their family tree. Like with her look-alike, I experienced an instant aversion to this bitter broad. I was afraid she whined in that same stuffy nosed tone that so irritated me when Carmen used it. But not too afraid to poke her pouty mouth in Dru's bedroom. And what of Ines and Chow's strident cries of justice for Carmen? Cat seems to have snatched out their lying tongues because now that they know Jana killed their cousin and lover, respectively, where are their shrieks for her head?

Okay, hold tight to your popcorn and Pepsi, fans, because I'm about to do something I seldom have occasion to do. Sing a few stanzas of Phyllis' praises. Okay, I'm waving smelling salts under your nose; you can get up off the floor now.

It's not really that far out of the realm of possibilities. I've always admitted I like Jack and Phyllis together. Together, they have an energy that really lights up the screen. Especially when both are angry. They play off each other very well, each giving as good as they get. Anyway, I was practically on my feet, cheering Phyllis on as she refused to let Nikki knock her down and steam roll over her. These days, I find Nikki so annoying, I'd cheer for anyone who put her in her place. NVP might be Nikki's company as she so tiresomely reminds us at every opportunity, but when it comes to business the woman is a lightweight. Nikki's head is so filled with hatred, she wouldn't recognize a good business idea if it smacked her squarely between her glaring eyes and likely wouldn't admit Jack's plan had merit even under the direct threat of death or dismemberment.

On the other hand, Phyllis at least gives the impression that she has more business sense in her little pinky than Nikki has in her whole stubborn body. After all, it was her expanded idea of the seed that was all Nikki had come up with to make use of her anti-aging cream. Yet Nikki is always squawking about "my" company. If left to her, that company would be little more than a bottle of anti-aging cream gathering dust on a shelf somewhere in the storage room of Lauren's little shop of one stop shopping for men, women, children and probably even pets.

As for Nikki, once again she's proven she can't be trusted as she prepares to place her hands alongside Brad and Victoria on the blade to stab her hubby in the back. Forget that Victor indulgently bought NVP for her to play with. Forget about the "plan" they've been salivating over and perfecting month after month after month. Forget that without Victor, her ownership of NVP could just be a distant memory of what she used to have. Or that she has yet to lift a manicured finger to earn even one Newman dollar, yet still has the gall to go toe to toe with Victor over how he spends his own money.

Okay, when it comes to Sharon, I've tried to defend her. I've tried in my own small wordy way, to put a few tiny Band-Aids on the massive wounds in her character. But I can't do it alone, the scribes are going to have to assist me a little. Sticking like lint on a black suit to Brad at the hospital was bad enough. But waylaying him at the AC, on his way back from the little boy's room, perhaps, to whisper the unimportant info that Jack invited her to tag along with him to New York and planned to stay at the very hotel they did their dirty deed twice. Okay, maybe I'm the only one who does this, but whenever I find myself in full and complete possession of a little scandalous tidbit that I just can't possibly keep to myself without serious risk of popping wide open, I always very carefully look front, back and sideways to make sure no listening ears will unintentionally overhear. But not our Sharon. But then again, maybe Sharon is hoping Victoria will hear what she has to say, either directly or indirectly. I'm sure she hasn't forgotten how Diego picked Victoria over her and she may also have heard the one about that cold dish of revenge. Not to mention the pricks to her pride delivered when she couldn't convince Brad to leave Victoria standing stupidly at the altar and elope with her instead. She may want to force Victoria to dump Bradley's behind in the dirt. So she can have him. That'll teach him to rebuff her love advances on his wedding day. Of course, Sharon is probably the only one who doesn't realize she wouldn't be getting much of a prize.

All in all, there should be a little something fun for everyone coming up. A three way battle for Colleen's favors. A boardroom brawl with a little blackmail to tilt the scales. A babe in the belly for Victoria, the ninny, who has been reduced to being grateful for a man like Brad who clearly has way too much fondness for her ex-sister-in-law. An even bitchier than ever Nikki - it's going to be fun hating on her. The hope that Lauren will stop lying down and letting Phyllis stomp all over her and give her a big piece of her irate mind.

That's all, I'm done. You fans are next.

* * * * * * *

ASHLEY - I am glad to see the show is finally moving a little forward these days and glad that the whole Brad and the Reliquary storyline is finally over. I hope it was Carmen's cousin that got killed and not Carmen. Very beautiful and talented actress. What's up with Lily and Daniel. Every time he goes to kiss her, she backs away or the scene is cut. I like Daniel as an actor and his appearance too, but his haircuts are just weird, and his clothing well just weird too. Drucilla is just such an amazing actress - hope she wins an award or something.

VIVIEN - Great job as always. I really look forward to your column, even though I often don't mind missing the show. I thought I'd plant an idea in your head and wonder what you think: Sheila! Wait, there's more. She's dead all right, but she was very much alive and very much Phyllis when the very popular "Who's your daddy?" game show was being played. She very easily could have manipulated the DNA samples for nefarious reasons known only to her. The secret of the true daddy being Jack will be revealed to Phyllis somehow, threatening to destroy the cushy life she so much thinks she deserves. Protecting that secret will lead to all kinds of wonderful shenanigans. Even in death, Sheila has to have a last hurrah, and this would be a doozy. It would also give Phyllis some measure of comeuppance.

JOANNE - Well my time watching the Y&R has dwindled to almost nothing. I started watching it in the early 70s and cared about the characters. The writing on the show is getting so bad that I really don't care about anyone anymore. They have made Dru and Sharon into cartoon characters acting so idiotic. I don't blame Victoria Rowell for wanting to leave. I heard Sharon Case wants her character to get stronger as well. Fat chance on the Phyllis show. I guess we'll soon hear Sharon is leaving as well. Of course, New York had to come up and Phyllis had to hear it! She is there when everything bad happens and she has the opportunity to make it worse every time. I know there are a lot of fans out there rooting for Phyllis but I hated her character from day one and am not a fan of MS. Since the show has become all about her I fast forward through almost the entire show. It is very sad because I looked forward to an hour of drama each day - now all we get is an hour of craziness or boredom. I don't know how Phyllis is going to blackmail Sharon but I am sure the writers will make Phyllis come out smelling like a rose again. Does Nick not know Phyllis' past? I know he was just a kid then but he must have heard about it. I do not think they are hot together because the age difference shows and I just feel they are completely mismatched. I hope we are seeing the beginning of the end for these two. Do the writers hate Sharon? Is she too pretty for them? Why do they make her do these ridiculous things like stay around the hospital when she is clearly not wanted? I find it very hard to believe she would have stayed with the past writing team. Judging by the many message boards discussing the show, there are quite a few disgruntled fans out there. Do you think CBS knows or cares? Do you think the writers days are numbered? I'll keep my fingers crossed and read the message boards for my updates and info rather than waste my time watching the show. In the past, life got in the way of my watching the show (marriage, children, work) but now it is utter boredom and disgust that turns me away. Oh well.

CABC - OK, this was a much better week, but can they put some dam fight in Neil! He's way to soft for a supposed black man. And Lily should go now! No child turns on their mother like that, if a child can love a crack head for a parent, then surely a grown ass women can deal with an accident like that, wimp! Now on to Victor the God! I hope with all my might that Jack totally squashes his ass like a bug! Victoria the loser, all that money and no self-esteem. On to Nikki how soon we forget our own sordid past ... Loser! And Phyllis, She's baack! knew it wouldn't take her long. Nick you know you still love Sharon, stop playing games and tell the truth about who you really love.

ROCQUELLE - Ambulance ride: $3000.00; Hospital stay while in coma: $9000.00; Airplane flight around the world: $5000.00; Seeing Brad/George eat mud and apologize to Kevin and afterwards Kevin telling him to get the hell out of his room: priceless.

SK - I love your column and it is the only way I am keeping up with Y&R now, but I have to correct you on one thing: You keep saying that Phyllis is an attempted murderess, but she actually did kill Sasha! She's attempted a few more but she did kill Sasha. I will be the last Sharon fan standing. The only reason viewers don't like her anymore is because of the writers and the awful, stupid things they make her say and do. Don't get me wrong, I used to like Phyllis, but the old feisty Phyllis. Nick and Phyllis make me want to puke and I will not start watching again until that marriage has ended. Period.

CANDY - I love your column. I do not like to swear, but I will make this one exception! I swear it's like you are reading my mind with your entire take on this show. Please continue with OUR thoughts on this roller coaster ride. I just have to say I cannot watch Phyllis anymore; she is the biggest hypocrite that has ever been created in SOAP HISTORY and I just cannot stand her anymore. I will continue to read your column and read the recaps only.

KAREN - I totally agree with your column for this week. While I would not like to see Sharon with Nick or Jack, she needs a new man in her life not one that is "in Lust with her" as Nick told his sister. We need to see the character developed. Additionally while I like the new Phyllis, why do the writers need to make Sharon's character unappealing in order to engender Phyllis's character. Writers you need to go back to the drawing board and rebuild Sharon's character, flaws and all and do the same with Phyllis. We need to have a rounded view of both these characters. I found it funny that Phyllis is annoyed by Nick giving Sharon a gift but it was ok for Jack to provide her baby with a Nursery. Come on writers the things that make you go hmmmm! I can see Phyllis' jealousy rearing it head pretty soon.

TONIA - Poor Kevin?! Oh, please! Have some forgotten how he tried to kill Colleen, lied and denied it and totally got away with it? He finally decided to own up to it with Jana to clear he conscience. He needs to remember what he has done in the past and please don't blame it on his past. Since he wants J.T. to pay for what he has done, what about poor Kevin paying for what he has done?

MARIANNE - Well, I think I am really losing interest in Y&R! I don't even miss it if I am too busy to watch it and even reading the synopsis online is boring. The writing is really going downhill. What happened to those days that I couldn't wait for it to come on and planned my day around seeing it? It is very sad to see such a good show going into indifference! I wish someone would wake up and smell the decay before Y&R loses all its viewers!

JM - I have finally figured out what is bothering me so much about my fave soap. There is some kind of "criminal" storyline one after another and no romance! We have had to endure the Mesta murder/fire/J.T. hitting Kev/Dru's competency hearing ... the focus is always something legal. As far as couples, we have Amber the gold digger using Cane or Colleen and Prof K, which have no chemistry. Writers, please bring back something to make us feel and care about these characters!

JANET - So Traci pours her heart out. Has anyone told her Brad is really George? Colleen has made mistakes but the biggest one she will make is if she doesn't hook up with Adrian. Professor Korbel is pretty good in the homework area and his A's are really worth a second look but there is a kindred spirit with them both when their eyes meet. Many people wish someone would look at them that way and if they hadn't been so busy with stuff they might have noticed the "one who got away". Anyway J.T. belongs with Victoria? Some will say "no way" but they only have to look at Lauren and Michael. Go Colleen and Adrian.

TRISH - Note to all Y&R fans and the ever-growing numbers of un-fans. Did y'all hear the ear-piercing "NO-O-O-o-o-o" emanating from my mouth that must have been heard around the world when Cane told dirty clothes hAMper that he was falling in love with his wife and didn't want her to leave. I had grabbed Nita's pom-poms and was just about to give a huge cheer when the fateful words fell from his mouth so easily. Sorry Nita, the pom-poms fell to the floor unheeded and no doubt were trampled upon by kids and dogs. The show is just becoming more and more frustrating. Do we all have a big STUPID written across our foreheads? Some of my biggest pet peeves are: Kevin vowing that J.T. will pay (meaning his life will be destroyed) for bonking him on the head when he did nothing wrong. Perhaps I was dreaming when Kevin locked Colleen in the meat freezer and burned down Gina's, and never had to pay for the deed. True he was maligned by Colleen and friends, but come on, that's a hard thing to forgive. He did alright by himself, gaining the support of Mac, Mike and Lauren, getting a job at Jabot and buying the coffee house. Business seems to be thriving there. His life just got better and better. Nikki once again aligning with Victoria and Brad against Victor (a not so unfamiliar scenario that happened not so long ago), and the constant jibes at Sharon while seeming to accept Phyllis so wholeheartedly until she sided with Victor and Jack on the Clear Springs development. Phyllis so annoyed with Michael and Lauren - her dirty shoes scrubbed clean from her past dastardly deeds against so many others. Do unto others as you would NOT have them do unto you - so sayeth Phyllis. Dru never learning to shut her mouth which causes her to continually get into trouble (this was going on long before the Carmen Messed-up affair). Daniel giving so much time to help hAmper with her devious plots to win Cane. The whole Professor Cowbell/Colleen thing - he knowing what they were doing was wrong, but continuing on anyway and her pretending to think there would be no consequences. By the way, I think Colleen did some of her best acting when she was unconscious on the respirator. I will continue to read and enjoy your column immensely.

GINGER - Love your comments, Nita. can't say the same for writing on what was once my favorite soap (only soap). Have watched since the very beginning and the current storylines are pathetic. So many of the characters make me cringe! The words coming out of their mouths are unbelievable. Detest Amber, Colleen is a close second . Could Cane actually be so stupid? There is no depth to any of these characters. I must be addicted because I still tune in. How can we let the writers know they are beyond terrible? I must find something better to do with my time than watch this mess!

DEBORAH K - Today is Friday, March 9, 2007. The final straw. I am a 20+ year watcher of the Young and the Restless. I am ready to start a letter campaign to fire the current writers of the only soap opera I watch. First of all Amber and her whole storyline must go. What is up with the web cam and girl on girl scenes? Who is writing this stuff? Although currently, Amber irritates me the most, the show has plummeted in content. Where is the Young & the Restless of old. I have actually started longing to see Ashley again. Let's save our soap! Write the producers now!

KERI - I used to look forward to the column and the comments, but it's the same every week and is just an enabler for the "bring back the good old days" crowd. Hey guys, this is what Y&R is now. Either watch or don't. The more I read, the more I realize you guys don't want to watch a soap opera. You want to watch Nuns & Priests apparently. Everyone can't enjoy marital bliss. People watch soaps to escape. I want to see Colleen and Adrian. Forbidden sex is what soaps are all about. Forbidden romance even better! I want to see Brad skank around with Sharon behind Vicki's back. Mikey and Lauren are great married couples. So are Neil and Dru. Nikki and Victor if you like. We don't need everyone to be. Get a grip guys. It's a soap. Bring on the lying cheating and scheming!

JOANNE - Well, Phyllis' true colors are definitely coming out! What an evil witch. What makes her so self-righteous!? I can't stand it. If it is true that the head writer is Michelle Stafford's friend - I believe it. It is the Phyllis show every day. What a sanctimonious cow! With her past how dare she use someone else's past indiscretions over them. How is that she is always the one who overhears what is going on and is able to use it to get what she wants but no one catches her when she is performing her evil. Her face when she was telling Brad she knows about New York and Sharon was pure evil. I hope the spoilers are correct that I have read and that Sharon and Brad find a way to get back at her. It is high time she was taken down off her high horse and trampled on!

DEB - Why did it have to be Saint Phylliss who overheard Sharon and Brad talking about the hotel where they slept together! Why does she have to be front and center of every storyline? I can see the writing on the wall, Phylliss will use this info to blackmail Brad into voting with her and Nick to get Jack's proposal passed by the board. Of course the truth will come out at some point and Brad and Vikki will break up, hopefully Saint Phylliss will be responsible and the Newmans will see the real Phylliss. I loved the look of her face when Nikki raked her over the coals ... it was priceless! I really hate Amber, she is a bad actress, and what's up with her giving Daniel access to her little porn show? This girl needs some serious help! Maybe a little time with Dru in the nuthouse!

NERO - Today, on "The Blond and The Pornographic"... zzzzzzz. And, might I add, eww. I don't watch porn online, why would I want to watch someone else watch porn online? I haven't just been FFing through it, I've been shutting off the TV in disgust. Also, during any scene where Amber Nicole Beastmaster Chancellor III shoves food in her mouth and then talks, spewing and spraying partially masticated bits all over the person she's talking to. As if Daniel's sweater wasn't already ugly enough. What's next for this pointless character, online nose-picking? - Nita, it's so nice to know another Kevophile. He and Michael are the most compelling and complex characters on the show (for me). If soaps insist on creating bad characters to do bad things, they need to stop casting these roles with such talented actors. I find myself giving these two, fictional brothers much more leeway than I would someone in a similar, real life situation. Their presence in storylines is the only thing that keeps me tuning in during the long, dull spells between sweeps.

JUNE - Okay, I am really trying hard not to give up my support of Sharon but she is making it harder and harder each day. She gives new meaning to the word "Ditz". Why is it that every character must recite all of their sins on daily basis out loud without first checking to see who is around? Why must Sharon feel the need to be alone with Brad every time she sees him somewhere? Now that Phyllis knows their secret, there is no telling what she will do with it. You would think she would have learned a lesson from the whole Lily paternity fiasco, but that just shows you what kind of woman she really is. Now that Victoria is expecting a baby Bradley, I guess there is no hope for Brad and Sharon to be together, unless they use the tired plot that Victoria finds out, and loses the baby. Whatever happens, I just hope that Nicolas finds out about Phyllis and how truly evil and vindictive she is. Is Lauren's the only store in Genoa City? If Phyllis was that upset she would have cancelled the order and took her business elsewhere. I do think that Michelle Stafford is a good actress, but why does she have to speak louder when she is upset, not yell. When she was trying to show her anger to Lauren it wasn't very convincing, instead of sounding upset she sounded like she was talking to someone who was hard of hearing. Okay, why is it that every single employee at Newman Enterprises conducts business on their cell phones? Victoria, Brad, Phyllis. Nick, they were all pacing around talking over each other, how unrealistic. No one uses a land line except for Victor when he is sitting at his desk. No one sits at their desk and conducts business; they are always huddled in Victor's office, the break room or the hallway. And why is it that everyone has the same type of cell phone? And speaking of cell phones why is Amber always on hers and is Daniel her only confidant? Can't he see that she is just using him to get what she wants? I know he is young but come on who takes a nude picture of herself and sends it to a person as a thank you for a favor. Just the fact that she has her own adult web page says plenty. What a sleaze. I hope he gets caught by Lily. Maybe she will show him more affection, because they act like best friends not husband and wife. Speaking of love interests, what happened to Devon's friend? I am so sick of Colleen and Korbel. I am sure that J.T. turned them in; I can't see anyone else doing it. He needs to move on and forget about Colleen, she is too immature and self-centered. He can do better.

And last, but certainly not least are Betsy's comments to prior column comments. In case you couldn't tell, the comments she's referring to appear in parenthesis followed by her thoughts on them. Enjoy.

BETSY - I've been watching and reading. This week I gotta say something, some to you, some to your fans. I copy/pasted so I would remember comments for which I 'thought' responses.

(Nita: Michael/Phyllis - And even if it's not, it may take a little time, but I'm sure they'll kiss and make up eventually, probably before the wedding.) I agree. But then again, the writers are thinking out of the box and give us the unexpected. Maybe this is a new, long-time feud. Although, I think it's dumb. Just like someone's trash is another's treasure, the call by Michael and Paul could have gone either way.

(Nita: no one really expected that Sharon's indiscretion would remain hidden.) Heavens, I hope not! What fun would that be?

(Nita: nasty fly floating in Phyllis' creamy potato soup.) IMO, we're about to see it.

(Nita: he had the gall to ask Neil, how can you put up with that?) I've been asking that for a long time. I yell more at Dru than anyone else. And, not in printable words, either.

(Nita: will anyone else be completely unsurprised if Neil eventually picks up with the cousin where he left off with Carmen?) Not if V. Rowell is leaving the show. There was good chemistry with Neil and Carmen - between the actors playing their parts. Oh, I saw Carmen (don't know her real name) on Law & Order as a murder victim just after she was murdered on Y&R. Did you see it?

(Nita: I would love to see Amber depart the City exactly the way she arrived. With nothing!) Adrienne Frantz' charm is starting to grow on me. Leave off the bright red lipstick, though.

(Nita: Daniel spends way too much time helping Amber mind her business and hoodwink her new hubby) Yup. But Michael Graziadei wants a bigger part of the soap pie. Go with it, Fans. Keep him happy or he leaves. I like him.

(Nita: Jack knows more about Victor then he's letting on) I don't think so...Jack is all about "Me, ME, ME!" He's so self-centered, he doesn't look around him. Although I was very impressed with his idea for the spa retreats (even though giving away NVP's land asset sure didn't make much sense at the time, the explanation really is a GREAT idea.) I think the writers are starting to research more (outside the box) and come up with some viable business ideas. We're certainly getting away from the "sign this paper, please" syndrome of a few years ago.

(Patty: How can [Nikki] be so accepting of Phyllis given that along with Nick's help she successful drove the last nail in the Newman marriage?) The older you get, the more you learn to keep the peace - in spite of what your ninny children do.

(CABC: once a classy, well put together soap) Got that right Sharon has been so badly destroyed Reminder - last contract talks, Sharon Case held out for a stronger part. OMG - she's gotten it. She and We can't complain. She's playing the part well.

(Rikki: Nick better watch out the next time he hurts Phyllis, we may get what everyone is asking for, the old Phyllis back.) I agree...tick..,.tick....tick.LARS: What made Y&R so great in the past, was that they showcased the talents of the entire cast and the writing was superb. I agree. No one was the center of attention all the time. I still believe the writers were in wrapping-up-of-old-story-lines mode. February Sweeps Month seemed to end them - and start up new, out of the box, storylines.

(Theresa: Please hang in there and keep writing for all of us regardless if we watch Y&R or not ... how much Nikki reminds me of Miss Piggy) In defense of Maggie, not everyone on a soap has to have the looks of a model to have a decent SL. Yes, Nita - please keep writing. Theresa's Miss Piggy analogy is perfect for how Melody Thomas Scott plays the part. Theresa also defends Maggie very well - I agree - not all of us are movie-star quality. I can relate more to Mags than anyone else on the show.

(Cori: I hate what they are doing to the hottest couple on daytime....everything was him pushing her, not the other way around, and this is what she gets for going for the ride.) Phyllis played Nick well...was she reading Amber's play book? Are the writers trying to give us lessons on How to Catch a Man?

(Dee: Sharon...She knows she creates for Victoria the same kind of problem Phyllis creates for her. But does she ever miss a chance to be somewhere near Brad? No! Blunt force trauma wouldn't have removed Sharon from that hospital.) Duh!

(Anne: I know Victoria R. is wanting out so what happen to "the only "Bi-racial family" in GC?) I think it's going to be a multi-racial family if Inez/Carmen becomes a part of the family. I really liked the chemistry between Neil and Carmen. Maybe the actors get tired of playing with each other (no double entedre inteded) Josh Morrow wanted a change from Sharon Case. Same with Victoria Rowell and Kristen St. John?

(Judy P: When Colleen wakes up (as I am confident she will) she will completely exonerate Kevin, and all us Kevin lovers can say "We told you so!") Yes! Me, too!

(Judy: I have been a psych nurse for many years. Was not pleased with the seclusion and restraint on today's show. We in mental health are working hard to use seclude/restraint as a last resort. This was not done. There was no de-escalation procedures, nor were there any options given. It was, she argued and hands on happened. Not a good scenario to promote a positive face for mental health.) I wondered about that. Thanks for the clarification. Not clear what really would have been done, though. But, VR played the part well - I felt her misery. Kudos. And, she's playing a whack job so well I could strangle her. Emmy?

(Tonda - they looked horrible in their little seductive dance. They wouldn't earn a dime trying to shake what their mama gave 'em!) That's what I thought, but then I thought, maybe I'm too critical. What do I know about pole dancing? Although, I read that's the latest craze at Tupperware-like parties. I too now like Kevin...YES! Couldn't stand him at first. I'm a believer now. Nick give Sharon a gift and let her know that all of their married time together was not a waste ...I think he should have 'thought' about giving her a gift. My hubby would have gone ballistic if my ex gave me a gift on our ex-anniversary... I believe they will find their way back to each other eventually and that will surely push, no, tackle Phyllis off her newly appointed pedestal. I agree, but I want a full, in-depth relationship built before a Phyl/ Nick split. And, the break-up should be gut-wrenching. Should take 5 years or so to build that kind of deep relationship. But then, why would Nick go back to Shallow Sharon?

(JM - And what about Vic's admonishment of Nick's life? We, the internet fans, have been complaining about our fav people not actually working) I think that was the writers' answer to our complaints. And why is Sugar Cane continuing to put up with Amber if he doesn't really love her Lust, lust, lust. But, he's hot, hot, hot!

(Nero: Jill and Kay had me in stitches with their attempts to be nonchalant while stalking a bartender) I agree. They play off each other well whether fighting or comedic. The screen lights up when Kay and Jill are center stage together.

(Faith: Now that Kevin will be charging J.T. for assault, what about Brad? Shouldn't Brad be charged with assaulting Kevin?) YES! Git Brad! Did TPTB think we forgot?

The story of the switched baby with Jill and Katherine is a little flimsy, but I do like Cane and the storylines it is creating for Jill and Katherine. Agree. I couldn't understand why Sheila would impersonate Phyllis when she could impersonate Lauren. Phyllis was the only person tall enough to impersonate. And there you have it. All IMHO, of course.

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