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A whirlwind week
by Nita
For the Week of March 5, 2007
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Remember when a good cat fight or mutt mauling was the exception rather than the norm?

I have to admit that, unlike so many weeks before, for the most part, I actually looked forward to seeing how GC events would unfold this week. I'm sure it had much to do with the fact that one of my favorites, Kevin, was near front and center most days. I go back and forth with him. For instance, while he was scheming with Gloria and Michael to pull the concealing sheet from Jack's clandestine Jabot activities; he was on my least liked list, since I sided with Jack and his determination to buy back the family company by any means necessary. But as Gloria's strident screeching and Abbott-connected complaints faded to tolerable background babble during Fen's kidnapping and Jana's disappearance, Kevin's performances once again had me glued to the screen. Much like brother Michael, Kevin has that rare ability to make me feel his pain, many times without even opening his mouth. Color me a sucker for those suffering puppy dog eyes, that weary air of resignation that recognizes if not for bad luck, he'd have no luck delivered to his door at all, those wry, self-deprecating lines he's so prone to uttering. Like commenting on his own stupidity for daring to believe someone like Jana could possibly have the slightest romantic interest in a self-described semi-loser like himself. And, of course, though I would never claim his abusive childhood should grant him a full and complete pardon for all his dirty deeds, I confess it's likely to take more than a few bouts of bad behaviour to obliterate the array of pitiful portraits in my head featuring a battered little boy Kevin cowering fearfully in the closet, a suicidal Kevin, spirit and heart in pieces, after rudely being awakened from his rose-colored dream of a life filled with love with Lauren, a bruised and badly beaten Kevin fresh from his prison blanket party, and a near death Kevin, his remorseful brother, beside him, pleading desperately for him to return to life.

And speaking of battered, remember when a good cat fight or mutt mauling was the exception rather than the norm? These days, anyone charging for Anger Management classes could conceivably get rich and retire off the profits gleaned from the hotheads living and fighting amongst themselves in GC. And Brad ought to be the first testosterone-stuffed student forced to attend. Who would have thought that the man who for 20 plus years has been all bluffing bark with nary a bite now in less than a year has killed three and badly bruised one. J.T. ought not be the only bully charged with complete cowardice for sucker punching a man who can't duck a blow he doesn't see coming.

But getting back to what I was talking about, which was Kevin, having said all of the above, I guess it comes as a surprise to no one that in my fervent desire for Kevin's immediate salvation, I didn't hesitate to trample all of Colleen's family, friends and past and current lovers to ensure I'd have a front row seat in the peanut gallery. Where I could shake my pom poms and shout for her to wake from her medically induced slumber and whisper Kevin's innocence to all and sundry. Who would have thought I'd ever be happy to strain my ears to catch her raspy-whispery delivery? And finally I was rewarded, though I had to suffer through days of bedside pleas from practically every Genoa Citian that mattered except for Ma and Pa Newman and Cane and his dollar-sign blinded blonde bimbo.

Anyway, once Ms. Colleen had come to and confirmed Kevin's innocence, it was burnt, bad tasting crow served all around. Brad managed to choke down his crow chunks while muttering an insincere apology, but I notice he didn't offer his face for Kevin to mark him back. For clocking his one-time roommate in the crown with a coffee carafe, J.T. too offered a halfhearted apology, one Kevin was not inclined to accept and just agree to let bygones be bygones. Instead, J.T. got a chance to feel the bite of the steel cuffs, though I doubt he'll be locked up long enough to learn anything from his jail cell experience. Victoria, having just unhinged her yap and let recriminations and threats pour out, at learning the truth, didn't wear an expression much different than the one she's worn since becoming infatuated with Brad the Cad. You know, the one that reminds you of a doe poised indecisively in the middle of the highway with no idea which direction to jump as semi truck headlights and certain barrel toward her.

For me and my fellow Kevin likers, the conversation between Kevin and Colleen was a treat worth waiting for. The two looked natural and comfortable with each other, and when it was over, I was left wanting a little more. With Adrian and J.T. already vying for the reciprocal love of Colleen, Kevin and Colleen as a cute but unlikely couple is probably not in the cards, especially since he did once try to snuff the breath from her body. So for now, I'll guess I'll have to be content with their occasional conversations as friends instead of contentious enemies. Of course, it certainly isn't completely outside the realm of possibility. After all, Phyllis is an attempted murderess, and she found love and happiness. Multiple times, as a matter of fact. Love with a manipulative near murderess didn't seem to bother Michael, Damon or Jack, and Nick certainly doesn't have a problem with it. Okay, I know, to be fair, had Phyllis tried to murder any of them, they probably wouldn't be all that comfortable sleeping beside her with both eyes shut in slumber.

Well, since I brought her up, I may as well have my worthless say about her behavior this week. While I thought 'just take Fen and get out' and by the way 'don't you dare show your deceptive faces at my City wedding' was perhaps a little on the harsh side, I can't lie and say she didn't have some justifiable reason for her anger. She's was right, she and Summer could have been killed. But … and you knew with me there was going to be one. She wasn't. This man has come through for her every time she's called on him. He stayed her friend even after she tied him to a chair and kept him captive. How many times has he dropped whatever he was doing so she could shed her self-pitying crocodile tears on her best friend's shoulder? He has been her friend through thick and thin when not another soul in town had the slightest inclination to admit they even knew her. Even knowing the name and date of death of nearly every skeleton buried deep within her hope chest, wasn't enough to make Michael stand anything but proudly by her side. Now she just drops him like a bad habit. Well, I say to Michael, good riddance to rotten rubbish. Phyllis doesn't deserve him. Who needs a friend who's only there when the sun is shining brightly? As my mother used to say when the situation called for it, 'you'll need me before I need you.' Which is likely to be the case for Phyllis. And even if it's not, it may take a little time, but I'm sure they'll kiss and make up eventually, probably before the wedding.

Of course, Phyllis really has no more need of Lauren and Michael anymore now that she's got the Newmans. After cutting the Baldwins out of her life and her next wedding, and with them, her dream that Summer and Fen would one day chortle side by side as they throw sand at each other in a sandbox, she wasted no time moving immediately to second and third choices Victoria and Nikki. Victoria gushed her gratitude to her brother, her insecurities and jealousy in plain view, for his excellent taste in picking an attempted murderess for his second bride, calling her hot, coming close to implying that Sharon was not, and his newest child so cute, like Noah and Cassie were not as.

It seems obvious that now that some of the other storylines have been wrapped up and placed in the can, the time has come to show Sharon in some more unflattering light. As she stubbornly sat in the hospital never more than a stick's throw away from Bradley the Belligerent (a place which I readily agree she had no real business being), if looks could have killed, Sharon would not have survived the hot and hate-filled glare beaming from Victoria's eyes. I'm guessing the Christmas wish of Sharon detractors is about to be granted and discovery of Brad and Sharon's intimate tryst seems imminent. No surprise there, we all know that what is done in the dark will eventually be dragged into the light (unless you're the new and improved Phyllis) so no one really expected that Sharon's indiscretion would remain hidden. I guess her character is not hated quite enough yet. Well, that should just about do it. I can hear the rasp of the Newman women sharpening their tongues now and it's liable to be a bloodbath. It really would be a nice change for the scribes to write this woman another way. Give her a real man and let the Newman women find someone else to be their punching bag.

But let me move back to Phyllis for a minute. She was cute in her excitement as she talked to Nikki about her wedding to come. It reminded me when she was married to Danny and for a brief period before he found out the truth, he was falling for her and they were actually happy. And all the times when all was right with her and Jack. I confess I wouldn't have such a dislike of the Phyllis character if the scribes hadn't systematically crammed her newfound perfect persona down my throat, like I was as delusional as Chow and his lookalike managed to make Dru appear. I guess it just offends my sense of fair play (even in a make believe soap) when bad people consistently do wrong but still get showered with all the good stuff. Where's the nasty fly floating in Phyllis' creamy potato soup?

Speaking of a bug-eyed bottleneck fly, I wish someone would swat David Chow and squash his deceptive body out of existence. That man is proving to be quite the villain. Knowing he's the cause of the destruction of Dru's life, he had the gall to ask Neil, 'how can you put up with that'. I realize that Neil doesn't know the half of what's been going on, but come one, he's Dru's husband and he knows she has a problem with Chow. And for that alone, in my book he's being entirely too cordial and accommodating to the man for my liking. Now that we know Dru will soon be going up to the Attic or out the revolving GC doors for the last time, once the dust of her departure has died down, will anyone else be completely unsurprised if Neil eventually picks up with the cousin where he left off with Carmen?

But before that happens, we'll have to watch Dru deteriorate. I know many fans sometimes criticize her portrayal as somewhat overdramatic, but as I watched her supposedly drugged and confined in that straitjacket, I thought it seemed very realistic. Too bad it couldn't have been Chow and Carmen's cousin in her place.

Ms. Cane whatever their last name is continued to annoy me as she pretended to be clueless while she waits for the Chancellors to give Cane his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. As for Cane, apparently his clueless-ness is real as he seems to take everything Amber says as the gospel truth. Isn't it his immigration attorney? Amber pretends to talk to an immigration attorney who says you gotta go back to Australia, and just like that Cane is going to board the plane and just go? Wouldn't it be a kick right to the rear of Amber's sexy tap panties if Cane was running a huge scam and wasn't actually the Chancellor heir, but a relative of the right age who had learned all the details from his Uncle Montgomery through his sister, Violet? I would love to see Amber depart the City exactly the way she arrived. With nothing!

And speaking of nothing and no one, that's exactly who is going to be lying next to Lily in the marital bed if she doesn't start keeping an eye on her besotted beau. For a man supposedly so in love with his young bride, Daniel spends way too much time helping Amber mind her business and hoodwink her new hubby.

And lastly, Jack Abbott, Victor and Nikki 'The Prune' Newman and the latest bribed and paid for, Victor Newman acquisition, David Chow. Talk about strange and deceitful bedfellows. These four certainly fill that bill quite well. My fingers are crossed so hard they ache that Jack knows more about Victor then he's letting on. I've said it before, but in case it matters, I'll say it one more time. Please, please, please let Victor have to work hard for this victory over Jack, or even better, let him lose or have a change of heart and mind before the end.

Okay, the hour is late and so is this column, so whatever else I could have or should have said had I thought of it, will have to remain untold and I'm passing the conversational ball to you fans to run to the finish line with it.

* * * * * * *

. PATTY - I wondered if it was just me feeling this way. Are the writers determined to make Nikki so hateful and spiteful that I no longer root for her? She has never been a member of the Sharon Fan Club, but she has gotten beyond belief lately. How can she be so accepting of Phyllis given that along with Nick's help she successful drove the last nail in the Newman marriage? It would seem that she'd harbor some good will for Sharon. After all she did give Nikki her first grandchild. I have been a faithful viewer since day one, but lately, I don't even want to watch Y&R. I read your column and the various updates and spoilers to keep up. The writers have effectively made me cringe when the majority of the cast come on screen. I hope the powers that be will heed the comments of their soon to be former viewers. I can remember when I couldn't wait to rewind the tape and see what the latest excitement was in GC.

CABC - Come onnnn! This is such mediocre writing, I just want to scream! It's almost like having more than one child and having a favorite one, name Phyllis. I love the actress, but you simply cannot totally re-write history, WE ALL know what she has been forever, so many talented actors and actress' and all we get is Phyllis. GMAB! I so agree with you Nita, Sharon has been so badly destroyed it sickens me, and by all people Nikki! That is pure BS! Unless they give Nikki a real role to play other then the fake (I've never done anything wrong), they can write her out, I have really grown to dislike her character, and Victor, what can be said about the man who walks on water! These sloppy, unrealistic, thrown together s/l's are so horrible, anyone can write this BS and do a much better job. The reliquary is the worst s/l in all of soapland history! Let me see, let's get rid of the real s/l's like romance and drama, and dish out as much garbage, sex, and pain to the characters I really don't like and destroy what was once a classy, well put together soap. Now Y&R is like everybody else, Good job.

RIKKI - Nita, I know after all this time how you feel about Nick and Phyllis. I adore them; the reason I even watch this show. But, to say the show is all about Phyllis is so wrong. It's Nick's journey, all his journey. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants and its okie with everyone. I thought that he matured with his pairing with Phyllis, but this latest gift giving antic was just so ridiculous. And, lovers and haters alike who can't see how Phyllis was upset with him buying his exwife an anniversary present is just beyond me. You don't have to like Phyllis to see how wrong that was. Now, even though they fell in love as a result of an affair, a very hot hot affair, doesn't mean that as his wife, she hasn't been the perfect wife..cause she has. She loves him unconditionally. And, although I adore them beyond words.. Nick better watch out the next time he hurts Phyllis, we may get what everyone is asking for, the old Phyllis back.

LARS - I love Michelle Stafford, but enuf is enuf! LML is trying to make her the main heroine of the show. They have many talents there and just recently lost two (Rowell and Davidson). What made Y&R so great in the past, was that they showcased the talents of the entire cast and the writing was superb. I can't say that now. It doesn't seem like the old Y&R. If LML cannot continue the brilliance of Bill Bell and Kay Alden, then she should hand the reigns back to Ms. Alden or let Brad Bell show her how it is done. It totally kills me when a show gets a new executive producer or writer and they total kill it! Good examples, Y&R and OLTL. These shows need help STAT!

MARLA - Sharon is a doormat because Sharon wants to be a doormat, especially if it is for a man, any man. She has a tendency to be a hypocrite, or I should say one of the biggest hypocrites on the show, she had diarrhea of the mouth talking about Phyllis going after Nick, when she is like a dog in heat after Brad, even after Victoria told her to stay away from him. And Please! someone in wardrobe, either get rid of the extensions or give the girl a good hair cut.

CAROLE - I thought the Y&R had redeemed itself somewhat a couple of weeks ago - however, I was wrong. Now we have to wait for Colleen to wake up and tell everyone what happened with Kevin. The same SL as Cassie/Daniel. I guess the secret is not to watch Y&R for many years, because the writers (particularly the new ones) have clearly run out of new ideas. Also, very sick of Amber and Cane - he seems fine to a point, but although I'm no prude, I'm tired of the constant sexual innuendo on both their parts. Also, the visuals in Las Vegas, guess if you can't write decent dialogue, just throw in a little soft-core porn. Get rid of Brad, Victoria, Colleen (after she clears Kevin) and Nikki - get a life! Find Jana, Bardwell, get a brain; writers, get some new ideas; and quit beating every storyline to death!

SANDRA - I am so glad I came across your column. Have been a Y&R viewer for several years and regretfully have to say I will not tune in anymore. I have seen a great soap dramatically go down hill. I found I do not enjoy the program anymore. I complain about the Phyllis Show more than I enjoy the overall soap. Sad. I guess it is someone else's turn. Y&R had a great run for many years. Time to find a new soap with better writing.

THERESA - Please hang in there and keep writing for all of us regardless if we watch Y&R or not. I just have to say this before I go on and I've been meaning to say this for many months if not actual years - how much Nikki reminds me of Miss Piggy. I'll let everyone draw their own conclusions. Onto our current helping of Y&R. Thank whatever God(s) you worship that Colleen has been put into a coma. In the old days, this may have lasted until June or so. These days I know we won't have that kind of luck. I know she has to awaken to clear Kevin (OK) but can't she then have a relapse? Please? Something's up with "Phyllis" I hope the writers can be creative with this and other SLs for 2007. In defense of Maggie, not everyone on a soap has to have the looks of a model to have a decent SL. I think the makeup and hair people do need to spend some time with her. If the writers can break out of their monotonous dialogue with her and Paul things could get interesting. But that's also true of everyone on this show. Here's hoping things improve.

CORI - I hate what they are doing to the hottest couple on daytime. Nick and Phyllis. It is so true that they could have had so much fun with these two. They are such an unlikely couple with so much hot sexual loving chemistry, such opposites that come together with an explosion. They have so much potential and the writers just dropped the ball. They keep going back to Sharon and Jack and it just bores me to death. Their relationships with their exes was dull and boring. They teased us by showing us a beautiful, out of left field, love story and then just left us and I for one am pretty upset. I was thinking back on this whole situation, and if they make Phyllis out to be wrong in their demise as a couple I will be upset beyond belief. She didn't tell Nick about being pregnant to give him a chance to make amends with Sharon; when he first wanted to move in, she didn't jump to it, she asked what Sharon and Noah would think; he never proposed, he just told Noah they were going to get married; he made a surprise engagement party for her; he arranged for the meeting with the judge to get the waiver so they could get married; he arranged for the elopement and pushed it so it would happen as quickly as it did ... everything was him pushing her, not the other way around, and this is what she gets for going for the ride.

DEE - Nita, love your column it's hilarious! But I can't believe that you've forgotten how nasty Sharon has treated Nikki through the years. Remember how she made Nikki knock before entering her house, but traipsed freely through Nikki's house anytime she wanted to - without knocking - used Nikki's employee Miguel as if she were paying him to cook, babysit, fetch and carry, etc., went after Nikki's husband, enlisted Nikki's aid in the Cameron fiasco and Nikki helped her and crawled through filthy gutters to help save the ungrateful wretch, pulled her chestnuts out of the fire when she was trying (and failed) to be Mrs. GC Socialite. Also, in real life, how many divorced women continue to insinuate themselves into their ex's family life when there's a new wife and new baby? Why would she want to work where Nick and Phyllis work? Why doesn't she open her own business - she must be filthy rich by now from the settlement from Nick - and get away from the Newmans who she says "it's their way or the highway"? Why doesn't she hit the highway? But noooo, she has to stay around, has to attend family affairs, has to lurk around the hospital and her ex-sister-in-law's husband. She knows she creates for Victoria the same kind of problem Phyllis creates for her. But does she ever miss a chance to be somewhere near Brad? No! If it really pains her so much to see Nick, Phyllis and Summer, then she needs to get another job - if she needs one - start a business and make it a big success if she's so supremely talented, get new friends and truly move on with her life. Then I could like her!

ANNE - Please, please someone help Y&R! I have taken a rest from the soap in the past because of the "lame" storylines and I guess it is time to take a break again. Everything is a repeat storyline, from Kevin being blamed, to Amber drugging Cane and what is up with this Phyllis storyline! I'm sick of this Phyllis or hey is it really Sheila!? Hmmmmm. Come on give us some new material and work on saving Dru's role and don't try to re-cast, but I know Victoria R. is wanting out so what happen to "the only "Bi-racial family" in GC? Please, we deserve better. I've been a loyal fan but really give us some thought provoking storylines! Give me more Gloria and Michael, Lauren clan; I like them! And if Ashley is on B&B where is Abby?

JUDY P - Sorry, but I never could stand Sharon. Her sanctimonious attitude toward Nick's straying (both intentional and unintentional) drove me crazy. She is no one to be casting stones, and now I'd love to see Victoria really paste her one in the chops. I also can't stand Brad, or at the moment J.T. Their jumping to conclusions about poor Kevin is completely ridiculous. When Colleen wakes up (as I am confident she will) she will completely exonerate Kevin, and all us Kevin lovers can say "We told you so!"

GAIL - Nita - bulls eye, once again! I am going crazy at how often the writers are tearing a strip off Sharon - seems like in every scene she's in, they sadistically find a way to have her either humiliated, demeaned, insulted, degraded or dumbed down. WTH? Enough already! While not every character can be beloved by the queen bee LML like Phyllis, this treatment of Sharon is simply outrageous! If an admitted non-Sharon lover like you can even see that she's been bashed enough, a confessed Sharon lover like myself sees it as nothing short of overkill! I've written into the show to stop the bloodbath, and if my pleas go unheeded, I'm done with Y&R. I love Sharon and won't watch if she's continually degraded by being thrown with every new man, like she has to have a man to be validated, or worse, if she leaves. That would mean even more free reign for the Phyllis Show and the grossest coupling ever a.k.a. Phick - and that's just not the show I signed on for all those years ago. Nita, what would I do without your voice? You were right on target with everything in your column. Keep up the phenomenal work! Love it!

TANIKA - I love your scoop this week about Sharon. Let's see her become the strong character that Brooke Logan has become on B&B. What Sharon needs is her own money. Get a clue and start her own business. That will bring Nick back. Her doing something else other than thinking about what she lost. I love every scene with Sharon and Nick. Because you can see in his eyes that he misses her. And Phyllis should remember, the only reason she got the prize (Nick) is because Sharon didn't want him anymore after she found out that Phyllis was prego!

JUDY - I have been a psych nurse for many years. Was not pleased with the seclusion and restraint on today's show. We in mental health are working hard to use seclude/restraint as a last resort. This was not done. There was no de-escalation procedures, nor were there any options given. It was, she argued and hands on happened. Not a good scenario to promote a positive face for mental health.

TONDA - What a week in GC! At weeks' end my best friend Brigitte and I usually have a 'Nita' scoops recap of our own. Typical start to our conversation: "Hey homie! Are you all caught up on Y&R? Well, I can't stand ... Could you believe ... How stupid is ..." Well, for me the I can't stand part of the sentence would be Amber. LMAO at the Girls Gone Wild comment because they looked horrible in their little seductive dance. They wouldn't earn a dime trying to shake what their mama gave 'em! I really don't care much for Cane at this point either because of his throaty "Rico Suave" voice he uses with Amber for every conversation they have. That's when she's not texting Daniel her every move. Enough already! Now that Jill knows about the marriage I can't wait to see the scenes between her and Amber! For the Could you believe, it would be the way they are ganging up on Kevin because it seems as if he tried to kill Colleen again. C'mon now, why would he do a 180 and go for Colleen now? He's been hell bent on finding Jana so when would he have time to put all of that stuff in place that they want us to believe? I too now like Kevin and they need to cut him some slack. But when Colleen finally wakes up and whispers Kevin saved my life, I am going to enjoy the reactions of her dad, J.T., and everyone else that thinks he tried to kill her. And for the How stupid is comment, it would be Brad. Why would he get all over J.T. for something he couldn't do? If he can't control his own kid how does he expect someone else to? And what also bothers me is that he can just twist somebody's neck, step over the body, and then have dinner with drinks later like nothing happened. Killing and lying just comes way too easy to him. Wake up Victoria! But out of all the drama that happened it was nice to see Nick give Sharon a gift and let her know that all of their married time together was not a waste ... all together now ... Awwwww! I believe they will find their way back to each other eventually and that will surely push, no, tackle Phyllis off her newly appointed pedestal. Yea to end of the race to the reliquary and here's to this week being just as good as the last!

JM - Finally a happy sight - Dru in a straight jacket! I can't take much more of her daily hysterics and dramatics. And what about Vic's admonishment of Nick's life? Talk about opening up old cans of worms about treating Sharon badly ... guess Vic never moved past all this or it's his way of justifying his secret Indiana Jones trip. And why is Sugar Cane continuing to put up with Amber if he doesn't really love her - can't wait for friend Ali to resurface!

NERO - I don't usually comment two weeks in a row but these were no ordinary two weeks. A year's worth of plot has been resolved in 14 days! Look at everything that has happened! The drama! The trauma! The biotch-slaporama! There is just so much to comment on: As I mentioned over on the message boards, we sell those coffee pot/espresso carafes/thingies where I work. They are virtually weightless. J.T. would have had to pull a Bugs Bunny (ie: mix a batch of cement, fill the carafe, read "War and Peace" while waiting for it to harden, all in about 5 seconds) in order to use it to smite Kevin a concussive blow and render him unconscious. On it's own, the thing wouldn't have even messed up the boy's hair.-Christian LeBlanc has joked before that he does his best work when Greg Rikaart is unconscious. Guess he wasn't really joking, lol. He just simply tore the place up on Friday. I smell "Emmy"!-Am I the only one who can literally see the waves of stupidity coming off Goy Beorge? He positively radiates it. His reaction, lately, to anything more complicated than stirring yogurt has been "Beorge smash!" If it proves contagious, he could be single-handedly responsible for the dumbing down of America.-As little as I care about the Mr. and Mrs. Amber Nicole Beastmaster Chancellor III storyline, Jill and Kay had me in stitches with their attempts to be nonchalant while stalking a bartender. To heck with reviving the feud, let these two be Y&R's comic relief. It would be a welcome change from the madcap, screwball antics of Bardwell and associates. Gloria? I know that motherhood wasn't your strong suit but did you never teach Kevin how to sit in a skirt? For a guy with so much to hide, he sure was revealing a lot in that hospital gown. (shudder). Has Vincent Irrizary forgotten how to play any character other than a smug, arrogant, devious jerk? They didn't even bother to change his first name from "AMC". All in all, I really enjoyed this week. True, I hate Phyll-ass being mean to Mike and Lauren, and Colleen survived, and the magnificent Victor Newman didn't get enough airtime but it had some terrific acting and I am eager to see what comes up next for the Baldwin/Fisher clan. Oh, and all the others...I suppose. Can't wait to read everyone's take on the week's events!

BROWNY - Love Sharon. Want her and Nick back together and soon. Phyllis was better as evil Phyllis in the days when she stole Danny away from Cricket. By the way, where is Christine? I think she's still part of the cast, right? You'd think Michael could share some screen time with another lawyer. He seems to have the biggest headache with taking every case there is in town, and let's face it, there's enough to keep him busy. I also was surprised that Lauren's storyline came to a halt so fast. I was surprised to see that she isn't still distraught about "Sheila". Speaking of Sheila's lookalike, the real Phyllis - she does seem to be getting some of her evil back if she is going to continue being mad at her best friends. Evil! Enough about them. My favorite storyline is about Carmen, or her lookalike. I guess Dru isn't a complete psycho, and Carmen is either alive or has a twin, an evil twin. What frustrates me the most is that I heard Dru is leaving the show for a few months, so she'll probably stay in that mental hospital, and we won't figure out this Carmen business for a long time, either that, or maybe we'll never figure it out considering Chow told her to leave. I'm anxious for that to unveil.

FAITH - Now that Kevin will be charging J.T. for assault, what about Brad? Shouldn't Brad be charged with assaulting Kevin? I was relieved when Colleen woke up, she didn't lose her memory for months and drag out the storyline. I didn't want a repeat of Daniel/Cassie. I do enjoy everyone eating crow after they found out Kevin was innocent. Kevin & Michael have been my favorite characters for some time. It's interesting, because they both started out very bad characters. I think they are great actors! When Michael gets emotional, it makes me want to cry! I know some of your fans do not like Kevin because of his past. These fans must not have watched the show very long because every character on this show (other than Christine a.k.a Cricket) has some skeletons rattling in their closet, some worse than others. Kevin was really bad in the beginning, but at least it was revealed he was abused as a child. This is not an excuse, but he dealt with it and turned his life around. He has had such growth in his character. J.T. was not a perfect angel. He cheated on Mac, he treated Rianna terribly, and he left Billy in the snow to die! We all know Phyllis has horrible skeletons in her closet like murder and attempted murder. Victor was bad in the beginning; locking his wife in the bomb shelter because he was jealous! Jack was a big time playboy, he treated Paul's sister like crap, cheated on her. He manipulated Paul's sister when she was underage; basically doing what Colleen's family accused J.T. of doing when Colleen was underage, even though J.T. treated Colleen very well. Nikki trapped Jill's brother (Greg) into marriage by getting him drunk and marrying her when he was intoxicated. Paul wasn't bad, but he was very irresponsible and was more of a playboy. Anyway, back to the current show, isn't it interesting how Brad & Tracy are going to tell Colleen what she should or shouldn't do when it comes to Adrian? They act like she is under 18. They can't forbid her. Victoria has changed so much. She used to never let a man control her. She was so independent. Where is that independence? Every time Brad says "jump" she jumps! Where is Colleen's grandma hiding out? I thought she was supposed to keep in touch with Brad at all times so he knew she was safe. What could be so important that she cannot be by her granddaughter? The story of the switched baby with Jill & Katherine is a little flimsy, but I do like Kane and the storylines it is creating for Jill & Katherine. I used to love Sharon in the beginning, but over time, with the constant cheating and blame she put on others was so annoying. I felt she nagged at Nick constantly in the end. He was very wrong cheating with Grace & Phyllis; but when she was sleeping with Brad & knocking Nick about cheating; how could she do it with a straight face? I keep hoping the cheating with Brad & her will be revealed. I want Sharon & Brad to get together so she could see Brad is not the man in shining armor she thinks he is. Yes, Brad is a model husband - he treated Ashley wonderfully when he cheated on her with her best friend when she was going through cancer treatment. Then Brad has the audacity to punch Nick out for cheating on Sharon? Yes, Brad is the poster boy on morality; he's such a hypocrite! We know Nick & Sharon will get back together eventually down the road. Like father, like son. Nick is very much like his father. I love Michelle Stafford, but I am getting tired of seeing Phyllis, especially after the horrible Sheila storyline. That storyline was a letdown. I couldn't understand why Sheila would impersonate Phyllis when she could impersonate Lauren. Isn't that what Sheila always wanted? I wish the writers would come up with something for Lauren that doesn't involve Sheila. That story is dead. What happened to Paul? He disappeared. I love Daniel, he is wise beyond his years. He is much smarter than his mother. I hate it when Phyllis will try to lecture him because he is much wiser than her. Thank you for letting me vent.

JUNE - Okay, I have always been on Sharon's side but she has been doing some bonehead things lately. First did she not get that she was in the way, overstayed her welcome, intruding, being too familiar w/Brad, just pick one! How many subtle hints can Victoria give her? She always puts herself in a position to be alone with Brad. Get a clue Sharon, your attraction to Brad is not just about family and colleen there is more there and it is so obvious. Also, after all the paranoia with David Chow why would you volunteer such personal information about Dru checking herself into to the psych ward to the man who leaked the video to the press showing Dru attacking Carmen? Why are they making Sharon do these illogical things? Obviously he now knows that his plan worked? And why would Neil let David Chow know that he saw Carmen, because you know that David would pay off the Carmen look alike and tell her to leave? Some of the things that the writers are making these characters do just doesn't make any sense. The fact that they suspected that Kevin killed Carmen, what motive would he have? I hope they put J.T. in jail for a while, he just showed how immature he really is. If he wants to play detective than he should be unbiased or stay out of it. You don't see Paul getting personally involved in a case. J.T. couldn't be objective towards Kevin, let's face it he is a young college kid trying to be a grownup. Lastly, I am so sick of Phyllis being all self righteous about Lauren and Michael. Who cares, the whole Sheila thing was about Lauren and Fen anyway why does she think everything is about her and her precious Summer. I don't care if they ever get married, I just want Nick to see her for who she really is. I can't wait to see what Jack is planning because this Victor vendetta is boring me to tears, I can't stand to watch Nikki turn up her nose. I heard that Olivia is coming back, great! I am so upset that Dru is leaving. They destroyed her character and I will really miss Victoria Rowell.

BRADENSPEAKS - I've been trying to be a good sport and hang in there, but I am growing incredibly weary. The storylines are just too ridiculous. I think that my 5-year-old nephew must be on the writing team. Because I know that Y&R is a soap, my expectations are not that high anyway. But this is outright abuse. The storylines that are being shoved down my throat are choking me. The Carmen SL was wasted money, time, film, and broadcast time. Why in the heck did they kill her character just to bring her back? Why put the viewers through that. I didn't care about Carmen then, didn't care about her when she was murdered, and don't care now. I think it was a big mistake to quickly kill her character off in the first place. I hate CK as Lily. I have no pity for her and the accident. Her personality is as flat as a piece of paper. However, I sure would hate to see Amber with Lily's man. What an alternative. Can someone just send Lily away wherever they send everyone else (the attic). I beg that the writers do not pair Colleen and Kevin. If that's what I have to look forward to, I would rather know now. That way I can quit watching immediately. I like Kevin, but hate Colleen. As usual, Nita I love your column. It's fantastic! The columns on this and another site is the only reason why I hang on to this show.

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