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Like a freight train
by Nita
For the Week of February 19, 2007
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For Dru, sightings of Carmen continue to plague her in death, much as the flesh and guts woman did in life.

We are hurtling down the track toward the end of several storylines.

First up, Carmen Mesta's murder. Finally, many of the threads begun months ago in this particular caper will be tied tightly together. Though I tried not to, I did stumble across a spoiler for Monday's episode. And before I could stop my mouse-tapping finger, it had scrolled down the page on its own and my wide eyes couldn't help but eagerly devour every syllable it saw. And because of that, this fan will be counting the minutes until nightfall, the time I normally get cozily undercover with my remote control and my VCR tape of the day's GC doings. At last, we will learn who killed Carmen and the answers to a veritable smorgasbord of previously asked questions. As we will see on Monday, many fans had correctly guessed early on the identity of at least one of the diabolical players moving some of the pieces around in this convoluted plot. But I hazard a guess that few fans, if any one of them at all, had figured out the full story. I certainly hadn't. And in the interest of not spoiling it for those who, like me, haven't yet viewed this particular episode but may see this column first, that's all I'm going to say on this subject today and will save the remainder of my comments for next column.

In the meantime, Dru Winters continues to feel unsafe in her own home. For Dru, sightings of Carmen continue to plague her in death, much as the flesh and guts woman did in life. Obviously if Carmen is dead, then the Carmen Dru keeps seeing is just a figment of her overactive imagination. A truth that is a little too much for this fan to swallow for several reasons. First, the apartment redecorating. Unless Dru is so stressed she's rearranging her own knickknacks, perhaps in her sleep, someone had to have moved those items around. And what about that report Neil received before she sent it? The missing PDA? The car vandalism? The phone calls? She's certainly not calling herself and listening to a recording of herself breathing heavily on the phone. But I suppose the person who really murdered Carmen has also been "haunting" Dru. Of course, it seems they may have done their job very well, because it can't be long before poor Dru is hauled away, still insistently screaming that Carmen is not dead, until one of the big, burly boys in the white smock coats plunges a sedating needle in her arm. I wonder if they'll place her in the padded cell next to Tricia McNeal, presumably still humming that Here Comes the Bride tune

Not far behind the Mesta mayhem, and actually connected to it by an extra long bungee cord, is the Reliquary search and rescue mission. Following the cryptic clue scratched long ago onto the Reliquary, several parties are racing pell-mell down this ice cold trail in search of absolute truth and untold treasure. The Newman Patriarch is in the lead position, naturally, but his dutiful daughter and son-in-law are so close behind him they're practically treading on the back of his expensive walking shoes.

Meanwhile, while Cat Daddy Carlton is away chasing after Reliquary catnip, his disobedient little mouse has managed to get herself wedged in a trap, all because she refused to stay away from the Korbel wheel of cheese. History has shown that Colleen isn't happy unless she can spend her days playing the tragic, yet defiantly brave heroine. She's Rapunzel confined to her drafty castle room by her father, the mean old King Carlton. Or perhaps, she's Juliet, pining away for the older Romeo lover no one wants her to have. She told Lily she likes the person she is with Adrian. Well, that's good because many of us fans sure don't share her self-assured opinion of her self-centered self. I certainly can't tell any difference between the Colleen she is in Adrian's arms and the one she was in J.T.'s. Sure, she's in love now. After all, their love gift is so new the package isn't even wrinkled yet. But I'm certain that will change the moment she meets the next unattainable male.

Anyway, back to how she got caught in the mousetrap. I guess the Carmen killer has heard and heeded the advice contained in the adage cautioning against the inadvisability of placing all one's eggs in one Winters basket, and thus while implicating one Winters and attempting to drive another one senseless, the killer also made time to plant some incriminating evidence in the Professor's cupboards as well. He or She has certainly been one busy little beaver. Anyway, Colleen, parched after yet another bout of lovemaking with the latest love of her life, nearly knocked herself in the noggin with said evidence, leading her to believe Professor K was the killer at least two people tried to convince her he was. Oh how sad I felt, NOT, for the few tears Colleen was able to eke out as she mourned the deep loss of her beloved's believed betrayal. Unfortunately for Colleen, Professor K's dwelling must have been infiltrated by the same treasure seeking eavesdroppers who bugged Brad's. How else to explain how they knew to kidnap Colleen mere seconds after she discovered the presumably planted evidence. It seems apparent that Colleen has been placed in position to eventually be scooped up and carried to safety when her current Knight in Shining Armor comes charging in on his snorting white stallion. I couldn't help but wonder what she must be thinking to find herself (yet again) in cold storage? Can anyone say deja vu?

Of course, the main reason I can't find so much as a shred of sympathy in my knapsack for Colleen's current crisis (besides the fact that I can't stand her, I mean) is because I'm sure that when the smoke clears and the dust settles, she and Professor Korbel will once again be burrowing like bunnies beneath his blankets soon enough.

As all these seemingly random and unconnected events were unfolding, Kevin Fisher was positively beside himself with anxiety as the circumstantial evidence piled up seeming to point to his dear one's violent and unexpected demise. But has she? Demised, I mean. I know I wasn't the only fan hearing echoes of Dizzy Izzy Brana Williams who once saved up her blood to make it appear Christine had killed her. With Jana leaping in Kevin's car just as the week ended, we know she is very much alive so what else can be coming but a little confinement of the close and comfy kind between Colleen and Kevin. I'm actually looking forward to that.

Though off on an entirely different tangent, that thankfully hasn't a thing to do with Reliquary or Mesta madness, a search of a different kind is being undertaken by the Chancellor women. With Kay's coincidental recollection of Violet's last name, along with the discovery of Violet's brother's whereabouts, Jill seems to be but steps away from being reunited with her long lost, never seen before, stolen son with the Aussie accent. But, if she has anything to do with it, gold-digger Amber plans to be at least a leap or two ahead of Jill in staking her claim to the imminent Chancellor heir. As she plots and plans to ensnare Cane in her moss-lined trap, hiring pretend Immigration agents, lining up cheap seats to Vegas, I smell a drugged groom plot just dead ahead. Remember Cassandra dragging, I mean drugging, Brad into matrimonial complicity?

Okay, so while I'm enjoying the Chancellor mystery (except the having to put up with Amber part, of course), I did feel my mouth dropping in disbelief when Jill reminded us all that Kay stole her dear little love away the day after she brought him home. Uhhh, and Jill didn't notice?! Was she in a drunken stupor too? I know sometimes babies in those early hours can look somewhat alike, but I can't quite imagine a new mother who wouldn't realize her baby had changed overnight. I tell you, Kay must have been something special, don't you think? I mean, not only did she find a woman who would agree to take a baby from a woman she'd met in a bar for the price of whatever she could get a pawn shop to give her for Kay's ring, but she just happened to have a baby to switch with Kay in exchange. And Kay, supposedly so inebriated she couldn't think straight, still managed to spirit Jill's baby away and replace it with another, without being seen, heard or smelled coming two rooms away.

I'm also still enjoying Cane, although at times, his words are as unintelligible as Victor's. But what I am hopefully anticipating, though it may take some time to reach that point, is the day Cane kangaroo kicks Amber's dirty-dealing derriere to the concrete curb. And I hope he tosses that sticky lip goo right after her. And her stupid cell phone.

Enjoyable too, has been the supportive love between the Fisher-Baldwins. I know many fans still despise him, and may retain that feeling for ever, but I'm feeling Kevin's pain, even though I confess I didn't necessarily feel the all-consuming love between him and Jana. But, he has been waiting a long time for a relationship of his own with a lass who wasn't so young consorting with her would place him in prison. Obviously, he's about to be alone and lonely once again. Gloria was even easy to bear. Her eyes have consistently remained in their sockets and her once flamboyant hand gestures have ceased to swoop through the air putting her immediate audience in peril. As I watched and listened to her, it dawned on me that every one of her rough edges has pretty much been polished away. Had I not been watching back then, I would have thought her almost a lady to the manor born. And has anyone else noticed the name John Abbott has not crossed her lips for ages? A soft-spoken support to her family through both these kidnappings, it seems Gloria has learned to share the stage instead of shoving everyone aside so she can preen in the center of the spotlight alone. I don't know if this change in her is permanent, but I'm certainly going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Yay! Finally, a young lady for Devon. And one that is not only very attractive, but seemingly intelligent besides. It would be nice to watch a nice, innocent, normal romance between the teens for a change. Daniel and Lily hardly have time for themselves, what with one busy propping up Lily and the other advising Amber via text. Not to mention their chaste pecks on the lips bring to mind a couple married too many years to remember what passion felt like and I just don't get the sense that the fires of desire are exactly in danger of consuming them. As for Cane and Amber, she's too much of a schemer to make this fan root for a romance for her.

Speaking of romance, poor pink Cupid's arrows must have been wasted if he even bothered to fling any of them Genoa City's way. The Baldwins hadn't quite recovered from one calamity before the next one fell on their hapless heads. Brad and Victoria had to put aside some of their bickering over reliquary business in order to start bickering over what looked to Victoria like Brad and Sharon pre-bedding, monkey business. After catching Brad and Sharon's fingers linked, Victoria angrily told her mate, it's over. Was she referring to the end of their less than charismatic coupling? I certainly hope so! And though it started off well, the romantic evening between the Winters sort of fell by the wayside, when Carmen's ghost came floating by uninvited. Don't even get me started on Jack and Sharon. She might as well send that Jack cur back to the pound. Clearly, her charms are wasted on him because he's obviously going to be pining for Phyllis until the end of his days. At least for now it appears all hostility is over and a truce has indeed been called between Jack and Phyllis. As a Jack and Phyllis fan, I'm glad. Even if it never leads to anything, I will still enjoy their little interactions.

Why is this happening? An oft used GC line that always makes me chuckle. This time it was Lauren uttering those infamous words. Well let's see, just off the top of my head, you and your sidekicks decided to be judge, jury and executioner over Sheila, that's how. But no need to fear for any of them. Because Michael, Paul and Lauren could have saved themselves a lot of unnecessary stress and finger nibbling worry. They've lived in this town a long time. Long enough to know that unlike many other places in the land, in Genoa City, crime pays very well and people never actually have to pay even a paltry penance for any of the ones they commit. Unless, of course, their name is John Abbott or the scribes no longer want you around. Of course, I don't know why I would expect any funds to be debited from their bank accounts for their alleged crimes when few others have had to pay.

As usual, GC law officers were a day late and five dollars short when it came to figuring out what really went on during the Sheila Shenanigans. Even a straight shooter like Maggie Sullivan was easily convinced to bend the law until it broke in half to keep her lover from spending a night or life in lockup. Funny, Michael and others have often commented on Will's mental sharpness (though I don't know that I agree with their assessment given his inept mishandling of the Mesta murder), but his antennae should have been thrumming so loudly it would have kept him from hearing himself think at how Paul wouldn't talk without his attorney glued to his side.

Okay, having not much to do with anything else, what the heck does the wardrobe department have against Sharon? Why in the world are they draping that body of hers in such frumpy, unflattering frocks? And while I'm picking at superficial things, has her name been placed on the no service list by the ladies who take care of her locks as well?

I sure hope Jack learned something of value from Senator Bode and that his behavior is part of a master plan to lull Victor and Nikki into a false sense of security. With all the skeletons he knows are having coffee and croissants together daily in the back of his dark closet, why would he even idly consider running for political office? Does he really want to open up his past and all the dirt he's done during it, to a ravenous pack of dark deed unearthing reporters?

Maybe it's just February, or maybe things are actually beginning to get better. Whichever one it is, for now I can't wait to see where these paths will lead me next.

Okay, fans, I've pretty much said most of what I meant to, so the podium is all yours.

* * * * * * *

DEB - I look forward to reading your column each week, you are right on the money in my book. The Sheila/Phyllis storyline sucked and I hated watching it, but to end it the way that they did? What a waste, they should have killed off the "perfect Phyllis" and let Sheila take her place! Hopefully we are going to find out quickly what happened to Jana, she obviously poked her nose into the wrong persons business or was in league with Sheila or the mystery reliquary people. I am a Sharon supporter, she has made her mistakes, but at least she didn't try to run people over or change paternity results, not to mention the host of other horrible things that "unperfect Phyllis" did before she became a picture of perfection! Sharon just has a little fidelity problem, not uncommon in GC. The whole switched baby this just a way to bring another hot guy into the mix? He is cute but the storyline sucks big time. I really hope that the writers come up with some good storylines because I am really wearing out the FF button on my remote. I have been watching since the beginning and am getting to the end of my rope.

EMILY - Ok about Sheila being dead. I had the same thought as you did Nita. I thought maybe just maybe with the music they were playing and the way the one in the chair eyes were moving and the way the one standing was acting then maybe Lauren did shoot the wrong one, but then they lifted the shirt of the one in the chair and showed the cut on the stomach. Now unless she put the same exact cut on the real Phyllis then there is no way Sheila can be alive and if she comes back again that is the end for me because I can not take another resurrection of Sheila. It is seriously time to move on. It is bad enough they are going with this storyline of Jill raising the wrong kid all those years, what is next. I am wondering how Young and the Restless has been #1 for so long.

CABC - WOW! can anyone spell disappointed! What's really going on here. Is this really the Y&R? Come on, is this the best we get after 20 plus years of excellence? Please somebody tell me. Not only has history been completely re-written, but the brilliance and real life s/l that the average person could relate too is long gone. I continue to wait patiently, and like you Nita, it seems to be getting dumber and dumber. When I seen fake Phyllis with that wig on, I was so shocked that they actually believed we would see that as a real s/l. Oh man, I'm trying sooooo hard to hang on believing things will get better. It started out about Fen, then ended up being about Phyllis. Nikki is washed up and finished, it's all about the nose for her! I don't blame Rowell, Run, run while you can. Y&R is now on the same level as Passions and all the other low class soaps.

EMILYLUX - HI Nita, As ever I love your column. Witty, incisive, often hilarious. Like a lot of the folks posting here, I don't believe for one moment the Sheila story is over. Not yet. Not that TPTB mishandled a golden opportunity for some riveting daytime tv. They did indeed. But by lulling us into a false sense of security, I think we should be getting ready for a surprise of some kind. My guess is that Sheila sent in the fake Phyllis as a stooge, a setup, a decoy. I think she may have even had her own plastic surgery done as someone entirely differently, or is wearing an elaborate mask, just to psych out GC's sleepy citizens even more. Who could she be lurking as? I thought it could've been Maggie - that is some speedy recovery from a gunshot wound. Or Jana, but the body type is wrong. Sheila is big and strapping, whereas Jana is a little wee thing. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the day Sheila peels back her fake face a la Mission Impossible, like in the old day. Sigh. When did we have to work so hard to enjoy Y&R? It ain't like it used to be.

LINDA B - I love your column. You have hit the nail on the head. I cannot believe they could not come up with something other than Sheila looking like Phyllis. Now I want to know is Sheila really dead or did she actually change into Phyllis. Please do not do this again or I will hit the fast button on the recorder. I will be so glad when little miss whiny Colleen finally gets hers. She has no right to get in Kevin's face. After all she nearly married her own cousin. I can not wait for Jack to get his but it may backfire in Victors face.

SUZY - Nita did you see the white smoke coming from the Vatican? Phyllis is the new candidate for sainthood! LOL. I thought I was the only one who was squirming in my seat about the Phyllis love fest. I think they should change the name of the show from Young And The Restless to Everyone Loves Phyllis.

DEE - Love the two scoop column Nita and I have to agree with almost everyone on here the story with the art and the Nazis ... snoozefest. I find myself getting up or switching the channels when that storyline comes on, how sad is that. Y&R is the last show I watch now because the rest have become so incredibly dull and full of unbelievable storylines. Dead people coming back, ghosts and goblins and what not. On Y&R people actually went to work and school and balance both. Lately the Sheila catastrophe was just insane. I could hardly wait to get it over with. Ditto for this Carmen Mesta crapola, holy crackers and cheese can they be done with it already? But hey it was good to see Devon with a girl, it's about time. As for Lily and Daniel they have no storyline, Amber is soooooo annoying. There is no one on planet earth I'm convinced more annoying or blind like Colleen. Nick and Phyllis are my favorite couple. Jack and Sharon are a snoozefest. Get and Vicki are yuck together. They need to get Katherine hooked up with a nice Sean Connery looking guy who will make her swoon and get Jill her son so she can back off her mother. As for this Kane character, he irks me but I guess we will have to see where it goes. All in all I'm hanging in there but the minute they resurrect a dead person or have ghosts and goblins walk around I'm gone. Keep up the good work.

SHIRLEY - Ha! Too funny, Nita, about Dru's hat (I cracked up laughing) and Colleen's coat. I had to do a double-take when I saw that ratty thing, myself. I can't stand Colleen either. Why can't she keep her mouth shut?! She tells everybody everything! I'm pretty sure that Phyllis is Sheila. She must have faked that scar on Phyllis or stabbed her when we didn't know it. But, like I said before, the dead don't lie and Cassie showed Nick a life with Sharon and him with a baby girl, so, I'm thinking we'll have to stomach Sheila portraying Phyllis awhile until she disappears again (let's hope not) or dies for good. Then, Nick will come back to Sharon on hands and knees. Then, annoying Noah will live happily ever after, at least for awhile.

STACY - I love Y&R but the believability in the reliquary storyline is shot to smithereens as Brad's mother doesn't appear to be 80 years old. She would've had to be a young girl at best. And the Sheila storyline - please give it a rest. I like Phyllis and was all for the break-up of Sharon and Nick. I haven't seen Nick so happy. But Phyllis rendition of Sheila-not quite the ringer for the old Sheila. Sick of Colleen also - nothing but a self-righteous spoiled brat-puke. I am looking forward to the end of the reliquary quest and the end to the Jack-saga. And it looks like to me that he and Phyllis may not be quite finished yet. Same for Nick and Phyllis - could it get any weirder?

HOPE - Nita, I'm so glad I found your column. It epitomizes everything that I have been feeling about Y&R for months now (ever since Nick and Phyllis' dirty little tryst that the writers are now trying desperately to legitimize, to be precise). We are supposed to forget that she (Phyllis) was and still is, in my opinion, a rotten, scheming, man stealing, slut. Does anyone else remember when she tried to run down Paul and Christine? Now, she's all of a sudden holier than thou? I can't wait for her to be taken down a few pegs. And Nick. I really hope he gets his comeuppance (I wish it could have been during this farce of a storyline with Phyllis/Sheila, but oh well). He never deserved Sharon anyway. Not that she was pure during their marriage, but I would argue that Nick for the most part pushed her into the arms of other men. But, let's face it, no one on the show is a saint. Anyway, what's up with Jack being a politician?! Please don't do it. For the love of all that is holy. Not only would it be a stupid storyline (as if we don't get enough politics in real life), but considering all the conniving Jack went through to get Jabot back, why would he be interested in anything else? And Nikki. Don't get me started on her. Every time I see her, images of pots and kettles pop up in my head. She and Victoria tapdance on my last nerve, especially when they team up against Sharon. I hope she and Victor fall of their conniving little faces with their ridiculous scheme against Jack. I don't know about anyone else, but I hope that Sharon ends up with Brad. Not because they would make an awesome couple, but just so that I can see Sharon steal Brad away from Victoria. He loves Sharon anyway, and Victoria knows it. It's pathetic. These writers are making it very difficult for me to like anyone on the show. Maybe that's why everyone's leaving. BTW, I'm sorry to be hearing about Dru's departure. I absolutely love her, although she has been a bit cartoonish at times. Nita, keep up the good writing. Maybe you should try to get on at Y&R.

NINA - I am not ready to give up hope that this show will not fail me in the end. I think the Sheila SL was abbreviated for a reason, there is more coming. She always has an accomplice, perhaps this time it is someone who will carry on the evil torch. As for Nikki, have been dying to comment that her character development is real even though she has become someone we don't like. Nikki is completely vindicated - she has won over Victor forever from Ashley, she is an equal partner in NVP, he is making her a silent partner in all his schemes - what she always wanted is here and her head is inflated over it. Makes sense to me... The reliquary SL has been the biggest disappointment followed by the Mesta who-done-NOT! they have dragged this one way too far but there is still room to tie it all together for a big pay-off for the viewers. Let's hope they hear this plea. Nick and Phyllis are a temporary situation, nothing that happy lasts in GC for long. the jealousy with Jack and Sharon will become the first step on the road to splitsville. I find myself wondering if via post-traumatic stress evil Phyllis will come back to town as a split personality to the golden girl we all see now. Sort of a face looking at Phyllis in the mirror taunting her for not being able to take Sheila out. We will definitely see Adrian emerge as the next Colleen savior, too bad we had to go through all this crappy TV to get there. Thank goodness for TiVo! A girl's gotta have dreams, let's hope the writers give us what we are waiting for.

KAREN - I believe that Maggie is not everything she seems to be. The look in her eyes when Paul was thanking her for lying. Something fishy about this police officer who lied for this man she slept with once and the Baldwins ... what are they to her? She is in their life now, they are indebted to her. How indebted will they become? I really don't think we have seen the last of Maggie Sullivan!

FRIEDA - Okay--was it just me or was our show kinda exciting this week? I still had to FF through Amber scenes, but I'm gonna go out on a limb & say it - it was a much better week than weeks past. I'm afraid to give more credit just yet, but I think I'm beginning to see signs of life.

ANN - Despite the fact that a ton of wasted opportunities died with fake Phyllis, I'm still mightily relieved to see the end of that tired (even exhausted) storyline. Either I'm getting used to the other pathetic storylines, or this past week was slightly less dreary than the few past months. It's great to see smug and whiny Colleen finally presented with irrefutable proof that she is a truly crappy judge of character. I just have to comment on Chandra's comment last week about Jana's accent - I actually am British and Jana's accent (authentic, despite what someone suggested a few weeks ago, and unlike that ridiculous excuse for an accent Kimberlin Brown used last time she was Sheila in disguise) anyway, Jana's accent is middle class south England. Cockney refers to an accent used specifically in the east end of London, with or without slang. I think what Chandra refers to as "proper" English would be a more apt description for the accent spoken by any number of formally trained British actors, such as Helen Mirren, Jeremy Irons, Hugh Grant, etc.

SU - Nita, you rock, girl! I love your column! Everyone raves about how great Y&R has been with the new writers. WRONG! Who gives a rat's patoot about some stupid reliquary? Just some idiot storyline to keep Brad in the spotlight. What a loser he and his daughter are. Brad should take that raspy whispering twit of a daughter of his and leave Genoa City. Hate to say this, but it IS time for Dru to move on ... she is one OVER acting actress. The Cane storyline should unfold soon and it's a hoot to watch Amber flirt with that hunk even if all you see is the dollar signs in her eyes. And someone please -- take that cell phone away from her so she can do some real acting rather than sit around all day and text Daniel messages. If I was Lily, I'd pull her blonde extensions out piece by piece!

WANDA - YEAH! Colleen got a new coat. Can it be we will finally know who killed Carmen? Please don't tease me this way if it isn't true. Wow, I've got whiplash from the Y&R cast revolving door. Give members a good storyline and maybe the stars will hang around longer. Of course those you don't like (Amber) can't be run off.

JAMIE - Nick and Phyllis are the best thing on the Y&R. I don't know why TPTB constantly have to throw Sharon down our throats. Is it because Sharon Case's contract is up and she knows she is useless on the show unless used as a tool to cause problems for Phyllis and Nick? Although some may feel her acting is adequate, and that she is a pretty girl, she has zero chemistry with anyone she's paired with. JM has grown in leaps and bounds since being paired with Michelle Stafford. MS is just the kind of actress that makes everyone around her better. Michelle also has chemistry with anyone and everyone, she is just that good. Can't the writers come up with anything new and different to cause angst for our favorite #1 super couple, Nick and Phyllis? Must we be subjected to the same ole same ole, Sharon, Jack? Can't we move forward instead of backward? The Y&R has gained an enormous following for Nick and Phyllis through Soapnet and we will not tolerate their ruining our couple any further. If the writers are too lazy to write for them, maybe B&B will take them on. Either way, TPTB better wake up.

TRUDY - Y&R is going in too many different directions. Bring back the original lady writer (Kay Alden) I know of one person who stopped watching and I may be another. Ashley and Dru leaving doesn't delight me; especially Ashley.

LESLIE - Boy, the writers totally missed an excellent opportunity to have the old Michael & old Phyllis rear their diabolical heads & give Sheila a run for her money! Michael & Phyllis used to be two of the most evil characters on Y&R. (Michael was a crazy stalker rapist shady lawyer & Phyllis was a nut job kidnapper murderer. Remember Sasha the DNA analyst anyone?) It would have been great to, in the face of a threat to their children, have their old personalities (pre-whitewashing) come back to life and for the two of them to team up and really thrash Sheila. It sure would have been a lot more exciting than Lauren tottering through the door at that retirement home, waving that toy gun around & finally plugging Sheila. Christian LeBlanc is an excellent actor & I would have much rather watched him in save-my-child-revenge-mode than Nick Newman's mewling pleas on the Genoa City News. After all, wasn't Fen/Scottie the whole reason for the kidnapping in the first place?

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