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The kidnapping of Phyllis and Summer
by Nita
For the Week of February 12, 2007
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Exactly when did this kidnapping become more about Phyllis and Summer than Fen?

(and in teeny, tiny type, Fenmore Baldwin, who was allegedly the real reason for this whole nonsensical storyline) though you probably couldn't tell that by watching the events unfold before your disbelieving eyes. Which brings to my mind a sort of silly question. Exactly when did this kidnapping become more about Phyllis and Summer than Scottie, I mean Fen?

I sat fidgeting impatiently as Nick's grief-filled face came before the camera's eye and he pleaded tearfully for the release of his marital mate and adorable daughter. And I listened to what he had to say, though I soon found myself longing for someone to gag me with a wooden spoon. Why? Because after two truckloads of sweet, sticky praise had been heaped upon the head of the wonderful, magnificent, perfect, Phyllis, by assorted family members, I felt a little sick to my stomach and would have welcomed anything that would have triggered my gag reflex and caused me to spew all I'd heard out of my system. We get it, scribes, we get it! There is none like Phyllis. No mother so supportive, no wife so perfectly fabulous, fearless and wonderful, no ex-girlfriend/spouse/lover/friend etc, more virtuous and fault-free, no employee with a better work ethic, no daughter-in-law on this earth or in the entire universe could ever possibly come close to her good-liness.

But where oh where, was the blinding glare of the 10-pounds adding eye of the camera at the Fenmore-Baldwins? Where were the heartfelt motherly and fatherly pleas for little Fenmore's return? Where were the throngs of reporters, their microphones and cameras thrust high in the air hoping for a glimpse, a sound bite, as Michael fought his way to the door of the Baldwin abode? Is not Lauren the Fenmore heiress? An absolute pillar of GC society, who provides jobs for scores of her less prosperous than she fellow citizens in Fenmore's Department Stores and its companion piece, the Little Shop of Trendy Trinkets and Irregular Rejects from the big store? I know, I know, as with so many things having to do with Genoa City these days, it became all about Phyllis.

On the other hand, even as I poke fun at the fact that there seems to be so much Phyllis, just to prove how confusing and contrary I can be, I'm about to contradict myself.

Even though I'd read it in Times New Roman type somewhere in cyberspace that fake Phyllis would not be getting a chance to put any indelible stains on the pristine whitewash of real Phyllis' life, a girl has got to have some hope to hang onto and that one happened to be mine. My thought was, if the scribes were going to go so far out on the limb of unbelievability as to remake Sheila into Phyllis, at least they could have made it worth my watching. We already know Nick doesn't always know the difference between a hole in the wall … okay, let me put that another way. By once mistaking Grace for Sharon, Nick has already proven that he could very well have been the man in the mind of whoever coined the phrase, 'all cats are gray in the dark.' And it probably wouldn't have proven much harder for fake Phyllis to convince Michael and Lauren she was who she wasn't. In order for that to work, however, Paul would have had to remain the sole jailer in charge of the cell. Then, fake Phyllis, by using the incomparable cunning that has served her so well in the past, could have turned the key, so to speak, on Paul, donned the appropriate disguise (a better one, hopefully, than the one she chose for the retirement home) and before you knew it, Paul and real Phyllis could have been contrary cage-mates. Or better yet, Paul could have been bypassed altogether and capturing real Phyllis could have been the first step in the fake Phyllis' diabolical plan. I think it would have been fun to see fake Phyllis attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of real Phyllis' loved ones.

Oh well, it didn't happen that way, so I may as well quit crying over what could have been and get back to what was. Which was fake Phyllis, who, after all that toil and trouble, not to mention the expense, she went through to construct that home away from home for Lauren, found herself captive. With an apparent ability to plan for all contingencies (except the one where she kept a key to the cell secreted on her person or somewhere in the cage), it seemed she had thought of nearly everything. She had her handy dandy Walkie Talkie with unlimited range, rebounder equipment, stashed cash and cars, duplicate clothing, a disguise (for lack of a better term), even retirement home residency. And before Paul found her out and clipped her wings, she must have figured out how to transform herself into an eavesdropping little fly on the wall as well. How else could she study Phyllis long enough to memorize her mannerisms, duplicate Fen's nursery, and who knows what all else?

But, as smart as Sheila has always appeared to be with her ability to think two, three or five steps ahead of her enemies, in the end she proved to be more crazy than crafty. How else to explain why after finally obtaining the one thing in life she apparently desires above all others, a wee one from Lauren's loins, why she would hang around just down the block and wait for someone to sniff her out? Naturally, the longer she stayed in the city, the less chance she'd have of getting out of it, whether she chose, car, boat, train, plane or bicycle. And what was the point of taking Phyllis if she wasn't really going anywhere? What was the point of going through all that pain and trouble to look just like Phyllis, and for what? A few taunts? The whole thing went from Dumb to Dumber and finally to Dumbest of all. Okay, so Lauren kicking in that door with her high heeled boot in pursuit of her boy was the best part of the whole senseless story. That was the equivalent of a mother's sudden supernatural strength in lifting a car to save her child pinned beneath it.

So, that's it, then? A single shot to a place that appeared to be too high on the chest to seriously endanger the heart and it's a wrap? THAT was my payoff for the mounds of Mylanta I munched like M&Ms to make sure my somersaulting stomach would keep this putrid mess from coming back up? No out of the blue twists awaiting just around the bend? No ace card about to fall out of the head scribe's sleeve? I saw the promos just like you. Say the last part with me: "is going to change Y&R forever". What does that mean? How is any of what we just saw with the Sheila Shenanigans going to change Y&R forever? Unless … drum roll … real Phyllis is really fake Phyllis. I know, I know, probably not a chance in the hot place of that, huh? But what about those strange looks on surviving Phyllis' face? Her eyes darting around furtively. I caught several of those. And is it just my wishful thinking and runaway imagination or does anyone else think she seems more ill at ease than not after returning to the bosom of her family? How about that remark she made to Noah? Something about Summer being so anxious to see her big brother? She seems off to me, her demeanor forced and nervous, but perhaps that's just supposed to represent the after effects of the kidnapping. Or maybe it's just the fact that she's feeling guilty about lying to the police. You know, due to her newly discovered policy about honesty and fair play and all that. Because you all saw exactly what I did. Which was that despite what she says, Lauren did not have to shoot when she did. She had the gun and the drop on the Phyllises. The babies were bawling, but they weren't in danger of dying. Of course, it's not as if I care whether it was strictly self-defense or not. Somebody is dead, that part is indisputable. All I care about now is what's going to happen next. And I wouldn't be at all disappointed if it was something I never saw coming.

Okay, on to someone else. Like Mrs. Victor Newman. Will someone please gag her with a wooden spoon so she can never form her sharp tongue around another syllable ever again? Not to mention at the same time preventing her from lowering her head in order to look down that snooty snout of hers? Where is the proverbial strike of lightning when you really need one? Because one would surely have come in handy when Nikki unpursed those tight lips of hers wide enough to fling icy barbs at Sharon for not bending over to kiss Phyllis', oh so perfect ... yeah, you know where I'm headed so I'll let you go the rest of the way on your own … like the rest of Genoa City. Ever since Phyllis was given her angel's wings, there has seemed to be a growing movement of anti-Sharon sentiment circulating through cyberspace, and the current debate about whether or not Sharon was right to blast Nikki for absconding with Noah without her knowledge proved to be no exception. In case you were wondering, I happen to stand with those who side with Sharon. Forget the fact that Nikki has no use for Sharon (deep down you know she will never forgive her for that Victor kiss, especially since Victor still has some residual fondness for Sharon), and can be counted on to take the opposing view from Sharon, no matter what the argument. But come on, how many Mothers wouldn't have had something somewhat cutting to say if the Ma-in-law who despises them took her son without so much as a dang courtesy call? Phyllis and Summer were just kidnapped. What Mommy wouldn't feel better having their child close enough to see, touch and smell? You know, Moms (and Dads) when it comes to our children, we think no one can take care of them like we can.

But even if I concede that Nikki was just trying to protect Noah, I am not nearly so magnanimous when it comes to the rest of their conversation. I thought it was extremely tacky, not to mention unfeeling, for Nikki to bring up Sharon's treatment of Phyllis. Whether Phyllis stole Sharon's hubby (and we all know you can't steal someone's man who isn't looking to be lifted), or just picked him up after Sharon placed him unwanted on the shelf, the fact remains that they were still Mr. and Mrs. at the time. Despite that, Nick and Phyllis did what they pleased, wound up with child and for nine months, Sharon had to see that ever-burgeoning belly coming at her. And Nikki acts like Sharon should have fallen to her knees and thanked Phyllis? Perhaps Sharon should have handled it like Nikki did when she was the wife being nudged out of the King sized bed by mistress, Ashley. Perhaps there was a fractured fairy tale Sharon could have told Noah to turn him against his stepmommy to be, you know, like the way Nikki frightened her daughter half to death with spooky tales of Ashley the Wicked, Husband Stealing Witch. Thank goodness that was then and not a whole lot later, because couldn't you picture Nikki trying to figure out a delicate way of informing her innocent daughter how Ashley the Husband Thief pilfered Daddy's swimmers? Even now, when her daughter has gotten old enough to help raise Victor and Ashley's daughter, Nikki still can't hear Ashley's name without her face automatically lengthening in that sour, what stinks in here expression. Pot Nikki, check your own scorched bottom before you start poking your fork at a fellow kettle.

And I'm not too happy with Jackrabbit Abbott either. Talk about pouring salt in a half healed wound. Gee, Jack, do you need an envelope for that pulsing heart you're wearing on your sleeve for Phyllis? Why, pray tell, is the man even wasting his time with Sharon? Clearly his torch remains lit and held high in hopes Phyllis' might happen to see it over Nick's shoulder. Sure, Sharon's got faults and has skeletons in her closet like all the rest of the Genoa City citizens, but can she please find the one person (if such a someone exists) who isn't blinded with desire for someone else?

In 'Search for the Reliquary and Beyond,' the twisted tale continues to stumble unevenly along. Since I've not held back my fingers in tapping out my dislike of or displeasure with Colleen, you all know I was throwing my popcorn in the air with joy as Brad raked her superior butt over the hot coals about her no Latin and little Bible knowledge until she finally admitted the solving brain behind the encrypted inscription was Korbel's not hers. Which admission brought on another tiresome tirade at the top of Brad's lungs, filled with dire warnings about the possible extinguishing of all members of the Carlton family, and likely all members of any other family even remotely connected to the Carltons. Colleen's ears, as usual, closed to any words that don't come out on a whispered rush of whine-propelled air, she didn't have to listen long to know she'd heard enough. Two against one was two too many so Colleen did what she always does when she can't hold her own on any discussion, debate, or argument. She flounced out of the room and off the premises in a great huff, thereby proving herself to be exactly the thing she so often insists other adults stop treating her as. A child.

But, back to the Reliquary. What does Jana's disappearance have to do with it? I'm sure, that's not simply a coincidence. And is Professor K one of the good guys? Or bad? I'm still sticking to my belief that he's one of the former. We all saw that Brad finally discovered the bug that's been transmitting their every word to some remote location. And it appeared that its finding was communicated to Professor K in a cell phone call, leading you one to assume he was the one bugging the premises. If Professor K is the mystery man behind the planted bug in the Carlton complex, then that would mean his initial interest in Colleen (from the moment he took her coffee order for his own) was all premeditated. I know, I know, he was just doing his job and then he genuinely fell in love with her. At least that will eventually be the official story he will stick to when the times comes to tell it in answer to Colleen's hurt and tearful accusation that he used her to get to her family/father. But, when I watched that conversation a second time, I decided that was just a red herring to lead us away from the real path. Whoever the unknown person was reporting to, I don't think it was Korbel. Korbel, as has often been the case, had just been daydreaming about his student lover and had his phone out because he was contemplating calling her up. Which he then proceeded to do. If it turns out he is linked to Jana's disappearance, it will likely be because someone purposely made it appear so. Those are my guesses so far, and for now, I'm sticking with them.

Okay, when it comes to this soap, and this fan's dissatisfaction with it, I decided I had to take one of several approaches if I was going to be able to continue to watch and write about it. One, immediately before sitting down for a session of daily or once a weekly watching, I would have to ingest an appropriate (translation: large) quantity of some kind of mind-altering substance (the amount would depend on how much Phyllis and/or Colleen I'd be subjected to). But of course I would never advocate risking lifelong addiction to drugs or alcohol simply to get me through an hour or five. So that's out. Two. I could learn to develop a fondness for Phyllis or Colleen, the unofficial stars and current leading ladies of Genoa City. But, given my dislike for each of them and the fact that they are well loved enough without my adding my slavish devotion to everyone else's, that was probably not going to come to pass either. My third and most likely to succeed option is to adjust my attitude since it seems apparent the scribes are not going to change their manner of storytelling, at least not in the immediate future.

Okay, so with that decision so made, I settled down to watch Tuesday's offering. With my attitude newly adjusted, I actually enjoyed it. First of all, it helped that there was little if any servings of either Phyllis or Colleen that day. As I listened to Dru distractedly noticing all the little things in her home that had been moved or shifted, I put myself in her shoes. I can't speak for anyone else, but when it comes to the place I call home, I can tell the instant I walk into it whether someone has been there when I wasn't. Ladies, and probably some gentlemen too. You know where you put stuff; and you know whether you moved it or not. And if anyone has ever had their home burglarized, you know the feeling of invasion it can leave. Nobody wants some stranger poking around in their private things. So, I could totally buy Dru's discomfort and insistence that things were not the way they were. Ditto Neil and Sharon's skepticism and their clear belief that whatever was going on was probably all in Dru's over-stressed mind.

One more thing. Forget changing the locks. In this age of technology, Dru just needs to get herself a hidden camera so she can catch the bandit or she-devil in the furniture moving act.

And lastly: One thing to give heartfelt thanks for: That Colleen shed that ugly brown 50 pounds adding coat with the ratty looking fur collar. I hope I never have to look at it again!

I've done my damage here, so fans, it's your turn to tell us how you really feel. As always, I appreciate your input. It nice to know mine aren't the only feet tapping impatiently on this rickety branch. I guess we have to keep telling each other: It's going to get better. It's going to get better. It's going to get better. Or in the words of fan Freida below and one of the characters in the Wizard of Oz (maybe the Lion): I do believe in miracles. I do believe in miracles. I do, I do, I do, I do, I do believe in miracles. I guess we will see. Oh and fan, Nero (see below), I laughed so hard at your words, I fell out of my chair. Thanks, everybody, for your input. It always makes my day!!

* * * * * * *

MARYANN - I find myself watching Y&R lately out of habit and/or dedication. I've watched it since it began. Some of the storylines are so stupid. I quit watching General Hospital long ago when they had an alien befriend Robin, and before that the weather-changing storyline. Y&R is verging on that kind of absurdity with Sheila having plastic surgery to look like Phyllis and the reliquary/Nazi storyline. My new beef is if Cane was brought on to be the real Phillip, why did they hire an Australian and claim he moved to Australia when he was young. Why didn't they just hire an American actor? Surely there are other good-looking actors out there who don't have an accent. And while I'm on a roll, since Victoria Rowell is leaving in April, I fear she will be found to Carmen's killer and have multiple personalities or something ridiculous.

BETH - OK, so here is the thing. This Phyllis/Sheila storyline has just pushed me over the edge. If the 'real' Phyllis (in quotations because this Phyllis is sooo different from the old Phyllis we all love to hate) is rescued and Sheila goes away, this will be an entirely misused and ridiculous plot. The ONLY reason for Sheila to look like Phyllis is so that she can fool people into thinking she IS Phyllis. When this first started I thought "ok, kind of stupid, but it will be fun when Nick thinks that Sheila is really Phyllis, and she is living in his house, and she is playing games and being evil, and everyone in town doesn't realize who she really is and meanwhile the 'real' Phyllis is locked up somewhere. This is the ONLY reason for soaps to use the whole plastic surgery thing, and if it doesn't happen here the whole idea is even more stupid than I thought. (BTW, newsflash, it's not 1985 anymore, soap fans are more sophisticated than we were when Kay Chancellor had an 'evil twin' - been there, done that, please writers, be a little more inventive. We're willing to suspend disbelief to a certain point, but just because we watch daytime tv doesn't mean we're stupid). I rest my case.

LESLIE - Hi, Nita, love your column! I think Jana is really Sheila's daughter by Dr. James Warwick on the Bold & the Beautiful. On B&B, she went by the name Erica Lovejoy & had the hots for Rick Forester & she'd be about the right age. Maybe, that's why Amber is on Y&R now & maybe that's why Jana is so obsessed with serial killers & has now disappeared...she's nuts, too, just like her mom & they're in cahoots together on the kidnapping!

TINA - I have been taping Y&R for years. It has been my escape while I exercise on my bike to get lost in. These days, I forward through so much, I have started taping another show just so I can get my time in and be able to watch something griping to take my mind off exercising. Most of Y&R is not worth watching anymore with their DOOL storylines! Fire the writers already and bring back the juicy adultery and relationship storylines. I want my exercise buddy back!

ROSEMARY - Nita, I love you! Your column is always right on target. I'm sick of do-goody Carmen and who killed her. Now that we know Dru is leaving, who else could it possibly have been? DUH! I will truly miss Dru. On to "Sheila". I've been waiting for what made her have her "medical miracle"..I want some in case I ever stab myself in the gut! Sorry, but this one was totally unbelievable. Also how stupid is Paul? He should have known better than to lie to a cop. As for the Reliquary, who cares? This has dragged on forever - put me out of my misery! As for the "lost" Chancellor, again whose son did Kay really end up with & who did Jill raise? Guess we'll never know. Frankly, I'm getting too bored watching the show I've watched since day 1 drag on..and on...and on... Time for an afternoon nap!

WANDA - Oh I am soooo glad someone else has noticed Colleen's ratty coat. It looks like she's had it since about the 3rd grade- in real time not soap time. And Dru's hat with the feather? I too thought Neil might be having to learn braille after being blinded by it. OK, Colleen. Time to grow up and face reality- she doesn't want any advice or help from parents- yet who pays her bills? Buys her clothes-minus a new coat of course? Pays college tuition? There's no way, even in Soap Land that she could pay for all that on the 2 or 3 times a month she reports to work at the GCAC and the little bit she would get paid for "working" with the Prof. Daddy Brad should cut off funding and see where she lands. Who know, now that Jana seems to have disappeared, maybe Colleen could move in with Kevin. After all, big brother Michael raped Chris, and they ended up together. SO, who knows.

DEE - When Sullivan recovers, Paul should dump her nosey behind. He slept with her one time and all of a sudden she had to know exactly where he was and what he was doing. The man is a private detective for heaven's sake. She's just like Colleen who used to hound J.T. about his cases. She's a cop who knows that private detectives can't discuss their cases. Did she respect that? But nooo, she had to track him down, follow him and make a mess of things. If she recovers (and who would care if she didn't), she should be written out of the story because she's boring, nosey, and unattractive. Paul deserves better.

JM - It's a tie for the most annoying character--Colleen or Dru! If I have to hear Colleen call Prof K NOT by his first name one more time or hear Dru's over the top screeching voice one more time I will have to use lock myself in a makeshift nursery. And Dru's feather - eek, who killed the parrot. While I have always thought Victoria Rowell was a good actress, her character now makes me cringe every time she talks so I'm not that sad to see her go. As far as the ghost of Carmen, I think she's alive and it's her twin sis that was in the body bag.

CONNIE - Well once again I have cancelled my recordings. I stopped in to see if anything has changed. I see its all the same as it was when I quit watching so I will quietly go away again. Nita you are right on with your assessment of things. I can see things have not changed without me for the past 3 weeks!

CYNTHIA - It's been a while since I have sent my thoughts as I no longer watch the show after almost 30 years, however, I love your column. Reading your take this week sounds like you are on the same slippery slope I was on when I finally had just had enough. I wonder if you didn't write this column if you would still be a viewer? I remember how sad it was to make the decision a year ago to quit taping the show and just catch up here. I am home with the flu this week and now feel good about that decision. What happened to all the great sl's that left me hanging on the edge? I won't be redundant as your readers tell my saga over and over again every week. Love ya, Nita. Keep up the good work (as hard as that may be).

FRIEDA - Each day I start looking at the soap thinking that a miracle has occurred & I'll see a less stupid show. No such luck! I swear, if it weren't for you & the fans Nita, letting me know that I'm not alone in my thinking, I may have quite watching by now. I used to read the CBS Y&R website, but it was filled with such propaganda, it was ridiculous. I actually fell asleep on a couple of episodes recently. Never would have happened in the good old days. Not that there wasn't stuff that made you roll your eyes every now & again, but there didn't seem to be SO MANY loose ends at one time. Close up some of these storylines before you open another can of worms. Jeez, Nita you deserve a medal for taking the time to sort through all of his steaming pile of crap of a show. It's a sad state of affairs. I still believe in miracles, though, so I'll continue to watch & wait for things to change for the better.

MARGIE - I find the storyline of Brad and the art collection extremely boring. How long are they going to carry this on? Enough already. It is getting very monotonous. Thank goodness I tape the story and can fast forward through those parts. In conversations with my family and friends, it's obvious that I'm not the only one who finds that a bore. We are all in agreement: "Move on!"

CORI - I love Nick and Phyllis. They are the reason I started watching the young and the restless, and the reason I continue to watch. The writers have gotten very lazy writing for this super couple who deserve riveting storylines that show their undeniable chemistry, their incomparable sex appeal and their great love. They do not write anything new, just always looking back with Sharon, looking back with Jack and not looking to the future. Those pairings were ok at the time, but not anymore, not since Nick and Phyllis shared their first kiss and burst into flames on our television screen. If they lose this couple, they lose millions of viewers that watch because of them. I wish the writers would stop being lazy and start writing for the couple that brings in the bucks. Nick and Phyllis!

KAMAL - Nita, I've been away from your column for too long. Glad to be back. Let me first say that, no disrespect to Michelle Stafford (wonderful actress), but there is only one Sheila Carter and that is Kimberlin Brown. No one can do Sheila like Kimberlin. It is extremely disappointing to stomach this whole Sheila looks like Phyllis storyline because it is not really Sheila to me. And would Sheila really get plastic surgery on herself? I find that hard to believe - even for her. Sheila is just one character that should never be recast. It was a mistake to even try it. Even as I try to stomach this swiss cheese plot, I ask the same question I did during Brown's stint last year: where are Sheila's children? I've watched B&B almost as long as I have Y&R and know that Sheila has two children. A now teenaged daughter she had with Dr. James Warrick and another infant child she had with Massimo Marone back in (I believe) 2005. Just as I couldn't grasp Sheila's motives regarding Scott, I find her motives regarding Fen equally as puzzling especially when she has a young child not much older than Fen. I guess the Y&R writers want me to forget that Sheila wreaked havoc for years over on B&B while at the same remind us of Lauren's connection to the same show (which she just visited briefly) where she crossed paths with Sheila several times during their years in LA? If you're gonna ignore Sheila's B&B history, then I think the same should apply to Lauren. My final comment is that I'm most interested how this Phillip Chancellor III thing will turn out with Jill, Katherine and Cane (who usurps Victor's title as "Mr. Mumbles"). My one complaint is that he's too young. Phillip III was a teenager when he died, way before Billy was born. Now we are to believe that Cane/Phillip and Billy are at the most 9 years apart in age? And let's not forget that he should be around Cricket's (where has she gone?)/Nina's age which is a whole lot closer to 40 than 30. Y&R used to be so much better with the small details.

NERO - Why? Why can't soap writers come up with storylines for viewers who wouldn't lose in a battle of wits with a bag of pork rinds? And not BBQ-flavored, either. Plain ones! Why? Why does following current soap plots have to be like the first time you have sex: all that build-up culminating in a major letdown? Whether you're watching the credits roll or looking for your drawers in the dark, you just ask "Was that all there was to it?" Is it that difficult for professional writers to write a good story? They could at least romance me before they screw me over. If you're going to twist my favorite character into some unrecognizable lump of dialogue and blocking, could you buy me a drink first? Why? Why drag it out so long? If TIIC want to kill the daytime serial, why can't they do it in a quick and humane fashion? Just shoot the biotch, bury the body, and start airing those game shows! (Of course, if "Kevin" really does get a storyline this month, I'd be willing to see them put the genre on life support...for a while.

TONDA - Ding dong the witch is dead! I can't tell you how happy I am this silly farce of a story is OVER! The Phyllis/Sheila storyline was just not believable to me and I was starting to wonder how long they would drag it out. Now, to see how Paul, Lauren, and Michael wiggle their way out of knowing she was alive all along. Well, well, well, now we see Prof. McDreamy is involved in the reliquary mess. I could just shake Colleen "I can do whatever I want cuz I'm an adult" Carlton because she can't see the forest for the trees. Standing back on her heels just giving it to her dad how she's an adult and can make her own decisions. Yeah, whatever. Back to the kidnapping...something in me just wanted baby Summer to get nicked, sick or something so that she could go to the hospital and need blood....something only a mom or REAL dad can give. Maybe that will be next year's sweeps when she's a teenager. Where's Jena? I've got a feeling she will be the second coming of Sheila and this whole mess isn't over. Why? Because Sheila wasted her last breath telling Lauren/Phyllis that it was not over yet. Lastly, what made Nicky the "whisperer" tell Sharon and Jack that they were being too hard on Phyllis and never gave her a chance! I couldn't wait for Sharon to let her have it. Anyway, this was a much better week for the show as I couldn't wait to see what was to happen come Friday. Here's to next week and the hopes that they will FINALLY figure out who wants the reliquary and why. Keep up the great work Nita!

CHANDRA - Nita, love the 2 Scoops commentary. You are so right on! I loved your column. I rarely watch y&r anymore. It's great that V.Rowell (Dru) is leaving. She is a good actress and she probably got tired of playing a melodramatic, over-the-top character. The storyline is so boring. I work in law enforcement and I don't know why Maggie's always wears her hair down! Pin it back already. Colleen needs a makeover. Why is she always showing cleavage and playing cat& mouse? Why do these young girls show cleavage while wearing a scarf round their neck? If they were truly cold, wouldn't they wear something to cover their chest during the winter and their daily errands? The storylines and characters are shallow. It even feels like the actors don't care; as long they get paid, they don't seem to care about quality and quantity of "meaty" storylines and in-depth subjects. Why does Chow have that last name? Is he supposed to be white-Asian mix? Why is Korbel playing both women? Because he's a "playa"? Nita, keep up the good work! One more note. It's good that Jana is off the show for a while. She is nosy. As one who is very familiar w/ British culture, Jana speaks proper English and working- class people, for the most part, speak Cockney which is English w/ slang. When Jana was in Chancellor's mansion, she was ooh and aaah. Yet she speaks like an aristocrat and knows so much about diverse subjects. Come on! She has too much time on her hands to be dibbling and blabbing all the time. Also, why are so many people who never had contact w/ Carmen possible suspects? Is Crimson Lights the only cafe in GC? Is the only alternative GC Health Club and Gina's? The only way to keep up w/ Y&R is to read Two Scoops because the show is too boring. I used to watch the soap before I went to work; now I save time by not watching it at all! Thanks again, Nita. If you leave Two Scoops, someone just as sharp as you has to step up to the plate!

GAYLE - I'm new to this website and the Two Scoops Column and all I can say is, Nita, your columns are nothing short of awesome!! Everything you've been saying has been on my mind for months and you've hit the nails on the head every time!! I've read other message boards on the Y&R and there are a lot of other long-time viewers like myself who don't like many of the storylines and the general direction this soap has taken since Lynn Marie Latham and her new team of writers have taken the helm. I'm so disallusioned and almost heartbroken at what this soap is turning into. I can totally understand your frustration because, as a viewer, I'm ready to call it quits myself on this show and I've been watching for over 20 years, off and on. It's a pathetic shell of what it used to be. But your column is so insightful, perceptive, not to mention hilarious that I would encourage you to hang on a little while longer (I personally will try to hang on until after February sweeps for any sign that the writers are heeding the raucous cries of the viewers to fix the show immediately!) Give it some thought and in the meantime, I look forward to your next column(s) and will definitely entertain myself by reading through the archives. You absolutely rock at writing (perhaps you should send your resume to CBS because I'm confident you could come up with some brilliant storylines.

JOANNE - The last week of the Y&R has moved faster than I can ever remember which makes me feel that Sheila is really not dead. It just seemed too quick and easy for the writer's to kill her off. Why even bother bringing her back for the short time she was there and for the small amount of trouble she caused Lauren? It just doesn't sit right with me. I hope she is really dead and gone for good but unfortunately, I have a feeling we have not seen the last of her. Glad to hear Colleen is going to run into some trouble and realize Korbel may not be the man she thinks he is. She needs to learn a lesson and fast because her big mouth is just too much. I just watched the promo on CBS for the upcoming week with Colleen and Jana trapped together. It looks very exciting. I have a feeling Jana is in on this little ruse though because I think her and Korbel are still in this together. What other purpose is there for her then? I'm still not sure if Korbel is the bad guy as everything seems to be pointing to him being so, but this is not usual soap fare as the bad guy usually ends up being someone you do not suspect. Glad to hear Phyllis is getting a bit jealous of Sharon. It's good she can get a small taste of what she has given out to Sharon. I am so tired of the Sharon bashing from Nikki, Victoria and even people on these message boards. She is no saint, I totally agree, but she has not tried to kill anyone ever and is not even manipulative so to put the likes of Phyllis as superior to Sharon is just ridiculous in my opinion. I hope Nikki gets her comeuppance and soon where Sharon is concerned. Hopefully her friendship with Phyllis will come back to bite her in her snooty butt. If the writers continue to make Saint Phyllis the star of the show, I will finally pull the plug. I have had enough of her. So sad to hear Victoria Rowell is leaving but fully understand as her character has just become too cartoonish this past year. I hope Sharon kicks Jack to the curb soon as he is so obviously in love with Phyllis and she certainly does not need Phyllis' castoffs. Don't like the fact that the writers are putting Sharon and Brad in compromising positions again as I do not want her with him. Let her have a relationship with someone new who appreciates her and let the others eat crow! Glad to hear the Mesta murder will be solved by Monday, February 19. Don't care who did it but want it over already. The reliquary story sounds like it is winding down now too so we only have to find out which character is leaving Genoa City for good. Hope it is Colleen as I cannot stand her. I am also hoping Jack got some info on Victor from the Senator to turn the tables on him this time when he tries to get rid of Jack for good. Why is Victor always the victor? He is more manipulative, controlling and has done more illegal business dealings than Jack could ever dream of yet he always wins. Can't the writers have Victor losing once in a while? It would make him more human. Can't say I have any love for any of the Newmans now. Can't wait for Summer Newman to need some sort of medical care where they discover that Nick is not the dad. That will be TV worth watching!

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