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by Nita
For the Week of January 15, 2007
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And unable to craft a column this week, so please enjoy what the fans had to say.

And unable to craft a column this week. But please, enjoy what the fans had to say. See you next week.

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CINNAMON - The Sheila storyline is freaking me out. When are we going to get rid of her for good? I'm usually "hit and miss" with actually watching everyday, that's why I love reading the daily recaps. Anyway, the cage thing with Sheila. Supposedly she was the one who built this cage with the intention of imprisoning WHOM? Lauren or Phyllis? I guess I'm not getting something here. If Sheila built the cage, it would be hard for me to believe there wasn't some kind of way out that only she would know. Sheila is smart; she thinks of every angle. Even if she did get out and impersonate Phyllis, I would hope that Nick would recognize the real Phyllis! Oh, wait, maybe not. I'm sure that Grace Turner's body was EXACTLY like Sharon's, that's why Nick didn't realize it when he slept with Grace that night. And Amber! What a skank! The Forresters didn't have any use for her trailer-park-trash self back in LA; I guess it's only understandable she should come to GC and hook up with the rich and famous immediately. Kay shouldn't be so quick to let her into her inner circle. And Jill, poor Jill, she didn't KNOW her baby was switched? Give me a break. More thoughts: where are all these children now: Nina's Phillip, Victor's son with Hope and Esther's daughter?

LATOYA - Ok, so this show is really becoming the "Young and the Phyllis-less". I mean, must Michelle Stafford be the golden child and be in every scene? She is connected in some way or another to every storyline, which means she is on for about 75% of each show. Don't get me wrong, Michelle Stafford is a wonderful actress, but can someone else get some air time! I thought I read somewhere that the new writers are old friends of hers, so maybe that's why we see the sudden change in Phyllis and the increase in air time. From what I can remember, Phyllis used to be a third tier actress on the show, now she has moved to the top. J.T. should be fired for divulging so much information to Colleen concerning his job. Colleen just walks in and says "So, you're working on that case for Mrs. Chancellor and Jill, right?" I almost jumped off my couch. I mean, she shouldn't even know who he is investigating. They should make Colleen pregnant. Then they should bring Maury Povick (sp?) on the show (why not, they brought Sylvia Brown on), and do a paternity test show with Colleen. I just would get a kick out of him telling J.T.-"You are not the father!" and seeing Colleen run off the stage screaming and crying. Hahaha! So, they are bringing up the serial killer thing with Professor Korbel, is this another red herring to throw us off. Mind you, the Jana stuff has never gone anywhere. BTW-are they stretching out her storylines, because they don't want to let her go? Please, wrap them up, then get her new ones. I'm now bored with her, she used to be one of the most intriguing persons on Y&R. The acting between Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton was superb! I loved the scenes when Mrs. Kay had to tell Jill about the past. Jill screaming back at her was great. But of course, Nikki had to ruin it by telling Jill to calm down, and that Mrs. Kay has been through enough. What, if that were me, I would have thrown Nikki out on her behind! Ok, this one thing was totally ridiculous. Why does Ashley have to ask her ex-husband, not-the-father of Abby, whether or not she can take her daughter with her to Hong Kong? Then when Victoria and Brad give her the green light, she is all giddy, bowing to them saying "I'm not worthy!" Cut the crap, isn't this her daughter, that should have been a no brainer that she would take her daughter. I don't know any mothers out there that wouldn't think the same. What are the writers thinking?

A. FRANKLIN - I have been a fan of Y&R since day one and I agree with most of what is being said about the Sheila storyline. There is no way Sheila could have a body like Phyllis and why don't you all just let Paul & Michael kill her once and for all. Sheila will outsmart everyone and change her looks again. Please get rid of Sheila, there are a lot of stories to keep us happy without this one. Don't want to see this Sheila storyline.

CONNIE - I am so sick of the storyline now. Nobody believes the Brad thing could be possible. His mother would have to be 100 years old for this thing to have been possible. The Sheila line has never worked for me either and now they've got poor Lauren cowering in her apartment in fear. Amber of course I hated her on B&B and now she has flounced into Y&R to make it more unbearable than it already was. I never liked Ashley's storyline either. I think everything started going downhill when Bobby and Brittany went away but for sure when they killed off John Abbott. I don't know how much more the viewers can take. I for one need a break.

WANDA - The writers need to show Sheila's reflection whenever Phyllis is talking to herself in the mirror. I'm not a real Ashley fan, but I'd rather she stayed on the show. It's not her fault they can't write storylines for her. If you have to fire someone, fire Jana. Amber, take a cold shower. Please, pleeease, PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE solve the Carmen case and move on.

JACKIE - Been watching since the show came on. It truly is my favorite. I love all the actors. A lot of talent here. I only watch Y&R and B&B. I read recently that there was a big shakeup with the producers and writers. IT SHOWS! Please don't ruin my soap. Keep it real. Love Y'all

JOANNE - Well, it appears the inmates have taken over the prison - or better yet - the psychos have taken over the nut house! All of the terrible, immoral characters on Y&R seem to be running the show now. What has happened to the one soap that I actually thought was the closest to real life? Okay, there are no aliens (that we know of yet) but there may as well be because the show is extra-terrestrial in the storylines. I cannot stand Gloria lording it over Jack and Ashley (so sad to see her character gone again!) From Colleen to Phyllis to Amber to Victor and Nikki - when will all the manipulation end! I was so happy to read that Will is going to bring up the face cream scandal again (hope it is true). Can't wait to see old Glo's face then! Glad to see the writers have given her back her trashy outfits and makeup to better suit her trashy character. Sheila/Phyllis - dumbest storyline I've ever seen and I really don't care how it ends. Like many of your readers, I am fed up with the show but can't seem to turn it off. I guess it is like an accident that you just have to stop and look at. Hopefully 2007 will bring an end to some of these ridiculous storylines. Even though I don't like the Phillip storyline, I am glad to see Jill and Katherine are back on the show even though they are fighting again. At least they can act and have some semblance of morality. Please let 2007 be the year that Jack wins over Victor, one or more of the Baldwin/Fisher clan pays for some of their illegal actions and Sharon finds happiness with someone who has not slept with Phyllis or Victoria. I think Nikki always looks like she has come downwind of something malodorous because she has smelled the writing on this show lately - and it stinks!

JM - Who's Whoooo in GC these days! Why is J.T. suddenly being referred to as "Jeffrey Todd"-is this going to be another Cricket/Christine name change? And Colleen is making me ill with her "I'm leaving you/I'm tearing your clothes off" thing with J.T. And what about David Chow-Mein, if he was sooo in love with Carmen Messed-Up, why was she going goo goo over Neil? I think his ex-wife is the real killer.

LYNN - I just started watching Y&R again this last year and I too am finding it hard to stay interested. I find the pairing of Nick and Phyllis to be wrong on so many levels i.e. age difference, the way they got together, no remorse at the pain they caused others, how easy and wonderful their life is like some wonderful dream. Who could like people that are so self absorbed and what is to root for when they have everything at the expense of everyone? Wouldn't it be great if Summer was actually Jack's? So this whole professor thing gives me the willies. I think the actress who plays Colleen is very pretty but she is so self involved I hope she goes to Italy and soon. I think Victoria and J.T. were good together since they could at least talk. I agree the Sheila thing is over the top. You know she is going to get out and then what? I am curious about Carmen's murder and assume it is the new David Chow person who did it and we all know that new Kane character is Jill's long lost son so get on with it already. As for the most pitiful character right now it is Sharon. I have always loved this character and am sorry she has been shafted so much last year and more heartache with Jack and Brad is probably on the way for 2007. How about they do something original and give her the last laugh in business and love? Anyway that is my 2 cents.

TREY - I've been anxiously waiting till Friday to write you with all the comments I have to say after what appeared to me was a truly interesting week in Genoa City. I really enjoyed Y&R this week. I thought there were so many great scenes and find myself totally captivated by every little nuance of the growing secrets between these characters. First off, I have to say I love the new mystery involving Kay & Jill. I think its a brilliant way to revamp their whole dynamic and really delve into their already complicated relationship. Of course I am wondering who Philip really is? Or if it even was a little boy Kay remembers giving away? What if Jill gave birth to a little girl and Kay somehow switched the babies then? I mean how seriously, how drunk was she that she doesn't remember the details of this transaction. Thats pretty scary. There could be a number of things that she still doesn't remember. That mystery alone has me imagining possible scenarios with all the younger characters. Could her grandchild be the Professor, Amber even, or Jana. The man Amber was talking to on the phone had an accent similar to Jana's. Aside from that, I am also totally impressed by Tracy Bregman's performance. Her portrayal of a mother crippled by a panic disorder were very moving. When she was trying to decide whether or not to take Fen on a walk with Phyllis, the inner turmoil she conveyed through her eyes was dead on. She practically had me in tears, trying to explain to Phyllis why she just didn't want to face the world. Contained within those same scenes, I discovered my real problem with Nick& Phyllis. As Phyllis was gushing over the phone with Nick, I realized that these two don't fit to me as a "real" couple. I think it was fun watching them have a torrid affair, and knowing they would get caught. But, her having his baby and him playing husband so soon to someone else besides Sharon was odd to me. As Nick was holding the "baby" I couldn't help but to cringe at these two talking on the phone being so carefree and happy. I kind of want their relationship to crash and burn. I believe Thurs. episode was the best by far. I absolutely loved everyone watching Dru's attack on Carmen. Yes of course, I love Dru and didn't like that it made her look bad, but I think everyone knows she didn't do it. So it made these scenes especially hilarious. Watching everyone's reaction as we hear Dru's harsh voice calling her a b**ch on T.V. was priceless. I literally hollered and laughed. I just thought that was great. David Chow is definitely an interesting character. I can't help but to think he may have killed Carmen, but also imagined him sticking around and possibly falling in love with Dru in the future. It would be nice for Dru to have another male option on the show. I love her and Neil together, but I saw interesting chemistry between her and David. After he realizes she didn't do it maybe she can help him move on and he could fall for her. Lastly, I'm very interested to see where this Phyllis/Sheila thing goes. You're right, the scenes where Sheila has successfully switched places with Phyllis will be great. All in all, I really thought the show was great this week. I'm interested, intrigued and constantly wondering what will happen next. Thanx for the forum Nita!

JOYCE - Here I am again. The 60 yr old lady who wrote you about B&B. I have also watched Y&R from the beginning. I love my two shows. I cannot stand the part about Sheila coming back as Phyllis. I love to watch Phyllis, but, when they show this part of Sheila, I go clean house or find something to do. I am a little tired of the obsession of her with Lauren. I so wish the writers would come up with something new. THIS IS OLD! Thanks for letting me vent.

JENNIFER - I TiVo'd Y&R over the holidays and have been fast-forwarding to catch up. Please tell me I missed something with this David Chow character. Who the heck does he think he is? And why have Dru and Neil suddenly lost what little sense they had when it comes to him? Can just anyone waltz into Newman Enterprises and harass their top executives? Why don't they call security and have him removed? Not to mention the videotape - If some guy popped up out of nowhere and gave a video tape of me to the media like the one of Dru and Carmen, I think I'd be on the phone to my lawyer screaming about suing him for defamation of character. And if someone broke into my apartment, I wouldn't touch anything before calling the police! Then, if this same guy who was threatening me showed up at my home after the break-in occurred, I think I'd seriously consider getting some kind of restraining order against him, or at least call my lawyer to discuss my options. Instead, Dru is alternately lashing out and cowering /quivering / whimpering at the sight of this (very annoying) guy. What is wrong with her? She's a fighter, and this is not like her at all. This whole SL is ridiculous. Why aren't the police looking into David Chow's background? Why did he show up out of nowhere when he didn't respond to the police initially? And WHY don't Det. Clueless (Maggie) and her equally clueless DA (Bardwell) seem to care? These are just a few questions I have. I can't wait to hear your thoughts and the thoughts of other readers. P.S.-I loved your "Professor Needs-A-Shave" description of Korbel. I laughed out loud. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

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