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Happy Thanksgiving?
by Nita
For the Week of November 29, 2004
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In Genoa City, Thanksgiving was, for the most part, ignored by its residents.

In the real world where many of us fans occasionally reside, Thanksgiving might have been printed prominently on the calendar, but in Genoa City, the holiday was for the most part, ignored by its residents. So, since they failed to, I will take this time to give thanks, or not, for some of them.

The Winters: Had they sat down to watch the Winters family dine one evening, fans tuning in after a brief absence might have rubbed their eyes in confusion, wondering whether they'd actually been away. Because it was as if the past had become the present with foster son Devon once again an official card carrying member of the Winters clan. Neil's determination to teach Devon how to be thankful for a well-to-do family's decision to take an interest in a parentless boy has apparently overshadowed his former concern about two teens' hormones raging uncontrollably together under the same wooden roof. After Devon's last unpleasant experience when he was summarily ousted from the family domicile due to no particularly bad behavior of his own, one can hardly blame him for being a bit reluctant to believe the happy family rhetoric this time around.

Continuing to revel in his role as the bitter Winters brother, Malcolm didn't seem to find much to be thankful for. Although he was allegedly so in love with Alex Perez, he has been brooding bitterly over the loss of her for the past three years, that didn't stop him from finding Olivia to still be such a beautiful woman he couldn't help re-acquainting himself with the taste of her lips. As for Olivia, who has lain awake, twisting and turning in her lonely bed night after endless night, Malcolm's return from the land of the no longer living was definitely a reason to fall on her knees in gratitude. But, just so he would know that besides her continued beauty, other aspects of Olivia also remained the same, the ex-Mrs. Winters wasted no time blasting Malcolm for once again failing to live up to her picture of a proper father figure for Nate, who has himself been missing in action for about as long as his pseudo-father.

Drucilla would be thankful if Malcolm would consider ending his visit to Genoa City before Neil finds out the odd effect cold medicine has when mixed with her hot blood. It's not clear whether or not the scribes will actually answer once and for all the paternity question hovering above Lily's head. The broad hints dropped over the week point to yes, but I'm guessing no. Of course, what do I know?

The Carltons: For Ashley Carlton, instead of Thanksgiving week being remembered as a healing time of being held and supported within the loving embrace of her father and brother, it will forever after represent the dark day she discovered her doting daddy had gone and gotten himself legally linked to his pale pink-lipsticked love. Even Jack found himself floundering momentarily in surprise and speechlessness as he searched for the appropriate words of congratulatory well wishes. The only positive thing that could probably be said about the newlywed news is that it surely distracted Ashley from the searing pain of her marital rejection. Brad, her soon to be ex, was the only resident I could find who gave a token mention to the Thanksgiving festivities. He even granted Frances a rare night off so he could prepare a pre-Thanksgiving feast for Abby and Ashley. He is assumed to be grateful that until such time as the scribes writing and rewriting this city's history say otherwise, his past shall remain shrouded in secrecy.

The Abbotts, Baldwin and both former and present Fishers: Although John's beauty and his bride are clearly at odds, I'm certain John still found plenty of reasons to give fervent thanks. Because after year upon year of living life solo, night now means something much more exciting than finding out what happens in the next chapter of the latest best seller on his nightstand. For Mrs. John Abbot, well, life just couldn't get much better than this. Except for a few annoying flies in her ointment, that is. Two of them are, of course, the sons she dares not claim. And if he isn't careful, the oldest of said sons may not live to see the next Thanksgiving if he doesn't refrain from making an unwelcome pest of himself by urging the gold-digger to show her new husband her mud-encrusted shovel. Although Michael may as well save his breath for something more worthwhile because his poor excuse for a mother is never going to do anything that would likely result in her immediate ejection from the Abbott gravy train. Although Kevin wasn't seen during the brief week, it is presumed he is grateful he is no longer being ostracized by nearly every member of polite GC society. But the third and most bothersome fly buzzing around Gloria's messy bed head is Ashley. Unless or until John spots the flaws hidden beneath Gloria's heavily made up motherly façade, all bets are on Gloria as the victor.

Thanks were uttered by this fan for the half week without a single sighting of the Brittany half of the Marsino mismatch. With Victor still searching for himself somewhere outside Genoa City, Nikki saw no need to mingle unnecessarily with the other squatters currently residing on the grounds of the Newman estate and frittered away much of her time in new best pal, business partner, Bobby's back office. As it turned out, all that office chitchat paid off as Nikki finally learned the answer to the one question that has reverberated repeatedly through her brain every day and nightmare-filled night. And fans like me are surely grateful that at last, one loose end has begun to be knitted neatly together. As many originally suspected, before being lured down the wrong lane by a Bradley red herring, Bobby is indeed the missing Casein brotherly link. So what will Nikki do with the information she has so long sought? How can she hope to make it up to Bobby for the childhood deed she's done? And am I the only one who wonders whether assuaging her guilt could involve a guest room in the main house on the Newman range?

I doubt there's anyone at the Chancellor mansion feeling very thankful. Thanks to Jill's meddling suspicion and ill-advised half belief in Harrison's unsubstantiated accusations, she has managed to drive yet another man out of her life. Unfortunately for her Mother, he's also been driven out of hers. Although she was given every chance by the father she once claimed to want in her life so desperately to believe in his innocence, Jill chose to listen to a man who at best could be labeled a little unhinged but at worse was an out and out lunatic. Forged insurance policy application clutched in her claw and waving it frenetically before his tired eyes, Jill dismissed the Judge's insistence he had naught to do with it, only to discover too late it was all Harrison's dirty doing. By then the Judge had had enough, tiredly banged down his gavel on this case of long lost love found and began deliberating on a possible destination where hopefully he'll be completely unknown. There's not likely to be a retrial. The verdict is still out on what will become of the mother daughter relationship between Katherine and Jill. Talk about a couple of unhappy, grim visaged mansion mates. Esther will probably need an extra sharp carving knife to cut through the tension that's bound to be thick in the air.

And finally, despite her lecture to her son as to the proper roles of parent and child, Phyllis is thankful Daniel managed to talk Chris out of listening to the strident shrieks of her better judgment and deciding to play courtroom counselor to Phyllis and Damon. I will just be thankful when this one is all wrapped up. Not one fan can actually be worried that injustice will be done and Damon or Phyllis will wind up wooing one another through jail house mail. I'm also convinced the road to their eventual vindication will be anything but smooth. However will Phyllis the fearless female crimefighter extricate them from Dominic's trap? Why with a trap of her own, what else? With Weber and his usual contingent of Genoa City crime busters waiting in the wings, of course. Do we really expect it to happen any other way?

I'm done here, so I'll leave anything else that needs to be said to the couple of fans who cared to share their opinions this week. Here they are, in their entirety.

* * * * * * *

June - Okay, Is it just me or is anyone, Ashley, Jack or even Brad for that matter going to fill Newlywed John Abbott in on the REAL reason for the demise of the Carlton love match. Can we say Victor, sperm bank, paternity, Abby's biological father? Don't just say it's a long story but we haven't been the same since we lost the baby. Come on! Why haven't they told him before now? And Nick, how can he be so arrogant! I really don't want him to fail, but I see it coming. Hopefully Victor will return with Victoria and they can run it together. Can anyone tell me how Det. Weber chooses his cases, not once has anyone said anything about investigating the skeleton found in the construction site other than Paul.

Sandi - Someone commented on ALL the loose ends on the show; seems as though the writers can only start something, but can't put an end to it. For example, Paul investigating the brother of the dead little boy, the dead little boy himself -- no one seems to care except Nikki; the earring never was important to the case, Nikki was not even questioned. Paul investigating Arthur -- for Pete's sake why not question the stepson who is right in GC? And for that matter Katherine's turn around from being scared of Arthur to running into his arms; where is Esther as she and Jill are finally on the same side. Do the writers think the watchers are stupid? Yes, John Abbott deserves everything he gets; this is the ONLY spark right now between Ashley, "my beauty", and Gloria, "my breath of fresh air" and their hatred for each other. Let's get on with things.

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