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The meek shall inherit the earth
by Nita
For the Week of November 15, 2004
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What a difference a day makes, or in this upside down city, a minute.

What a difference a day makes, or in this upside down city, a minute. Who would have thought that shortly after Nick's latest lash out at Victor, as usual bemoaning his absent Daddy childhood (for an example of really dysfunctional formative years, Nick ought to have a little fireside chat with Kevin), instead of a sharp slap across the back of his dull-witted dome, he would receive a reward. Not that even the sharpest blow to Nick's hard head would have done a bit of damage. It's not as if there is anything resembling a brain up there. With a chip of resentment on his shoulder the size of Mt. Everest, it's a wonder he's been able to struggle from the stained sheets every morning, let alone stand upright without toppling over and falling on his hairy-chinned face. All that resentment and finger pointing because in his opinion Daddy didn't give him enough attention when he was a child. I say, suck it up, surly boy. Things weren't nearly as bleak as you try to make new viewers believe. I know, I was there. As for supposedly sterling Step papa Jack, who came home early a few times, built a tree house and watched Nick play a T-ball game or two back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I'm not impressed. After all, how many years was he around anyway? About two? Jack might be father of the year in Nick's clouded eyes, but I bet his two neglected boys could tell a tale or two about Jack's ghostly presence in their lives.

Was Nick actually listening to the supercilious sentence he spoke to Victor? I was, and was utterly amazed that he managed to get it out without a giggle. In the world according to Nick, "families are supposed to take care of their own." Or at least those were the words that glided glibly off his traitorous tongue. If someone were to draw a poster of actions screaming louder than words, Nick's face would be featured prominently. Where was all that all for one and one for all rhetoric when he was selecting the jewel encrusted dagger to plunge into his Daddy's back? I guess in his small mind, that didn't count.

Instead of constantly complaining about all he didn't have as a tot, Nick ought to be thanking the man. Had Victor been anything like his do nothing son, Nick wouldn't have the dollars to donate to the wasteful cause of alleviating Sharon's boredom. He would never have had the means to buy those coffee shops he hardly bothers to step a well-shod foot inside. Nor would he be able to spend most of his time lolling atop the bed covers with his buxom bride. And when was Nick awarded the blue ribbon for exemplary fatherhood? The present must seem exactly like the past to Miguel as he tends to Nick's kids the way he did to Victor's. While it's true Nick didn't pack his kids up and fly them to some faraway boarding school location, for the small amount of time he actually spends with either of them, he may as well have.

But, alas, in my determination to detail my disgust with Nick, I digressed and now must haul myself approximately back to where I began. Nick's reward. Mortally wounded that his ungrateful son seemed to still hate him, Victor apparently wracked his brain for an appropriate price that might buy back his full affection. And in the middle of the night, as he paced the floor with perplexity, the bright idea bulb finally flickered on. And Victor realized the only way to put a grudging grin back on his son's surly face, was by placing the reins of the Newman company horse, with no controlling bridle attached, into Nick's relatively inexperienced hands. And just like that, in a twinkling of an eye, Nick was promoted and Neil demoted, his year of deferring deferentially and kneeling reverently at Victor's feet all for naught. The only surprise was that Neil actually entertained the possibility that dark day would never arrive. Oh well, easy come, easy go. As most people know, nepotism really does often rule. At least Neil (and the wife he hired to work for him) still has a job they can occasionally go to.

Now that Daddy's put belligerent boy back in charge, I can't wait to see if Nick's arrogant bottom will fit comfortably in Daddy's leather chair. It would serve him right to learn he should have been more careful about what he wished for. And I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how well Nick can play the corporate ball game when Blowhard Brad and Jealous Jack step jointly to the plate. One thing is certain. With both Newman parents occupationally absorbed, Miguel's already long day is about to lengthen considerably.

Finally bridging the cavernous chasm between he and his son was only part of Victor's plan to repair the rifts in the tattered family canvas. There is still a Newman face missing from the family album. I'm speaking, of course, of the wounded, wayward Newman daughter. Victoria's name has dropped from many a Genoa City mouth in the recent past, which could only mean one thing; it's time for that one to come home. I know Victoria practically ordered her family to erase her name from the family bible and, further, to refrain from any attempt to pinpoint her position. But, as seems to happen most every year about this time, an emotionally empty Victor feels the need to retreat from Genoa City, in part to seek those things which are apparently missing from his soul. This year, one of them appears to be Victoria. And how hard could finding her be? Because unless she's chosen to spend the last year living anonymously on the outskirts of some tiny town well off the beaten civilized path, existing solely on cold hard cash, she's likely left a paper and electronic trail at least two miles long. One even PI Paul could probably spot. So, after an appropriately tearful and quite touching goodbye, the battle-scarred patriarch of the Newman clan picked up his baggage and departed to embark upon what I believe is his third journey of self discovery.

Although there's been no whispers of it along any of the internet streets and highways I regularly travel, it wouldn't surprise me if Victor's quest took him to a certain Kansas farm for another glimpse of the son Hope convinced him to ignore to prevent any possible sullying from too close proximity to his moneyed but often dysfunctional father and siblings. A request, in my opinion, Victor never should have granted. Just because the hustle and bustle of big city life (and no I couldn't type that without a smile) obviously wasn't Hope's brew of choice, I think denying young Victor any knowledge of his family roots was selfish and self-serving. After all, it wasn't as if Victor was poor and powerless when Hope decided to take no precautions against the possibility of bringing another Newman heir into the world.

At about the same time the Newman men called a halt to their hostilities, the Newman women appeared to be doing likewise. Once she faced the unwelcome reality that Sharon would be bursting uninvited in her Jabot office much as she does into her home, Nikki grudgingly agreed not to put any impassable boulders in Sharon's spokesperson path, and at least for the moment, a truce has been called in the family feud between them. But since we're talking about Sharon, whose secret desire I still believe is to become a better, smarter, Nikki, I have little doubt it won't be long before the flames of furious enmity have been re-ignited between these two. Because Nick's CEO reappointment, in Sharon's muddled mind, probably makes her feel one step closer to Nikki's walk in closet where she's dying to see how it feels to walk a mile in a pair of Nikki's pumps.

As for Sharon's motor mouth position, I can't say I'm not looking forward to that with much anticipation. Now that Nick is in charge of Newman things, what is the purpose for her even starting the Jabot job? Why wouldn't Nick simply hire her to work side by side with him? Of course, that solution would be way too simple, as well as cheat me of months of rants and ridicule at Sharon's expense. But what a joke to hear that Sharon, a supposedly carpooling, kid-coddling mom believes her ability to expertly slap goop on her face makes her a perfect representative for all those housewives on a budget. About a big a laugh as it was watching Brad be impressed with Sharon's five minutes of web surfing, mouthful of straight white teeth, and low cut lacy top. Can't wait for the look on both know-it-all Newman faces when they realize Sharon is nothing but a pawn in Jack and Brad's bitter game of Get Victor Newman.

Speaking of that particular vendetta, just what would Brad and Jack do if they didn't have Victor to heap hot coals of hatred upon? Without Victor as their personal scapegoat to blame for every curse and calamity that befalls them, what reason would they have to arise every morning? Why do they constantly moan about Victor's presence ruining their lives then do things that will absolutely ensure he'll remain an irritating thorn in their sides. Hiring Sharon was a perfect example of their stick it to Newman mentality. Even if I didn't like Victor, which I freely admit I do, in spite of his sometimes irritating shortcomings, I would enjoy seeing him beat these two obsessed imbeciles over and over again.

While I'm on the subject of Genoa City persons obsessed with Victor, apparently Ashley is all over hers. Reeling in confusion from the double dose of dismissal from both Victor and Brad, Ashley gave in without even token resistance to Brad's demand for the family domicile and the adopted daughter. And Brad keeping Abby effectively leaves Victor on the outside looking longingly in. In spite of all his passionate platitudes expressing a great and overwhelming unselfish love for his "precious little girl", I don't buy for a second that for Brad it is all about Abby. In my opinion, 90% is finally beating Victor at the Abby parenting game. And I don't think anyone would dispute Brad's win this week as he savored the long-awaited pleasure of having the last and final word in a conversation with Victor about Abby. Advising Victor to tend to the seed he'd already sown, he figuratively handed Victor his homburg and scornfully sent him on his way. But while Brad constantly points a finger of scorn at Victor's faulty child rearing, I don't see any framed Certificates of Commendations for Perfect Papa adorning his walls either. He too has a daughter whose upbringing was left to another man. When he finally showed his face in her nearly grown life, so preoccupied with holding his wife to her vows with one hand and using the other to push her away from Victor, care of Colleen was for the most part left in John's elderly hands.

Proving yet again there is nothing like the wrath of a wicked woman left unwanted, Ashley also derived a certain amount of pleasure in letting Victor know what could have been his had he coldheartedly dumped Nikki on her round rear. The air blowing through the Carlton house was so cold; I had to put on my gloves to keep my remote control finger warm. So much for all Ashley's hot, fetid air about Abby's bio daddy's right to be in his daughter's life. Just like with Brad, it's less about Abby and more about payback. Making Victor pay for choosing Nikki over her. Had Victor answered yes to her proposal, Brad would now be the one on the steps looking dejectedly through the door. It would serve this flip-flopping witch right if Victor decided to take the Carlton's to court. Well, to wrap this one up, I guess it's about that time. You know, when Ashley suffers another of her breaks from bitter reality. With her man, her marriage and her six-year old moppet temporarily out of her life, her manipulative mind is surely the next to go missing.

Now that Damon's pronounced himself whole and hate free, he's discovered plenty of space in his mind. Speech slowed more than usual by mind and presumably pain numbing narcotics, Damon's murmuring about making himself a larger presence in both Daniel and Phyllis' life, although the latter appears uncomfortably close to setting him gently on the curb for someone else to pick up. And while sympathy at Damon's past pain has obviously caused Daniel to revise his earlier opinion, I somehow doubt its left him ready to look at Damon in a father son-like light. Daniel seems much more amenable to Jack's involvement in his mother's life, probably still sees Damon as the man who constantly deflects his mother's beaming light of attention from himself. Perhaps Damon's time might better be spent busying himself with ways to make amends to his ex-wife, whom it's rumored will be making an appearance mid-December.

Phyllis has learned from past bad experience that in GC being innocent of a crime is no guarantee you won't be arrested for it anyway, so she seemed none too pleased to find herself once again the object of Weber's legal interest. As for said detective, he must get awfully weary pursuing cases he can't possibly carry to closure. Once again squandering police department money for overtime wages, he's sniffing down the wrong trail questioning Phyllis and Damon about a conspiracy to commit murder crime. In my opinion, the whole scenario is simply a ruse to cause Phyllis to think twice about continuing her role in the melodrama of Damon's life.

Still in pigtails and patched together jeans, Malcolm continued to stalk menacingly around the city. I'm with Dru. If Malcolm was so determined not to come face to face with the brother he currently detests, why, pray tell would he show up at his door. His animosity, of course, doesn't extend to Lily or Dru; in fact unless I'm seeing things that are not there, he seems just a wee bit flirty with the woman he's sampled without Neil's knowledge. As for Neil, he had the gall to be surprised that Malcolm would still be upset over just "a woman," as he put it, that "they haven't seen in years." Newsflash, Neil; that "woman" was the love of your brother's life and while your betrayal might be two years and nine months ago on your calendar, on your brother's it was only yesterday. Now that the brothers have come to a slow motion face to face (loved that camera work, by the way), I can't wait to see what happens next.

Dysfunction is definitely the name of the game when it comes to the bickering between Arthur and his former stepson, Harrison. Jill tried to play mediator but other than a full scale tantrum thrown by both boys in the middle of the Athletic Club, nothing new was learned and nothing old was settled. But in spite of the murky mist that surrounds the first Mrs. Hendricks's demise, Kay is determined to marry her knight in questionable armor. Who sides with me, that this is a marriage that will never happen? Already halfway to crazy, Harrison will probably unravel the rest of the way and take Arthur's life into his own medically knowledgeable hands. And then he'll probably extinguish it. Just my guess, you may have one of your own.

And finally, saving the best for last, in a clear case of what's good for the goose not being good for the gander, Kevin seemed astonished that anyone might think he deserved punishment for his misdeeds, yet clearly expects Michael to pay in full for his. If Kevin is going to insist on biting ferociously on the only hand that's ever offered him a way out, he needs to move out of his brother's nest and forage for his own food.

But thoughts like those all fell by the wayside with the closing and best tissue needing scene of the week. What began as Kevin's no holds barred fisticuff challenge to Michael surprisingly became something far more compelling and heartbreaking as Kevin suddenly regressed to the small, abused boy still living within his man-sized body. Through Kevin's hurt and enraged eyes, we saw Michael become Terrible Tom and Kevin finally release some of the pent up pain, anger and helplessness he's harbored against his dysfunctional father for all the childhood abuse. There weren't likely many dry eyes in fan homes across the country as simultaneously a young and older Michael came to the aid and rescue of his emotionally battered brother. What made the scene even better was the fact that if any fan had heard a whisper of what was to happen in the middle of that boxing ring, they never spoke a peep about it. And considering that nearly every nugget of news worth repeating spreads along the internet superhighway more rapidly than a California wildfire, that's saying a lot. Congrats and hats off to the scribes. It was well-done, well-written and well worth watching multiple times.

* * * * * * *

And now, fans, I've emptied my opinionated mind, so it's your turn to empty yours.

The first is a question asked by a fan that I don't know the answer to. If any of you do, please let me know. Here it is:

Carol I - "What song did Tracy Abbott and Danny Romalotti sing "way back when" she loved him? It was a hit but not by them."

Wanda - "I like the Phyllis and Jack pairing very much. Find a guy for Mac, PLEASE!"

Marilyn - "Lily's Daddy appears on the scene! Think of the raging bull named Neil when the truth comes out. DNA here we come."

Sandi - "I think Jack was onto something about Brad and Sharon as Sharon was just about to hug Brad when she caught herself. I am so tired of everyone saying to each other - "I cannot discuss it any more; I am too tired" - tired from WHAT!"

Runnermom5tx - "The comment from a fan last week about Lauren's son made me think. Why do soap characters not even bring their beloved prodigy up in conversation or show an occasional phone call once they've gone away to wherever they need to go to grow up quickly? Point #2- I'm disappointed they couldn't find anything more for Danny to do than be a washed up rock star and shack up with Christine in order to provide her a storyline with HIS son before he got the boot."

Mary R - "Poor Katherine. It is not clear to me if Arthur is a villain or not. I don't believe I would give someone the benefit of the doubt in that situation. Unless they were upfront with me in the beginning."

Trish - "Here I thought Nate was sent to his room about 3 yrs ago and was never allowed out. Now suddenly, we find out he's in London. (And just what's wrong with Switzerland? - I think they must have the "Genoa City School of Switzerland over there just for GC residents' children.)"

mrhoward - "Could Neil be losing a daughter but gaining a son? Devon could still turn out to be a Winters, thus Neil and Malcolm being fathers and uncles when it's all said and done."

Annie C - "Victor is making his annual pilgrimage (maybe to see his son by Hope or to bring a new and different Victoria home). Storylines seem to be getting better; maybe that survey did some good. Will bet money Gloria and John come home married - what fun to see this."

Tara - "The youngest Newman clan is the cause for my eye rolling this week. Tell me how this cocky, snot-nosed, smart-mouth BRAT can treat his dad like dog poop that he scraped off the bottom of his shoe, and yet he still gets the keys to the kingdom handed to him! And Sharon! I almost fell off the couch when I heard her say "I carpool, I pack school lunches, I check homework." Since WHEN?! There for a minute I thought it must've been Miguel the Manservant speaking through the body of Sharon!" I get the feeling Brad & Sharon will get quite "cozy" at Jabot very soon."

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