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For the Week of July 14, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of July 14, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Summer’s wedding plans go astray

Ian successfully rattles Nikki

Nikki is tempted to take the edge off with a drink

A talk with Katherine at Chancellor Park gives Nikki the relief she craves

A stronger Nikki focuses on fighting Ian

Christine runs into Nikki and Victor at the police station and notices Nikki’s growing dependence on Paul

Paul amplifies Christine’s anxiety when he leaps to Nikki’s defense regarding Ian

Christine expresses the opinion that Nikki could have made better choices back in the day

Lily makes a disingenuous offer to pick up her new stepmother’s dry cleaning

Hilary is horrified to learn that her clothes have been lost

Devon helps Hilary search for her things

Sparks fly

Hilary is torn when Devon announces he’s leaving town

Cane catches Hilary and Devon half dressed at the dry cleaners

Neil asks Lily what’s going on with Devon

Jack asks why Austin has been arrested

Victor learns that Mariah is staying at Sharon’s

Harding informs Jack that Austin violated his parole

The Genoa City Police Department welcomes back Chief Williams

Victor chases down a clue to Sharon’s secret

Colin suggests that he and Lauren partner up

Traci comes home with upsetting news

Jill asks for a concession on Colin’s behalf

Stitch warns Chelsea to butt out

The mysterious watcher gets an eyeful of Chelsea and Billy

Kelly tells Jack more about Stitch’s history

Down the road previews

Paul and Nikki are drawn closer together

As the trial nears, Nikki is forced to consider how something from her may hurt people in her present

Nikki makes a decision

A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

Dylan’s stresses lead to PTSD flare up

Paul and Dylan embark on an emotional journey as they decide what they mean to one another

Sharon recovers more and more memory fragments but the one crucial piece continues to elude her

Victor goes to extremes to learn the truth about Sharon’s secret while someone else races to beat him to it

Sharon’s secret comes out, putting her at risk of losing everything

Bitter nurse Helen Copeland unsettles Mariah

Mariah conceals one more secret

Colin’s Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

Jill achieves a different victory than the one she anticipated

Devon is torn between his love for Neil and his feelings for Hilary

As Hilary decides she wants Devon, she’s thrown a curveball she never saw coming

Neil takes an emotionally complex journey

Kelly’s messed up childhood affects her present life

Stitch’s past catches up with him

The complex truth about Stitch and Kelly’s history together devastates everyone involved

Phyllis awakens and asks for her laptop

Phyllis makes an explosive return to Genoa City

Things heat up for Lauren and Michael

Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

Kevin begins a journey of self exploration as his computer skills help uncover big revelations

Ashley comes home to tension at Jabot

Ashley’s presence adds further complications to Billy, Victoria and Stitch’s entwined issues

Adam’s return reveals his number one priority: Connor

Avery’s complex ex, Joe Clark, crosses paths with several Genoans as the weather turns cold

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