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For the Week of June 30, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of June 30, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Kelly asks Jack why he’s pushing her away

Jack tells Kelly that he heard what she said to Stitch

Kelly tells Jack that she broke up Stitch and Jenna’s marriage

Billy interrupts and gets a tongue lashing from Kelly

Billy tells Kelly that the truth needs to come out, and Jack agrees

Kelly shocks Jack with the dirty details – at least, some of them

Paul has an emotional reaction to the news that his son saved his life

Avery pleads with Stitch to save Dylan’s life

Stitch is forced to bar the emotional Avery from Dylan’s room

Avery slaps Ian when he asks her what happened to his son

Ian maintains his composure when Avery calls him a liar

Nikki furiously informs Ian that everyone knows who Dylan’s real father is now

Ian accuses Nikki of intentional deception and child abandonment

Nikki struggles with guilt over giving up a child who was not fathered by a terrible man

Stitch tells Nikki and Avery that Dylan’s blood work shows that his condition is worse than he thought

Victoria makes her feelings clear about Chelsea and Billy’s growing relationship

Chelsea tells Victoria that she can’t have it both ways

Victoria taunts Chelsea with what she did in Myanmar

Leslie shares her worries about disbarment with Barton

Barton assures Leslie that she’ll survive this

Ian tells Leslie that he’ll forget about her ethics breach if she represents him

Leslie tells Ian that an emotional distress suit is ridiculous under the circumstances

Nikki learns of Ian’s intentions and decides to use her last piece of ammunition to shut him down

Leslie ponders her options

Mariah and Nick come to an understanding

Jill hears Colin’s confession

Summer focuses on helping Austin

Hilary and Devon try to resist one another when they end up in an elevator together

Hilary hits the stop button for a private chat

Devon declares that they love one another

Hilary accidentally opens the elevator door at an inopportune moment, revealing Neil standing in the doorway

Dylan takes a frightening turn for the worse

Jack gets shocking news

Paul and Nikki discuss their history

Sharon and Nick celebrate the 4th

Victoria confronts Kelly and Stitch about their secrets

Down the road previews

David Sherman is pulled into an unexpected court case involving the Newman Family… and Ian Ward?

The rooftop pool and bar heats up Genoa City

Ambitious David Sherman is pulled into an unexpected court case involving the Michael Baldwin, the Newman Family… and Ian Ward?

A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

Dylan’s stresses lead to PTSD flare up

Paul and Dylan embark on an emotional journey as they decide what they mean to one another

Sharon recovers more and more memory fragments but the one crucial piece continues to elude her

Victor goes to extremes to learn the truth about Sharon’s secret while someone else races to beat him to it

Bitter nurse Helen Copeland unsettles Mariah

Mariah conceals one more secret

Colin’s Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

Jill achieves a different victory than the one she anticipated

Devon is torn between his love for Neil and his feelings for Hilary

Kelly’s messed up childhood affects her present life

Stitch’s past catches up with him

The complex truth about Stitch and Kelly’s history together devastates everyone involved

Phyllis awakens and asks for her laptop

Phyllis makes an explosive return

Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

Kevin begins a journey of self exploration as his computer skills help uncover big revelations

Ashley comes home

Adam’s return reveals his number one priority: Connor

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