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For the Week of May 26, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of May 26, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Victor is outraged when Ian gets into his office bearing a truce offer

Ian claims to know something Victor should know, too

Victor refuses to pay Ian’s blackmail

Dylan is invited to a strategy meeting with Victor

Victor pushes Dylan to pump Willa for information

Dylan accepts an envelope of cash and the unlikely pair shake hands

Colin negotiates with Jill for his freedom

Jill isn’t satisfied with dubious clues about the music box

Colin agrees to destroy the 50/50 pre-nup if it turns out he’s lying again

Jill’s mistrust ratchets up exponentially at Colin’s apparent willingness to walk away

Colin’s pushy request to be untied prompts an emotional outburst from Jill

Jill receives a shocking message from Katherine

Chloe asks Kevin to make love to her one last time before she leaves

Friends and family gather to bid Chloe goodbye as she leaves for the psych hospital in California

Chloe makes a big decision before she goes

Chelsea arrives in the nick of time to bid Chloe a bittersweet farewell

Chloe tells Billy that what happened to Delia was not his fault – and apologizes for trying to get him to make her pregnant again

Kevin promises to wait for Chloe to come home again

Esther takes Chloe to the airport

Victoria tries to explain to Chelsea why Billy shouldn’t know she’s pregnant

Billy arrives and questions the tension in the air

Chelsea backs up Victoria’s quick thinking fib, but secretly signals Billy to keep pushing

A conflicted Victoria goes home to find Stitch waiting with a meal

Stitch advises Victoria to tell Billy the truth before Chelsea does

Chelsea beats Victoria to the punch

Billy gets shocking news

Billy prepares to battle Stitch for Victoria’s heart

Nick confronts Victor about abusing Cassie’s memory on the anniversary of her death

Lily tries to cajole Devon into seducing Hilary

Tyler asks Sharon to help Mariah

Kelly advises Stitch to tell the truth

Mariah’s continued presence brings Abby and Tyler to the breaking point

Billy spends an evening with Chelsea and Connor

A sneak peek at next week
Lily is sent on a birthday scavenger hunt by her loving husband

Avery confronts Ian

Austin and Summer’s relationship heats up

Summer considers taking things to the next level

Tension grows between Colin and Jill

Nick worries about Mariah manipulating Sharon

Avery gets closer to identifying her cyber stalker

Down the road previews

Ian’s new agenda in Genoa City unsettles everyone in his circle Victor regains some of his family’s respect due to everyone’s common adversary

A shocking secret rocks two long time marriages

Ian turns the tables on Nikki

Father Todd returns when tragedy strikes

A bombshell further devastates Nikki and Victor’s relationship

Sharon recovers more and more memory fragments but the one crucial piece continues to elude her

Nick and Sharon revel in their new life together despite the unsettling presence of Mariah

Victor goes to extremes to learn the truth about Sharon’s secret while someone else races to beat him to it

Mariah conceals one more secret

Jill and Colin learn new things about each other… and a potential fortune

Colin’s Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

Jill achieves a different victory than the one she anticipated

Leslie’s handsome surgeon husband Dr. Barton appears under surprising circumstances

Lily fights tooth and nail as Neil and Hilary rush to further solidify their relationship

Devon is torn between his love for Neil and his feelings for Hilary

Avery’s stalker comes out from the shadows

Austin’s troubled past impacts his present

Billy’s battle to save his marriage is jeopardized by Stitch, who proves to be a formidable rival

Exposure threatens Stitch’s buried secret when his ex-wife pays a visit

Billy pushes to learn the truth about Stitch’s past

Adam’s complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

Billy’s visits upset the Machiavellian recluse watching from afar

Kevin begins a journey of self exploration as his computer skills help uncover big revelations

Chavez returns from assignment

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