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For the Week of April 28, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of April 28, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Suspecting she might be pregnant, Victoria covers her anxiety by agreeing to another date with Stitch

Kelly overhears Stitchís end of the conversation and taunts him about his secret

Stitch begs Kelly to keep her mouth shut

Kelly asks Stitch how he can live with himself

Victoria asks Dylanís advice about Billy and Stitch

Dylanís friendship with both men keeps him from putting his oar in

Alone, Victoria buys a pregnancy test and waits for the results

Lauren upsets Chloe with her remark about a possible future child

Chloe is struck by a sudden idea

Billy is taken aback when Chloe asks him to help her have another baby

Chloe refuses to take no for an answer

Nick refuses to believe Victorís allegations about Sharonís secret

Sharon gets an emergency appointment with her doctor

Dr. Mead confirms Sharonís fear: she WAS keeping a secret

Sharon tells Nick that what Victor said was true

Nick advises Sharon to let it go for now

Sharon determines that she must force her memory to return

Victor threatens the doppelganger again about her crimes in Portland

Fake Cassie stands up for herself despite her fear

Victor tells her not to bother feeling sorry for Sharon Ė after all, he doesnít

Fake Cassie offers to make amends with Nick

Victor demands that the doppelganger stay away from his family

Nikki demands that Victor tell her the truth about what he did

Victor maintains that it was all for Nickís sake

Sickened by Victorís abuse of a mentally ill woman, Nikki leaves Victor

Abby asks Victoria whatever happened to ďfor better or for worseĒ

Victoria is shocked to learn that her parentís marriage is on the rocks again

Sharon pays an awkward visit to her daughterís double

Fake Cassie is unsettled by Sharonís generous behavior

Sharon offers to protect the doppelganger from Victor

Fake Cassie finds a reason to stay in Genoa City

Kelly warns Stitch that Victoria loves Billy

Stitch makes it clear he intends to be a contender despite the odds

Devon catches Hilary in a private moment

Abby and Tylerís evening takes a surprising turn

Hot accountant Milton interacts with Nikki

Victor warns Summer away from Sharon

Victoria edges closer to facing the truth about her immediate future

Neil and Hilaryís passion ignites

Avery nudges Nick toward happiness

Sharon and Victor argue

Christine and Paul make a decision about their future

Chloe drops a bombshell on Chelsea

Billy asks Jack to investigate Stitch

A sneak peek at next week
Summer is appalled by Jackís decision to date Kelly

Jackís latest chance at happiness is threatened

Jill plots to even the score with Colin

Chloe acts on her plan

Victor tries to make amends with Nikki

Ian successfully interferes with Dylan and Averyís relationship

Down the road previews

Averyís success brings unwelcome attention on the internet

Dylan thinks he might know the identity of one troll in particular

Ianís new agenda in Genoa City unsettles everyone in his circle

Austinís troubled past impacts his present

The unexpected truth about the Cassie lookalike is slowly revealed

Nick and Sharon grow closer than ever despite Victorís machinations

Sharon desperately looks for a way to trigger the return of her memory

Phyllisís heartbreaking absence leaves a void that Jack is tempted to fill with Kelly

Kelly and Jackís wounded hearts find comfort

Chloe searches for an effective balm for her grief

Colinís Machiavellian ways become a catalyst for shocking change

Jill and Colin learn new things about each otherÖ and a potential fortune

Neil is tempted to let Hilary heal his broken heart

Devon and Lily each have a reason to strongly object to their dadís new girlfriend

Victoriaís angry heart is torn between her love for Billy and a possible future with Stitch

An unexpected discovery changes everything

Exposure threatens Stitchís buried secret when his ex-wife pays a visit

Chavez returns from assignment

Adamís complicated situation impedes the possibility of a reunion with his grieving widow and son

OB/GYN Dr. Chiverton attends an unexpected patient

Meanwhile, handsome surgeon Dr. Barton arrives in Genoa City

Michael Robinson hits the gym with Stitch and Victor

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