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For the Week of February 17, 2014
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of February 17, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Womack looks for a suitable hostage

The gun goes off

Billy is injured by a falling chandelier

Kelly offers first aid as Billy apologizes to Victoria

Victoria realizes that Billy and Kelly slept together

Officer Harding tells Paul something is wrong at the gala

Neil, Cane, Devon and Tyler make a plan

Victoria and Kelly argue

A crisis threatens a happy couple

Sharon tells Nick that she saw Cassie… and touched her

Nick promises to support Sharon as she makes an appointment with her doctor

A face in the window unnerves Nick

Victor’s meeting at the park takes an unexpected turn as he recalls meeting the girl who looks like Cassie

The lookalike tells Victor that Sharon has a secret

Victor speaks to Katherine of his love for his family and his wife

Ian works on building Summer’s trust

Nikki opens her door to find Ian

Ian tells Nikki not to be frightened

Chloe heads to the airport with the baby and buys tickets to Paris

A flight delay makes Chloe anxious

A passenger’s kind remark about Connor’s beautiful eyes touches Chloe

Victoria and Billy’s relationship threatens to fracture

Nikki has a nightmare about Ian

Dylan promises Nikki that Ian can’t hurt him

Ian realizes that Summer is Nikki’s granddaughter

Summer asks Ian for help

Sharon and Nick are united by memories of the past

Jill and Colin play a game of cat and mouse

Nikki tries to put the past to rest

Nick and Dylan work together to take down Ian

Sharon meets with psychiatrist Dr. Janet Mead

A sneak peek at next week
Nick and Dylan unite to keep Summer safe

In Paris, Kevin, Chelsea and Victor beg Chloe to listen to reason

Victoria and Billy’s marriage teeters on the brink of disaster

Abby and Tyler’s relationship heats up

Jack gives Chelsea a warning about Victor

Push comes to shove for Leslie and Neil

Down the road previews

Nick and Sharon’s love is tested by an outside force

Sharon fights the frightening demons that haunt her

Summer and Fen’s plans for their futures leads one of them towards a very bad choice

Fen’s path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

Nikki worries that the past is doomed to repeat itself

Victoria asks Stitch for some unusual help, bringing Stitch’s secrets into sharper focus

Chelsea struggles to process the enormity of the tragedy surrounding her and her son

Victor and Chelsea bond in mutual grief for Adam and work together for Connor’s sake

Chelsea disregards Adam’s last wishes for his son

One of Katherine’s secrets is revealed

Tyler and Abby’s stalker grows dangerous

Hilary finds herself involved in a few imbroglios

An oblivious Jack gains a not so secret admirer

Leslie and Neil’s wedding goes in a surprising direction

An exotic journey is undertaken to solve a mystery… and find romance

The unexpected truth about the Cassie lookalike is revealed

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