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For the Week of February 3, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of February 3, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Get a sneak peek at what you can expect on Y&R during February Sweeps.

Victoria opens the door to find Billy outside

Billy asks Paul if he is under arrest

Anita supports Chelsea when Jack arrives with bad news

Jack and Victor argue about Adam

Michael interrupts Fenís hearing with video proof that Carmine is alive

Fen is freed

Cane and Lily plan their next move

Victor and Jack confront Chelsea

Chloe refuses to allow Adamís money to underwrite Deliaís foundation

Jack and Cane wonder where Jill is

Jill suddenly arrives with Colin as her escort

Cane is disgusted to see his father

Jill asks after Billy but avoids getting specific about her own activities

Colin begins a charm offensive as part of his master plan

Sharonís guilty conscience troubles her when Summer asks for advice

Cassie shocks Sharon when she shows up again

Sharon and Cassieís confrontation takes a shocking turn

Noah learns the truth about Courtney

Stitch wonders about Kellyís true intentions

David Tutera returns

Chelsea gets some support from Sharon

Nikki confronts Victor

A sneak peek at next week
Jack and Victorís conflict escalates

Chloe takes action after a confrontation with Chelsea

Ian gets the upper hand on Avery

Victoria and Nick are shocked by the truth about Victor

Lily confronts Colin

Colinís motives are questioned

Victorís conduct invites dire consequences

Down the road previews

Nick and Sharonís love is tested by an outside force

Sharon fights the frightening demons that haunt her

Summer and Fenís plans for their futures leads one of them towards a very bad choice

Fenís path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

Ian finds reasons to extend his stay in Genoa City

Victor makes a fatal decision that impacts his entire family

Nikki worries that the past is doomed to repeat itself

Ianís return threatens the safety of one of Nikkiís loved ones

Summerís vulnerability becomes a tempting target

Nikkiís sons together in common cause when history threatens to repeat itself

Billy walks a parallel path to Adam as he struggles with a guilty secret

Stitch and Kellyís troubled past resurfaces as Billyís indiscretion with Kelly threatens to explode

Victoria asks Stitch for some unusual help, bringing Stitchís secrets into sharper focus

Chelsea struggles to process the enormity of the tragedy surrounding her and her son

Victor and Chelsea bond in mutual grief for Adam and work together for Connorís sake

Chelsea disregards Adamís last wishes for his son

Jill receives unexpected help with the music box mystery, bringing her another step closer to solving Katherineís mystery

One of Katherineís secrets is revealed

Courtney shocks Noah with the truth

Mark Harding attends the gala

An uninvited guest puts a wrench in Lily and Caneís charity event

A big secret is revealed

The Valentineís Day gala takes a potentially deadly turn

Tyler and Abbyís stalker grows dangerous

Abby takes matters into her own hands

Hilary finds herself involved in a few imbroglios

An oblivious Jack gains a not so secret admirer

Leslie and Neilís wedding goes in a surprising direction

An exotic journey is undertaken to solve a mysteryÖ and find romance

A psychiatrist offers help

The witness from the scene of Billy and Adamís accident resurfaces

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