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For the Week of January 13, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of January 13, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Abby remembers the woman she saw at the hotel in Los Angeles

Tyler and Abby bicker about Abby’s suspicions

Adam’s blood pressure spikes when Billy tells him he’s busted

Billy explains that he knows Adam set up the foundation

Chelsea is moved by Adam’s touching generosity

Billy expresses his profound gratitude to Adam

Adam and Billy shake hands

Jack wonders why Adam created the foundation anonymously

Billy is troubled by Jack’s mention of Adam’s karma

Questions about what Adam might be trying to atone for weigh on Billy’s mind

Avery and Leslie discuss commitment

Christine and Paul review Michael’s visit to Womak

Nikki worries to Paul about the potential consequences of Dylan’s search

Christine discovers Paul and Nikki in a friendly embrace

Nikki leaves, unaware of Christine’s discomfort

Dylan’s distraction messes up Avery’s belated New Year’s Eve

Avery offers to accompany Dylan on his next trip

Dylan’s rebuff causes Avery to question their relationship’s future

The couple shares a regretful farewell kiss

Dylan tells Nikki that he has to pursue the lead he has on Ian

Stitch gives Dylan some good advice

Nikki expresses her love for Dylan

Chelsea is unsettled by unexpected news

Fen’s implacable anger sends Summer on a downward spiral

An emotionally vulnerable Summer struggles at her shoot

Esmeralda gives Summer a handful of pills

Sharon fails to notices Summer’s lightheadedness

Jack tells Sharon that Phyllis is responding to music

Summer is hospitalized

A crisis forces Sharon to confess to Nick

Kelly reacts to the tension between Victoria and Billy

Cane and Lily plan a memorable evening

A sneak peek at next week
An event hosted by Lily and Cane puts in motion changes that alter the lives on the guest list

Victor worries about Nick and Sharon’s relationship

Kevin and Billy grow closer to understanding the circumstances of Delia’s accident

Billy is shocked by what he learns

A new mystery package is delivered to the Baldwins

Dylan and Avery’s search comes to a surprising end

Nikki’s nightmare arrives on her doorstep

Down the road previews

Tyler and Abby’s stalker grows dangerous

Abby and Tyler grow closer as they address a troubling issue from his past – his ex, Mariah

Hilary finds herself involved in a few imbroglios

Fen’s path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

Adam desperately tries to hold on to his family and conceal his guilty secret

Grief and guilt put Billy and Adam on a life altering collision course

Adam bids Chelsea and Connor a sad farewell

Dylan’s search for Ian Ward opens up a Pandora’s box

Nikki discovers that former convict Ian is now a self help author with a successful seminar business

Ian conceals his agenda in hopes of resuming a relationship with Nikki

Nikki worries that the past is doomed to repeat itself

Ian finds additional reasons to stay in Genoa City

Dylan struggles to suss out the truth about his father

Ian’s mind games pull Nikki’s sons together in common cause

Victor makes a fatal decision as he strives to protect his family unit

Jill solves the mystery of the music box and learns a secret about Katherine

Colin Atkinson returns with a bone to pick with Jill

Jill finds herself involved anew with the Machiavellian but tempting Colin

Colin tries to repair his relationship with his son and daughter in law

Cane and Lily have a strong reaction to Colin’s efforts to put his family back together

The specific reason behind the timing of Colin’s return is revealed

An early February wedding is planned

New relationships develop and old relationships are challenged

Victor continues to dwell on Sharon and Nick’s growing bond

Sharon and Nick’s love is tested by an outside force

The Abbott and Newman families are forced to choose sides – a situation even more painful for those who have Newman AND Abbott blood

An exotic journey is undertaken to solve a mystery… and find romance

Stitch’s family life is explained as a surprising twist in his history is revealed

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