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For the Week of January 6, 2014
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of January 6, 2014. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Jill downplays Kevin’s concerns about Chloe’s obsession with the baby

Kevin is horrified to find that Delia’s baby book now has a section on Connor

Esther thinks the baby book addendum is cute

Kevin details Chloe’s recent behavior to Esther

Chloe overhears and loses her temper when Esther defends Kevin

Kevin is hurt when Chloe says she’s glad they’re not back together

Victoria runs into Kelly and invites her to dinner

Billy expresses discomfort with the idea but agrees to go along with it

Stitch rings the bell to return Victoria’s phone and finds himself an unexpected guest

Stitch talks about his little boy

Billy asks if Stitch and his wife are separated

Stitch tells Billy that his wife was unable to forgive him

Kelly arrives and is shocked to see Stitch

Billy and Kelly tersely discuss their secret as Victoria and Stitch fetch drinks

Stitch acknowledges Kelly’s hurt and suffering

Jill is taken aback when the music box reappears

An antiques dealer explains it was part of a set that once belonged to a famous person

A drugged and kidnapped Jill wakes up tied to a bed with the music box playing nearby

Meanwhile, a man sends a text message

Lily gets ready to start treatment immediately if her cancer has returned

Cane is disconcerted by Lily’s wish for a portrait while she’s still healthy

The doctor calls and asks the Ashbys to come in ASAP

Lily and Cane brace for bad news by focusing on their love

The test results blow the Ashbys away

Victoria and Adam play a game of cat and mouse

Nick hears a song that reminds him of Cassie

Summer walks in on an emotional Nick, who pulls Summer close for a father-daughter dance

Sharon is shaken when she sees Nick and Summer together

Nick and Sharon reminisce about Cassie

Guilt drives Sharon back to the ranch, where she’s met by another vision of Cassie

Cassie refuses to go away until Sharon tells the truth

Noah catches his mother in deep conversation with… nobody

Sharon admits she’s been talking to Cassie

Noah worries about Sharon’s mental health

Jack and Hilary become closer

Cane and Leslie have a strong reaction to an intrusive photographer

Devon gets a letter that prompts him to make a decision about his future

Nikki worries about Dylan’s search for Ian Ward

Adam and Victor talk in circles

Victor offers to keep it to himself if he gets something in return

Adam and Chelsea gather their nearest and dearest for a celebration of good news as storm clouds gather

Victor interrupts the party

Victoria has a tense encounter with Stitch

Noah and Courtney’s relationship becomes strained

Billy solves a piece of the puzzle

A sneak peek at next week
Jack promises to find out what Victor has on Adam

Summer is sent on a downward spiral after an argument with Fen

Jack’s good news worries Sharon

A crisis ensues that sends Sharon to Nick with a confession

Billy makes the connection between Adam and Delia’s death

Dylan embraces Stitch’s advice

Down the road previews

Ashley continues to make Genoa City a regular stop on her travels

Fen’s path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

Adam desperately tries to hold on to his family and conceal his guilty secret

Grief and guilt put Billy and Adam on a life altering collision course

Adam bids Chelsea and Connor a sad farewell

Kelly develops more relationships in Genoa City

Dylan’s search for Ian Ward opens up a Pandora’s box

Ian Ward arrives on Nikki’s doorstep with an agenda

Nikki discovers that former convict Ian is now a self help author with a successful seminar business

Ian hopes to resume a relationship with Nikki

Nikki worries that the past is doomed to repeat itself

Dylan struggles to suss out the truth about his father

Ian’s mind games pull Nikki’s sons together in common cause

Victor makes a fatal decision as he strives to protect his family unit

Jill solves the mystery of the music box and learns a secret about Katherine

Colin Atkinson returns with a bone to pick with Jill

Jill finds herself involved anew with the Machiavellian but tempting Colin

Colin tries to repair his relationship with his son and daughter in law

Cane and Lily have a strong reaction to Colin’s efforts to put his family back together

The specific reason behind the timing of Colin’s return is revealed

An early February wedding is planned

An event hosted by Lily and Cane puts in motion changes that alter the lives on the guest list

New relationships develop and old relationships are challenged

Victor continues to dwell on Sharon and Nick’s growing bond

Sharon and Nick’s love is tested by an outside force

The Abbott and Newman families are forced to choose sides – a situation even more painful for those who have Newman AND Abbott blood

An exotic journey is undertaken to solve a mystery… and find romance

Stitch’s family life is explained as a surprising twist in his history is revealed

Abby and Tyler grow closer as they address a troubling issue from his past – his ex, Mariah

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