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For the Week of December 9, 2013
A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of December 9, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Lauren and Michael celebrate their anniversary

Victoria and Billy prepare to sign Johnny up for preschool

Billy mentions that it’s the same school Delia once attended

A horrified Victoria offers to find another school

Billy assures her that he’s OK with the reminder of Delia

Kelly greets the family when they break for coffee and treats at Crimson Lights

Victoria ruefully notices the connection between Billy and Kelly

Kelly presents Billy with a book of comforting essays about grief

Victoria is surprised to learn that Billy shared his feelings about the preschool in the grief group

Paul tells Christine about Nikki’s search for the baby she gave up

Christine is upset by Paul’s secret keeping

Paul explains that it wasn’t his story to tell

Christine points out the impropriety of Paul and Nikki sharing a hotel room

Jill deals with Hilary

Abby has an emotional discussion with Tyler

Lily asks her doctor if her cancer has returned

Neil fires Devon

Dylan tries to find out about his biological father

Jack learns a secret from Neil

Chloe receives support from Sharon and Nick

Summer faces another challenging modeling session

Oh-so-helpful Esmeralda shows Summer the ropes

Summer struggles with temptation

Jill is confounded by the music box mystery

Things heat up between Chelsea and Adam when they butt heads

A sneak peek at next week
Devon is dogged by misfortune

Romance simmers between Chelsea and Adam

Christine and Paul find important evidence

The fate of the music box prompts a blow out between Esther and Jill

Summer’s birthday prompts conflict between Jack and Nick

Leslie gets a surprise from Neil

Sharon and Nick find common ground

Down the road previews

Victoria and Billy’s love is tested

Stitch’s family life is explained as a surprising twist in his history is revealed

Abby and Tyler grow closer as they address a troubling issue from his past – his ex, Mariah

Jill continues to pursue the meaning behind Katherine’s unusual bequest

Sharon worries about the consequences of telling the truth about Summer

Genoa City gathers in Chancellor Park for a night of Christmas cheer

Fen’s path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

Colin Atkinson returns with the new year

Jill finds herself involved anew with the Machiavellian but tempting Colin

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