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For the Week of October 28, 2013
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A sneak peek at some of the action that will take place on Y&R during the week of October 28, 2013. Be sure to tune in to Y&R every weekday to see how everything plays out.
Victor compliments Devon and suggests that Devon should accept his mentoring

Neil warns his son about Victor’s manipulative ways

Leslie offers Hilary a chance to read the letters Rose sent to Gus

A roadside memorial is established in Delia’s honor

Billy and Chloe share a comforting embrace

The Abbotts circle the wagons around Billy

Adam and Chelsea are overjoyed when Connor’s eyes seem to be responding

Chelsea worries about Chloe as Delia’s funeral approaches

Adam’s guilt driven odd behavior attracts Chelsea’s attention

Anita wonders if Adam and Chelsea are growing closer

John gives Jack words of encouragement

Jack rallies the Abbotts for Billy’s sake

Summer arrives to support her Newman and Abbott loved ones

Dash’s return gives Billy unexpected solace

Adam is drawn to the growing roadside memorial at the scene of Delia’s accident

Observing Billy and Chloe’s grief deeply affects Adam as he watches unseen at the funeral

The minister’s words about the negligent driver prove too much to bear

Adam returns home to a questioning Chelsea

The police department finds a critical clue

Adam becomes a suspect

Alex’s behavior begins to suggest that the case is personal for him

Michael goes to jail despite Fen’s confession

Christine and Paul decide to re-investigate the murder to see if new evidence appears

The newlyweds send a new clue to forensics for analysis

Paul realizes that another person might have been involved in the crime

Michael runs into a man angry at the DA who sent him to prison

Lauren learns that Michael was savagely attacked

Michael continues to believe that his prior prison experience will help him get through his sentence

Neil makes Hilary a surprising offer

Sharon has a surprising realization

Victoria asks Dylan for help with Billy

Nikki is troubled by Nick’s anger towards Dylan

Nick escorts Faith as she trick or treats her grandpa

Billy remembers Halloweens past with Delia

Adam and Chelsea anxiously wait for news about Connor

Avery confronts Nikki

Cane questions Hilary’s intentions

Kevin opens up to Michael

A sneak peek at next week
Lily and Cane are concerned by Hilary’s new alliance

Kevin and Alex get close to the truth about Delia’s accident

Sharon and Nick’s evening takes a surprising turn

Michael meets Womack, another prisoner

Jack and Jill unite to fight Victor

Lauren begs Chris and Paul to help Michael and Fen

Adam and Alex have an intense confrontation

Down the road previews

Hilary is inspired to make a change

A new side to Hilary is seen when she makes a new friend

Adam and Billy’s grief and guilt intersect

Despite Chelsea’s feelings for Dylan, Chelsea and Adam are drawn together by their love for Connor and residual feelings for one another

Chloe and Kevin grow closer despite Chloe’s struggles with grief and recrimination

Kelly, a recently divorced former teacher, influences the grief stricken lives of Billy, Victoria and Chloe

Billy isolates himself until another person in his support group breaks through his shell

Ashley visits again as the Abbotts approach a difficult Thanksgiving

Passionate, educated and ambitious cousin Andrew Abbott arrives

Summer’s position as an unwitting quasi-Abbott forces her to be a bridge between the two warring families as her modeling career heats up

Oh-so-helpful young model Esmeralda shows Summer the ropes

Noah’s budding relationship with Courtney causes conflict with Summer

Courtney’s secretive private life worries Noah

Abby and Tyler grow closer as they address a troubling issue from his past

Kyle makes an invigorating change as Christmas approaches

Jill continues to pursue the meaning behind Katherine’s unusual bequest

Nikki continues to hide the truth as Avery worries about the ramifications for Dylan

A dramatic incident between Dylan and Nick complicates everything

A Veteran’s Day event gives Nikki an opportunity to get closer to a still clueless Dylan

Dylan learns the truth just before the Thanksgiving holiday

Nikki is stricken by Dylan’s resistance to accepting her as his mother

Dylan is repelled by what he learns about Ian Ward, and struggles with the parallels between his adoptive mother and Chelsea

Eyebrows are raised by Stitch’s continued wife and child free residence in Genoa City

Sharon worries about the consequences of telling the truth about Summer

A stronger and healthier Sharon realizes she needs to love herself

Nick and Sharon are put into a situation that forces them to relive their past

Michael and Lauren’s woes suggest that Carmine is torturing them from the grave

Fen’s path takes a new direction as things begin to settle down for the Baldwins

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